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Amanda batch 6


Episode 15

Greg darling…’ someone drawled . It was wendy. She looked like a little cat. He felt irritated.

‘What now’? He thought about all he had to deal with; he needed to take a decision before nightfall. Wendy was the last person he wanted to see.

‘What are you doing here’? Wendy inched closer to him.

‘Wendy? What are YOU doing here’? He asked in return.

‘I am pregnant, people like us visit the hospital often’ her hands instinctively went to her belly.

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‘Oh’ Greg’s face paled as he remembered this other problem.

‘That reminds me, I have a gift for you, you’re going to love it’ she fetched an envelope from her bag and gave it to him.

‘What is this’? He stared at the black and white diagram, it wasn’t making any sense to him.

‘Our baby dummy! This is my first ultra scan’ Wendy was quite excited about it.

‘Wow’ blood drained from Greg’s face, so he was really going to be a father?

‘Yea right? This is awesome, we should celebrate’ Wendy suggested.

‘ I wish I could Wendy, but I have a lot on my plate right now; when I am free, we’ll meet up and talk about the baby’ Greg replied.

‘Are you f—–g kidding me? This is our baby! You should show more excitement’ Wendy threw at him.

‘Nathan hit somebody; I brought her to the hospital’ Greg explained.

‘Oh my God, Nathan? Was he drunk or something’? Wendy realized why he was acting this way.

‘I don’t know, I am really sorry Wendy, I’ll call you when I have time’ he placed a light kiss on her lips and rushed out of the building.

He needed to get away from her; he needed to be far from his father, Nathan; from everyone.

Goodbye Greg, soon we will be a family and I wouldn’t have to miss you this much’ Wendy smiled and watched his back as he left.

The moment Amanda replied her text, she sighed a breath of relief knowing very well that her friend was okay.

She was going to spend a few days at the hospital and she would be needing her things; so she had summoned courage and gone over to the house.

‘Oh my poor baby, is she gonna be okay’? Tears rushed down Mrs. Atkins face.

‘I am so sorry Mrs Atkins; Amanda will be fine; would you speak to her’? Alex quickly dialed Amanda’s number and gave the phone to her mother.

She watched as the woman cried while receiving the call; her heart seared but she felt happy that her friend had not lost her life in the accident.

‘She is fine. From the way she spoke, I believe you’ Mrs. Atkins sighed with relief once she was done speaking with her daughter.

‘I have to go now, I’ll be back to check up on you late’ Alex pecked her swiftly on the face and dashed out of the house.

She couldn’t wait to see her friend; they had a lot to discuss. She had not forgotten about the job interview; no matter what happened between Greg and her, she still needed the job even though that possibility was now dim.

She had asked Morgan to put in a good word for Amanda to Greg; she knew Amanda had so much dreams and talents; she needed that job to work on them.

‘Amanda Atkins’ she stated the name of this patient she wanted to see.

Room 49’ the nurse gave her clearance.

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‘What took you so long’? Amanda smiled as Alex sauntered into her room. ‘Hope mom is not too worried’

‘ Nah, she’s fine.I got your clothes, nightdress and food, see? Your favorite’ Alex lifted a bag of potato chips.

‘Give me that’ Amanda grabbed it from her and straightened on the bed.

‘It smells awful in here’ Alex wrinkled her nose.

‘Yes, I hate hospitals, but I don’t have a choice, that guy hit me’ Amanda rolled her eyes. She had not even taken time to have a good look at the driver.

‘Nathan’ Alex said his name.

‘What’? Amanda was confused.

‘That’s the name of the guy that hit you; Morgan told me he is Greg’s younger brother’ Alex explained the connection.

‘Oh, I see, crazy runs in their family’ Amanda rolled her eyes.

‘Okay, you need to stop right there, Greg is still your boss’ Alex pointed out.

‘Boss? Hell no, I am never working for that crazy brute’ Amanda snapped.

‘Why’? Alex widened her eyes.

‘Such a man could s£xually harass me; he is not safe to be with’ she replied.

‘Really? I talked to Morgan, he assured me that Greg couldn’t have sent such an obscene note to you and maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere; he even told me you’re not Greg’s spec’ Alex explained.

‘Okay, enough of this spec thing! Whose side are you on? Mine or Greg’s’? Amanda was getting pissed off.

She suddenly lost her appetite as she recalled the mocking glare of his chestnut eyes when the doctor had called her his girlfriend.

‘Okay! But you still need that job anyway’ Alex reminded her of what was important.

‘Nah! I can get myself another job within two weeks. Once I am fully recovered, that’s my next agenda’ Amanda’s appetite fled as she thought of the prospect of job hunting afresh.

Episode 16

Morgan had gone over to Greg’s at his invitation; he was going to use the opportunity to put in a good word for Amanda. Greg had a bottle of brandy in his hands as he laid slumped on the sofa.

‘You’re going to kill yourself, the rate you’re going’ Morgan snatched the bottle of liquor from his’s hand.

‘What do you want me to do? I have finally played into my father’s hands; I am f—-d’ he swore aloud.

‘Think, Plan, take a decision; drinking won’t solve your problem, thinking will’ Morgan replied. ‘ You are a smart dude’

‘I saw Wendy today’ Greg moved to the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of water.

‘And’? Morgan waited patiently for the next line.

‘She is really pregnant. I met her at the hospital and she showed me proof; she is carrying a baby. What am I going to do’? Greg asked.

‘What is suggested earlier? You cannot sue your dad, you’ll lose everything, but you can turn the table around; you can outsmart him but it would involve hurting someone’ Morgan had come up with a plan.

‘Hurt who’? Greg thought this interesting.

‘Wendy’ Morgan supplied.

‘Get married to her; ask her for a divorce nicely and if she refuses to grant you one, you get the divorce docvments and trick her into signing them, just like your father did to you. How does that play out’? Morgan asked.

‘Good plan, why don’t I skip the asking her part? I’d just trick her. And how long is this marriage supposed to last’? Greg asked.

‘Two or three years. That would buy you enough time to work harder and cover for the 10% partnership that her parents offered’ Morgan explained.

For a moment, Greg considered this advice. He had told Wendy about his fear of marriage but she wouldn’t listen; he was getting married to her and he would divorce her after two years.

‘Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll get married to her on my thirty first birthday’ Greg nodded vehemently, he was in and there was no turning back.

‘Good. Now let’s talk about someone else’ Morgan switched topics.

‘Amanda’ he added.

‘Who is that’? Greg sipped more water.

‘Come on Greg, the girl you sent an obscene not to? The one your brother hit’?

‘Excuse me? I hope you don’t believe that deluded attention seeker; the note I sent to her was meant for Trudy, hold up, let me get the note, I still have it’ Greg rushed into his room, carefully searched the pocket of the trouser he had worn to the party.

‘I told you before, Amanda or whatever she is called isn’t my type, who wears a beret to an interview anyway’? returned with note.

‘There, have it’ Greg showed Morgan the note.

He was surprised to see “Trudy” at the end of it. Hadn’t Amanda seen that part?

‘Maybe she was drunk, I guess that was why she slapped you? Why would someone slap Greg Beecroft’ Morgan returned the note to is friend.

‘Whatever. Drunk or not, I don’t want her in my company. I told you bro, no blondes and no redheads too, redheads remind me of Wendy and all the crap I am going to deal with’ Greg instructed.

‘So I we should get Kim Kardashian? But Greg, I have a feeling she would be very good at this job. She is currently studying at the University of ….. And she is majoring in Business management’ Morgan pressed on.

Alex had promised to have dinner with him once Amanda’s spot was secured in Beecroft and he was not ready to miss spending time with the woman that he loved.

‘Still not interested. Why are you so into her business? I thought you had a girlfriend’ Greg wondered.

‘I do. Just give her another chance, I strongly believe that she was drunk that night’ Morgan repeated.

‘And there we go again, blaming liquor on our bad behaviors. Tell you what? I could be willing to work with her if she is willing to apologize’ Greg considered hiring her.

It was going to be fun tormenting her and giving her tons of work to do; she was still gonna pay for slapping him.

‘Really? Ego much’? Morgan shook his head.

‘I am Greg Beecroft, I deserved to be honored’.

Her first night at the hospital had passed easily; it didn’t seem like she was in the hospital as Alex had been there to keep her company; she had dreamt of him again; she had seen herself in the same field where he’d kissed her.

‘Morning lovely, how are you’? Alex returned with a chocolate drink.

‘Hey’ Amanda called her quietly.

‘Um, I got you this and this’ she handed Amanda cup of chocolate drink and a book.

‘Wow, thanks…..interesting’ Amanda raised her brows.

“How to Get a Man” she read the words of the book aloud.

‘Yes, you need to read this, it is really good’ Alex winked.

‘Why are you doing this? Alex’? Amanda straightened on bed.

‘What’? Alex feigned innocence.

‘Alex’! Amanda called her sternly.

‘Well…you have a crush on the mystery guy, I was thinking reading this book will help’ Alex lifted the book up.

‘Really? I don’t have a crush on any guy and this conversation is over’ Amanda replied.

‘Okay, so how about your job? You’re getting out today, you still need to go for that interview, Greg may be willing to consider’.

‘No. I don’t want to ever work with that brute or in his company’ Amanda replied.

‘But it’s a really good job and its not like you have much of a choice’ Alex cut in rolling her eyes.

‘I slapped him remember? He deserved it though, what makes you think he will be willing to work with me’?

‘You are going to apologize of course, you should tell him you’re sorry for slapping him’ Alex replied.

‘Like hell I will. How can you even say that? I am not the one at fault here, he is. He sent me an obscene note and you’re asking me to apologize? Come on, you’re better than this’ Amanda couldn’t help but wonder what had gotten into her friend.

‘I know, but you need this job; an apology wouldn’t cost you a thing; and who says you have to stay on that job forever’? Alex asked.

‘What are you insinuating’?

‘Well, after you’ve apologized and have gotten hired, you can work there for just three months; it’s not a permanent thing, you really need this Mandy; you have to swallow your pride and do the right thing. If you say you want to look out for other jobs, trust me, you cannot get something as good as this; this job right here with Beecroft is perfect. It is all you need’ Alex explained.

‘Proud? I am proud now’? Amanda snapped at her friend, why was she taking Greg’s side?

‘I know honey, I know it hurts to hear the truth, but once you get out of the hospital, go tender you apology’ Alex advised.

Episode 17

Amanda was about to argue with her for taking sides when there was a soft knock on the door.

‘Should be the doctor, you’re getting out today’ Alex moved to check.

‘Hello there…’ she trailed off as she stood facing a very hot guy.

‘I am here to see Amanda’ he replied holding a bouquet of flowers.’ Hi’

‘Oh? You’re Nathan right’? Alex widened the door; he was the guy that had hit her friend.

‘Yea, Nathan and I am so sorry about what happened’ he replied.’ your friend moved so fast,I didnt see her on time’.

‘Its okay, come on in’ Alex led him in.

‘Nathan’? Amanda recognized his face, this was the guy she had met at the club.

‘Amanda, you remember me’? He felt excited as she called his name. She looked tired but still beautiful.

‘Of course I remember you’! How could she forget those green eyes.

‘Wait, you two know each other’? Alex was lost.

‘Yes, we met at the club’ Nathan said.

‘Oh’ a sly smile touched Alex’s lips. She had finally got her answers, Nathan was hot enough to sweep any woman off her feet and her friend was not an exception; she had finally found the guy Amanda was crushing on.

She stole a glance at them and decided that they were perfect for each other.

‘How are you feeling now Amanda’? He dropped the flowers close to her bed.

‘Never better, thanks for the flowers Nathan’ she offered him a smile, the kind that raced his heart.

How could one person be blessed by so much beauty? He took in her sea blue eyes; their color were ever clear and seducing; her lips were plump, ready for the kissing and her nose was straight and sharp but that wasn’t what drew him to her.

It was the color of her hair; it was the pale golden of her curls; he took a liking to blondes, just like the ones his brother had dated.

‘Anything for you princess, so what were you up to that day’? He had seen her running out of Beecroft.

‘Um, nothing important. I was just running…’ she stuttered.

‘Oh, I see. I heard you were getting out today’ Nathan added.

‘Yea. How did you know’? She asked.

‘Dr. Walsh told me, he’s our family doctor’ Nathan replied. He was so happy to sit by her side; he was happy to have a discussion with this goddess, he needed more.

‘Yea’ She lowered her eyes

Alex wondered if Amanda was falling for Nathan already. For some reason her mind kept going to Greg, she was sure he would never approve of this liason. She sensed a conflict was coming.

‘Um, I really have to go now, can I have your number, maybe we could talk some time’ Nathan reached out for his buzzing phone, Trudy was calling.

‘That wouldn’t be a problem’ she took his phone and typed in her number.

‘Thanks, See you later princess’ he caressed her hair gently and walked out of the room.

‘Bye Nathan’ Amanda smiled, feeling somehow glad that she had a friend. There was something about Nathan that she liked; he seemed so simple and down to earth; she wished all men were like him and not perverts and brutes like Greg.

‘Wow, he is such a cutie’ Alex winked.

‘Focus! Thats not important now’ Amanda rolled her eyes, from the look on her friend’s face, she knew what was coming next.

‘I see, you never told me about that guy, that you met at the club’ Alex spoke of Nathan.

‘Of course I did! The one that wrote be the obscene note’ Amanda ignored her.

‘Really? Well, If you ask me, Nathan is a nice guy; good looking and he seems romantic; just look at the flowers he brought you. Why did you have to keep him from me Mandy’? Alex fetched a rose and inhaled it.

‘Nathan means nothing to me; I just met the guy at the club, we literally bumped into each other, said a few words and that was all. His hitting me is a complete co-incidence’ Amanda explained.

‘Really Mandy’? Alex glared at her.

‘Yes! What do you want me to say’? Amanda was getting frustrated.

‘Okay, Amanda Atkins, I think you’re set to go home’ Dr. Walsh sauntered into the room.

‘Good morning Dr. Walsh’ she grinned excitedly. She had missed home, she had missed her mother.

‘Morning Ms.’ The doctor examined her legs for a few minutes and decided she was fit to go.

‘Thank you Doctor’ Amanda was grateful for his kind words.

‘Welcome, take it easy’ he patted her shoulder and walked out of the hospital.

Thirty minutes later, Alex was driving her back to the house.

Amanda couldn’t help but ponder on her friend’s words; now she was well, she needed to get another job and finding a good one wasn’t going to be easy. She would try waitressing again if she needed to.

‘No’ she murmured, she would never apologize to Greg Beecroft, he deserved what he had been served.

‘What’s that’? Alex turned to her.

‘Nothing’ Amanda replied and stepped out of the car.

‘Mandy! My baby is back’ Mrs. Atkins wheeled on the romp towards the car.

‘Mom, how I have missed you’ she hugged and kissed the woman.

‘I miss you too baby’ she kissed her mother on the cheek.

‘Alright Mandy, see you later’ Alex waved them goodbye and drove off; she had a dinner date with Morgan.

‘Are you okay mother’? Amanda noticed her mother looked gloomy.

‘Our electricity bill is due and the water bill too. They are gonna cut us off tomorrow’ the woman replied grimly.

‘What!?’ Amanda’s face fell. She had completely forgotten about that. She didn’t have much money left in her account; she was dazed and confused. What was she going to do?

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