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Amaya’s destiny episode 1


Episode 1

Written by author Nath

It was another day, a lovely school day to be precised. But to Rachael, it was one of the humiliating, frustrating, disappointing and ridiculous day as it had been since her 16th birthday when her s£xual hormones and organs were readily active for exploration. She hated her life at school for one reason she couldn’t tell what might have emanated the problem.

Half asleep inside her dark room, she could hear her parents from the sitting room, rounding off a morning prayer which she suppose to be present, but dizziness wouldn’t allow her. Suddenly, her door cracked opened and the click of electric switch gave the room a bright light that forced Rachael to rub her eyes as she stretched on the bed. She sat up when she saw her parents standing at the door like guiding angels. She used her blanket to cover her voluminous [email protected] properly.

“Why are both of you looking at me like that?” she frowned.

“Is that a greeting or an apology for being absent for morning prayer?” Mr Ojile, her father, asked her. He was on the same night wears with his wife, Mrs Ojile, who stood beside him at the door.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Rachael rubbed her eyes once again, supporting the blanket with a hand, then greeted them.

“Is everything alright with you, Rachael?” the father was still asking.

The young girl hesitated, gazing at her parents who had been treating her like a queen. She lacks nothing, not even a parental love unlike African parents who wouldn’t stand at the door like guiding angels, rather would use a cold water to wake you up from sleep. Still, scold you aggressively. No, Mr and Mrs Ojile weren’t like that. They were always tender with their only daughter who mysteriously busted into the family tree.

“Rachael, you’re not saying anything. Is everything alright?” The father stepped forward.

“Can I speak with mom alone?” she requested.

Mr Ojile turned to his wife who gestured at him to please give them some privacy. The man of the house glanced at Rachael for the last time. “Alright, but don’t be late to school.” he left the room.

Mrs Ojile, an emotionally woman, meek in heart and physically fragile sat at the edge of the bed, caressing the daughter’s hair. Her voice came drily like one suffering from dry cough. “What troubles you my dear?”

“How did you meet Dad?” Rachael asked her.

Bemused, the mother returned the question, “Don’t you think it’s too early for such a question?”

She exhaled. “Alright, but hope I’m beautiful”

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“As beautiful as the morning roses” the mother smiled, caressing her cheek once more.

“Then why is my relationship with the opposite gender not fruitful?”

Hearing that, the mother withdrew her hand from her cheek with a frowned face. Rachael read her mind then continued immediately.

“Don’t get me wrong, mom. Boys seem to be turned off by my presence alone. None wants to be emotionally attached with me especially at school as if I’m some kind of freak!” She unknowingly left the blanket to fall off when she demonstrated her anger with her two hands. Her two [email protected] were still up and standing like an er£cted d!ck ready for penetration. She realized it then covered up.

“Rachael, you’re still very young. Why are you worried about this development?!” the mother asked.

“Because it makes me lose interest in school activities, it brings me down emotionally and makes me feel less a human, more or less, a female! It gives me low self esteem!”
“It’s a good thing!”

“Being unattractive to the opposite gender is good, mom? Being run from by boys for no reason is good? Seeing yourself without a single male friend is good? Mom, listen to yourself!”

“Enough, Rachael!” the mother rebuked her. Her voice even startled the girl who suddenly began to shed tears. “Emulate from the life of virgin Mary. She knew no man in her entire life and that helps her to focus on the things that matters most which is heavenly things. Seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall be added unto you.”

Rachael giggled bitterly with the tears. “You’re totally off the point, mom! I’m not seeking for neither men nor their pleasure. Why can’t you understand me? Moreover, I might be a virgin but don’t compare me with virgin Mary because even Joseph wanted to be with her. Excuse me!” She climbed down the bed [email protected] One could see a white pant that punctured in between her butt as she entered into the bathroom, forcefully banged the door which startled Mrs Ojile.

Of course it’s in the nature of women to feel excited when men are into them, admiring and complimenting them or, still, wanting to be with them. But Rachael had never felt the excitement coz boys seem not to give her face thoughtless of attention, not because she’s ugly or disrespectful but because of a reason she doesn’t know. How frustrating?! The parents didn’t have a glimpse of the emotional trauma their daughter was passing through. So sad the mother didn’t understand her pains and worries.

Nonetheless, the time of the morning was quarter pass seven when Rachael walked out from her room well dressed in her school uniform: white shortleeve shirt with black necktie, and a check skirt. On her feet were white stockings and canvases. She met her parents on the dining table, absent-mindedly consumed one slide of bread with a tea then stood up.

“Rachael…” the father called her.

The girl stopped behind her chair with a sarcastic gaze at the father, adjusting a few books in her hands.

“What has come over you? You only ate one…”

“I don’t really have an appetite for this breakfast. Moreover, I’m already late” she interrupted, glanced at her mother, then zoom off.

Mr Ojile looked at her wife. “What is wrong with her?” he asked.

“She’s having problem with her social life. I mean with men” the wife sipped in a tea that made the sound of water passing through a straw.

“It’s normal for her age.”

“I don’t think hers is normal. I think there is something wrong somewhere” she stared at the husband emotionally. “Honey, don’t you think it’s time to let her know that we are not her parents? She has to know how she came.”

The man remained silent, stood up to leave the table, but the wife held him back. “Please, honey.” she added.

“That information will consume her especially now she’s questioning her social life. No, we can’t do that” he finally walked out.
Stepping into the school environment, Rachael’s heart skipped at the sight of Kris, laughing with his friend, Festus under a tree. He was five fit tall, coiled hair with attractive lips and smile which had always triggered a butterfly in Rachael’s stomach. Just as the girl admired him, Jimmy skate her down along with her books. Though he nearly fell down too. He carried his skate, rudely walking to her.

“Stop using your mind and start using your eyes, girl!” he shrieked.

Rachael stood up. “Excuse me? I should be telling you that… boy!” she retorted boldly, pointing fingers at him.

“Well, I told you that first!”

“You’re so rude. I hate you!”

“And who likes you, ugly thing!?”

“I do!” A female voice came from behind. That was Antonia, Rachael’s best friend, a bit taller, but black in complexion. She analysed what happened immediately then said to Jimmy, “Why can’t you be a romantic gentle man and tell her sorry, even help her pick her books?”

Jimmy giggled. “What are you? A social adviser? She should go to hell!” he skate out.

“I curse you, Jimmy!” Rachael yelled.

“Your papa!” his voice faded from a distant.

“I so much hate him” she turned to her friend bitterly.

“Nobody likes a rude boy” Antonia helped her with her books. “But I was afar to see how lost you were, looking at…” she directed her eyes to the same tree to see Kris still smiling with his friend charmingly. She exhaled with a smile. “You like him, don’t you?”

Rachael found herself smiling at the query even after a ruined day by Jimmy.

“The smile has said it all. You love him.” Antonia concluded. “Go meet him.” she dragged her by the hand.

“No, wait!” she withdrew her hand.

“But why?”

“You won’t understand, Antonia.” She swallowed hard. “It doesn’t always end well. Sometimes he doesn’t notice me. Nobody notices me.”

“We shall see about that. Go, i’m behind you” Antonia finally pushed her to the tree.

Rachael stood before the two boys which interrupted their conversation. She was in her best beautiful and charming appearance, smiling and dressing her hair with a hand. The boys stared at her. She could see Kris smiling too which began to change her mindset, hoping that all her worries were just an illusion.

“I have been looking for you all day, pretty girl” Kris said, looking through her shoulder.

“Really?” Rachael surprisingly asked, hoping she wasn’t dreaming!

“No, not you. I was talking to Antonia behind you” Kris walk-passed, leaving Rachael humiliated and disappointed. Even Antonia was disappointed too, wondering what was happening as she watched Kris, coming to meet her and Rachael sadly leaving the tree in shame….
Good morning.

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