Amaya’s destiny episode 20

(Night Rain)
Episode 20
Written by author Nath
Back to the city, people neither stayed indoors nor in their cars due to the fear of which might collapse or explode. This mindful anxiety crowded people on the street, waiting for the Talibans to appear and causing traffic for those who really wanted to go to bed regardless of the hazardous situation in the city. Street light could be seen illuminating at all cost especially at the accident scene. Public televisions also had a journalist broadcasting on the recent issue, but Kris never cared. He had finally found his father’s car without seeing him.
“Dad!” he walked around the car in tears as flame of distant fire reflected on his face. “Dad!!” he shouted again. Sadly, he knelt on the ground, shedding undoubted tears. Apparently, his father was a victim of the night rain and was dead and gone. His hatred for Rachael increased that moment and swore to kill her and anybody that would come his way! 😲. Would Jimmy allow that?
Nevertheless, the street light suddenly went off along with the other sources of light energy, thus the public televisions also went off as if the dead were matching across the city. Fear grip the heart of people even Kris who slowly stood up to know the cause of the new development. Suddenly, Talibans on black robe attacked the city from nowhere. The military opened fire, civilians physically went into a combat with them. Obviously, the city became survival of the fittest.
One could see Kris being pursued by a Taliban, but unluckingly fell down with his eyes close in order not to see his death. Swiftly, the Taliban raised his sword to cut him, but a bullet killed him first. Kris opened his eyes breathing heavily.
“On your feet, boy!” the soldier who saved him gave him a hand. Kris grabbed it and found himself on the feet again. “Come on, run!” he ordered him.
On the other hand, Mr. Frank and his daughter were inside a car when the war started. They could see people fighting with men in black robe without seeing their faces.
“Daddy, what is going on? Who are those people?” Antonia asked.
“I guess the Talibans have resurrected. This is bad” the father replied on the steering wheel. Suddenly, a Taliban jumped on the bonnet of their car looking scary. His sword was as shiny as a sparkling diamond. Seeing him, Antonia scre-med! “Daddy!!!!”
Tremendously, the Taliban broke the windscreen in order to take their lives, but a bright light paved around the premises from the sky thereby distracting the Talibans. Everybody looked up to see the source of the brightness. It was from the staff of a man in white robe who overcame the law of gravity. People actually thought God had sent an angel to fight for them.
Seeing him, Antonia shouted, “Wow!!”
“Who’s that? An angel?” the father asked.
“No, It’s Ikuku!!” she yelled happily with tears of joy and disbelief. Instantly, the Taliban on their windscreen died by lightening from Ikuku’s staff. The electrocuted lightening waved around the vicinity, killing the Talibans until Ikuku landed on the floor. The act boosted the morale of others. Therefore, nobody was afraid of the Talibans again….
Back to the blue world, the four Talibans attacked Jimmy from behind, but Jade came for his rescue, killing them with a magical stick in her hand until she stood beside Jimmy in a way both concentrated on Mrs. Ojile.
“His power might be useless here but mine isn’t.” Jade told the woman.
“Let’s see about that!” the woman turned into a shadow, aggressively attacked them and unbelievably withstanding several magical strike from Jade. However, the rope that held Rachael in the air had gradually began to cut. Obviously, she would fall into the burning fire and experience hell on earth.
Bleakly, Jade fell down, overshadowed and frenetically dealt by the shadow. Jimmy picked up a sword to help her but a wave of invisible hand hit him down on the floor.
“Jimmy, save Amaya!” Jade shouted. As the boy was rushing towards the fire, the shadow left Jade to attack him. “Jimmy, look out!” Jade finally caught the shadow with her magical stick thereby turning her back to human. Ferociously, Jimmy turned, stick in the sword into her stomach, watching as the woman grow old and decomposed to dust. Just then, the rope cut. Jimmy dived over the fire, thereby saving Rachael from more pains and burns. Though he saved her but had his back burned severely. He scre-med painfully to the hearing of Rachael. Yet, carried her up like a baby to see her br-ast and wounded body coz she was unclad, wearing just a p-nt. The girl slowly opened her eyes.
“Hang on, Rachael. You’re in my hands now.” he told her.
Jade approached to see how affectionate Jimmy was staring at Rachael, so she became jealous. She pulled her jacket, walked to them and covered the girl’s br-ast with an eye at Jimmy. “What now?!” she asked. However, gunshot never seized to come from outside—Those were the military fighting with the Talibans.
“She needs to drink a blood.” Jimmy replied, looking around.
“What blood?”
He ignored her, carried Rachael to the inner chamber to see a pull of blood. “I think is here.” he glanced at Jade who quickly scooped the blood with her hand, gave Rachael to sip. Immediately the blood entered her mouth, the gunshot gradually died down and the ground began to vibrate like the occurrence of an earthquake.
“This world gonna destroy for the second time. We gotta get out of here now!” Jade shouted, leading the way out and followed by Jimmy with Rachael still in his arms. They stepped out of the yolk to see the Talibans dead and decomposed. Some men helped him carry Rachael out of the world to their vehicle, while Jimmy watched the quivering world from the entrance as if forgetting something.
“Jimmy, we have to leave now! What are you looking at?” A soldier asked him.
“I’m making sure no Talibans is alive. I’m making sure none comes with us again.” he replied.
The man followed to survey the world for the last time. “They are all dead. Let’s go!” They finally left the place that collapsed to the ground.
The city was free and those who remained alive rejoiced for the defeat brought to them by Jimmy’s endless effort. Antonia and others never left Ikuku’s side after the war. As they gathered, Jimmy approached with the men. An ambulance stopped to carry Amaya to the hospital. Of course Antonia saw when she was carried away then smiled happily. Before Jimmy met Ikuku, Hassan approached him with a handshake.
“You’re really a hero.”
“Thank you.”
He finally met Ikuku and Antonia with Jade beside him. He couldn’t talk but to stare at the old man.
“Life without battle is life without victory. Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.” Ikuku spoke in proverbs. “You’ve fufiled your destiny, lad.” he smiled.
“Jimmy..” Antonia swallowed hard as the young boy gave her attention. “We’re sorry for doubting you. I mean Rachael and I.”
Jimmy nodded his head then turned to Jade. “You’re the super heroine tonight. Now I have to go see my sweet mama”
“I’ll ride you.” Jade walked to the power bike while Antonia used that opportunity to corner Jimmy saying, “Kris threatened to kill Rachael.”
The statement touched him. “Why?” he asked her.
“I guess his father is among those affected by the night rain, and he’s blaming Rachael for it.”
Jimmy became thoughtful until Jade arrived with the bike. He climbed, and zoom off without saying any other thing to Antonia.
Kris reached his father’s drawer. He had been in tears throughout the night. When he opened the drawer, he saw a pistol with an ash colour. He slowly held it in his hand and said, “I must avenge you, Dad.”

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