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Amazing s*x With A Stranger Episode 11 – end

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๐Ÿจ๐ŸจWritten โœ๏ธ by:Bena

Gaselesego ๐Ÿจ๐Ÿจ




“Sanyu,you have called me here. What is it you sounded troubled on the phone,”Sanju held her hands. “Are you okay?”she asked eyeing Adi and Arjun. “Who are these guys?”
Sanyukta smiled at her and threw her arms around her.”I missed you so much sister.”
Sanju returned her embrace and chuckled. “I missed you too. How have you been?”
“Perfectly alright. Sister, what about mom and dad?”
“They won’t say it but they miss you. Ever since you left the house is all silent like a graveyard. The silly girl of the family is no longer there to cheer it all up.”
“I know even I want to go home. I want to celebrate holi with my family. That’s why I asked Adi for help,”she turned and looked at him making him smile at her. “Sister,meet Adi. The one I told you about.”
“Greetings,”she folded her hands with a smile.”Hmmm so you are that Adi who took my sister’s innocence? Do you know what price you have to pay for doing that mister?”

“I don’t regret claiming your sister as mine. I am willing to fight against the whole world just to be with her.”
Sanju was left speechless.” I’m impressed. Well…I guess you are the right one then.”
“And he is Arjun Khurana. He is Aditya’s best friend. He too helped in our plan. And what I am about to reveal to you right now,you might want to sit down for that. Adi please bring her a glass of water.”

“But who are these ladies? All of them look so innocent and simple,”Sanju said staring at each picture.
“And they were all sick and had some health problem,”Arjun replied and took out one last picture.
Sanju took it from his hand. Her eyes widened. “This…?”
“Yes that’s you,”he completed. “All of these ladies in the pictures are dead except for her and you.”
“But what does this have anything to do with me?”
“Sister,Adi had asked Arjun to digged into Dev’s past and he found out that Dev’s real name isn’t Dev,rather his birth and real name is Tejawat Shunkhant.”
“Yes,he is a fraud and a suspect in not one case but five murder cases,”Arjun replied.” I have been hunting for this guy for six years now and just when I was about to give up on revealing his crimes,Adi came to me to investigate him. I was shocked when he told me that his name is Dev when I know that his name is Tejawat. You see Mrs. Sanjana,all the women he got married to were just like you. Rich, wealthy and very,very naive. Each one of them he married ended up dead and the cause of death was concluded to be an accident. All five of them happened to have health implications. Asthma,heart problems, addiction and use of medical drugs. And each one of them dead to that some problem. Let’s take the first bride,she died three months after marriage and the cause of death was concluded as an asthma attack. After she died, Tejawat left town and went to a different one where he met his second prey and she took suffered the some tragedy.”

“Oh my goodness!” She could only gasp in shock.
“The bastard made sure that his prey had a medical record about a certain aliment so that when he finally kills her,the murder will be taken as an accident and he would go scot free,”Sanyukta added. “Sister those antidepressants he forced you to take wasn’t just a coincidence. It’s a planned conspiracy. ”
“You’re his next target Mrs. Sanjana. He was going to kill you and blame it on the drugs and your murder would be declared as antidepressants overdose.”
“Why is he doing this?”
“That’s what we want to find out sister and the reason why we asked you to do what we told you. Do you have to documents?”
“Y…yes I…I took some pictures,”she gave the phone to her sister who unlocked it and silently read the papers.
“Our suspicion was correct. In these papers it states that if anything is to happen to Sanju then he will inherit everything. Everything that Sanju owns will be his. He has done all this just for the money.”
“Wh…what? Just for money he took so many lives? He wanted to kill me too? I got married to a monster. His parents? What about them?”
“They were fake. The ones that were present during your wedding were fake sister. Dev is an orphan. He grew and was brought up from an orphan. He has no parents. His fake parents are in police custody as we speak. They’re nothing but pitiful thieves. Scavengers.”
“So what do we do now? That man is very dangerous.”
“I have a plan,”Sanyu said and they all looked at her. “Til we get his confession our accusations are baseless.”
“But we have the fake parents.”

“That’s nothing. He is smart and to outsmart him we have to be more smarter then him. He can deny ever meeting those people and by the looks of it,they fear him a lot. We need evidence, if we want Dev arrested and the biggest evidence we can get is his confession. He has to confess killing those girls. ”
“How will we do that?” Adi asked.
“There’s only one person who can do this,”she turned and looked at her sister. “Sanju.”
“Wh….what?!” She stuttered.”He…he is a monster. He will kill me too. No…no I can’t do this. Don’t make me do this.”
Sanyukta held her face. “You trust me right? Didn’t I tell you that I will set you free from that beast? This is me setting you free. We can do this another way. I can confront him and he will go to jail but Dev will always be alive inside of you. Right here,”she pointed at the side of her head. “This fear won’t let you forget him because everywhere you go you will see his face and feel his presence. You can be physical free from him but mentally he will always control you. You have to face your worst fears in order to be conquer Sanju. Surely we can save you,we can give you wings to fly but till you make use of those wings and learn how to fly yourself Dev will always have some power over you. I want to save all of you sister. I want that after Dev get punished you won’t be afraid of life anymore,you will smile,you will laugh and you will love,trust again. You’re the only one who can fly Sanju. You have to fly. You have to be an eagle and pierce the clouds. You have to face your worst nightmare.”

After hearing all that she gaining her strength and faith and wiped off her tears. “I will do. I will face him. Just tell me what I have to do.”
Sanyukta smiled and pulled her into a hug.


Dev walked out of the bathroom wiping his face with a washcloth. Just as he stepped on the mat outside the bathroom door,he felt a sharp pain in the middle of his feet,he tried to move to the other side but the pain got worse.
“OW! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!SANJANA!” He screamed in pain.
She came running with hands covered in flour.” What happened?” She asked moving over to him. When she saw his bleeding feet she gasped and helped him to the bed. “This? How did you get hurt?”
“I don’t know what’s on the mat!” He snapped at her and pushed her arms from him. “Go and check!”
“Okay,”she obliged and went to inspect the mat. She picked up a blood piece of glass and smirked. She remembered one time he deliberately cut her wrist with a glass of a cup she accidentally broke.

*This is just the beginning Tejawat. The time we are done with you,you will think you are crazy.*

“What is that?”
“The mat is covered in pieces of glass. But how did they get here?” She asked.
“How am I suppose to know?! Go get me some painkillers you useless woman.”
She went to the cupboard and took out two tablets from the bottle and then put it down on the coffee table beside him.
“Drink this. I will just be in the kitchen. I was making some roti for mom and dad,”she instructed and left him to tend to his wounds.
After he was done,he put on his casual clothes. He wanted to finish up his office work and his documents were kept on the coffee table.
The tablet bottle caught his eye,he picked it up and carefully inspected it. He took out a tablet and realized that it was an abortion tablet. He had used it before on someone.
He freaked out and started shouting Sanjana’s name. He left the bottle on the table and went downstairs still shouting her name.
“Sanjana! Sanjana!”
“Son in-law what happened?”
“Mom where is Sanjana!”
She came from the kitchen. “Yes?”
“What is wrong with you! What pills did you give me! I asked you to give me painkillers but you gave me abortion pills!”
Everyone gasped.
“Wh….what are you saying Dev? I gave you painkillers as you asked. I don’t know what you are talking about?”
“So you think I made this up? You think I have gone mad! Okay come with me,”he tightly grabbed her wrist and led her to the bedroom followed by their parents.
He took out a pill. “Here. This is not a painkiller. It’s something else.”
“Erm….dear are you alright?” Mrs. Agarwal asked weirdly. “I believe that the work load is taking a toil on you.”
“Of course I am fine! Your daughter isn’t! She has gone mad! ”
“Son that you’re holding is a painkiller,”Mr. Agarwal said.
“What!” He stared at it in disbelief and shock.
Sanjana smirked secretly.

*You murdered Anita and before she died you gave her abortion pills to kill her baby. I will remind you of everything you have done to those poor souls who did nothing but love a man like you.*

“How is that possible? They were….”
“But Dev how would you know how abortion pills look like?” She asked.
“Wh…what?” He cleared his throat and feigned a headache. “I have to relax. I think I am a little bit tired.”
They left him alone and just when he was about to take a nape he received an urgent message from someone.
He smiled and got off bed.


“Why would she ask me to meet her here? This place looks des**ted,”he said looking around til he spotted her. Her back was facing against him so he carefully and slowly walked over to her. “There you are! Tanya,I have something to tell you. Thank God you called me here,”he began. “I know what I am about to say is going to sound insane but believe me when I say this. Our past is catching up with us my love.”
The person turned around and Dev was left shocked.
“So it’s true?” Sanjana looked at him with teary eyes. “It’s true you love someone else? I know everything about you. I know that your name isn’t Dev but Tejawat Shunkhant. I didn’t believe it but when I saw you with her the other day my doubt was cleared. You have cheated me and my family you bastard! Why did you do this to me! If you didn’t love me then why did you get married to me you bastard! Why!”
“Yes! Yes,I never loved you! You know why because I am already married to my childhood sweetheart Tanya. I love only her and I will do anything just for her,”he let out a sadistic laugh. “You and your family are fools. A stranger comes to you and ask for your hand in marriage and you happily do it without thinking twice. I only got married to you to get half of your property. Yes! And you know the interesting part? You aren’t the first one. They were many of them before you. Five of them. I killed all five of them and nobody caught up to me! I’m a genius! The reason I got married to you was to kill you just like I killed the others and get your part of Agarwal fortune. I was going to kill you but you just had to find everything out now. Anita,Sia,Zoa,I killed them all. I killed them. And now it’s your turn,”he pulled out a gun from his jacket pocket. “Now here is the story. You went out for shopping,on the way you encountered an attack. Some robbers wanted some money and after getting it they shot you three times on the neck and died right on the spot. Police case will be filed,your death will be investigated and at the end of the day,it will be concluded as robbery gone wrong. And once again,just like that I will go scot free. I will take what is rightfully mine and left this city and start a new life with my sweetheart.”

“Why? Why are you doing this!”
“You were born with a silver spoon. You don’t know what it is like to go for days with no food. You don’t know what starvation is but I do! The orphanage I grew up in, the warden was a selfish rich woman. The food and clothes that the donors gave to the children she used to take them away from us and gave them to her kids. She didn’t lack anything,her kids didn’t lack anything but she was so selfish! She only cared about herself and no one else. We were humans too but she treated us like trash. To end our suffering I killed her and his older son was blamed for it. Since then I vowed to take revenge on everyone.”
“I’m sorry about what you went through but that’s not enough to prove all the crimes you committed!”
“Shut up!” He raised his hand to slap her but she caught it midway terrifying him. She shoved him and gave him a tight slap across the face.
“The time you used to control my life ends here tonight Tejawat Shunkhant,”she broke her nuptial chain and tossed it to the ground and she wiped off her vermilion.”I am breaking free from you and you get ready to go the jail for every crime you committed!”
Just then the entire police force went on him and pushed him down.


The breath of a first morning was hers. She smiled and rushed downstairs. Her parents had turned on the news channel. Dev’s sentence was today and based on the evidences,he was sentence to death.
It was revealed that Tanya was just another victim of his. Tejawat was just a psychopath who fed on abusing and killing women and he won’t have stopped if he wasn’t killed too. Tanya was sent to a rehab were she could recover.
“Dear,we are so sorry. Please forgive us. We should have not forced you…..”
“Don’t apologise to me but apologise to her,”she stretched out her hand and Sanyukta held it with a smile on her face.
“We are so ashamed of ourselves. Instead of supporting our daughters we supported a murderer. Please forgive us dear.”
“You’re my parents and I love you a lot. Whatever I did I did it for sister and for you two. Now that justice has been served we can all live happily ever after.”
“We love you.”
“We love you too Mom and Dad!”
“Erm….popsie and momsie I have something to say,”Sanyukta said disengaging from the hug. “Please don’t kill me for this.”
“What is it?”
“I may be pregnant. No….I mean I am pregnant.”
“I LOVE YOU TOO DAD!” she giggled running around the house trying to hide away from him.



“HAPPY HOLI SISTER SANJU!” She exclaimed as she shot her with the colored water and ran to the other side.
“Sanyu! Sanyu wait! Hey!” Sanju ran after her with the same water gun.
When she caught up to her she happily screamed happy holi, only that the person she just shot at wasn’t Sanyu but her fianceรฉ Arjun. Yes, Aditya’s best friend.
She gasped and tried to run away. He caught her wrist and made her face him.
“Hey you wished me happy holi so let me wish my darling too,”he smiled and brushed his cheek against hers. Then moved to the other cheek and did the same thing.
“Oh hey they’re not even married mom and they’re already romancing each other,”Sanyukta said with a face standing with her husband, Aditya. Yes her parents gave consent to the marriage not because she was pregnant but because they wanted her to be happy.
Her mother playfully nudged her. “Let them be.”
“Oh hey you never let me had fun.”
“Because you already had yours way back,”her father replied.
“This is not fair.”
“Is it? You wishing me holi and running away is fair?”
“Oh that,”she smiled. “Our chessy and romantic son in-law wanted to have some spare time with you and wish you by himself,that too in a romantic way. I had to go along with the plan.”

“See they have wished each other holi but they forgot their own parents,”the parents nodded in agreement.
“Oh aunt we haven’t forgotten about you. There you go. Happy Holi!”
The three of them shot the water guns at the three set of parents who go drenched in color.
“Happy holi mom and dad!” The two girls hugged them.
Just then pregnancy contractions hit Sanyukta. She screamed.
“Oh my God! My waters just broke!” She yelled out holding tight onto her father’s arm and her mother’s hair. “Call the ambulance! The baby is coming!”
The story ends with everyone rushing her to the hospital were she gave birth to her bundle of joy.

The story doesn’t go into details of their after marriage. This is how it is and the end as they lived happily with each other. See’ya

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