Amazing Sex With A Stranger

Amazing Sex With A Stranger Episode 3



🍨Written ✍️ by: Bena Gaselesego 🍨

EPISODE THREE| Sometimes strangers happen to be our worst nightmare 😥😢

She ran as fast as she could. By the time she reached her car she was panting like a dog.
“Oh lord what is he doing here? Who would have known that a one night stand would be a professor. Not just any professor but my professor. We had s£x and now he is right in front of me,”she looked up at the skies shading her eyes from the blazing sun. “Oh dear God,I wished to have all my wishes granted but I don’t remember wishing for this to happen,”she snorted and took out her car keys to drive away from the school premises but stopped herself when she remembered something.
“No,I can’t go back home because home means mom,dad and Dev. Those three are a nightmare in broad daylight and I don’t want to go to jail for killing someone.”

She started analyzing her situation, only to find out that there’s no way out. Only a dead end.
“If I don’t go home then I am stuck here,in this school. I have three labs with him today and they are all practicals. If I miss my labs then I will fail then my CA and GPA will be a disaster. Once that is done, I will have to supplement and retake my modules and supplements and retakes means money. A lot of money which I am sure that dad will blackmail me with so that I get married to that Yash Shukla. I am at the dead end,either way I will lose my life,”she said dramatically.”The best thing to do is pretend like I don’t know him. He was after all a one night stand. Yes. I will skip this lesson,”she carried her lunch paper bag and went to the cafeteria.

“Good morning school president.”
“Oh Mr. Ashok, I have told you not to call me that, didn’t I? My name is Sanyukta. Call me by that only,”she smiled at him as she went over to a table and sat down.
“May I know why you aren’t in class today? Is it Randir again?”
“No, Randir isn’t someone who can make me dodge my lessons,”she said proudly. “Just that I feel out of the weather today. I will attend later,”she replied.
“Okay. What will you have then? It’s on me.”
“Umm….just fry chips. I have with me here a peanut butter sandwich that my sister made for me and a smoothie as well. ”
“Fry chips coming right up,”the old man noted it down and went to get some for her.


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do I do now? I have even lost my appetite. I even missed my morning lesson,a very vital lesson in the world of medicine and health. What I don’t understand is why he is here as a professor. He doesn’t look like someone who can be so highly educated. No,he does look like that but he did take me to a guest house and had s£x with me in a guest house bedroom,”she poured her lips playing with her fry chips. She groaned and laid her head on the table and her hair sprawled all over it. “My life is filled with misfortunes. Yaaaah! Trish!”


his lesson,he felt a little hungry. He didn’t have anything for breakfast, just a cup of black coffee with no sugar that was it. He asked for directions to the cafeteria and there he was pushing open the doors and stepped in.
He walked over to the counter and made his order.
Waiting for five minutes the food was already done. He smiled at Me. Ashok and turned to find a private table for himself and that’s when his eyes fell on the figure laying on the table.
From the looks of it the person was fighting with themselves from the way they were groaning and sprawling over the table. One thing was familiar with the person so he took his feet over to the table.
“Is this seat taken?” He asked as he made himself comfortable. “Noting that we are the only ones here,I will say it’s free and vacant,”he added.

Gulping down, Sanyukta hoped that she was wrong as she raised her head to see who was sitting right before her. Her eyes widened when they looked at each other while on the other hand Aditya just gave her a blank look.
“You? I mean sir?” She stuttered immediately standing up and gathered her belongings and prepared to shot right out.
“Where do you think you are going? Sit down,”he said ordering her.
“I can’t sir. I have a lesson to attend to. Nice to meet you. Goodbye,”she turned and walked out of the cafeteria.
Aditya was sure that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her but with her running away from him,it infuriated him so much that he left his food and ran after her.


when she was about to take a sharp turn,a hand caught her arm and covered her mouth so that she won’t scream and pulled her into the men’s washroom.
He twirled her around so that they face each other.
“Listen,let me go. I….I…I have a lesson to….,”she tried to walk around him but he brought his hand forth, pinning her to the wall. She swallowed hard as she traced his hand,his arm then his face. He looked super angry and she wanted nothing to do with him right now.
She turned to go the other way but he blocked it with his other hand and she was totally sandwiched between him and the wall.
“Please let me go,”she begged facing him. “I swear I didn’t know.”
He moved closer to her, pushing his entire body on hers.

“A bloody note? You left a bloody useless note for me. Was that an insult?” He asked rage oozing out of his mouth.
Sanyukta shook her head into no frantically.
“And some money. Are so lowly that you think of everyone poor,”he looked down at her. “Oh I see you’re one of those rich brats who think of themselves highly over others just because they are rich. I hate such kind of people and I hate you too. How can you leave such a note for me!? What did you take me for tell me!”
“An escort,”she blurt out.
“What,what? An escort! Bloody hell!” He bashed his hand over the wall startling her. “You thought of me as a man whore who wanted to get laid. Are you out of your mind? Have you gone mad! Do I look like that type of a person to you? I am a highly recommended and respect doctor in the entire state and you thought of me as an escort! ”
“Look, honestly I didn’t know. Please let me go. It was just a one night stand and now I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”
Aditya scoffed moving away from her. “A one night stand you say? You want to make me your one night stand! I have my pride and self respect you know and I won’t let someone like you step over it just like that. It infuriated me that you think of me as a one night stand damnit!” He grabbed her arm and applied some pressure on it making her hiss in pain. “I would have forgotten about you and what we did had you not performed that stunt. You made me look down at myself. I know I did a wonderful job but you insulted me by leaving just like that. Now I will teach you such a lesson you will never forget young lady.”

“But…..but you can’t do….”
She was cut short by hearing footsteps and voices coming towards the washroom.
“People!” She gasped. “What do we do? If they find us in here together they will start talking. ”
Aditya stood there,not fazed or jumpy about their situation at all. In fact he wanted them to find them in that position.
Thinking out of instincts, Sanyukta pushed themselves into the vacant toilet and clicked it closed.
“What are you do…..”
“Shhhhhh!” She covered his mouth with her small hand as they guys walked into the washroom. They listened to their conversations and as they did their business.
Aditya kept struggling to get out of her gasp but she tightened her hold on him and pushed him over to the wall creating some cracky noise which alerted the guys.
“Hey are you okay in there man?” One of them asked.
Sanyukta looked at him and shook her head into no, pleading him with her eyes not to do anything stupid.
He removed her hand from his mouth. “Yeah,I am okay. I just dropped my phone,”he replied back.
“Okay cool man.”

Once they were gone,they shared an eyelock, Sanyukta’s face split into a smile but was gone when she saw the look on his face. It only screamed danger directed to her.
“Are you planning to let me go or you just want to stay like this forever?” He asked her.
“Sorry,”she let go of him and stepped away from him. She took a deep sigh of relief. “Thank God they are gone.”
Aditya rolled his eyes and walked to the door to open it but the knot didn’t turn. He pulled the door but it was stuck. He pulled harder still nothing.
“What’s going on? Will you open it or not? I don’t really fancy the idea to stay here all day.”
“The door is stuck.”
“Whaaaaaat!” She wailed and moved over to open it but it didn’t barge. “No! No this can’t be happening.”
“And whose fault is it? If you haven’t acted like a fool this won’t have happened!”
“And if you haven’t pushed me into the men’s washroom this won’t have happened either. What do we do now?”
“Call one of the cleaners to come open it.”
“What? No I can’t risk been spotted in here with you. Do you know what people will think? They will think that we had it going on in here!”
“Well guess what? We have already done that. We have already screwed each other, over my bed in my house,”he said stepping closer to her, pressing her against the wall. Sanyukta was forced to place her hands on his chiseled chest.

Upon sensing her touch he had flashbacks of that night which angered him and made him crave for her again.
He wrapped his hand over her waist while the other one went to her neck, pulling her in. He tilted his head to the left and brought their lips together and once they touched he got aggressive all of a sudden and deepened the kiss. She froze. No this was not suppose to happen. She was completely paralysed and she couldn’t bring herself to kiss him back. She fought against him to break the kiss but he grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head and continued to kiss me.
There was a knock at the door,he withdrew from the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. Their breath came out as pants.
“Someone in?”a voice asked.
“Only an idiot would ask such a question even when the door shows that the toilet is in use,”he replied sarcastically.
“Sorry sir.”
Sanyukta attempted to free herself from his intimate hold but he pressed her even more against the wall and shook his head into no. He leant down to start off from where they left.
She frantically shook her head to tell him to stop by he kept coming til their lips connected once again.
She was losing her mind,he was so close and she could even feel his er£cted personal person pressing against her tummy.

She felt hot all over and she couldn’t fight the urge to kiss him anymore. She was itching to grab him and kiss him all over his face.
She willing brought her face closer to his to reciprocate his kiss but he drew back. She pulled closer and he pulled back brushing his lips against hers. She whimpered aching for his touch which he wasn’t willing to give to her.
His lips were hovering over hers,he was teasing her. He wanted her to beg him to kiss her. As much as he was dying to kiss her,he wanted to see her beg to him for the kiss.
“Please…. please,”she bit into her lip. Aditya gladly gave her what she wanted. He kissed her and she kissed back. The kiss turned into an erotically make up session as they hungrily attacked each other’s necks, nipping and sucking the tender skin.
“I don’t think it was a one night stand anymore. It never was and never will be,”he smirked into her neck and bit into it.
“Ow!” She cried out loud and glared at him but he didn’t care and kicked the door open.
“Hey,stop right there!” She shouted and he stopped turning and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “You have no right to…to do that to me!” She pointed a finger at him.
Aditya’s eyes fell on the ring he gave to her. He moved over to her and grabbed her wrist as she was about to pull back her hand. “Give it back.”
“What?” She gave him a perplexed look.
“The ring. I want it back,”he tried to pull it out.
“Oh hello leave my hand,”she freed herself and glared at him. “It won’t come off. I tried everything. From water,to soap to even heat but it has refused to come out you dummy. But wait,hold on a minute. You did say I should keep it.”
“Yesssss! You said I can have it til forever. Now,I am a keeper of things so I will keep it with me forever.”
“Do you have any idea how much that ring costs? I didn’t buy it with my shit but with my money. That ring costs more than ten cores and you want to keep it. Now you listen to me. I want my ring back. It’s either you give me the ring or the money I used to buy that ring with. Til you return it,I own you,all of you. And about the other night,I will tell your parents all about it. I have the pictures and the video with me.”
“What! You videotape it?! How could you?”
“I didn’t. I have CCTV cameras all over my house,in my room too for security reasons. See you around ma’am,”he smirked and walked away.
“This can’t be happening to me right now. From a one night stand to a nightmare 😥😢. How do I get rid of him now?”

🔬🔬🧪🧪Chemistry Laboratory 🧪🧪🔬🔬

Somehow,he didn’t seem to come off her back. She had thought he was only with them for biology 102 and her biology practicals but here is he even with them on chemistry practicals as well. It turned out that there was more of him than just been a doctor. He had studied pharmacy too.
“Good evening class,”he smiled and laid his eyes at Sanyukta who wanted to cringe into a corner and never be found again. “I believe I was with you in this morning and in the afternoon and here I am again. To some of you who don’t know me,I am Mr. Vadhan,your new substitute lecturer and I will be with you til your teacher Mr. P.K Sihna comes from his vacation. Right,”he clamped his hands together. “I want all of you to be free and comfortable to ask me any kind of question you want. I want this to be a friendly environment for all okay?”
One of the girls raised their hand and Aditya gave her permission to speak.
“Sir,what is your real name?”
“Aditya,”he replied with a friendly smile that Sanyukta would classify as s£xy and irresistible.
“Are you single sir? And if you are single I would mind a date with you,”one said.
The class cheered into hooooos and laughter.
Aditya chuckled. “Yes I am single but thanks for the offer though. I think I am sorted out,”he looked at Sanyukta who had a bored expression on her face.

She has always loved chemistry practicals but now she wanted nothing more than to leave from here.
“Now back to business,”Aditya said seriously and everyone paid attention to him. “Now I know some of us really don’t like dealing with chemicals and equations. All the chemicals,it always turns out messy and what not. So I got two options for you and you got to choose. It’s your choice not mine. Option A and option B. There’s no option C. Okay,here is option A: I will give an exam which you will write and if you pass it you will jump to the next semester but if you fail it you will be forced to take this class next year. Option B: You start off with me from the beginning of this semester doing practicals, dealing with all these chemicals in real life situations, making medicines, testing them out and experimenting. Inventing stuff together, doing the most difficult tasks and at the end of the day,you won’t just carry a certificate but experience too. It’s your choice. Those who choose option A there is the door,you can leave,”he added looking at them.

They were mumbles on the background as they discussed among each other. Those who knew that they won’t do well in field work took their books and bags and left from there.
Sanyukta was in a dilemma,she wanted to take on this class but taking it on meant dealing with him every single day. She couldn’t handle that so she gathered her books and started to walk towards the door.
“Oh my God! What is Sanyukta doing! She can take on this class then why is she backing out? If someone like Sanyukta is backing out what chance do we stand?”
“Stop right there Sanyukta Agarwal.”
She halted and looked at the professor. “Yes sir?”
“Go back and take your seat.”
“Don’t make me repeat myself.”
“But sir, you just said it was everyone’s choice. I made my choice then why are you…..”
Aditya went over to her and bent over to her ear. “Because I own you Sanyukta. Remember that next time,”he pulled away from her. “Please go take your seat Ms. Agarwal.”
“N. O. W!”
She nodded and went back to her seat.
“Okay. We are about thirteen now. From thirty to thirteen. Not that bad,”he smiled at them. “I love ambitious people and you just became my favorite class. I hope we will work together,that too nicely. Now for your first assignment,”he projected his presentation and on the board was a web of equations. “I want all these solved by tomorrow.”
“Oh my God! Is this a class or a suicide mission?!” Sanyukta exclaimed and everyone else regretted their decision to stay.

To be continued
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