Amazing Sex With A Stranger

Amazing Sex With A Stranger Episode 6



🍨🍨Written ✍️ by: Bena Gaselesego 🍨🍨

🟣🟣🟣 6-7

EPISODE SIX| You are impossible sometimes

She made a vow to herself that after her chemistry lesson,she would make time and talk to Aditya and explain herself to him as to why she had to leave.
She really hoped he would listen to her this time around and not interrupt her.
“Good morning everyone.”
Her heart jumped and raised her head to look at him but her smile immediately left her face.

The person standing in front of them wasn’t Mr. Vadhan. It was someone else.
If he is here,where was her Aditya?
“Excuse us sir. We don’t mean any form of disrespect but where is Mr. Vadhan? He is the one taking up this module right?” One of her classmates asked.
“Right,this is Mr. Vadhan’s class. He was suppose to be with you today but unfortunately he couldn’t make it and asked me to step in for him. As you all know he is both a doctor and a business man. He had to travel to Delhi for a board meeting. My name is Akash Akram and i hope we will be good partners for the next two weeks,”the man smiled at them and the rest of the class hummed in agreement.

She couldn’t stand it so she took her books and left from there leaving everyone asking questions about her behavior.
She walked through the empty hallway,with tears in her eyes. She was hurt. He really hurt her feelings.
This was their relationship. This was their problem and together they had to solve it. What was the need to run away and leave her all by herself to deal with it?
But why was she crying? It’s not like they were dating but they did share something special.
She stared down at her ring and broke down into more tears. “That’s because I love him,”she sobbed. “I’m crying because I have fallen in love with him and he is a jerk. He is a jerk! How can I fall in love with such a person? God,I am so screwed. So,so screwed. Dad is going to kill me because now I don’t want to have anything to do with anyone . I don’t want to be with anyone who isn’t Aditya. What do I do? How do I stop these feelings? How do I stop my heart from falling in love with him?”


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For two weeks she hasn’t seen him so she decided to do something to forget about him and the feelings she was recently starting to feel for him. Which explains why she is sitting alone in the cafe, having her favorite milkshake and muffins.
“This is great. Why didn’t I do this before?” She said to herself as she took a huge bite of the muffin and m0aned in pleasure. She opened her eyes and once she did that,they fell on someone she found familiar.
She squinted her eyes for a better view and when she recognized him,she couldn’t believe her eyes.
He was hugging a girl and he even missed her. Public show of affection as much.


What is he doing here? And who is that girl he is with?” She asked herself as she looked back at them through the window. From the way they were touching she was sure they were very close.
“If he is here then where is Sanju? Could it be that he is cheating on Sanju with this woman?! This is such great news!” She applauded and stood up . She paid the bill and grabbed her purse. “If I catch him red-handed, messing around with this woman,it will be enough evidence that will be an eye opener to those naive parents of mine. Bingo! Now I have to follow them,”she put on her sunglasses.
She was about to walk out of the door when someone caught her wrist and twirled her around.

Due to the force she was pulled back,she ended up falling into the arms of the person.
A small gasp left her lips and looked up. Her eyes widened. “You?!”
“Surprise!” He smirked at her.
“Let go of me! Let go!” She struggled with him but his grasp was firm. She relinquished and glared at him. “What do you want Aditya?”
“Hey what is this? You haven’t seen me in two weeks and the first thing you ask me is what do I want from you. Now that’s not nice.”
“That’s none of my business as to where you have been?” She looked outside the cafe and Dev was still standing with that woman. “Listen,let me go. I have something important to do right now.”
Aditya traced her eyes and they fell on the couple that was romancing each other outside. “Oh I see! You were waiting for him and guess out he is mingling with somebody else. Who is he to you? Your boyfriend?”


please let me go. I have to go to him.”
Aditya scoffed. “It’s obvious he is cheating on you with her. Are you really that stupid or you are only doing this to irritate me? Look,he is leaving with her and I am sure they are going to go somewhere.”
Now she was more eager to follow him and come out of Aditya’s grasp.” Leave me! Please leave me! They’re going away and I have to catch up with them. Aditya please,”she begged him and his jaw tightened with anger, squeezing her wrist. She hissed in pain.
“Why? Do you love him so much that you are willing to run after him?”
“You’re misunderstanding me once again. Look, just let go and I will explain later hmmm?”
She looked outside and they were walking to the car. “Aditya please I am begging you. It’s very important for me to follow them. Please let go.”
She quietly struggled with him but it was no use. If anything it was giving her pain. By the time he let her go,Dev had long gone.
She run outside hoping to spot his car and with no luck.

She felt like crying but she felt like murdering someone more. She bashed back into the cafe and went over to Aditya’s table.
He was sitting down with some brute woman. She banged her hands on the table startling the woman who flinched and stared at her.
“You bloody rascal!” Sanyukta bellowed drawing attention to them.
“Excuse me,”he raised his eyebrow in question. “Do I know you? Have you met before?”
“I’m going to kill you! I’m about to kick your fvcking ass!” She grabbed his collar and made him stand up. “Because of you I ended up being pregnant!” She screamed then glanced at the woman who was sitting down with him. “Don’t waste your breath with him ma’am. He is the worst mistake you could ever make in your entire life. We have been dating for six years ma’am. Six years,”she sobbed. “He promised to love me and only me! Now look he is here with you after getting me pregnant and …. and he got engaged me too. Look,look! This is his ring,”she showed the ring to the crowd. “This man is a rascal and he shouldn’t be with anyone. I’m six weeks pregnant for him and he is already cheating on me. Why Aditya? Why? I love you so much. You think you can ruin my plans,my life and then come chill her with someone else and I would let you get away with it? Never! Why did you do this? Am I no longer beautiful?Where did I go wrong Aditya? Am I not perfect? Is it because I am pregnant?” She asked holding his hands. “I love you so much. Everyone please tell him not to do this, please,”she pleaded in tears.

“A man who treats his fiance like this only deserves one thing and that is a tight slap on the face,”one certain lady said.
“What!?” Both bellowed as they looked at her.
“Yes and he should be painted with a black paint so that he never shows his face to anyone ever again,”added another.
“Dear do what you feel is right.”
Seizing the opportunity she walked closer to him with a sinister smile and slap him.
Aditya’s head whipped to the side and clenched his fist in anger and in pain. Now her slaps weren’t sweet as honey. No,they were painful as shit!
Sanyukta grabbed a glass of orange juice by the table and threw it at his face. He gasped.
“That will teach you to never mess around with me ever again,”she stated and walked away from there. She whipped her hair back that it flashed on his face then walked away with a smile on her face and wiping her crocodile tears.
Aditya threw daggers at her with his eyes as he watched her walk away after humiliating him.
He had one thought in his mind.
“She’s dead! So dead! She’s pregnant? With my baby? Fine she wants to get pregnant then I will surely get her pregnant for real this time.!”
“Sir are you okay? Should I call someone to fix your….”
“No it’s okay Prena,”he mastered a smile. “I will just head home. You stay here and meet with the clients. Tell them,that I had a very important call so I couldn’t wait and stay.”
“Okay sir.”
He gave her one last smile and walked away from there.


“You look very beautiful Sanyu. I’m sure Arnav will propose to you tonight itself.”
“Tell me why I am doing this once again?” She groaned.
“To get dad off your back so that he doesn’t pester you to go out with Arnav.”
“Sister,I don’t wanna get married.”
“Sanyu, I know you are strong. Don’t be dad’s victim like I was. I have always being the quiet kid, listening to everything that dad told me to do. I even dropped my dreams just for him. I lost my love and got married to a man I didn’t even feel anything for. Don’t let that happen to you Sanyu. You can fight this. You can fight him. Fight for your destiny Sanyu. Fight for it.”

She remembered her conversation with her sister as she was sitting at the dinning table waiting for Arnav who was running late once again.
“You know what sister was right. I shouldn’t waste my time with all this. I should live my life and be happy. And not waste my precious time waiting for a blind date. You know what I am done. I’m so out of here,”she took the bottle of champagne along with her and decided to take a walk to the bus stop as she had left her car back at home.
In less than a hour she was completely drunk as she roamed the streets looking for a bus stop and she wasn’t luck at all.
She was about to cross the road when a car came from her right and fortune for her,it braked in front of her.
The driver came out of the car and shouted at her.
“Are you blind! I could have killed you!”
She hiccupped and apologized. “I….I am really sorry. I’m actually trying to find my way to a bus stop. Can you help me?”

“Sanyukta?” The voice asked in disbelief. She squinted her eyes at him.
“Right it just had to be you,”she rolled her eyes. “I’m not sorry for whatever I have done to you. If anything you should apologise to me for treating me so badly! What did I ever do to you huh? It was just a simple mistake. How was I suppose to know that you were not an escort but a doctor tell me? You’re always like, Sanyukta do this! Sanyukta do that! You know I am not a robot,I am a person. I get tired too.”
“Right,we are getting you home,”he lifted her up and carried her to the car. He looked up at the sky and dark clouds were gathering around. “It looks like it’s about to rain. Thank God I got to her on time or it would have been a different story.”

He drove to his mansion where he took her inside. He was locking the door when he felt small hands around his abdomen.
“I’m sorry,”she said. “I shouldn’t have done what I did to you the other day. I was so angry. I’m usually never like that. Please forgive me. ”
He smiled at her cuteness. “It’s okay.”
“Are you not angry at me? Are you still angry at me?”
“Yes I am. It’s been a week and I am still angry at for for doing that but because you apologized so sweetly I forgive you. Come let’s get you to bed.”
“No! I don’t wanna sleep. I don’t feel sleepy. I feel so happy that I would do anything. I want to fly Adi! Please let me fly!”
“Remind me to never let you get drunk ever again.”
“Hey that’s mean. I’m always on my good mood when I am drunk. Like now,”she pulled him closer biting into her lower lip. She stood on tiptoes and planted a kiss on his lips.
Aditya pulled back. “You’re drunk.”
“No,I am not and I want this. It’s being a month Aditya. I missed you so please let me. Complete me tonight. Make me yours once again please,”she took off his tie and undressed him as he did the same with her.
They walked to the bedroom where things increased to the next level.


When he woke up the next day he expected to find her missing beside him. But he was shocked when he found her soundly and peacefully asleep in his arms.
A smile tugged on his lips as he watched her sleep.
“So beautiful,”he whispered and placed a kiss on her pouted lips. She smudged closer to him and he wrapped his arms around her and stayed in bed for a while enjoying the amazing feeling.

After brushing her teeth with the spare teeth brush she found in the bathroom she went downstairs to find him.
“In the kitchen!” He replied back. She walked over and there he was making breakfast.
She was surprised. “You know how to cook?”
“Staying all alone,single,no maid. So yeah I had to learn how to cook,clean and do my laundry,”he smiled. “Have a sit breakfast will be served.”
She hopped on top of the counter table, watching him as he walked about the kitchen.
“You? Know how to cook?” He asked as he took out some eggs from the fridge.
“Erm….,”she dragged. “Yes,of course know how to cook. I just don’t like ….. cooking.”
He chuckled shaking his head. “You’re impossible.”
“Adi,”she softly called him and he looked up from the eggs to her.
“Come here,”she gestured opening up her arms.
“Is this where you kill me?”
She laughed. “No silly. Just come here,I wanna try something out.”

He hesitantly went over to her til her stood between her legs which were dangling over the countertop.
Sanyukta caressed his bare chest with her fingers,her eyes not leaving his.
He took in a sharp breath when she kissed his neck then his earlobe, licking it at the end.
“I’m sorry for always running away from you. It was never my intention to leave you just like that. And..erm I am sorry about the other time too. Just for you to know that wasn’t my lover. I know that guy from somewhere and I wanted to clarify my doubt. You prevented me from doing so and I got so angry. Then I saw you with that woman,I don’t know what got to me. I couldn’t stand it seeing you with her so I did what I did,”she licked her lips. “And for that I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I don’t like it that much when you are pissed at me or when we argue with each other.”

“I love it when we argue with each other because when we meet we always find ways to sort out our problems.”
She let out a soft chuckle and cupped his cheek. She leant closer and kissed him. Aditya reciprocated the kiss.
“Last night. The way you made love to me was quite different. It was like you were aiming at something. Determined to achieve something,”she said once they withdrew from the kiss.
“I want you to be stuck with me forever. You don’t worry,you will understand when the time comes,”he kissed her once again. “Sanyukta,I don’t know what you are doing to me but whatever it is, it’s working on me. I can’t stop thinking about you. Whatever you do,it might infuriate me but at the end of the day I always laugh it off. It’s like I can’t stay angry at you for a long time,”he took her hand and placed it against his heart. “You’re the only one who can make my heart beat so fast. I fvcking don’t know what to do with you or how to make it stop.”

“All I know is I would do anything to make you mine forever,”he gulped down and gave her an Eskimo kiss.”I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about what the world will say about me and you. I’m ready for anything as long as I have you with me,”he interlocked their hands and played with her ring making her smile.
“I’m not sure eggs are suppose to smell like that,”she said. “I have a bad feeling that something is burning.”
His eyes widened and rushed over to the stove.” Shit!” He turned the stove off. “You’re a distraction.”
“Never said lose focus.”
“Is it?”
“Run,”he warned.
She sprang out of the kitchen as he chased after her. He caught her and dropped her on the couch as she laughed her lungs out. He sat on top of her tickling her.
“Stop! Stooooooop! Okay I am sorry! I’m sorry!”

He stopped and connected their lips. She kissed him back.
They were interrupted by Sanyukta’s ringing tone. They separated from the kiss as she picked the phone.
“Yes tell me.”
Aditya couldn’t hear what the other speaker was saying but he was sure it was bad news, looking at her pale expression and widened eyes.

To be continued

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