Amazing Sex With A Stranger

Amazing Sex With A Stranger Episode 7



๐Ÿจ๐ŸจWritten โœ๏ธ by:Bena Gaselesego ๐Ÿจ๐Ÿจ


EPISODE SEVEN| A cute couple ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ

“Hey what’s going on? Are you alright?” Aditya asked as soon as she dropped her phone.
“C…car keys please?” She desperately said shooting up from the couch. “I need your car keys right now. Please give them to me Aditya, please.”
“Okay,okay,”he went somewhere in the house then came back holding the keys to his Jeep. “There you go.”
“Thank,thank you so much. I will bring it back,I promise.”
“Hey,”he caught her wrist pulling her to him then softly pecked her forehead. “Be safe alright.”
She gave him the best smile she could master then stormed out.

She rushed through the automatic double doors,took the elevator to the fifth floor. She impatiently pacing around in the elevator waiting for it to stop and when it finally did,she zoomed out running over to her destination.
“Sanyu!” Her mother who was in tears rushed over to her and attempted to hug her but she took a step back.
“Don’t come near me and don’t touch me,”she said with bitterness. “Where is she?”
“Sanyu please dear…..”
“Mom where is my sister! Where is she! Where’s my SISTER!”she shouted then her hard eyes turned to Dev who also was looking devastated but she wasn’t fooled by his tears. She knew him well too much to believe his act.

He didn’t know how it happened but Sanyukta was already coming at him with punches.
“Leave him I say! Sanyukta leave him!” Her father separated her from him and she struggled against him, throwing profanities of curses at him. She had him pinned on the floor,he was sure that if it weren’t for her father she would have wounded him too much.
She had broken his nose which was bleeding and had bursted his lips a little.
“LET ME GO DAD! LET ME GO!” She screamed.
She freed herself from her dad then glared at Aditya.
“I’m going to ask for the last time. Where’s my sister?” She asked calmly glancing at each and every one of them. “If I find out that my sister is no…,”she chocked on her tears. “If by any chance my sister is dead. Dev Khan, I will kill you and I promise you that I won’t go to prison for that,”she said dangerously calm.


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gulped down his fear and averted his eyes away from her cold ones.
“Look at me when I am talking to you,”she added. She was commanding him and there was nothing he hated like being told what to do by anyone but this wasn’t anyone. It was Sanyukta Agarwal. A pissed off Sanyukta Agarwal and he didn’t want to mess with her when she was like that.
“I said look at me!”
He looked back at her.
“What have you done to her? What did you do to her this time that she ended up being hospitalized?!”
“Enough Sanyukta,”her mother interrupted their conversation, twirled her around so that she could face her and when that happened,she slapped her. “Enough of your nonsense,”she glared. “Enough of yours and your sister’s drama okay? What can happen to you people huh? Sanjana has already done enough to hurt us and now it’s you.”
“Mom you can do whatever you like and want but if my sister’s hurt then I will bring all of you down with me.”


sister is alive. She’s still alive,did you hear me?” Said her mom as she grabbed her forearms. “She overdosed on antidepressants. Dev has nothing to do with all this Sanyukta. He is innocent! I don’t know why you are kin on making him the bad guy. What has he ever done to you tell me? He loves your sister so much. Can’t you see it? Everything he has done til now,it was all for your sister. Can’t you see this love he has for her?”
“I have no time for blind people. Mom it is very easy to wake up a sleeping man but very difficult to wake up a man who is pretending to be asleep. Right now my priority is my sister and not your son in in-law. Mom there’s more to what meets the eye. The day you realize this will be day you will lose both your daughters. Just remember that. Now tell me where is my sister?”
Her mother replied by pointing at the ward 304.
Without another way she walked over to it.

She found a nurse in there examining her. But she was still unconscious.
“How is she?” She asked.
“Who are you?”
“Erm…..sorry. I am her sister, Sanyukta Agarwal.”
“Sanyukta? As in Sanyu?”
She nodded.
“A while back she kept on reciting this name.”Sanyu. Sanyu. Sanyu,” . Ma’am,you don’t have to worry. She’s fine now. We managed to flush the pills out of her system. She’s unconscious now but she will woke up soon.”
“Thank so much nurse. Can I please have a minute with her?”
The nurse took her things then gave Sanyukta and Sanjana their privacy.
She sat down at the edge of the bed then took her sister’s hand into hers.
“Why? Why did you do this sister? I thought we were best friends. That we told each other everything then why? Why didn’t you tell me that you were taking antidepressants and for what?”


squeezed her hand making Sanyukta look up at her.
“Sanju, you’re awake! Let me go call the doctor.”
“No. I’m fine. I just need some water. Give me some water please,”she kindly requested.
Sanyukta poured her a glass then helped her drink it up,with slow gulps. “Are you better now?”
“Sister why did you……”
“I didn’t overdose Sanyu. I was forced to.”
“What! By who and for what?”
“Dev. He had hit me and afraid that my parents would find out,he took my drugs, spiked my drink with them. That’s how I am here.”
“What the heck! I’m going to kill him! But sister since when ?”
Tears sprung out of Sanjana’s eyes. “I lied Sanyu. I lied to you about everything. I lied to you about Dev changing for the better.”
“I knew. I wasn’t gonna believe you when you said it.”
“He has gone worse Sanyu. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so stressed and only those drugs kept me sane. I had hope that he would change. My love for him would change him but I was so wrong Sanyu. Dev is a narcissist and he enjoys inflicting pain on people. I’m the one close to him so he inflict all of his frustration on me and sometimes he hit me just for his own pleasure.”
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“Sanyu please save me. Help me break free from him. Help me please. I used to love him but not anymore. He tried to kill me today. Next time he will definitely kill me. Please help me Sanyu. Save me from him please,”she sobbed.
“Shhhhhhhh! It’s okay Sanju. I’m here for you. I won’t ever let him touch you ever again. Yes,I will help you. I will save you from that beast. Just don’t cry. Shhhhhhhh! I love you Sanju and I will do anything for your happiness.”
“Thank you. Thank you so much.”
“No need to thank you. You’re my sister and you are a part of me. I can’t live without you Sanju. The love I have for you is bigger than anything.”
They embraced and consoled each other for hours.

“Okay tell me something,”Sanjana started swallowing down her ice cream. She was feeling better now.
“Yes ask me.”
“I have noticed that recently you have been spending your nights out and when you come home,you will be in new clothes. Like for instance right now. I know you don’t known any Louis Vuitton white shirt for men nor do you own a Jeep. Who is he? I know for sure it can’t be Arnav because you hate dad’s choice.”
“Arnav? You won’t believe that he stood me up the other time. I won’t ever forgive him.”
“Of course, you’re good at holding grudges,”she smiled at her. “Now don’t divert the topic. Tell me who is he?”
Sanyukta smiled shyly.” Sanju,I think I am in love. He is all I think about when my mind isn’t occupied. He is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with,build a family with him and grow old with him,”she chuckled. “Crazy but it’s true. I don’t want to be with anyone but him. Remember this ring,”she showed her hand and her sister nodded. “It was given by him since then it has been stuck with me. It has refused to come off no matter what we tried. I guess it’s a sign that him and I are meant to be.”

“We were so drunk when we first met. He was heart broken and I was frustrated because of dad. We talked for a while. Expressed our emotions to each other,the he gave it to me. I kisses a guy for the first time that night.”
“What!” Sanjana gasp with a smile. “You’re playing with me right?”
She shook her head into no,with returning her sister’s smile. “No,I am not. We kissed and it went to a whole new level.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“He took me over to his place. God,you should see where he lives Sanju. I initially thought it was a guest house. He took me over and there I willingly gave myself to him. I gave him,my body,my soul,my mind and my spirit.”
“OMG! Sanyu! I’m so happy for you love!” She hugged her. “My little sister is no more a virgin nor innocent! I can’t believe this!”
“You’re crazy. Instead of slapping me, you’re embracing me and praising me for a evil deeds.”
“Yes it might be a sin but doing it with the right person it’s fine. As long as you are at peace with yourself, you are okay.”
“We didn’t do it once Sanju nor twice. I trusted him with my body even when he was just a stranger,”she giggled when she saw the funny expression on her sister’s face. “Yes Sanju, I love him to do it with him numerous times. You won’t believe it when I tell you that I never hoped to see him again. Remember my chemistry lecturer?”
“Yes,the one who gave you wrong equations to solve?”
“Yes. He and him are the same person.”
“What!” Sanjana laughed.
“Hey don’t laugh yah,”Sanyukta nudged her side.
“Sorry but what did you do when you found out?”
“I ran away,”she replied. “I was shocked. He was a one night stand and I hoped to never see him again but there he was standing in front of my class as a substitute lecturer for Mr. P. K Singh. I ran for my life but no matter where I ran to he was always there to catch me. It’s like I can’t ever run away from him. Fate always bring us back together.”

“Sanyu,I am very happy that you have found your true love but dad,”Sanju stated. “Do you know what he will do once he finds out you have being seeing someone behind his back?”
“Yes,”she replied darkly. “He will do to me the same he did with you. He will force me to leave college and get married to a man of his choice.”
“But don’t let him do that to you Sanyu. Fight for your love. Fight for the both of you and you have all my support.”
“I know. I love you Sanju.”
“I love you too Sanyu.”
They shared a hug.


“Aditya! Aditya!” She called out once she got to the house. She went to the kitchen but he wasn’t in there. She took the stairs and went to his study room.
She opened the door. “Aditya, I have come to…..,”she chocked on her words upon seeing the scene playing in front of her. “Erm….”
He was standing in the centre of the room,shirtless reading a docvment. “What happened?” He frown at her.
Her eyes traveled down to his abdomen and she couldn’t tear her eyes off him.
“Believe you like what you see,”he smiled wrapping his arms around her and kissed her nose.
“All this time I have been making love to this body?” She asked making him laugh. “Darn I never knew you were this hot. What are you doing with no shirt on anyway?”
“Just had a shower. I was feeling hot so I didn’t put one on.”
She nodded.
Aditya turned serious. “Sanyukta,are you alright now? Where did you run off to?”
She sighed and threw her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. All the pain and emotions she was feeling a while back come rushing down in a form of tears.

He didn’t say anything,he hugged her back and comforted her. He took her over to the lounge in the study and gave her a glass of water.
“I went to the hospital. My sister had overdosed on antidepressants,”she began. “She has been going through a lot lately. My dad’s pressure on her and her cheating husband who beat her almost everyday for his own pleasure.”
“That man from that day,he was your sister’s husband, wasn’t he?”
She nodded. “I want my sister to divorce him but she can’t do that without a reason. I had to find evidence against him. My parents are in a delusion that he is a good man. They fail to see the truth behind him.”
Oh my God! And I prevented you the other day from…. I’m so sorry.”
“No don’t be! You did the right thing. Dev is smart if I had followed them the other day I don’t wanna imagine what he would have done to me. I’m so tired,”she laid on his chest and shut her eyes. “I want to rest for a while. Stay with me please.”
He kissed her forehead and interlaced their hands.


She woke up due to someone’s laughter. Blinking her eyes she saw Aditya laughing looking at her.
“What happened? Why are you laughing?” She asked.
He gave her a his phone to look. She gasped looking at the drawn moustache on her face.
“Aditya!” She whined glaring at him.
“You look so cute,”he playfully pinched her cheeks.
She couldn’t fight her smile that was threatening to come on her face. She burst out with laughter joining him.
“There!” He exclaimed. “That’s the smile and laughter I have been looking for.”
“Thank you Aditya.”
“Hey I don’t mind.”
“How about we go out for a drive? To make it up to you. And maybe go by the great temples of Goddess Durga. You know the ones up the hills.”
“Ready when you are ready,”he smiled at her.

“Stop! Stop! Stop right here!”
“But why?”
“Popsicles! I love popsicle!”
“Sanyukta,you do realize that it’s raining and eating a popsicle at this time. You will get sick.”
“Pretty please Aditya. I crave a popsicle right now. I have been craving it for the longest time. Please let me have it,”she gave him puppy eyes.
“I can’t refuse you when you give me that look. Damn you woman.”
“Thank you,thank you so much!”
They pulled over to have the popsicle then went on their way.
They stopped by every stall they saw on their long drive. They had the samosas,the spicy teas,the snacks and sweets. And every moment they made sure to take pictures and videos.

“Remind me to never go on a long ride with you ever again,”he said as they climbed the stairs to the Goddess Durga’s temples. “You kept eating everything you saw in the stalls.”
“And here I was thinking that all men love women who loves food and eating.”
“Healthy eating and not a pig.”
“Wait, what! Did you just call me a pig!”
“What? No!” Nervously chuckled. “I don’t know what you are talking about!”
“Adi run!” She charged at him and he bolted away.
“Once I get my hands on you I will kill you!”
He laughed looking over his shoulder. “Once you catch me and good luck on doing that! Haaa!”
They chased each other up the stairs til they reached the top. She panted as she glared at the man who didn’t seemed winded at all!
She did what she knew best. Acting.
She faked springing her ankle. “Ow!” She cried in pain.
Aditya jolted over to her to help her up and prevent her over falling over and toppling over the stairs.
“What happened? Does it hurt?” He gave her a worried look.
She couldn’t help herself but to laugh. “Look at your face. You look like someone just stole your lollipop. Hey,I was just joking. I was getting back at you for calling me a pig.”
“What is this Sanyukta? I was genuinely worried for you and you were fooling around. Don’t ever come at me like that. You get me worried and worked up,”he complained and went inside the temple.

“Hey come on yah. I was only joking. Adi,”she chortled at his childish behavior coming after him.
He looked at her and stuck out his tongue to her.
“You make such a cute couple,”the sage said to them.”,May you always be happy like this children.”
“Umm….sage we are here with this offering to the Goddess,”Aditya said giving the platter to him and together they took their prayers.
Once they were done the sage gave them offerings and they fed it to each other as a way of having fun with each other but the sage took it otherwise.
“It’s not wise to leave your wife so bare child,”he said to Aditya. “You surely love each other but a vermilion and a nuptial necklace are our culture and custom and it’s wise for a husband to adorn his wife with them. Here,this is my gift from my side to the both of you. Come dear,as goddess Durga your witness anoint her with the vermilion.”
“Sage you have misunderstood…….”
“See you might not value this but it’s important. Come on adorn her forehead with the sacred vermilion of goddess Durga.”
“Sage you have……”
“Child let him do it,”he told Sanyukta who then turned and looked at Aditya who also was in a dilemma.
They were trying so hard to tell the sage that they were not married but he wasn’t ready to listen.
With eyes filled with emotions and feelings,they gazed into each other’s eyes.
“Go on dear.”

He opened the vermilion box which was decorated with goddess Durga images and took a pinch of the vermilion.
Everything was like a movie flashing before their eyes. He was going to mark her as a married woman. As his wife right in front of the goddess. It was so wrong because they were not married.
She felt her face get hot as tears started clouding in her eyes.
“Adit…..”she gasped as she felt the red power fall on her forehead and shut her eyes and her tears fell free from her eyes.
He hesitantly picked the nuptial necklace and tied it around her neck.
“Now the Goddess Durga’s blessings are with you forever. You were destined to find your way here. You’re each other’s destiny. Always cherish each other,love each other and make each other happy,”he smiled and walked away.
Leaving the two staring at each other.

To be continued

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