Amazing Sex With A Stranger

Amazing Sex With A Stranger Episode 9 – 10




🌸 🌸Written ✍️ by: Bena Gaselesego 🌸


🍨🍨EPISODE NINE| The plan🍨🍨

“What!” He let out a loud gasp which made Sanyukta jump back with a startle. She gained her composure and cleared her throat.
“I’m pregnant,”she led her head high with a smile.
“You got to be kidding me.”
“No I really wish I was,”she shrugged and whipped her hair backwards dramatically. “I’m four weeks pregnant Adi and you as a caring husband as you are kindly let me in. It’s freezing out here,”she said and carefully walked passed him, squeezing her body in. Careful not to get herself killed.
When she was fully inside,she let out a sigh of relief.

In anger Aditya slammed the door, creating a loud bang sound that would have made another cringe in. Sanyukta did but didn’t show it on her face. It was more in the inside.
“You … you think life is a joke!” He grasped her forearms and made her face him. “Do you take me as a joke! Someone you can just use and throw away anytime you want! Listen I don’t have time for jokes. Just leave from here. Get out!” He dragged her towards the door.
“What are you doing?” She pulled her wrist from his hand and sternly faced him. “You can’t kick me out. I am your wife. Lawfully and legal wife.”
He scoffed. “Wife? Last time I checked you and I erased every memory we have for each other. You’re not my wife and you never were and never will be.”

“No, you’re the one who erases our memories. I didn’t. Listen I m only here for my rights. Still if you want the attention of the media and the scandal go ahead and kick me out,”she grinned. “Now be a caring husband and take care of your pregnant wife,will you.”
“You disgust me.”
“But I didn’t when you had s£x with me.”
“That was before I knew your real face,”he sneered at her. “What can I say? All the women I have met in my life turn out to be snakes but you are the worst of them all. You’re the most vicious woman I have ever met in my life. I curse every moment I spent with you. I curse the day I met you even more. You want to stay in this house as my wife, don’t you? Fine,feel free,feel at home. This is your house,”he announced. “Welcome home dear wife. Control everything. But let me tell you something,the day I find out that told me such an expensive lie about you being pregnant that will be the worst day if your life,”he warned and left her alone in the hallway.


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/> She was in the kitchen nursing her lips when she got a call from her sister.
“I’m so sorry about what happened today Sanyu. Because of me you ended up getting all that beating.”
“It’s fine sister. I can tolerate mom and dad’s anger just to save you from Dev. Moreover,our plans won’t have worked had I been staying in that house. Dev is smart he would have suspected something fishy. Now that I am out of the house, everything will happen according to our plans. Just trust me this time.”
“I trust you Sanyu,”she said. “But are you feeling right now?”
“If having your parents mad at you and your husband upset with you is called being fine then I guess I am really fine,”she jokes.
“Don’t joke like that,”her sister scolded. “Is that how someone jokes? I understand with mom and dad but Aditya shouldn’t stay mad at you for a long time,he anyways loves you and you love him. In marriage when a wife is upset with her husband the husband try everything within his power to pacify her so even you do the same. This time the husband is upset, it’s your duty and responsible to pacify him.”


is not barging sister. I guess this time I messed up really bad,”she poured her lips as she applied a ointment. “You know he initially didn’t want to let me inside the house. Believe me if I hadn’t convinced him to let me in,I would have to spend the night in the streets,”she replied putting on a plaster.
“How did you convince him?”
She stayed quiet for a while. “I might have lied to him.”
“I told him that I am pregnant.”
“Oh my goodness! Instead of making things better for the two of you,you made them thrice worse! Sanyu what is wrong with you yah? Do you have any idea what he will do once he finds out that you were lying to him?”
“Of course he will kill me. He wouldn’t trust me ever again.”
“Sanyu,tell him the truth.”
“I wish I could sister. He doesn’t even want to look at my face. Do you ever since I got here he has locked himself in the room. He doesn’t want to talk to me. How do I pacify him when he doesn’t want to meet me ever.”


his wife. Do something you know will make him smile. You know him better than anyone.”
She sighed. “I heard you Sanju.”
“But you didn’t understand me.”
“Look,I got to go. I’m feeling hungry. I will talk to you tomorrow. I love you Sanju.”
“But Sanyu…..”
She disconnected the call and let out an exasperated sigh staring at her phone wallpaper. It was picture of hers and Aditya,the one they took when they were at the temple.
“How do I make you smile again? I’m the reason why you’re angry and I will be reason you will smile again,”she said to herself and got up from the counter chair and over to the kitchen to prepare something for dinner.

From his study he could smell a nice aroma coming from downstairs. He didn’t realize that he was angry til now. He shut his laptop and let the aroma carry him downstairs to the kitchen where he found Sanyukta moving about.
He breath got stuck on his throat,his heart lost it. He was falling. Again.
She was looking so beautiful with that w€t curly hair and the blue shirt. And what made her more beautiful was that the shirt was his.
He was lost in her blissfulness that he leant on the doorframe and watched as she did her magic in the kitchen.
She was now chopping the vegetables and her hair kept falling on her face, distracting her. She tried to brush it back with the back of her palm but it didn’t barge.
He took it upon himself to help her.
She didn’t see him, only felt his presence behind her as he picked a few strands of her hair and tied them into a bow so that her hair is held in place.

Once he was done she turned and looked at him locking their eyes.
He signaled her something with his eyes,she frowned and asked him back using the same gesture.
He rolled his eyes and made her focus on her work, placing his hands on top of hers and guided her on how to slice the vegetables.
Sanyukta smiled and followed his guidance. She was happy that even though he was upset he was helping her. He didn’t feel disgusted by her presence this time. He was so close that she felt his breath on her neck, making her skin curl with goosebumps.

“There you go!” She smiled as she served him the pasta with pesto,gravy and some hot wings.
He picked his fork and started eating.
“How is it?”
He gave a shrug as an answer.
“Erm….I just want to say thank you for helping me,with everything.”
“I wasn’t helping you but myself,”he answered. “The reason I helped was because I care about myself so much. I don’t want to die of food poisoning, that’s why I helped. God knows what is it you would have added to the food had I not been here.”
Ouch that hurt more than her father’s slaps. She licked her lips and clasped them together.
“So you don’t trust me hmmm?” She let out a pained chuckle.
“Trust? That was broken the day you decided to choose yourself over everything else,”he replied and stood up from his seat and trailed his feet from the dining.
Tears pricked on her eyes and she immediately wipes them off with a sniffle.
“It’s okay Sanyukta. It will be alright,”she said to herself looking down at her food. She had lost her appetite.

🌅🌅🌅Next Morning 🌅🌅🌅

“I made breakfast!” She gave him a smile when he got in the kitchen.
He ignored her, going towards the fridge and grabbed his milkshake and turned to leave when Sanyukta caught his wrist. He looked down then at her.
“Will you let go or do I have to force you to do this as well?” He asked coldly.
“I can’t stand this anymore,”she whispered.
“Then better get used to it.”
“You’re making it hard for me Aditya. My heart can’t take this damage. You’re changing.”
“Have you ever stopped and think of the reason why I have changed so much?”he scoffed shaking his head. “You’re too late Sanyukta Agarwal. The time you should have been all loving and caring has passed. The time I used to love you and care for you has long gone. Now I don’t care what you do as long as you stay off my sight.”
“Have you once asked yourself why I react like that all the time?” Her voice cracked. She swallowed down her pain and tears and stood in front of him. “Have you ever for once thought as to why I am so upright and tight? I didn’t choose this.”

He jaw clenched and he squeezed his eyes shut. “I don’t want to talk about this. I’m running late for work.”
“Adi,I am sorry,”she broke into a fist of tears. “I know that I have hurt you and I am so so sorry. Don’t do this to me. I can stand the entire world mad at me but for some reason,I don’t why I don’t want you to be mad at me.”
“You’re the reason I am mad at you damnit!” He shouted and pinned her against the counter. “You made me this way! This is what you turned me into! JUST DON’T DO THIS TO ME! DON’T PLAY ME LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT HURTS! IT HURTS SANYUKTA! IT HURTS!”
“I’m…. I am sorry,”she looked into his eyes. “I know I have hurt you and believe me it hurts me even more to see you like this and to know that I am the reason why you’re in pain. Let me in once again and I promise you that this time I won’t shatter you. Give me one more chance Adi please. This time I won’t…I will….”
He shut her sentence off with a passionate kiss. He dropped his lab coat and wrapped his hand around her neck and her waist pulled her closer.
Sanyukta was a little surprised by his actions but sooner all that dispersed and she reciprocated the kiss and rounded her hands on his neck.

The kiss lingered and lingered til they had to catch their breath.
He put his forehead on hers and caressed her cheeks with his thumbs.
“You make me crazy. You make me so mad that I want to kill you. You make me want to be with you forever. You have made me crazy Sanyukta. ”
“You make me crazy too. You don’t know but everything I have done til now was only for and because of you. I have done so many crazy things that my own family thinks I am crazy.”
He smiled and met her lips again.


🌸🌸Written ✍️ by: Bena Gaselesego 🌸


EPISODE TEN| Some help

“Here a glass of juice just for you,”Adi smiled at her and made her drink it. “How are you feeling now?” He asked.
“I’m feeling better,I guess,”she breathed out sitting down on the lounge near the patio.
“Has this happened before?” He asked checking her up. He looked into her eyes,then her ears and lastly her mouth.
“No. This has happened for the first time. I think it is a bug or something,”her face turned sour.
“It’s coming back again isn’t it?” He confirmed.
She nodded and ran to the toilet downstairs. She opened the toilet seat and puked out.
Adi held back her hair til she was done.
She rinsed her mouth and went back to the living room.

“Your hair,I think it has turned dull,”he pointed out as he ran his fingers through it. “Honey can I ask you something?”
She hummed.
“Are you sure you are not pregnant?”
Her eyebrows furrowed.
“I’m just asking,”he added.
“No Adi I am pregnant. I told you this yesterday itself. I have done so many things in my life,so many mistakes. I have hurt you and I didn’t want to hurt you anymore further. I lied about me being pregnant just so you let me in the other night.”
“Okay,you don’t have to get angry,”he pecked her softly on the lips. “Now will you tell me what really happened to you that day. You promised to tell me today hence I took a day off just to listen to you,”he scooped over next to her.

Sanyukta snorted and sip a bit of her orange juice.
“Yeah I know,”she nodded uneasy and started biting her nails.
“Hey look me,”he cuffed her chin as that she looks at him. “I’m here for you and I will always help you no matter what.”
“I know Adi that’s why I need your help this time.”
“Okay,tell me what is it you need help with.”
“Well my relationship with my parents isn’t the finest,”she started. “Growing up Sanjana and I were governed by rules,laws,principles and morals. God we couldn’t even breath without asking for permission first,”she joked giggle a bit. “We were always told how to eat,what to eat and what to do. We had to be the perfect daughters of the Agarwal family. We had to uphold our family name. As we got older I got sick and tired of how things were going on at home so I rebelled against my parents. I became the rebellious one while my sister was the obedient one. My parents seemed to love her more than me. I wasn’t jealous,if anything I didn’t care about my parents at that time. As long as they weren’t ruling my life,I was fine.”

“But everything changed when Sanju fell in love with a boy who wasn’t our parent’s choice. They got so angry and that day,dad disciplined Sanju in a way I had never seen before. He was so brutal. He even fixed her marriage alliance with someone else. He was ready to marry off his daughter to a total stranger just to save his family name and honor. Being weak Sanju couldn’t do anything. That time I wasn’t home. I had gone on a trip to Paris and when I came back Sanju was already married. I thought she was living happily. I thought she loved the guy but I was so wrong. One day she came visiting and I saw the bruises. I was heart broken. I went to mom and dad to let them know that the man they got my sister married to was a wife beater but they didn’t listen. They turned a blind eye to it. In our Indian culture the son in-law of a family is given so much respect and rights that whatever he does is considered holy even when that person is nothing but a monster. I tried a lot to save my sister but I failed every time,”she sniffled. “She started losing weight,she went into depression that she had to take antidepressants to keep sane. All these years when my sister was trying so hard to stay alive my parents were fixing my marriage alliance with everyone else. I wasn’t going to be sacrifice for the name of the family. I refused everytime and everytime I had to pay for my refusal.”

“That night,dad fixed my alliance with another family. I was so angry and ready to do anything to break the alliance. I had lost hope but Sanju gave it to me. She supported me and told me that I had to fight for my love,”she stared into his eyes. “Yes Adi,I have fallen in love with you. We had a fight that day and Sanju encouraged me to win you back and she gave me her helping hand . To have you in my life I was ready to do anything. I agree I have messed up a lot of times but this time I was ready to fight for us because I love you Adi. Together we plotted a plan,we gave the son of the family something he was allergic to that he got admitted to the ICU. Dad was so angry,he hit me and disowned me that day. He separated me from my sister. I had nowhere to go so I came here for shelter. And now I am asking you to help me save my sister from the clutches of an unhappy marriage,”she pleaded.
“Shhhhhhhh!” He pulled her into a comforting embrace, slowly caressing her back and kissing the top of her head.
“He won’t stop til he kills her. You have to help me Adi. Please help me.”
He cupped her face and gave her a kiss. “I’m here for you Sunshine. I’m here for you and I will never let you go,”he hugged her again burying his head into her hair and nuzzled it. “I love you too,”he whispered. “I love you too,”he said it louder for her to hear it and when she did she snuggled even more closer to him and kissed his neck.
At first it was just light and innocent kisses but later turned into something passionate and hungry.

She straddled over his laps and kissed his lips softly and painfully slowly.
“F*ck!” He m0aned into her mouth as he pulled her closer,his hand buried deep into her hair.
She broke the kiss to catch her breath and dipped her head again, capturing his lips once again.
She lifted his shirt and took it off him leaving him shirtless just for her to run her hands over his chiseled body frame then back to his neck.
Her lips went down there,nibbled,sucked and kissed him leaving a red proud mark.
Her fingers went to the waist of his joggers playing with it.
Adi slipped them over so that he was now between her legs. He took off her jersey and pulled down her shorts.
He kissed her thighs,up to her abdomen,her belly button,chest and neck. When he was satisfied with his work he smirked and claimed her lips.
Together they got lost inside their own bubble of love.

🧁🍰🍰 Coffee and Pastry Café🍰🧁🍰

“Babe he is Arjun and he is my high school friend. I asked him to look into Dev’s background and try find some dark secrets about him we know nothing about.”
“I see. Ehu….hi I am Sanyukta.”
“Nice to meet you Mrs. Vadhan,”he said in a cheesy manner.
“Dude now is not the time,”Adi scolded. “Tell us what you found.”
“Right,better seat down because what I am about to tell you is very interesting.”
“Really? What is it?” Sanyukta asked.
“Did you know that Dev’s name is actually not Dev. His real name is Tejawat Shunkhant.”
“What?!” Adi and Sanyukta exclaimed in disbelief.
Arjun took out some docvments and handed them over to them. “It wasn’t easy to find this information. He had it all covered but he wasn’t smart enough. He left some traces.”
Sanyukta’s was in shock as she read the information. “Th…this?”
“That’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is Tejawat has been married six times.”
“Are you f*king with us?” Adi asked him,not believing it.
Arjun frowned. “Please don’t insult my occupation. I am a computer genius Adi and I can hack into any system I want. And not only that I work for RAW as a secret agent. You came to me asking me to find information in this bastard and I did and you think I fooling around? That’s a d!ck thing to say to me.”
“Sorry. It’s just that this is unbelievable man.”
“Yeah the dude is a bastard,”Arjun said.

“Wait. If he is married then where are his wives? Why didn’t they come to stop his wedding with my sister to take place?”
Arjun took out some pictures. “Pictures of his marriage ceremonies with his late wives. And the picture taken on their death beds.”
“Yes,all six of them are dead.”
“Oh my God!” She let out a gasp looking at the girls in the pictures and they were all dead. “How….how did they….? Did he…?”
“No evidence to prove that he killed them,”Arjun replied. “You see when Adi came to me to find information on this dude I took it as an opportunity to open a new case so that the old ones would reopen. I have been hunting this man for the past six years and I couldn’t find any evidence that he killed his previous life partners. I strongly believe that he killed them.”
“All his victims reign from rich families. All the six women belonged to rich families. And your sister comes from a rich family too.”
“That means his target is rich women,”Adi concluded.
“That bastard!”
“How does he kill them?”
“A clean murder,”Arjun replied her. “All those six women dead tragically. The first one, Aliyah Bharat,she died due to an asthma attack. Divya Singhania,heart failure she was found dead in her garage. The third one Sia Gover, sleeping pills overdose she had insomnia and to fall asleep at night she took sleeping pills. Fourth, Zoa Khan,she fell from her wheelchair while trying to climb down the stairs and fifth one Anita,she died of antidepressants overdose. You see,all the death are due to an accident. He is smart. He committed murder and made it look like an accident.”
“And the sixth wife?”
“She’s alive but she has disappeared. I tried looking for her but it’s like she vanished into thin air. I believe she’s dead too.”
Sanyukta scanned all the pictures but stopped on the sixth. She picked it up and looked at it closely.
“I know her,”she said looking at the smiling girl.

“Adi remember that day at the coffee shop?”
“That day I saw Dev he was with this girl. I’m sure she’s the same girl. She’s Dev’s wife but how come she’s not dead like the others?”
“Partners in crime,”Arjun stated. “These two might be working together to achieve a certain goal.”
“But what is their goal?” Sanyukta asked.
“He has been married six times before getting married to your sister and all six of the women were from rich families. His target is women who are single and rich. If his wife dies then he gets something from his wife’s property. The entire property written on the girl’s will automatically becomes his,”Adi stated. “He is aiming at the girl’s fortune. Once he gains her trust he kills her in such a way that it won’t incriminate him. That’s why all his murders were reported to be accidents.”
“Oh my God!” Arjun gasped. “Sanyukta, does your sister have any weakness? That might be a danger to her life?”
“Not that I can think of. She grew up as a healthy kid. She sure takes some antidepressants because she wants to keep……,”she paused her sentence when she remembered something. “Anita Johr,died due to antidepressants overdose. Oh my God! Sanju got admitted once for drug overdose,that means his target is now my…..”
“Your sister,”Arjun completed.
“He made sure that Sanju has a case of overdose so that when he finally murders her he will go free like all the time,”Adi added.
“We got to save her!”
“Sanyukta relax. I have been hunting for this guy for so many years. Believe me when I say he is smart. We have to play our cards right. First,you are going to help us. You have to somehow take a peek at your father’s will and a peek into Tejawat’s legal docvments.”
“I can’t do that but I know someone who can.”
“Good. Then we will find Tejawat’s fake parents. That won’t be difficult for me. We have to find out if our prediction are true or wrong. If we find something in Tejawat’s docvments then he will be a goner. His game will be over.”

🌸🌸🌸To be continued 🌸🌸🌸

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