Anjiala episode 16

ANJIÁLA – Episode 16
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I rolled on my bed tiredly, we had to leave the party early because we were tired. I sighed and sat up, I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about my illusion breakup and murder with Zino. I fell back on the bed and scre-med exasperatedly.
It’s not easy getting the image out.
I rolled to the edge and sighed again. Anji was unconscious and Arie was in her room doing only what she knows. We got new powers, I got strength and Arie’s hair came to life, like it had a mind of it own. Whatever name you wish to name that power and to possess human bodies.
Her powers are always cool
‘Abbie,’ I heard Zino called from the other side of my door. ‘Are you asleep? If not, can I come in?’ I laid on the bed and pretended to be asleep. Soon he came in, the bed pressed down, which means he sat. I tried not to let my nervousness show, especially when I was pretending. I felt his breath on my nose, he was really close. ‘Can I k-ss you?’ He whispered. ‘I’ll take your silence as a yes.’
His l-ips pressed against mine lightly, he gro-ned and moved away. I think he sat down
‘It’s so difficult dating a girl with absolutely no experience. I can’t enjoy my k-ss with you because you don’t know how to k-ss at all, always so shy and redrawn. I can’t hold your hands without permission and I don’t even know how long I can keep my hands to myself,’ he complained. ‘I’ve been dying to touch you since I knew what s€× was but nooo, I had to be far and now we’re together, you’re too….too….Marily! What am I suppose to do now? Hold on and die?! Should I tell you about this and see if you’ll let me? What if you become scared of me and start redrawing? I don’t want to lose you.’ He cried. I winced and tossed to the other side so he won’t see my face. ‘It was nice talking to you babe, I feel so much better.’ He k-ssed my temple, stood up and left.
This is code red!
Code red!
I’m going to lose my boyfriend because I’m too scared to lose my V-rginity.
I need Ariana!
I picked up my phone and sent her a text.
“Code red! Code red! Zino is on s€×ual alert, I’m going to help because I can’t do anything Ariana, please help me!”
She replied few minutes later
Her: just sleep, tomorrow we will work on it.
Me: okay.
‘Come on Abbie! The master way to get your boyfriend to make a move on you without reluctance or you looking desperate is to make him lose control. Play the innocent girl and let him do the sed-cing.’ Arie lectured. Anji sat there staring at us like we have gone mad.
‘I don’t know, I really don’t know how to sed-ce a guy.’ I said nervously.
‘Oh it’s easy,’ she said waving dismissively. ‘Just dress s€×y, flip your hair and sit carelessly.’
‘Arie, I don’t know,’ I said glancing at Anji, she was still pale. ‘Won’t he suspect?’
‘Only if you make it obvious.’
‘Can I say something?’ Anji asked with a sigh
‘Anything better than Arie’s option.’ I said pleadingly.
‘Okay, why must you sed-ce him?’
‘So he won’t cheat on me, I love Zino so much.’
‘Arie is right, you shouldn’t make the move on him,’
‘How do I do that?’
‘Stop bothering yourself about if he will stay with you or not Abbie, even if he stays or not, you will always be good. If Zino is meant for you, he will never leave you and even if he does, he will come back no matter what,’ I looked at my hand. She stood up and walked to me. ‘Look Abbie, I know you’re scared that he will hurt you like your father hurt your mom everyday. I know you feel like he will cheat and leave you but you should know that judging every single man with the action of one is bad, is wrong and I know that now. I once judged men because of my father but now I know better… Argh! Men are meant to cheat, men will always be men but just never let it get into your head.’
‘In conclusion, I should what?’ They face palmed themselves.
‘Don’t you get it?!’ Ariana yelled shaking me. ‘Don’t think of anything, don’t let the worries in, k-ss him and think of only why you love him and let the feeling of the heart lead!!!’ She shouted still shaking me, I sighed and pushed her away.
‘Okay?’ Anji asked plainly, I nodded and stood up. ‘We’ll take a walk later this evening to give you time, I’m going to see my loving father and his family.’ She said with an evil smirk. I smiled and winked at her. ‘I’m going to pay him back hærd.’
‘Don’t go too far.’ I warned
‘I know.’ She said calmly.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Note: if you can’t take s€×ual tension, skip the coming part
I danced in my room, singing loudly to the music, Normani’s motivation song was energizing me. I wore a blue mini skirt and backless crop top. Zino walked into my room and chuckled. I smiled and mouthed a ‘what?’
‘You know you can’t dance, right?’
‘Shut up fun sponge’ I laughed swaying like a fool. He laughed and sat on my bed. ‘What are you doing here? I thought you were going to read at Kelvin’s?’
‘Walked in on him and his girlfriend making out, not the greatest sight.’ He said nervously, I grinned and bit my lip. He took in what I was wearing in full details, his eyes taking every description of my body. I noticed the look in his eyes, burning with desires and lust.
‘So?!’ I popped and skipped to the bed, I plopped on it and fell on the bed. ‘What do you wanna do now? Go see a movie?’ He nodded absent mindedly still staring at my body. ‘You know I can see the way you’re staring at me, right?’
‘Sorry.’ He murmured but never took his eyes off, I smiled and looked at the ceiling
Don’t think.
Don’t think.
Don’t think.
Abbie don’t think.
‘Why don’t we do something more exciting,’ he whispered huskily straddling me. I smirked. ‘Something more fun…’ He trailed off and tilted my head to the side with his tongue. ‘Something w-t,’ He licked my neck, I gasped and clutched the bedsheets. ‘Something sweet.’ He k-ssed down to my collarbone, his index finger pushed my top down slightly to give him more room to k-ss.
A soft mo-n left my mouth, I gripped the sheet more and moved up. I mo-ned loudly as his tongue worked on my neck region, even my collarbone was burning with his bites and k-sses. I’d never felt something so sweet feeling in my life, I squirmed and tried to push him off, he caught my hands and pinned it above my head.
‘Er….Zino, please you can stop now.’ I mo-ned, he was far gone, he brought his l-ips to mine. I didn’t waste time in k-ssing him back. I didn’t think of anything, soon my top and skirt came off. I was left in just my p-ntie since I wore no b-ra. He sent his tongue attack to my small br-ast, squeezing, fondling and nibbling. I was so lost in my world, I couldn’t describe how good it felt. ‘Aaaah’ I scre-med a little, his index finger dug too deep into my core, he redrew his finger and m-ssage my cl*t instead
A soft knock interrupted us
‘Who’s that?’ He gro-ned.
‘Sorry to interrupt but we need to steal Abbiana,’ Anji said behind the door. ‘We’ve got the location, I figured it out.’ I sighed and pushed him off. ‘So sorry friend.’
‘I’m sorry Zino but I need to go,’ I said apologetically. ‘I promise we will continue this another time.’
‘Yeah right’ he grabbed his shirt which I took off and stomped to the door. He opened it, glared at my friends and stomped away.
‘This better be worth it. I can’t wait to finish this so I can have my normal life back.’ I muttered.
To be continued

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