Anjiala episode 17

ANJIÁLA – Episode 17
© Bunmi B Gabriel
Ariana teleported us back to the forest where we found the gems. The plan was simple, find the oldest tree and the oldest tree must be the olive tree. I looked around the place and smiled
‘I hate this place, it’s s-cks.’
‘Agreed.’ Arie laughed. Abbie hissed. ‘Come on Abbistar, it’s just a simple interruption, you can get back to your make out later.’
‘You think it was easy to let him do that!’
‘You were enjoying it.’ I said in a duh tone.
‘**** you both! You ruined everything!’
‘Yes ma.’ Arie and I giggled. She huffed and looked away. ‘Abbie and Zino sleeping on the bed, stripping slow and having s€×.’ We sang teasingly.
‘Okay that’s it!’ She ran to us and grabbed our wrist. ‘Have a nice spin.’ She spun us around easily, we scre-med and when she stopped, we puked. ‘Serve you right.’
‘You wanna know what real fright is all about?’ I asked smirkingly wiping my mouth with my sleeve.
‘Check out my new magic princess,’ I giggled and raised her off the ground with my magical telekinesis. She huffed. ‘Wanna go for a joggle?’
‘Not funny guys,’ we laughed
‘Shake her like a maraca Anji….’
Her voice droned out, my vision zapped deeper into the forest, I saw a tree, a beautiful acorn tree. It was new.
‘Anjiála, Anjiála!!!!’ Ariana yelled shaking me, I blinked and looked at her nonplussed. Are you okay?’
‘You zoned out,’ she said with concern. ‘You okay?’
‘I saw a tree, an acorn tree.’
‘That can’t be the tree, definitely the olive tree.’ Abbie said from the air. ‘Can you drop me down gently now?’
Arie puffed and sat on the ground
‘I’m tired of all this ****. I just want to finish high school, college, get a job, and get married to my true love.’ Ariana said playfully and wiggled her brows at me.
‘Ewwww! Arise, stop tryna flirt with me.’
‘I wasn’t even flirting,’ she smirked. ‘Yet.’ She added. ‘I always wonder how it would be like to be a guy so I can chase pretty girls.’
I looked at her amusedly
‘Don’t be surprise, it’s not today we know she’s a foolish somebody.’ Abbie sighed. ‘Drop me down!’ I dropped her roughly. ‘Ouch! Meanie!’
‘Hellooooo, still talking about my dreams here,’ Arie said waving her hand. I laughed and kicked her. She giggled and stood up. ‘If I was ever to get married, I’ll either go for a charming rich kid or a s€×y dad.’
‘Like Santiago, he’s like dupe hot. If he wasn’t my uncle, I would have totally had s€× with him.’
‘Just saying. You know who will be more fun to hump on? Mateo, but he’s dating some….hey! Won’t you tell him you’re like siblings? I can help you.’
‘I plan to but not yet, I’m going to threaten my dad to buy me a nice house here and a car. Then I’ll make him train me thru college, then I’ll tell Mateo.’
‘Wouldn’t that be too long?’
‘Better fun to put him on edge.’
‘A man like that can kill you,’ Abbie reasoned. ‘He will do anything to keep his secret.’
‘Abbie’s right, you can’t take that risk. You might have these powers now but it’s going to go away immediately we finish the mission. The powers aren’t meant for us you know.’
‘Then I should leave them?’
‘No, tell them.’ Abbie whispered.
‘He will kill me either way so I guess so. What am I going to say? “Hey Matt, sorry but I’m your younger stepsister because our father’s a d*ckie a****le” how would that sound?’ I asked skeptically.
‘Just leave the telling to us, okay?’ Arie smiled assuredly.
‘Yeah, sure.’
‘Let’s get to the olive tree.’ Abbie chirped
‘So you can go home and continue your exercise.’ Arie said in a jolly mockery. Abbie rolled her eyes sheepishly.
‘Guys…’ I called coming to a halt. ‘I still think the olive tree is not it. The acorn is.’
‘What acorn?’
‘I don’t know, it’s big, new and have pale green stripes.’ I described for Abbie. She smirked
‘Let’s see if I can find it.’ She went to a old tree and touched it. ‘Roots to stem, my own realm. Show me where I can find the oldest acorn tree.’ The wind blew gently on the leaves, she smiled and opened my eyes. ‘Found it, come on take my hands.’ We took her hands and sh dashed off.
I really hate her speed sometimes
‘Here we are?’ She asked me to be sure. I nodded. ‘This is too easy,’ she said suspiciously.
‘Yeah, wait.’ I whispered. She walked closer to the tree and touched it, the tree glowed and reacted to her touch. She moved back. The leaves fell off and whirled into a woman, her face and body was made of leaves.
‘Welcome Princess Aurora,’ she said with a bow to me.
‘Okaaaay?’ I drawled. ‘Who are you?’
‘I am Nituwei, keeper of all the trees in this forest, I was made to watch over everything.’ She explained.
‘What’s up with the Princess thing, and who’s Aurora?’
‘You’ll know in time,’ she averted her creepy eyes to Abbie. ‘The trees recognize your light, do you have earth powers?’
‘Yes, I do.’
‘Hmm, I don’t wish to waste your time, normally you should have all battled a goblin ogre or a cannibal troll, but time is not on our side. The King have been in there for too long, his memories are failing and once they fade off completely, we are all doomed. He will pass on in there so I’ll just ask you this questions and if you get it correctly, I will give you the next clue.’ She looked at me. ‘Lady, who is Aramis?’
I gulped, I don’t know
‘Don’t just blunt it out, connect the dots and think it through.’ She cautioned.
Who can he be?
Arie said he might be the king
Who else will have that power?
In his name I felt stronger, with his name, I felt safe.
But then who’s White?
Who’s that is in me?
I took in a deep breath
‘Aramis is the King Of Nephaledia.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Who is White?’
‘Someone that lives in me, someone who is loyal to the King, his guardian, and I guess an important aspect of Nephaledia. That’s all I can say.’
‘You’re standing in the middle of a falling mountain, Ariana weak and unconscious and in the hands of an enemy. Abbiana about to get crush by a falling rock and your mother falling off the mountain. If you save your mother, you’ll lose your friends and the balance of power will be broken. If you save Ariana, your mother and Abbiana will die, the balance will break a little and you will fall into a dark depression and your grief will consume you. If you save Abbiana, the same thing happens, what will you do?’
‘What sort of question is that?’ Ariana snapped. ‘Do I look like a damsel in distress? I’ll save myself.’
‘What will you do Princess?’ She repeated ignoring Ariana. I closed my eyes and pictured the scene. ‘Ariana is tightly in their grasp AND…’ she added pressure and glared at her. ‘Unconscious. Abbiana is motionless and your mother is already falling. What will you do?’
I can’t let mom die but I can survive her death but still.
I thought hærd on it and opened my eyes.
‘I save all.’
‘How do you intend to pull that off?’
‘I wasn’t given such great powers for nothing, White chose me not because I’m some brave teen, but because I’m not dumb. Since I can’t be everywhere at once, I do this…’ I snapped my finger and time froze. ‘With time frozen, I can save them.’
‘You froze time but I can still move, what if the enemy can? Ariana would be in real trouble.’
‘He or she would be a little bit too taken aback for a dew seconds and that’s enough time to turn him to an ant.’
‘Very good, not all clear but okay.’ I unfreeze time. ‘This last clue is also for you Princess, you ready?’
‘Hit me.’
‘The search for the heart
The twisted vines
A flicker of spark
True work of art
You think not far
You see it bines
The very last gem
Is right within your grasp.’
I looked at the gurls and sat on the grass. It definitely meant I knew where it was, it was with me somewhere. I closed my eyes and tried to remember. What do I have that sparks? One with vines.
I touched the medallion my grandfather gave me on my ninth birthday and exhaled
‘Grandfather, please help….huh?’ I looked at the medallion, it was good with twisted vines as the holding strap. A spark was crest in,side heart in the front of the medallion. I looked closer and noticed for the first time. Nephaledia was written there so small I never noticed it. ‘It’s here!’
‘Smart, bring it out.’ I removed it and gave it to her, she smiled and squeezed it, I winced. The medallion melted to dust and the last gem was revealed. She threw it to me, I caught it. ‘Now combine it all together.’
‘How?’ Arie asked curiously.
‘Hold hands and see, eyes close though and mind you, you are going to lose your powers now. The heart must be full.’ We sighed sadly.
‘How are we suppose to get home then?’ Abbie asked whiningly
‘Leave that to me, now close your eyes and hold hands. Princess, put the gem in your hand in the middle of the circle you will form with your hands.’ I didn’t want to lose my powers, I didn’t get to use it well. We made the circle anyways and closed our eyes.
I felt something strong leaving me, it was like my life was being s-cked out of me.
We all fell on the ground gasping for breath
I looked up and saw a diamond shaped jewel with hue of many colours glowing above us. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. The jewel lowered to me.
‘Take it princess, only you can touch it.’ I took it with shaky hands. It exploded with light, almost blinding my eyes. ‘That is the heart of his Majesty. At midnight the heart will go AWOL, wanting to return to it rightful place. You must let it lead you and make sure no other soul knows. If it exceed this midnight, the dark one will find it and you don’t need me to spell out what it means, do you?’
In other words, don’t tell Helena
‘Wait upon the call at midnight, in the darkest room with no light. Find the body without a heart and let his Majesty be found.’ I inhaled. ‘Remember girls, tell no one, Princess you know what I mean. Don’t miss this midnight girls, or earth and our world is finished.’
Leaves surrounded us, the wind was too much, I had to close my eyes
‘Don’t let anyone else touch the heart Anji or they will be devoured by greed. Put it in yourself and face your destiny. Remember this….wind and water, a pure force. Fire and earth, a mighty lot. Surge of power, k-ss of peace. With you, new hope shall meet.’
I knew it was a spell or incantation and I had a feeling it won’t be easy
To be continued

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