Anjiála episode 19

ANJIÁLA – Episode 19

© Bunmi B Gabriel



I swat the hands trying to wake me up, I didn’t want to wake up, whatever I was laying on was cozy. I mo-ned and pushed the person, I heard a cute whimper and then a mighty slap announced itself to my destiny. I jolted up with a scre-m. My eyes first saw a annoyed Anji hugging a….

Oh my sweet Lord!

f****** god of hotness!

Who’s this adorable……aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Oh my God!

Oh me gosh!


Oh my…..

‘Arie!!!’ She shouted smacking my head, I gulped and grinned sweetly at the guy. He whimpered and buried his face in her shoulder. I furrowed my brows. ‘Aris, it’s okay, she was just playing.’ She whispered trying to soothe him.

‘Wait! Is this who I think it is?’

‘Yes Ariana, this is the king of Nephaledia.’ She sighed

‘Is he married?’ I blunted out, she rolled her eyes and smiled.

‘He’s the one Arie, the one in my dreams,’ she said with a wide smile. I frowned, does it mean she get to have the hot guy? ‘He lost his memories and we need to watch over him.’

‘So you want me to cook up a lie so we can keep him at Santiago’s?’ I asked smirkingly. She nodded. ‘My specialty.’ I sat up and looked around. ‘Where are we?’

‘I don’t know, the ladies brought us here.’ I tiled my head and shrugged. I stood up and flipped my hair flirtatiously, I couldn’t help myself. He’s too cute.

Anji glared at me.

‘He’s too hot, too hot.’ I said fanning myself. ‘Sorry, I’ll learn to control myself around him….hi! I’m Ariana Alexandér, you’re Aramis right?’

‘He can’t talk,’ she scoffed and pulled him to the car, she got in and helped him in. I scoffed and folded my arms.

Overprotective much


Anji drove slowly, glancing at the hot king at interval like he would disappear. He was playing with the radio, laughing and enjoying himself weirdly. I thought he couldn’t talk? Why can’t he talk to me?

‘Sooooo?’ I asked mellifluously hunching over to him. I was in the backseat. He turned and looked at me. ‘What’s up?’ He grinned and shrugged. ‘Do you like music?’ He nodded. ‘Should I sing for you?’ He shook his head negatively and tugged at Anji’s sleeve.

‘Yes love?’ She asked sweetly not sparing him a glance. He blushed and giggled. He pointed to the radio and made a singing gesture. She wasn’t looking, he stomped his feet childishly. ‘Sorry, what?’

‘He wants you to sing.’ I said scoffingly. I didn’t know where the jealousy was coming from but I couldn’t help it.

‘Oh,’ she mouthed. ‘Right, what should I sing?’

‘I don’t know, just sing.’ I snapped, she chuckled and looked over her shoulder.

‘Ariana, don’t let it get into your head, remember I love him.’ She said and looked back at the road.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ I said innocently. ‘Don’t even think like that, I like Mateo, remember?’

‘I know what I’m talking about Arie, his beauty is a distraction.’

‘Yeah, whatever.’ I murmured. ‘Why don’t we sing together?’ I asked excitedly. She smiled and nodded. ‘What do we sing?’

‘I was hoping you will tell me.’

‘Single ladies!’

‘You’re stupid.’ She laughed, he grinned staring at her, I rolled my eyes. ‘Okay, I love you….’ She sang and winked at me, I chuckled.

‘You love me

We are happy family…’ I sang too, he scoffed and folded his arms with a annoyed pout. ‘I can’t believe it my love!’ I chirped patting her. ‘We’ve gotten a child! Our beautiful baby boy!’

‘You’re crazy,’ she laughed. ‘Very.’

‘I’m a mom! And you’re a dad! Look at our beautiful baby, Alchemy.’

‘Foolish girl, it’s Aramis.’

‘Ice cream it is!’

→→→→→→→ Aramis ←←←←←←←

It felt strange, really strange looking around the big house. The world was strange. I looked at the girl I first saw, the one I was super attached to. She stood beside the other blonde one that pushed me when I tried to wake her up, she was saying something to a older man. There was a girl with black hair and eyes staring at me with mouth opened slightly, she sat beside a guy with black hair and chocolate eyes who didn’t look like he liked me. Next was the other girl eating me up with her eyes, she sat beside another guy who also didn’t like me.

‘So we were hoping he can stay here for a while until he regains his memories.’ The blonde ended her speech

‘Do my father run a orphanage centre,’ the dark skinned guy said with a really nasty tone. I don’t like him. ‘He can sleep under a bridge.’

‘Zino!’ The black haired girl huffed.

‘What.’ He snapped.

‘Don’t be rude to a guest,’ the man said calmly. ‘Do at least know his name?’

‘Aramis,’ beautiful white haired smiled and glanced at me. ‘Can he stay?’

‘Why is his hair so long? Did he grow up in a forest?’ The man asked staring at me.

‘No, I don’t know.’ White shrugged. I looked at my hair, it is long but I like it. ‘Can he stay? I had a long night.’

‘There’s no extra room, he’ll stay with Zino.’

‘Hell no! I won’t share my room!’

‘He’ll stay with me,’ I giggled at what white said. ‘Trust me uncle, I’ll be fine.’ He shrugged and glared at her. ‘What?’

‘You destroyed my car.’

‘No, Arie did.’ White grabbed my hand and ran to away. I heard that blonde scre-ming something. She pulled me into a room, it was white and blue. ‘Welcome to your new room.’ I looked around and smiled at the bed. I ran and jumped on it. ‘Like the bed, don’t you?’ I nodded. ‘You have to bathe first, then I’ll take you out to buy some new clothes, this shirtless chest and p-ntaloons you are wearing won’t do. Also, hope you don’t mind me cutting your hair? Ladies here barely have hairs that stop midnight but yours is almost to your calf. That’ll be usual.’ I touched my hair. ‘Don’t you want to cut it?’ I shook my head negatively. ‘Hmmmm, we have to cut it.’

I whimpered and hugged my hair.

‘Okay, why don’t I cut it myself?’ I itched my head and smiled. She walked to a weird table with a big mirror. She got a scissors and walked to me, she took a handful of my hair and tried to cut it but it moved away. ‘Huh?’ She tried again, my hair floated up and formed a folded arms. ‘Magic hair?’ I laughed and high fived my hair, she twisted her l-ips. ‘Since you don’t want to be cut, then fix yourself up to be shorter a little.’ I looked at my hair, it glowed and began weaving itself. ‘Braids?’ My hair nodded. ‘Guess I’ve found how to communicate with you.’

My hair weaved into straight braids then curled itself at the bottom. My hair reached my wa-ist now.

Don’t ask me how I know what a braid is, it just came to me

‘Awwwwwn, you look so cute with your feminine weaves, so adorable!’ White squealed. ‘So so so so cute! You look like a baby girl, a irresistible one.’ She cupped my cheeks, my cheeks heat up.

Why do I always have to be so shy around her?

Why is she so beautiful and familiar

Like I know her

Like I’ve seen her

My heart beat every time, it’s impossible to feel sad around her

There was a bond there, one I could feel and I knew she could see it too.

Then there was the images flashing in my head, like something I should remember.

What’s going on?

Who am I?

‘Hey, you’re looking at me weirdly, stop that. Time to bathe,’ she pulled me up and led me to another room. The place was cold and had strange walls and ground. ‘That’s a shower,’ she said pointing at a long pole. She pulled me to it and turned a knob, I jumped back and blinked. ‘It won’t harm you, you bathe in it.’ She looked at my p-nts. ‘Take everything off, use that soap….’ I was staring at her l-ips, they were staring at me, welcoming me to do something. ‘Hey,’ she snapped her fingers. ‘I’ll teach you.’

She taught me how to bathe with the pole before she left to bring me something to wear. I came out with a towel and sat on the bed, I hummed and stared at the ceiling. Something like a shadow flashed in the ceiling, I stood up and looked around carefully, my mind was  yelling at me what to do… flashed again and then whirled around me. I grabbed it neck

‘Don’t come back here shadow witch, I don’t want to kill you yet.’ I heard myself saying, I threw it at the wall and it disappeared. I sat down, not knowing what just happened.

To be continued

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