Anjiala episode 21

ANJIÁLA – Episode 21
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I stared dazedly at him, his voice was enough to knock me into a coma. How would I describe it? Smooth and soft like cotton wool, pleasant like a song bird’s chirping and made one just think of honey. It was….was….was….was….help me out here!
‘Aurora, you okay?’ He asked crouching in front of me, his fingers went to my jawbone. He tilted my head from side to side to make sure I wasn’t hurt. ‘Did she hurt your voice?’ I blinked. He snapped his fingers, I was still dazed. He touched my throat. ‘You’re okay, what’s going on?’ I was now the brainless mute one. ‘Aurora’
‘Sir?’ I asked foolishly. He chuckled
‘Oh I see,’ he said smilingly. He stood up and carried me. He was acting so mature now. Did I forget to mention he looked so s€×y with his hair up in a feminine ponytail, some strands scattered all over his face from our previous play. ‘I’ll get you home to rest, you need to sleep.’ He bounced me up the bridal position I was in. ‘Hang on now.’ He jumped, his body launching up with a powerful force, I scre-med and buried my face in his chest.
The wind got colder and more intense, I peeped and saw up surrounded by clouds.
He can fly?
His body launched back to the ground, making another frightening scre-m leave the prison of my mouth. I closed my eyes, my body vibrated as his feet hit the ground, I didn’t need no eyes to tell me that the ground had suffered a huge blow from it.
‘We’re here,’ he announced casually. ‘You can look now.’ I raised my head, my body still trembling. I looked into his eyes instead. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll always be safe with me.’ His voice had the magic, his tone that made me feel at peace. ‘Should I drop you?’ I looked at my body which looked tremblingly fragile in his arms and back to him. ‘Okay, no.’
I took a look around, we were in a forest, a beautiful green one. A particular tree stood frighteningly tall with it bright chocolate stem and branches. The leaves were blue and pink with butterflies surrounding it. Another tree towered beside it, same but with yellow and lilac leaves and hummingbirds instead of butterflies. The two trees formed a small path between them, the particular place they stood clear and encircled by red and purple tall bushes and the ground a smooth green carpet grass. The air smelt like lavender and blossom with a fairly mixture of cherry and strawberry.
‘This place is beautiful,’ I thought. ‘Where are we?’
‘This is a secret house the previous Peace Bearer made here five hundred years ago, he used to love coming here to watch nature. This place is deep in the very heart of Amazon, no being of this world or another can see it expect a Peace Bearer.’ I wanted to say
“But I can see it”
‘You can see it because I carried you pass the first barrier,’ he said. Can he read minds? I pictured him unclad but he didn’t seem to have seen it. I was glad he couldn’t read minds. ‘The first barrier after ground is where I am standing,’ I looked below, indeed, the ground suffered the blow. ‘It would heal.’
‘This might hurt, a lot.’ He said softly. He passed through the next barrier, I scre-med in pain, my body jerking and shaking. The pain was like that of when I almost got eaten. It stopped, I p-nt for breath. He walked to the trees with me still in his arms, he passed through the space between the trees, another terrible and much severe pain following. ‘Sorry Rora.’ Who’s Rora?
I didn’t even think it through before
‘Why do you call me Aurora?’
‘She finally found her voice.’ He teased, I giggled and blushed. ‘Look around.’ I looked and gasped. We were in a large mansion, a really large silver and white mansion. ‘This is another realm created for this place, nothing else is here outside he mansion.
‘So, you remember everything now?’
‘Not exactly, I can remember what a Peace Bearer is and a lot of my previous ancestral Peace Bearers but nothing about me.’
‘Oh.’ The wind swished fast and we were in,side. ‘Double whoa!’ He chuckled and dropped me gently on the ground. ‘What do you….how did you regain your memories a little?’
‘When I saw that girl, a strong alarm rang in my head and I guess the frightened pace of your heart caused me to act up. My memories must have jolted in through the electrifying shock I received when I felt your fright.’ I smiled proudly. ‘There must be something here that can help me remember everything fully. I need to remember who I am and how I came here.’
‘I have answers to that.’
‘Not that, I know I went missing, I was attacked but by who? Who attacked me!’
‘Calm down Aris, we’ll check and see if there’s anything.’
‘You don’t get it Rora, I can feel my people unfreezing. Once they do, the wall will continue and they will completely destroy themselves,’ he said agitatedly. ‘I need to remember.’
‘You can just go in there and stop the wall….’ I paused and thought it through. ‘Without knowing who did it will be dangerous, the person can attack again. It might be someone you love and trust.’
‘Glad you thought that through, anything else that I might want to consider?’
‘The rest tribes will certainly need an explanation for why you left, they need someone to t-rn on.’ He nodded. I snapped my fingers remembering Helena’s words. ‘She said she was the daughter of the woman that caused everything.’
‘So the culprit is a woman? Got it. But who? I don’t remember anyone.’
‘Let’s look around, perhaps the study.’
‘Or I can call the ladies every Peace Bearers are created with….I do have one, right?’
‘Yeah, you almost killed one.’
‘Oh,’ he bit his bottom lip and shrugged. ‘I don’t even know how to call them.’
‘I can try calling them if you want. Like Lumina.’
‘It won’t work,’ he sighed. ‘The barriers will deny them entry.’
‘Then try Lumina, lady of the moon, I need you.’
‘Lumina, lady of the…what again?’
‘Moon, I need you.’ He clicked his tongue and drummed his fingers on the side of his laps. A blue light whirled in front of us, Lumina appeared on her knees with face down.
‘My Lord, I live to serve you.’ He scoffed and cracked his knuckles. ‘May I stand or remain kneeing?’
‘I didn’t ask you to knee in the first place, did I?’ She kept silent. ‘Just stand up and don’t ever do that again.’
‘We are made to bow on our knees.’
‘And I order you not to knee, just bow your head and I’m good. Now please stand up,’ she stood up but maintained her eye contact with the white glass floor. ‘Where are the others?’
‘You need to summon them as you did me. Say, I call upon the ladies made to serve me.’
‘I call upon the ladies made to serve me.’ Like they were waiting for his summon, they appeared in the same face on the floor k-ss position. ‘Stand,’ they stood and rom-nced his shoes with their eyes. ‘How do I regain my memories?’
‘Perhaps the orb of memories will help and the book of the Bearers will help.’ Lumina quickly suggested. ‘We would have gotten it long ago but I think it’s here, permission to find it.’
‘No, you are like the eyes of the Bearer, right?’ She nodded positively. ‘What happened to me that day? Who tried to kill me?’
‘Not kill you, steal the graceful k-ss from you and possess your soul.’ Lumina replied calmly
‘Is my soul possessable?’
‘At the crossing hour between the age, you were to your final power line, yes. It is the period where you firmly blend with nature and Nephaledia, with the universe and with the destinies. Your soul becomes weak, vulnerable during that hour.’ Solaria spoke this time.
‘If it was, why did you let me out?’
‘We couldn’t disrupt the peace walk and no one was suppose to know about it.’ Astra did the talking this time.
‘Back to my question.’
‘My memory of that day is nothing but a shady fog, I’ve tried too many times and it always traps me in a fruitless slumber for a year.’ Lumina said sadly. ‘I’m sorry I failed you, my Lord.’
‘You didn’t, even I don’t remember.’ He looked at the ceiling thoughtfully and licked his l-ips. ‘There’s a room above, as lunar storage. The room is packed with an extreme moon and star energy. Go there, meditate and bring me the answer.’ She bowed more. ‘Blonde girl….’
‘Solaria.’ I corrected.
‘Sun girl, the book of Bearers, bring it to me and girl with the star energy, find me the orb of memories.’
‘Yes my Lord,’ they chorused. ‘Shall we leave?’
‘Vamoose…..or how did that old man say it.’ He mused, I chuckled and waved them off. They disappeared. Now to explore.
I skipped out of the bathroom happily, he showed me around and then showed me a large room. I almost fainted. I scre-med when I saw him in the room peering at his reflection in the mirror. He looked at me over his shoulder and smiled lightly, a smile that gave me warm goosebumps.
‘I would have knocked but you were far too gone into your music world that you wouldn’t have heard me,’ this voice! ‘Have you ever considered being a musician? You have an amazing voice.’ He commented. I had heard it from five people before but he felt so much better.
I made a mental note to find a way to be a pop star.
‘Thank you.’ I said sheepishly playing with the hem of my towel. He smiled more warmly and returned his gaze to the mirror. I became aware that he was in the room with me and I was in a towel. He lived with me in my room before but that was when he was childish but now he was….you know.
I cautiously made my way to the vanity with feather feet.
I might be an Angel side but he is adorable!
Hey, shhhhhh, don’t start or the devil will come and….
too late, I’m here already. Isn’t he hot?
devil, please don’t start.
why shouldn’t I? You’re wearing a towel and he’s pretending like you don’t exist. How rude.
I’m personally glad he’s not paying attention. It’s too early to have s€× Anji, you need to be at least….23
what is she? A twig or the new Mary devil scoffed.
that is not necessary, he don’t even care.
then we should make him care. Take off the towel and sed-ce him.
No, I won’t do that. I don’t want to be desperate because I really don’t care and not ready to give myself to him.
what’s that supposed to mean?
What is the possibility of us being together? I’m human and I’m here on earth and he’s a powerful deity or whatever he is in another world. We are two worlds apart.
I don’t agree with that theory. He loves you.
I don’t know that. What if I give myself to him and he ends up leaving me. If I’m right, Peace Bearers don’t do love or have families. They are born out of pure light and remain pure light until they return to the immortal world. I’ll get hurt.
at least you will have the satisfaction that you shared something valuable with an honorable man, with someone you love, your first love.
I agree with devil in this one. Maybe your love and blood can bind you two.
So you are saying I should sleep with him?
devil answer that question, I’m out.
see! He agrees I’ll go too.
I felt my mind empty.
I suddenly felt warm behind my back, he came and picked up my hairbrush
‘I want to help you,’ he touched my hair and it dried up. He started working on it slowly. ‘You have very beautiful hair.’
‘Not like yours,’ he hummed and kept on it. I sighed and closed my eyes, I pictured us k-ssing and on the bed. I mo-ned silently.
‘It’s difficult to pretend like I don’t have access to your mind,’ he sighed. My face burnt with red embarrassment. He smiled, I didn’t bother opening my eyes to know he did. ‘You’re dirty-minded Princess.’ He teased.
‘I’m sorry, it was my subconscious confusing me.’ I said sheepishly, I felt like dying.
‘Or our bond trying to make me do what I should not do. You are right princess, I’m not supposed to be in love but I already am. My kind doesn’t defile ourselves with the pleasure of the flesh, so as much as I will like to let my inexperienced hands roam your body and savor every taste of your l-ips, I can’t.’
‘So where does this live me?’ I asked quaveringly.
‘Nowhere, you must let go of what you feel for me, I cannot give you the love you wish to find in my arms. I’m sorry I caused this for you.’ I nodded, I was expecting it. He let go of my now braided hair. ‘Done, I’ll let you dress up, come down for dinner in ten.’ I nodded again, my tears dam was cracking up.
He disappeared, I didn’t cry, I won’t cry. We later ate dinner in silence then I went back to my room and hugged my pillow. He already informed the girls that I was okay.
My heart was tearing apart
What have I ever done to happiness that she had to run away from me? What?
Mom, dad, now him.
Cursed is what I would call my life.
I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I cried. I cried convulsively for hours, my pillow ruined for life. My tears dried up so I was left to sobbed with the shaky body.
‘I hate my life.’ I cried. I felt his presence behind me, on the bed. ‘Go away,’ I sobbed. ‘Get lost.’
‘Lumina found out who tried to kill me, it was the woman that nursed me. My maid. The orb us yet to be found.’
‘Good for you, I’ll leave in the morning, at least I’ve done my part.’
‘Do me a favor and wipe my memory so I won’t remember you, wipe your memory out of all minds so I won’t have to make up another lie about you. Remove the memory of me ever meeting you or going to that forest so I won’t die.’
‘I can’t.’
‘Useless,’ I sobbed and threw the pillow away. He sighed, His breath hitting my back. I closed my eyes. ‘What can you do?’
‘Remove me from the minds of others but not you and your friends.’
‘Then make me feel like I had an accident so I won’t remember you.’
‘Is that what you really want?’
‘What else do you expect me to do!!!’ I sat up and picked the nearby pillow. ‘a****le!’ I hit him. ‘How could you tell me to forget my feelings like that! Can you forget yours!’ I kept hitting him.
‘Anjiála hold on.’
‘I thought I was princess or Aurora dirtbag!’
‘My princess, I really do love you but I can’t bend the rules, I can’t even though I don’t remember anything.’ He was shielding his face from my hitting. I scoffed and laid down.
‘Just leave.’ I snapped
‘Can I k-ss you at least?’
‘No! Get lost!’ My body moved on it own, I laid on my back and blinked confusedly. He chuckled and moved on top of me. ‘Are you using magic on me?’
‘Compelling.’ I growled.
‘Let go!’
‘I’m afraid I can’t help myself and you’re stubborn, you will resist me.’
‘Because I won’t let you k-ss me and not be with me!’
‘I suppose….’ He trailed off as his eyes darted to my l-ips.
‘Aramis, don’t you dare…..’ He k-ssed me, the k-ss force came with such a force I gasped. He took that chance to gain access to my mouth.
I lost my mind, he was like an irresponsible fountain of water, one I couldn’t get rid of. His tongue was delightfully cold and juicy, his scent enough to make me go bananas. He slowly removed the duvet and loosened my robe.
‘Aramis,’ I mo-ned on this mouth, he left my l-ips to my neck. Aramis, don’t.’
‘I’m leaving a mark on you, a mark that seals you as mine, one that only I can remove. I don’t want to lose you Aurora, I don’t know what to do but I will find out. The mark will act as a reminder that I will come back for you. Should I proceed?’
I didn’t think twice, I didn’t ponder on the consequences of the mark, I accepted it.
Without wasting time, he bit me on my right shoulder, my shoulder burnt internally. I howled in pain for minutes before the pain
I felt different, light, confuse and powerful
I really wished I didn’t accept the mark for when I woke up in the morning the next day, I woke up in my room back at Santiago’s and my pride gone. I had no memory on how he took it unfortunately but all I had was a gold weirdly heart-shaped ring on my finger and a mark trailing from my shoulder to the small of my back with the words I believed in permanently tattooed there
It said, “I will return.”



The Story Continues immediately. PART 2: The Tears Of Lakeem

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