Anjiala episode 25

ANJIÁLA – Episode 25
© Bunmi B Gabriel
‘Anjiála, are you okay?’ Arie asked worriedly. I felt dizzy, really dizzy. I could feel something new and different stirring in me something stronger but evil. ‘Anji!’
‘I feel woozy,’ I said queasily. ‘Can we go home?’
‘What about Maria’s bo…..’ Before Davis could finish his sentence, her body turned to a red stone statue. The swords withered along with her. ‘What are we suppose to tell everyone now?’
‘Are you a fool?’ Arie spat. ‘We were never here. You guys have some explaining to do.’ She looked at me, I nodded and tried to stand up but failed woefully.
‘Guys, I think I’m pregnant.’ The words left my mouth before I could stop it.
‘Huh? That’s not….’Arie tried to protest.
‘Wow! Flying unicorns!’ I exclaimed, they were flying above my head. I started seeing things. ‘Pretty flowers.’
‘Okay, let’s get out of here.’ Abbie said calmly and carried me up. ‘Follow us if you can. Anji, try and take us home.’ I teleported into the nearby window with her and used the mirror portal to take us home. I’m sure you’re wondering what sort of powers we have, well, calm down.
Arie came with the others later, I spent two hours saying and doing ridiculous things. They had to chase me around and tie me down, I fell asleep later. By the time I woke up, Arie already got answers from the trio, I made them repeat it.
‘It happened four months ago,’ Daniel started. ‘I went out with Polly, we were alone in a danger free forest….’
‘Doing what?’ Arie asked jealously. Abbie smirked. ‘Sorry, proceed.’
‘We were sort of distracted and not looking….’
‘Because you were busy making out, we know.’ She interjected rudely jealous again. Dan blinked a little bit confuse by her erratic behavior. ‘Won’t you continue!’ She snapped.
‘We were distracted, two bees came out of nowhere and stung us. They didn’t look ordinary, both were glowing with yellow and jade stripes. We passed out after that and woke up at dawn. At first nothing happened, but seven days later, we had powers.’
‘I got stung by a scorpion,’ Davis explained simply. ‘I’m some freaky shapeshifting plant guy.’ He grumbled.
‘What?’ Abbie asked puzzledly.
‘I can make flowers bloom, change their stupid colors and plant do what I want. Do I look like a girl!’ He exclaimed ungratefully. Abbie rolled her eyes. ‘I can also shapeshift to any animal that I want and sometimes, I can extract and copy their powers without fully changing. Like getting the strength of an elephant and not becoming one.’
‘Those powers are legit man!’ I exclaimed. ‘Pretty awesome!’
‘You think?’
‘I know.’ He smiled sheepishly. ‘Polly, what are your powers?’
‘I can transform my wh0le body to flame, if I want lava. My hands can product nuclear chemical and fire….’
‘Orbs.’ Arie completed. ‘We get it, now shut up. Daniel what’s your powers?’ He inhaled, clearly getting annoyed with her rudeness.
‘How about you shut up and not snap at her like that.’ He hissed, she gasped and scoffed.
‘Behave yourself Arie, you’re not the one she was talking to.’
‘Right.’ She murmured and folded her arms.
‘Like I did back there, my powers deals with earth and metallic forms, particles and all. I also have hyped speed.’
‘My body can copy the light of the sun,’ Abbie began. ‘I can great any form of heat or fire with any part of my body. The only difference between you and me Polly, is that my wh0le body can’t take fire form but can radiant with the mini light of the sun. Like solar energy.’
‘My powers deals with my mind. You can call it psychokinesis and then you can also call me mirror woman. I create a vortex in mirrors and use them as teleportation means, visions, messages and a prison. I foresee things sometimes and I can hear beyond my stand.’
‘Yours sounds cool too.’ Polly chirped. ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting with White Feline!’ She squealed and hand fanned herself.
‘Keep it down please,’ Abbie cautioned. ‘Act normal.’
‘How am I suppose to do that with my girl crush sitting opposite me…..’
‘Ariana, aside from electricity, what other power or powers do you have?’ Dan asked cutting Polly’s squeal off. Arie blinked nonchalantly with arms still folded. ‘Arie?’ She said nothing.
‘Ariana can also control water. You’ll be wondering how tow opposite things can mix in one body. That’s for the powers to tell.’ Abbie explained.
‘What and why do we have these powers?’ Davis asked like I knew the answer to that. I closed my eyes and hummed a lullaby. ‘Dies it have anything to do with the string urge to serve and protect you with my life?’ My eyed snapped open. ‘For months I’d been struggling to suppress the urge of loyalty and obedient to you but I can’t.’
‘Me neither. At first I only liked your song and you for the way you humble yourself, but all of a sudden after the bee sting, I literally started worsh¡ping you. It’s strange and Dan is the same thing.’ I looked at Arie. She smiled.
‘Why do I feel like your V-rginity snatcher king has something to do with this,’ she mused. My heart skipped, what if he did? ‘You should find out if you can.’
‘I know where to go,’ I stood up with a wide smile. ‘I won’t be back early, you guys can hang around until I return with answers. Bye.’ I teleported into the near by mirror, since I had full access to his mansion in Amazon, I easily got in. The place never seized to amuse me as usual
‘Welcome Aurora, I’ve been waiting for you.’ A scarily deep baritone said warmly. I jerked and turned abruptly to see who was behind me. My saliva dried like a des**t. In fact, my mouth was a des**t. I stepped back in fear.
It was f****** tall lion, extravagantly tall with snow white mane and fur. It eyes were silver as the flesh of his tongue and hærdness of his sharp deadly teeth. His eyes held this authority, one that I felt myself bowing to. The voice was familiar, I knew it.
‘It’s nice to see you out in person,’ he said with a strong wave of familiarity. I c*cked my h¡ps not feeling scared again. ‘As bold as he is, I like that.’
‘Are you Aris? Did you get cursed?’
‘Not precisely honey, guess again.’ I snapped my fingers cleverly.
‘You’re White! The one that stayed in me years ago! Symbol of Nephaledia!’
‘Ever still clever are we now, Princess?’
‘Can I hug you? I want to touch your mane.’
‘Nine but Aris must touch even the fallen strand of my fur.’
‘Because you hate it or because it can’t be touched?’
‘Both. I don’t want anyone’s dirty hands touching me and the life force and powers of the person will become mine.’ I looked at my hands and frowned, it had few stains and speck of dust. ‘Don’t worry, one day your powers will become strong enough and you will touch me. The day for you to be the Diamond light of Nephaledia is almost here, but that aside, I must tell you why I’m here.’
I didn’t understand what he said but I ignored it.
‘You come here seeking answers to what is going on, don’t you?’ I nodded. ‘The source of your powers are the tear drops of Lakeem.’
‘Who’s that?’ I asked lowering myself to the floor.
‘Lakeem was the great warrior prince of Medasepticon, the sister world to Nephaledia. That world was originally not great or with any powerful offspring, not until the sixth Peace Bearer before Aris started taking advantage of his powers and authorities. No one in Nephaledia could challenge him, he was creating war himself. Snatching men’s wives, betrothed, fiancée’s. Taking lands, forcing people to work, unjust judgement and so many more.’ I snapped my fingers and a bowl of ice cream appeared on my laps.
My little secret from the girls. I had a little, very little of my magic left.
‘Go on,’ I urged as I scooped a spoonful. He chuckled and shook his head.
‘The same force that created The Peace Bearers created him, only that he was born of a woman unlike the Peace Bearers. Lakeem was like kryptonite to the Peace Bearers and with some little altering, he was able to keep the wicked Peace Bearer in check. They made an agreement, the Peace Bearer would remain good and not involve himself in anything related to Lakeem’s. It was sealed by blood vow….’
‘That’s serious, go on.’ I muffled.
‘Lakeem being the powerful and newly loved and treasured soul in his world, he made his parents proud. Lakeem was very obedient, too obedient. He fell in love with a poor seamstress, he wanted to marry her but his parents forbade him when they found out but before then, she was carrying his child.’
‘Being the obedient puppet, he left her.’
‘You catch on fast, I must commend.’ I blushed, feeling proud. Aramis you see? I’m smart. ‘They got him another to marry, he obliged and married the arranged girl. He totally abandoned the poor girl to suffer and struggle with their unborn child. She was humiliated, mocked and repeatedly mistreated by his wedded wife but he did nothing. Every single days passed, her pain was unbearable that it force made the Peace Bearer miserable but he wasn’t allowed to interfere. She gave birth to the child herself and hid him faraway in a world no one knew. How she did that? No answers. She died after laying a curse on him.’
‘The curse worked slowly, his light slowly divided into two. Darkness and light. Everyday he battled with his inner self and went through pain until he gave in to the darkness and became it slave. Lakeem destroyed Medasepticon, killed every single soul in it and turned the world to nothing but ash.’ My spoon got stuck in my mouth. ‘After what he did, his body slowly changed to rock, but before it completely change, he cried. Eight drop of tears touched the soil, divided into four sides, light and darkness.’
‘He died?’
‘Medasepticon is no more. We thought the tears which became stones disappeared along with it but they didn’t. Somehow, a witch found them and tried to use it to destroy Aramis by finding the great great great great great granddaughter of Lakeem, original owner of the powers but she failed.’
‘Who’s the granddaughter?’
‘I’m afraid I can’t tell you that. You and your friends must find the four stones which now lives in the body of humans in separated forms. Your ring will help you collect the energies and at the last part. You’ll know who she is.’ I nodded. Sounds easy. ‘Aurora, the possessed humans will feed on others, stop them before they get stronger and unstoppable.’
‘Okay. And Aris? Will he come?’
‘The king will come when the time is right or you will see him when destiny is nice. Good luck Princess.’ He disappeared. I sighed and finished my ice cream.
I’ll be waiting
To be continued

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