Anjiala episode 29

ANJIÁLA – Episode 29
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I brushed my hair lost in thought, I couldn’t think straight, I needed to get my feeling in check, my head was hot but I needed to be strong. I looked beautiful but I was sad, ****ed up life!
My hair was up in glossy curl ponytail and fallen strands to cover my face a little. It didn’t matter anyways, I was wearing a mask to hide my face, we all were.
I wore a black stock jean and black long sleeve turtle neck and black sneakers.
I picked up my black mask and wore it. I stood up and walked out of my room. I cat walked downstairs to the living room. Ariana was laughing on phone with legs crossed and eyes on her laptop. Daniel was staring sadly at her, he should come out with his feelings already and end this date to get jealous thing.
‘Looking hot Ann!’ She shrieked and winked at me. ‘Coconut head, was I talking to you….’ She laughed. ‘Peter, you’re such a fool!….of course….hahahaha….oh my God….’
‘Can we get out of here?’ Daniel grumbled. I nodded and looked at Abbie who was wearing a gray catsuit with black boots. She stood up and wore her mask. We waved Arie bye and walked out to my car. ‘Shotgun!’ He exclaimed and quickly got into the front seat. I went over to the driver’s seat and got in.
I drove off fast making sure I play enough loud music to distract the people at the back. I sighed and penetrated his mind, he was thinking about Arie and Peter in their suppose game date the next day. The poor guy was imaging them doing more than k-ssing and it was hurting him.
‘You know, it would do you good if you just tell her how you feel.’ I said telepathically. He jerked in shock and held his heart.
‘You should stop doing that,’ he sighed. ‘You scared me.’
‘You can say it in your mind, I can hear you.’ I said telepathically. He nodded. ‘Why do you hurt yourself?’
‘How do you mean?’
‘You love her, why can’t you tell her?’
‘The girl you were just seeing screwing that guy.’
‘I don’t love her.’
‘Can you lie to someone in your mind?’
‘You don’t know a thing!’
‘You’re afraid you are not up to her class. She’s goddamn beautiful, s€×y, wealthy and intelligent. She’s just too perfect for you and that makes you feel bad, feel insecure which is not suppose to happen. Daniel, you might not be as wealthy as she is, as fancy as that crazy babe but you’re also gorgeous, drool worthy and brilliant. You’re not low like you think, you’re worth it.’
‘But she love that Peter guy and the people she move with are so high. I feel like s***.’
‘You were her friend before she became like this and she loves you.’
‘She has tons of high class guys chasing her. Eugene, Dino, Bernard, Tommy, Hudson, Rija, Krishna, Karan…..’
‘None of them are as important as you are to him! She loves you! I’m her best friend, I should know that.’
‘What if she rejects me? What if I’m not….’
‘Daniel stop acting like a girl and man up!’ I snapped. ‘Tell her how you feel and stop messing around with Polly before Peter takes her!’
‘Polly? I’m not messing around with Polly, Davis loves her like crazy.’
‘Everybody and love, **** this.’ I drove into the club street and huffed. ‘Just tell her or I will.’
‘She won’t believe you.’ He sighed shaking his head pitifully. I snorted.
‘I’m Anjiála Delgado, aka White Feline, her best friend and most trusted adviser who can read, penetrate and possess minds. She won’t believe me huh?’ I asked sardonically. He sighed.
‘Can you possess me so I’ll have the courage to tell her?’ I smacked his head and pushed it.
‘Idiot.’ I said and ended our telepathic conversation. I parked a little bit far from the club. ‘Abbie and Polly, you lead the games out here and Daniel and I will handle them. We have to be fast, I have a concert in thirty minutes. I ought to have been in my hotel two hours ago.’ They nodded and got out. My phone rang, my manager. ‘Hi sweetie!’
‘Where the **** are you Anjiála! The concert is in thirty minutes! You haven’t even checked in yet!’
‘I’ll be there, I promise.’
‘Anji we can’t refund the ticket money, I donated it to the orphanage as you instructed.’
‘I said I’ll be there! Geez!’ I hung up and sighed. They better be fast. I waited for up to twenty five minutes before they came out running with two girls behind them. ‘Daniel!!!’ He jumped out of the car and threw something at them. One ducked quickly but the other was unfortunate. I came out of the car and froze them, they couldn’t move again.
‘Should we kill them?’ Polly asked stupidly.
‘No, they are humans too.’ Abbie said calmly, if it was me, I would have given her a answer worth her useless question.
‘But we killed Maria.’
‘We didn’t know she was human, people will son notice us. Let’s do this fast.’ I walked to the first girl and touched her head, she was snarling and grunted like a dog. I felt the dark gray stone flowed into my ring as my finger heat up. I moved to the other girl and did the same. They both passed out immediately. I disappeared quickly before I ran too late for my concert.
‘I’m here!’ I p-nted as I ran into the practice room. He looked at me from head to toe.
‘You’re not dressed!’
‘Screw that!’ I ran straight to the stage ignoring his call. I looked good anyways. I removed my mask and waved at everyone. There were murmurs everywhere. ‘Hi,’ I said into the mike. ‘Sorry I’m three minutes late, I got into a little delay but I’m here now. I’m going to sing my first song as memories of how I became me, should I?’
‘Yes!!!!!!’ I smiled and looked at my gaping manager.
‘My guitar please.’ Cheering and scre-ms burst out. He brought my acoustic guitar and a chair. I sat down and struck the guitar before I played the tone, I was about to sing when my eyes roamed the crowd and met with his. He was staring intensely at me, a big smile on his face. My heart melted with the way he was staring at me with so much love.
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“I’ll be back my love, trust me.” He mouthed before he disappeared. It seems like time froze because I couldn’t hear any sound again. I smiled and wiped my tears.
‘I’ll be waiting.’
To be continued

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