Anjiala episode 31

ANJIÁLA – Episode 31
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I tossed and turned on my bed, my head hurt and I was seeing things, bad things. I couldn’t exactly pick out what it was but all I could see were navy blue eyes surrounding me and a pair of golden frightened orbs above me. I couldn’t understand but for some reason, I was terrified, really really terrified.
‘Anjiála! Anjiála!’ Someone was shouting while shaking me. ‘Snap out of it!!!!’
‘No, no, no!’
‘Anjiála!!!!’ The voice yelled into my ear. I scre-med out in fright, a very loud fright that sent my psychokinesis scre-m wave out.
‘Jesus!!!!’ The person who happens to be my manager hollered in complete fright. I opened my eyes, I was in my car! Every single glasses in the car was destroyed and the car was somersaulting. Everyone in the car, my manager, the makeup artist and the girl that I think is my personal chef were scre-ming in horror. Glasses were piercing into everyone’s skin.
‘Stop!!!!’ Nothing stopped, instead another wave smashed the car on the ground. The chef girl stopped scre-ming as she was no longer breathing. My manager passed out and the makeup artist was half conscious. I gro-ned in pain, the car was upside down, heat was burning off at the back of the car. My heart was beating hærd, very hærd. I could feel blood flowing out of my head.
‘Aurora!!!’ A voice shrieked, a familiar voice. The roof of the car ripped open or should I say the bottom. I couldn’t see well but I could see a blur of white. Two hands pulled me out and dropped me on the cold floor. ‘Aurora, come on, keep your eyes open.’ That voice. ‘Hey, listen to me….’ My eyes were closing, my breath leaving me. ‘****! Hey it’s me!!!!’ I felt warm hand on my cheek, energy flowed into my body, my wounds closing up. ‘Please heal.’
‘Yes, it’s me,’ his voice said almost tearily. ‘Please see me and accept my light.’ I closed my eyes and inhaled, my body slowly recovered. ‘You need to be careful, you need to always remember your powers are strong or it will kill you.’
‘The people, they’ll see you.’ I whispered.
‘Leave that to me,’ he sighed. ‘I’ll heal the wounded people and please be careful. Okay?’
‘Don’t leave me, please.’
‘I really can’t come now,’ I still couldn’t see. ‘Goodbye for now.’ He whispered. I felt the wind blow against my skin hærd, it felt like time was reversing. The next thing I heard was the sound of a heart monitor. I opened my eyes sharply.
‘White Pemline!’ I heard my Zanny. ‘Whitey,’ he cried touching my cheeks. I turned to the side and saw him sitting almost close to my head. His eyes and cheeks were soaked with tears. ‘Are you okay?’
‘I’m fine. What happened?’
‘Mommy said car turned upside down and sister got really hurt.’
‘And my manager?’
‘Everyone else got hurt to but not like you. Sister won’t wake up for…..for….,’ he paused and scrunched his nose thoughtfully. He counted his fingers. ‘One, I cried for two hours. Two, mommy said go home. Three, daddy hugged me. Four, mommy k-ssed and sang me to sleep. Five, daddy took me out so I’ll feel better. Six, Zino came and played with me. Seven, Zino and auntie Abbie took me away for fun and eight… I can’t remember and nine that fat nurse fell on and almost killed me with her big body and smelling butt, and yes! Ten! You’ve been sleeping for ten days!’ He shrieked. I laughed.
‘A fat nurse?’
‘Yes, she’s so big and smells like garlic and onion mixed together in lot and lot of garbage water-soaked.’ He explained poutingly. ‘You left me alone to be scared, I’ve been so scared. You promised you will always be there for me if I get scared but you weren’t.’ He sobbed laying down beside me. I forced my body to move and hugged him.
‘I’m here now, what happened?’
‘I don’t know!’ He shrieked. ‘Dark scary eyes staring at me like it will hurt me. They have teeth, sharp pointy ones that try to eat me.’
‘What are you talking about?’ I asked confusedly. ‘Dark eyes?’
‘Navy eyes, they….’
‘Wait! Navy!’
‘Yes,’ he sobbed. I cuddled him remembering my dream. Golden frightened eyes….his eyes are gold when he becomes Lakeem.
‘Are you sure? Where did you see them?’
‘They stare at me every day at the playground and when I’m playing with Wander.’ I sat up carrying him along. I placed him on my laps, noticing the flowers in my room. Probably from fans.
‘How would you like to stay with me from now own? Well for this week. Until the scary eyes go away.’ He squealed joyfully and k-ssed my cheek.
‘Anjiála!’ Mom shrieked. Before I could blink, she was hugging me very tight with Zander. ‘How are you feeling?’
‘Great! I feel better!’ I said grinningly. At least I heard his voice again. ‘Mom, Zanny is a little bit shaken up so I was wondering if he could stay with the girls and I for the week after my discharge.’
‘But you’ll be weak. I can’t l…..’
‘Please mommy, monster eyes will get me.’ He whimpered. Mom looked at me.
‘I think he’s being haunted by the dark navy stone. I need to take care of him myself.’ She nodded.
‘Can you now tell me why or how you got hurt?’
‘I was seeing what Zander was seeing and feeling his fear and in my frightened state, I scre-med and destroyed everything.’ She looked at the ceiling and nodded. ‘Mom, you okay?’ She nodded. ‘Why the far-away look?’
‘Nothing, please take him.’ She smiled. Why is she so weird?
#Days_later >>>>>>>>>>>>>
Arie carried Zander on her shoulders as she ran around in circles with her hands apart and flapping like a bird. He was laughing and holding on to her hair tightly. We were at the park, me sitting on a bench and watching them play while Zino and Abbie made out somewhere. I was smiling….of course I was wearing a red wig and black shade to hide my face.
‘Hey,’ someone said calmly. I looked up, there was a guy there with dirty blonde hair and black eyes. ‘Can I sit?’
‘Sure.’ he sat down. I looked ahead, Arie was on the floor rolling with Zanny as they laughed and shrieked.
‘Hi,’ I sighed, I knew he would talk. ‘A lovely day today, right?’
‘Sure, a very nice day.’ I said with obvious feign enthusiasm. He didn’t get it or he chose to ignore it.
‘Are you here with someone or is that boy your son?’
‘Yes, he’s my son.’
‘Oh,’ he said disappointedly. ‘Where’s the dad? Work?’
‘Buying coffins for some unfortunate people,’ I said with a very creepy grin. I looked at him and frowned. ‘You’re suffocating me, can you leave or shut up?’
‘Sorry, you seem to have a problem with guys.’ I inhaled and tapped my foot. ‘I don’t know if I’m prying but I would like to know your name.’
‘It’s Anji but please leave, my husband is around and he freaks anytime he sees me with men. He won’t ask, just punch.’
‘Oh, overprotective huh?’ I nodded. ‘Does he treat you bad?’ I smiled and looked at Zander.
‘He’s a sweet man, just get too terrified that I might leave him because he feels he’s not up to my class. I love him though and that’s what matters.’
‘You know, you don’t have to lie to cover up your single mom state. I understand why you did but….’ I snapped my fingers.
‘Walk away and don’t look back, don’t even remember my name or face.’ He stood up and walked away. Zander came out of nowhere and jumped on me. ‘Hey, kiddo!’
‘Who’s he? Your boyfriend?’
‘I just met him.’
‘He’s cute? Does he like you?’ I chuckled and pinched his cute face.
‘How old are you again? What do you know about likes?!’
‘I’m three and a half and I read books!’
‘What books? Are you stealing Nanny Mei’s books again?’ I asked folding my arms with a feign stern face.
‘I wouldn’t call it stealing, I’ll call it borrowing. I do return it every time I finish reading…’
‘Since when did you start reading? If I remember correctly, you only “borrowed” them in the past to draw big headed lizards and snowman. And also, the last time I checked, you couldn’t even spell your name.’
‘Hey!!!! I do can! Nanny taught me!’ I chuckled. ‘You were messing with me again?’ I nodded. He pouted.
‘I’m sorry your majesty, accept my apology.’ He grinned and pushed my head. ‘What?’
‘So tell me, who are you crushing on?’ I rolled my eyes.
‘At least I know why you’re extraordinarily smart,’ I murmured. He giggled and wrapped his hands around my neck. ‘I love two boys, they are pretty and cute.’
‘And they areeeeeee?’
‘Zino and Aramis.’ He frowned. His eyes watered and l-ips pressed into a pout.
‘What about me!’ He cried. ‘You don’t l…..arch!’ He hit my arm. His little hand feeling like nothing. ‘You’re messing with me again!!!’ I laughed and cuddled him. ‘Mean Pemline!’
‘I’m sorry,’ I said laughingly. ‘Please forgive me.’ He laughed too. A light flashed followed by an adorable awe.
‘Awwwwwn, that’s for a keep for sure.’ Polly awed, I chuckled and let go of him. I sent for her and the twins. They were all looking at the photo in Arie’s phone. She looked at me and winked.
‘Jealous people, let’s k-ss. Mwah!’ I rained k-sses on his face and he laughed and giggled begging me to stop. ‘Now you’re done, can you take a walk now?’
‘But eyes will come and get me!’
‘Don’t worry, I’ll be here. We all will.’ He pouted.
‘Pinky swear,’ we did our pinky oath cross and he jumped down from my laps. ‘Now, run off.’ He nodded and ran away like a bird ready to take off. Davis nodded and ran after him, he shifted to a chameleon so fast no one saw him. Daniel was gone already and Arie running off to another direction with Polly. I closed my eyes and linked my mind to his, I could see what he was seeing, hear what he was thinking.
He was scared but believed I was there.
He stood alone in a very lonely part of the park, how he got there so fast isn’t a question to be asked. He was shivering and sobbing already.
‘Don’t be afraid,’ he sang. ‘White pemline will come to help you. Don’t be afraid, she will be there to save you.’ He sang on shakily. I smiled but gasped as his eyes met the sharp evil eyes of five wolves, like real brown wolves. Their eyes and teeth were navy, evil ones. Their bodies were half flesh, half-smoke. They came out in a crawling snake movement and snarled at him. ‘Go away!!! White Pemline!!!!’
‘Davis!!!!!’ I shouted telepathically. He jumped out of where he was hiding. I broke the link and ran, no one can protect him well but me. I ran into a faster route but strangely got surrounded by other wolves. They whirled around me so fast I couldn’t escape. ‘Get lost,’ I hissed. The air was beginning to smell weird, to smell bad. I coughed and fell on my knees wheezing for air. I closed my eyes and linked my mind to Zander’s. Arie had him pinned between her legs as she zapped the wolves that surrounded them. ‘Arie, Polly, listen to me.’
‘Yeah?’ They chorused.
‘When I give the words, release your energy ‘
‘Are you nuts! Everyone here will die!’ Arie shrieked shocked.
‘Trust me, release your energy in my three. Davis or Daniel or both. Daniel run around the park now seven times and Daniel junior, get out of the park. Daniel you must run really fast at the highest speed, ignore the people and do it now.’
‘Got it!’ He ran off quickly.
‘Zanny, listen to me,’ I whispered.
‘White Pemline, I’m scared.’
‘On my three, scre-m.’ He closed his eyes. ‘Three!!!’ He scre-med, Arie and Polly released their electric and flaming energies too. I knew what I was doing was risky and could kill me but I had to. I inhaled and covert all the energies to my body, the light burnt through the dark wolves surrounding me and entered my body. I felt my inner system melting and mental balance crashing. I took in the deepest breath I could take and scre-med.
The light went through the park, Daniel’s race was to subdue the force within. I had to mentally control such powers to not hurt the people. All my energy left me, I slumped on the ground and exhaled. I closed my eyes, I could feel him squatting above my head.
‘You don’t understand what stay out of trouble means, do you?’ I smiled.
‘If it will make me hear your voice, then it’s worth it.’ He touched my forehead. ‘Why can’t you just come out?’
‘Shut up, you’re dying.’ He chuckled. ‘I can’t coke because your energy is just  rising and it can k…..lick my brain.’
‘Shhhh, I just can’t come now.’
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‘Arie wants you dead. She believes you’re a thief.’ He laughed. I felt better. I opened my eyes sharply. He was gone. ‘Chicken!’ I could hear him laughing from everywhere.
‘White Pemline!!!’
Yeah, I did it again.
To be continued

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