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Anjiala episode 39


ANJIÁLA – Episode 39
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I sat like the wretched man I was on the throne, it was the kingdom’s anniversary and as king, it was tradition to be at the main age-wife/">village hall. I sat on a throne of flowers and and stupid wooden trash. All I wanted to

do was crawl under my bed and die there but noooo, if I died, they fight.
Stupid and miserable life!
‘He’s so quiet and lonely….’ I heard someone say. I frowned, ‘I think he needs someone to keep him company, someone as beautiful as me.’
‘And what is that suppose to mean?!’ Another snapped. ‘Why do you think you’re better than I am? If he’s to ever be with anyone, it has to be me.’
I sighed and shook my head, I hate it when they do that, talk about me.
If only they could see My Aurora, they would know they are no match for her.
The wind turned cold and carried a scent, I closed my eyes and saw her. She was falling down the vortex! The lightning will strike her! I stood up abruptly and with the flash of lightning, I jumped into the vortex. She was screaming as she fell, her powers were useless here because White made the vortex protection himself. I flew up to her and caught her, I jumped back to Nephaledia but in a forest.
‘Oh God, I hate my life.’ She cried hugging me. ‘Whoever you are, don’t drop me, let me catch my breath first and come up with the best way to kill my brother.’ I cleared my throat. ‘You smell familiar, are you….’ She raised her head, I couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful face of the girl I’d missed so much. ‘A…..A….A….’ I slowly dropped her on the ground. ‘Y….y…..y..
..where am I?’
‘How did you get here?’ Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared at me with great confusion. ‘Please, don’t cry.’
‘I’ve missed you so much,’ she jumped on me. I couldn’t move or hug her back. My mind became alerted, she shouldn’t be here! She shouldn’t be in Nephaledia!
I screamed as I fell down the vortex, the whirl and current was too powerful. I felt someone catch me and the air around me heat up. The wind cooled down, I was panting.
‘God I hate my life!’ I cried, I hugged him more and surprisingly, the mark didn’t burn me at

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all. ‘Whoever you are, don’t drop me, let me catch my breath first and come up with the best way to kill my brother.’ The energy from him was familiar, almost felt like Aramis. I took a strong wheeze of his scent, so Aramis like. I inhaled it…hey! Maybe I can move on with a hottie like him. ‘You smell familiar, are you…..’ I raised my head and gasped. Oh my f****** ass!!!! It was him!
How did I get here?
How is he here?
Did he feel my pain and

come to my rescue?
He smiled.
‘A….A….A….’ He slowly dropped me on the ground. ‘Y….y….y….where am I?’
‘How did you get here?’ Tears ran down my cheeks, he came to my rescue. ‘Please don’t cry.’ He pleaded. What am I doing? I jumped on him with a squeal.
‘I’ve missed you so much,’ I hugged him tight but he didn’t hug me back. ‘Aris?’ I pulled away from him.
‘You’re not suppose to be here! How did you get here?!’ He was panicking.
‘Where am I?’
‘Nowhere you should care about, I have to take you back.’ He reached for my hand but I swat it away, my heart was beating as realisation hit me. He didn’t want me here, he really didn’t care anymore. He forgot about me. ‘Aurora…..’
‘You really forgot me! You left me alone to suffer emotionally, psychologically, physically… abandoned me with your stupid mark….’
‘That’s not true….’
‘Don’t cut me off! If you didn’t want me, you should have come and remove this stupid mark from my back!!!!’
‘Aurora please listen to m….’
‘I understand, we weren’t even dating before so what was I expecting.’ I sobbed. ‘Gosh! Zander did you send me here to get my heart crushed.’ Is this how bad getting dump feels like. I want to die….I won’t die for a man but I want to. I turned and ran, I just needed to get away from him.
‘Aurora don’t wander away, you can get hurt!’
‘Go away!’ I nudged the bushes and branches out of my

way. I was still running when I felt my body floating off the ground. ‘Hey! Put me down!’
‘No, you have to listen to me. I’m sending you back to earth.’
‘So we’re breaking up?’
‘Genius, we weren’t dating.’ I blinked and cried more.
‘You’re so f****** mean! How could you steal my heart, deceive me, took my virginity, and then dumped me like that. You made me wait for you for thirteen years, you caged me for a decade and three years! I’m f****** 29! I should be married by now or better still, have a baby like my friends but noooo, I’ve been waiting for the stupid man I can’t stop loving. You are a b******, super annoying mega pathetic **** head!!!!’ He blinked and stared at me with mouth open.
‘Whoa,’ he itched his head and sighed. ‘I know it sounds terrible but I can’t tell you why I’m avoiding you…’ I pouted, Zander’s words reverberating in my head and mom’s. I closed my eyes, the vision repeating itself in my head. I smiled and forced myself down. ‘You can’t stay here, for your own good.’
‘Oh really?’ I asked smirkingly. ‘Then force me back home.’
‘Are you daring me?’
‘Yes,’ I stood with arms akimbo. ‘If I go back, I’ll get Zander to remove the mark…, he won’t listen so I will burn the mark off my back, bear the pain and then get a plastic surgery later.’
‘And you really think that will work?’ He asked shaking his head pitifully. I shrugged.
‘It will buy me time to get hot s£x from a random guy.’
‘You wouldn’t dare let another man touch you!’
‘We’re not dating.’
‘Cat got your tongue? Since we’re not dating, you shouldn’t care.’ I said sweetly and flipped my messed up hair. ‘You can send me home now, I’m ready to move on.’ He stood there with great confusion in his face. His shoulders were tensed, his breathing faster than the usual.
He does love me.
He was trying to protect me.
I turned and walked away.
‘When you’re ready, send me home!!!’ I shouted. I felt light again, I was happy. I looked at the sky, a sign was forming above and it didn’t look too good. I stopped walking, he was really sending me back? I was still staring in shock when a spiral of white beam dashed to me.
‘Anjiála!!!!’ I heard him scream. It was like I was hypnotize, I couldn’t move an inch. My head was force down, he rest my head on his chest and used his body as a shield to protect me. The beam struck him, he groaned in pain but didn’t move much. He raised his head and touched my cheeks.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked agitatedly, I nodded and hugged him.
‘I don’t want to go back, please don’t send me back.’
‘Your amazing brother locked the vortex,’ he murmured. ‘If you’re gonna stay here, then I better keep an eye on you so you won’t get hurt. I won’t let her get you, I promise.’ Not sure what but I’m fine by that.
‘Carry me!’ I squealed. I pulled away from him and moved to his back. He chuckled and bent a little, I climbed on and kicked him on the side. ‘We’re dating, right?’ I asked grinningly straining my head to see his face.
‘We never broke up.’
‘You’re confuse but….will I see White?!’
‘Come on,’ he leapt up to the sky like the other time. I closed my eyes and smelt his hair instead. Soon his feet hit the ground, I could hear startled squeals. I slid down from his back immediately and looked around. ‘Welcome to Nephaledia.’
‘Pssst, who are these people and why are they staring at me like that?’ I whispered into his ear. He shrugged.
‘The party is over, you can all return home.’ He looked at me. I noticed the stares from ladies. Is it something I wore? I wasn’t badly dressed, just jean sneakers and jean jumpsuit shorts. The dress was sleeveless but I had a T-shirt in place. He took my hand and before I could blink, we were in a throne room. A white cat was sitting on the throne, licking himself.
‘Do you mind? I’m in the middle of a lick bath and I don’t need any girl staring at me.’ I smiled, recognizing the deep baritone of my beautiful white lion. ‘I’m not yours.’
‘Cutie, come to mama!’ I squealed and ran to him.
‘Don’t touch me!’ He shrieked and ran away. ‘You can’t touch me yet….’
‘Awwwn,’ I whined. ‘But….’ He shook his mane.
‘Welcome to Nephaledia princess.’
‘You knew?!’ Aris exclaimed.
‘Who do you think let Zander easily open the vortex,’
‘Shhhh, don’t talk, you’re annoying. Come princess, I’ll show you around your new home.’
‘It’s nice to see that some men haven’t forgotten some simple courtesy.’
‘He’s a stupid white lion,’ Aris scoffed folding his arms childishly. ‘Don’t compare me with him.’
‘He’s better than you….oops,’ I said innocently. ‘Shouldn’t have said that.’
‘I’m going to love having you around.’ White grinned and jumped into my arms. I squealed and ran out of the throne room.
I’m here now and I’m going  nowhere.
Everyone thinks I’m unaware of my fate but I have my own plans. No one is going use me to kill the man I love.
To be continued.
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Anjiála is aware of what’s up.
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