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The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 12
~~Writer’s Pov~~
It’s been two long weeks since the murder of the vice president Mr Williams Alfred.
When president Yusuf Gatewood heard of the vice president’s death, he was confused and partially scared.
Mrs Gloria has fully recovered and discharged from the hospital, but she refused to go back to her husband’s house.
saying she can’t stand living in the same house, with a murderer.
The killer of her best friend and her family and also the killer of her little princess.
And in all this thing Mr Yusuf cared less, all he wants is for his son to accept the senator’s daughter as his fiancee so he can have the contact all to himself.
~~Mr Yusuf’s Pov~~
It’s been two weeks since the death of the vice president, and guess what a new vice president has been chosen.
And am super excited because it’s actually senator Roman Jacks, the father of Selena.
Oh you guy may not know but Selena is the girl I want Damon to get married to, so I can secure a multi billionaire contract.
For the pass two weeks now my wife haven’t been home, and I must say I miss her so fricking much.
Although I pretend as if I don’t miss her but the truth is i fvcking do.
I have been receiving strange text lately, sometimes the sender writes his or her name as APPLE.
And sometimes STING.
Am just fvcking confused.
But for now my mind is in the multi billionaire contract, and if Damon likes it or not he must date Selena.
I was still wallowing in my thoughts, when I was interrupted by my phone.
I checked the caller ID and it was Selena.
Oh my god!
This is what I have been seeing since I told her about my son, and them being in a relationship.
She has been on my neck.
I picked up the phone and placed it on my left ear.
📞 ” Hello Selena.”
📞”Hey daddy, how are you doing?”
📞”Am doing good Selena,

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I hope you’re doing great too?”
📞”Yes daddy am doing just fine, I just wanted to ask when Damon and I will be meeting.” she said and I thought of a good lie.
📞”Oh about that, I will send you his house address after this call so you can go
see him.”
📞”Oh my gosh! are you serious daddy?” she shouted nearly bosting my ear drum.
📞”Yes my dear, all you have to do when you get there is introduce yourself as his fiancee.”
📞”Okay daddy bye.”
📞”Yeah bye.”
I replied and hang up.
and immediately sent her the address.
I felt like informing Damon his fiancee is coming to visit him but I didn’t want to call him, so I just texted him.
I just hope he behaves.
~~Damon’s Pov~~
Two long weeks now.
I have been having a conversation with this strange guy who
said his name is Sting.
He said his the leader of the British mafian and his uncle Gilbert’s little brother.
At first I was kidnapped by him, he wanted to kill me but when I told him my family are not in support of my father.
He let me go.
but we never stopped talking, I when I told him his rival was Elena his brother’s daughter now known as APPLE.
He was shocked and happy too.
He said all this while he thought he didn’t have any remaining relative, but he has one.
Although I have never told anyone this not even Stefan my younger brother.
Apple or will I say Elena has made, life living hell for Stefan and I and my mom is very in support of her.
And at the moment, mom is taking a nap inside her bedroom.
While Stefan is in the kitchen cooking noddles, Apple’s orders.
And her legs are on my laps while am polishing her nails.
I feel like dieing.😥
I was still busy on her nails, when my eye traveled to her thighs and I touched her thighs.
immediately like a flash, I felt a hard knock on my head.
And I groaned in pain.
After a while a text message came into my phone and I opened it.
📩”Hello son, your fiance is coming over to see you soon.”📩
📩”I don’t think I remember having a fiancee Mr Yusuf Gatewood.”📩 I texted back.
📩”I don’t care, in this case I don’t think your opinion is needed, just do as I say.”📩
I angrily threw my phone across the room.
“What’s the problem Damon?” Apple asked. I guess she noticed my mood.
“Dad just texted me saying my fiancee is coming over soon.” I replied with a frown.
“Then let
her come over.” she simply said.
Stefan finish with the noddles and we all ate.
A knock landed on the door and Stefan went to open the door.
Apple’s legs was still on my laps while I gave her a foot massage.
After a while Stefan and a young lady wearing skimpy outfits and heavy makeup came in.
And immediately her eye landed on Apple and a frown appeared on her face.
Stefan came over to the couch and took Apple’s head and placed it in his lap, and I must say the lady’s eye nearly fell from it surket.
“Excuse me young lady who are you? and how may we help you?” I asked her and she smiled foolishly.
“My name is Selena Jacks and am your fiancee, please who is this bitch.”
What do you think is going to happen next?
Stay tuned for the next episode.
The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 13
~~Selena’s Pov~~
I was so sad today and I just can’t tell why?.
One of the maids woke me up this morning, and her cheek felt it.
How dare her wake me up huh?
I wanted something to lighten up my mood, so I called my soon to be father in-law.
That has been my routine, ever since he told me he wanted his son to marry me in order for him to get the multi billionaire contract, he has with my dad.
Actually my father wanted to give him the contract in exchange for him to become the vice president.
But me being a daddy’s girl, I told him to make the president marry me out to his son.
I have only seen his pictures on magazines and newspapers, and sometimes on the TV or social networks, but I haven’t had the opportunity to see him in person.
And when I found out, he’s the president’s so and also heard about the multi billionaire contract.
I saw a perfect opportunity to make him mine.
I know you guys maybe wondering who I am so a little introduction will do the trick.
My name is Selena Jacks, age 23 I’m the only daughter of vice president Roman Jacks.
Although I have an elder brother, his name is Tyler.
Tyler and my dad aren’t in good terms, and I haven’t seen my brother for the past four years now.
Dad wanted him to get married to Mara, the daughter of a senator and also a top model.
But he refused all in the name that his in love with a girl named Clara, a poor church rat and an orphan that lives alone near a beach.
My dad wasn’t in support of there relationship, but mom was and that alone irritates me.
And when my brother saw that he can’t talk my dad out of making him marry Mara, he eloped with his mystery girl.
That’s by the way.
Immediately the president told me about his first son.
I broke up with my boyfriend, he was heartbroken but I cared less.
Even my best friend Cindy, was so angry with me.
And even since then I have been seeing her and Dan my ex.
They are good for each other, two bunch of losers.
After the call with my father in-law to be, I quickly went to the salon to get my hair fixed.
And there i saw Cindy my ex best friend, making her hair and when she saw me she smiled.
“Hey Selena, how are you doing? it’s been closely three weeks we saw each other last.” she said with a smile.
“Oh yeah, I have been busy with my husband to be.” I lied and she smiled.
She raised her left hand up to touch her hair and i was surprised at what I saw.
Cindy was wearing a sparkling diamond engagement ring.
💭 Is she engaged or what?💭
I was about asking her when Dan walked into the salon, I immediately frowned my face thinking he was going to start begging me to take him back like he always do.
But to my surprise he walked pass me without looking my way and the shock on my face was visible.
He walked up to Cindy and gave her a kiss.
I was so angry but when I remember my Damon a smile appeared on my face, I felt like making Dan jealous so I brought up a topic.
“Cindy I will really like you to be my maid of honor on my wedding day.” I said and she smiled.
“That will be lovely, and guess what i think you will be first to be my maid of honor.” she said and asked Dan to pass her bag and to my surprise she brought out a wedding invitation card.
“Wow! ”
I opened the card to be sure she was getting married to Dan and it was true.
After the whole drama at the salon, I found out Dan wanted to propose to me before I broke up with him.
But who cares.
When I came back home, I took my bath and wore a red stinky dress and took time doing my makeup.
After getting ready i took my car keys and drove to the address Damon’s dad gave me.
When I got to the estate I was shocked and happy, the place was so massive.
I packed my car at the garage and stepped out of the car, I majestically walked to the house and knocked on the door.
After a while the door opened and I nearly passed out.
The guy that opened the door was so so handsomely cute, I guess his the president’s second son and the introvert.
He looked at me from head to toe, before putting on a mocking face and opened the door.
When I got into the large living room, I was shocked to see my prince charming and husband to be.
massaging a very pretty lady’s leg, while her legs was on his laps.
I got so angry but I choose to cover my anger with a fake smile.
My eyes nearly fell out of it surket when Damon’s younger brother, I mean the greek-god that opened the door for me.
Took the lady’s head and placed it on his laps, since the president said his daughter is late who is this motherfvcking lady?
My prince charming looked at me the same manner his younger brother looked at me, before saying.
“Excuse me young lady who are you?” I smiled before replying.
“I am Selena Jacks and am your fiancee, and please who is this bitch?” I asked and the two young men started looking at me like I grew two heads.
Or did I say something bad.
~~Stefan’s Pov~~
I knew immediately the bitchy looking lady, with lost of makeup on her face asked that stupid question that, there’s gonna be lots of problems.
Damon and I looked at each other before looking at the Selena girl, and I saw confusion all over her face.
We looked at Elena and her face held no emotions what so ever.
Her eyes was fixed on a cartoon frame on the wall, and then it accord to me that was her favorite cartoon back then.
When Selena saw no one was ready to answer her question, she got more angry and repeated herself again but his time very harshly.
And yet no one said a word.
She went further, and landed a slap on Elena’s face and immediately her face turned red with anger.
“This is my fiance’s house so if you know what’s good for you pack your things and live.” the bitchy idiot said without knowing she was in deep shit.
And before Damon and I can do anything.
Five fvcking slaps alone made the lady pass out.
And yet Elena wasn’t done yet.
What’s gonna happen next?
stay tuned for the next episode.

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