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The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 16
♣Apple’s Pov♣
Few hours ago……💗💗
After the stupid girl let, I was so angry because I wanted to deal with her the the more.
Why did aunty Gloria come to spoil my fun, so so annoying.
I was still in anger when I heard a knock at the door.
I brought myself together and opened the door, only to see Stefan stand at the door looking at me like a moron.
‘What ????’
‘Elena… I mean Apple ehhh mum asked me to call you.’ he said looking so scared.
‘Okay tell her I will be down in a minute.’ I replied him and he nodded and left.
Immediately he left I striped off my clothes and went to the bathroom to take my bath.
After taking my bath I wrapped myself in a short white towel and walked out of the bathroom.
I went to my dressing table and started applying my body lotion, after that I dressed up in a simple baggy short and Top.
I packed my hair in a ponytail and went downstairs to see why aunty Gloria was calling me.
when I got there I saw Stefan and Damon sitting on the living room couch, while aunty Gloria was sitting in a single chair.
Immediately she saw me she frown her face and started looking at me.
‘Hey aunty Stefan said you called me.’ I said still standing.
‘Yes Elena I called you and don’t stand there looking like a stranger sit down.’ she said and I nearly hissed she’s the only one who has the right to call me Elena.
I sat down near Damon and immediately i sat down she started her scording.
‘Elena I know you had a tough pass but now is the future so you need to forget about the past and move on with your life.’ she said.
‘Okay.’ I simply said.
‘Elena please learn how to control your anger it will really help.’ she added and I nodded nonchalantly.
‘Won’t you say anything Elena?…’ she asked.
‘Come on aunty what do you want me to say? okay I Apple the assassin promise to learn how to control my anger so help me Lord, happy now.…’
Immediately i finished speaking aunty Gloria picked up the sofa billow and hit my face.
And let the living room angrily while Stefan Damon and I kept laughing.
We were still

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laughing our ass out when my phone rang.
I checked the caller ID and it was Ben my dude so I picked up the call and placed the phone on my left ear.
📱’Hello dude what’s going on?…’
📱’Come on Apple can’t I call my bestie anymore huh?…’
📱’Of cause
you can but am sure you will be too busy with your whores to call me…’ and I heard him chuck in the other line.
📱’That’s true though, I called you to tell you I think Mr Yusuf has found out about your estate…’
📱’Which of them did he find?…’
📱’Your main estate the one your workers and granny is staying and I think it risky, don’t you think so?…’
📱’Okay get my van ready and take the whole worker to my panthouse, and you can drive granny…’
📱’Okay copy that loud and clear…’
📱’And do it today…’ I said
and immediately hang up because I don’t want him to continue talking.
I looked towards Damon and Stefan’s direction only to see Damon busy with his phone.
Stefan place his head on my lap, I guess his feeling sleepy so I just left him.
I took my phone and texted one of my men the one encharge of taking care of my penthouses.
✉️’Steve get the new panthouse resdy, my granny and worker are coming over in few hours time.…’✉️
✉️’Okay boss I will do that that quick.…’✉️he replied in few minutes.
We all are at the dinning eating dinner it was late already.
we were still ingrust in the story aunty Gloria was telling us.
when we heard a loud knock on the door, aunty Gloria became very scared.
Of course she should be she living with an assassin who got lots of enemies including her husband.
I wanted to go get the door but Damon stop me from going.
‘Don’t worry Apple I will get the door…’ he said although aunty Gloria tried to stop him from going.
After a while Damon came back followed by his dad, or will I say the beast that destroyed my life.
‘Yusuf what are you doing here?…’ aunty Gloria asked him angrily.
Damon and Stefan didn’t even spare him a glance, they just faced there food so I did.
‘Is that how you welcome your dear husband after three weeks of seeing him love…’ he replied.
Husband you say, Yusuf Gatewood I don’t have a husband infact to make it clear to you I WANT A DIVORCE…’ she said and Mr Yusuf’s eye nearly fell out of it surket.
‘What did you just say Gloria?…’ he asked in disbelief.
‘I can see you have suddenly gone deaf so
I will repeat my statement, I said I WANT A DIVORCE…’ she repeated.
Mr Yusuf let out a devilish laugh, then clean his face with his handkerchief.
‘I didn’t come here for you, I came to see my son Damon so when am ready to listen to your ranting I will contact you…’
He said making aunty Gloria to drop her spoon drive and glass of water and left the dinning angrily.
Immediately she left he took his eye to Damon from Damon to Stefan then me.
‘You most be the new maid my wife employed?…’ he asked as much as I felt like squeezing the day light out of him I had no choice than to reply.
‘Yes sir…’ I simply said trying my best to control my temper.
‘Good since your done eating can you give me a little privacy I need to talk to my sons…’he said and I nodded and stood up and exited the dinning.
I left the dinning room to the living room took the TV remote control and they were showing my favorite show.
So I relaxed to enjoy my show.
♣Damon’s Pov♣
Immediately Elena exited the the dinning room Stefan and I started looking at my dad meanly.
‘Ehhh… I came to see the the two of you, you guy know you are the heirs of my wealth and so i think we should get close.…’ he said and Stefan and I look at each other then took our eyes back to him.
‘I don’t understand where you’re driving at…’ Stefan said.
‘Okay Damon your fiancee came today did you see her? infact i was expecting to see her around because she said she was spending a night?’ he asked.
‘Oh you mean the ugly bitch with the heavy makeup on her face?…’ I asked back.
‘What type of statement is that? how dare you speak of your fiancee in that manner huh?’ he fired angrily.
As if I care.
‘Mr Yusuf you have no right whatsoever to pick a wife for me, I’m 24 years old and a man now not a kid…’ I fired back.
‘i’m your father Damon and I have every right to find a bride for you…’ he said and I started laughing.
‘Damon what’s funny?…’ he asked looking confused.
‘Of course you are funny instead of you to go pay your new wife I guess a visit your here…’ I replied.
‘What do you mean my new wife?…’ he asked looking even more confused.
‘Mom asked for a divorce, I guess the Selena girl is going to replace her…’ I said with a mocking face and Stefan laughed hard.
Making him red out of anger.
‘Your Mom and I are never gonna divorce…’ he said and that was when Stefan spoke up.
‘Mr Yusuf Gatewood if you refuse to give mum the divorce she asked for, I will personally take you to court…’
My dad was so shocked that he didn’t know what else to say, he later let out an evil smile.
‘Stefan I know about your new chef girlfriend if you don’t want to wake up and hear she’s dead you behave…’ he said.
Such a fool I thought.
‘Am sorry to disappoint you dad but my chef girlfriend like you call her us no longer in the country so do your worst…’ Stefan replied.
And dad angrily stood up and left.
Stupid fool.
♣Selena’s Pov♣
Next morning……💗💗
The sound of my phone ringing woke me up from sleep.
I opened my eyes and stretched tiredly before looking for my phone.
When I found it I saw I had five missed calls from an unknown number.
I hissed and went into the bathroom brushed my teeth and washed my face.
I always have a routine of taking my bath early in the morning but am to hungry to do that.
Why am I even this hungry? I thought.
And then it occurred to that I didn’t eat last night I just slept with an empty stomach.
The incident that happened yesterday came to my mind and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
I took my phone and started walking to the kitchen and when I got to the kitchen no one was there.
I opened the fridge and smiled, I took some fruit and orange juice.
A text came into my phone with an unknown number.
‘Who could this be?…’
T. b. c…
Who do you think owns the unknown number?🤔🤔
And don’t you think Mr Yusuf has a hidden plan?
The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 17
♣Mr Yusuf’s Pov♣
Some hours ago……💗💗
bodyguardely i left my children’s house my car where outside the estate with my bodyguards everywhere.
I was so angry that I didn’t even wait for my men to open the car door for me.
I just opened it and stepped into the car while the driver drove off.
I’m not angry because of the way my kids spoke to me.
I am only angry because Gloria asked me for a divorce.
I know I’m at to be blamed all I did was cause her pain.
First I took the life of her best friend more like her sister from another mother and same with her children that did nothing to me.
And secondly our only daughter and I stopped caring about her.
I move out of our bedroom.
Right now I feel so so hurt, I know she will asked for a divorce but I never expected it this soon .
I planned to surprise her on her birthday coming up in few months time but boom! she asked for a divorce.
I really love her so so much and I can’t loose her not when she’s the only one the kids listens to.
The car stopped at the house and I stepped down and went to straight to my office.
When I got there I pressed my pass code and the door opened, the only one that knows the pass code is Charles my trusted men.
I immediately went in and sat down on my office chair.
I heard a knock at the door.
‘come in…’ I said tiredly.
The door opened and one of my men the one encharge of Apple the assassin came in.
He better come with good news if not I will shot him right this minute.
‘Is she dead?…’ I asked immediately he came in.
‘No boss, before we got there the whole place was empty…’ he replied with his head bowed.
‘You mean to say no one was there huh?…’ I asked angrily.
‘Yes boss…’ the idiot replied.
I opened the drawer and brought out my gun and fired two bullets on him and he dropped dead on the floor.
After that I dialed Charles number on my telephone and he picked up at the first ring.
☎️’Hello Charles…’
☎️’Yes boss…’
☎️’Come to my office immediately, I want you here in less than 30 seconds…’
☎️’Okay boss…’ he said and hang up.
Few seconds later……💗💗
A knock landed on the door.
‘Come in…’ I said and the door opened and Charles walked in.
‘Clear the mess…’
I said and he nodded and brought out a body bag and wrapped the dead body with it and carried it out.
Immediately he left I dialed my private cleaners number and after few rings he picked up.
☎️’Come to my office immediately…’
☎️’Okay Sir…’ he replied and I hang up.
He walked in and after greeting me he set to work.
After a while he was done clearing the blood he took his cleaning tools and left my office.
Leaving me all to myself in my world of thought.
I have lots of problems right now, both family problems and social problems.
Firstly my wife wants a divorce after like 35 years of marriage.
To my kids not wanting to set there eyes on me.
And the nightmare I always have about how I killed my friend and his family.
And now two great killers are after my life.
Is like my head wants to explode because of my everyday thinking.
I sighed tiredly and placed my head on my office desk.
The sudden loud sound of my phone ringing woke me up.
I looked around and saw I was still in my office, I guess I slept off.
I found my phone but the call as already ended, but immediately a text came in.
✉️’Dear president Yusuf Gatewood, there will be a meeting for all government officials today…’✉️
immediately another one came in.
✉️’Time:10:00 this morning, @The Presidential Villa…’✉️
I looked at the time and it was already 8 o’clock.
I have only one and half hour to prepare and get there.
I walked out of my office to the living room and when I got there I saw Charles sitting on the bar area smoking.
This boy really loves smoking a lot I thought.
‘Good morning boss…’ he greeted while I nodded.
‘Charles summon all the men excluding my bodyguards…’ I said and he nodded and left.
Few minutes later……💗💗
All the men sat down waiting patiently for me to make my announcement.
‘Good morning everyone…’
‘Morning boss…’ they said in union and I nodded.
‘Today is your work free day so go out and have fun…’ I said.
‘Thanks boss…’ they all said.
‘That will be all for now…’ i said left for my room to prepare for the meeting.
Today is going to be a long day.
♣Selena’s Pov♣
Who could that be?…’ I thought.
At first I didn’t want to open the text so I just sat down at the kitchen counter enjoying my orange juice and fruits.
After a little while another text came into my phone still with the unknown number.
I was still contemplating whether to open the text or not when my mom came into the kitchen.
‘Good morning mom…’ I greeted her happily.
‘Morning Lena, how was your night?…’ she asked.
‘It was lovely and your?…’ I asked back and she just sighed.
‘It was fine I guess…’ she replied and immediately dad walked into the kitchen.
‘Good morning huni…’ he said and gave mom a peck and she giggled like a baby.
‘Morning love…’ she replied.
‘Good morning dad…’ I greeted pecking him and he smiled.
‘Morning princess…’ he replied I guess his going to help mom to make breakfast today.
I left the two love birds and went back to my room.
when I got to my room, I went straight to the bathroom and and took a quick shower.
After applying my body lotion I wore a lace G-string pant, then wore a black jean bum short and a white braless crop top.
I sat on the bed then took my phone and unlocked the messages.
✉️’Hey beauty😘…’✉️
And the second one saying.
✉️’Hey beauty I didn’t mean to wake you up, I just missed you so much. It’s Charles…’✉️
And immediately i read that part I started feeling butterflies in my stomach.
I wonder how a guy I meant yesterday ended up having s£x with me and i let him.
And now at the mention of his name I feel butterflies.
I quickly typed.
✉️’Good morning Charles am sorry I didn’t reply you on time I was a little busy…’✉️ I pressed the send button and it delivered.
In few seconds he replied.
✉️’Okay love I understand, so how was your night? hope you dreamt about me😋…’✉️
✉️’Lol my night was blissful n urs?’✉️
✉️’Same love, are you free today i wanna take you out on a date…’✉️
✉️’Yeah sure time?…’✉️
✉️’I will come pick you up my 5:00 so get ready bye for now love you…’✉️
I can’t wait.…’
♣Stefan’s Pov♣
When dad spoke about Terra my girlfriend I was scared but decided not to show it.
So immediately it was morning I took my bath very early and drove to her small apartment.
By then I was done process her travelling peppers.
And when I got there she was already done packing I told her I was going to fly her abroad.
So she can study her dream course which is food and nutrition.
I helped her with her bags and we journeyed to the airport.
Actually to avoid dad tracking us Damon asked me to go with his private jet.
When we got to the airport I kissed her good bye.
she was already in tears.
She when into the jet and the jet took off, I’m going to miss her but her safety is what matters more.
T. b. c….

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