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The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 18
♣Mrs Gloria’s Pov♣
I heard a loud knock on the door and I had no other choice but to open my eyes.
At first my vision was blur but after a little while the cleared, I looked at my environment.
And I saw I was lying down on the couch in my bedroom.
No wonder why my neck hurt this bad, I tried remembering why I slept on the couch not the bed.
After a while the incident that happened last night came flashing back to my memory.
Making be get so angry.
Who does he think he is to say his not giving me the divorce I want.
If he insists on not giving me a divorce then I will have to file for the divorce and if he doesn’t sign.
I will have to take him to court.
I can’t stand living with a man that killed his best friend or will I say the person he calls his best friend.
Killing my childhood best friend Juliet a pregnant woman for that matter.
In addition to my sweet Jeremy, I love that boy so much but my own husband killed a little child that had a bright future.
And alone the line he created a monster, the sweet shy Elena I know is no longer the Elena I see now.
I know if not for Damon, Stefan and I she would have killed my beast of a husband long time ago.
Before they kill him I will have to ask them for a favor and that to cut off his right ear.
Elena really deserve to be shown love because that’s the one thing she has never experienced.
This pass days I have seen her smile and laugh and I must say smiling looks good on her if only she knew.
I can’t believe the killer of my best friend, that I have been looking for all this while was still under my roof.
And I didn’t know.
And to top it all my own husband had the heart to murder my only daughter.
I mean our only daughter.
He murdered her in cold blood and Stefan has the whole evidence, he showed me the video of the

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murdered act last week.
And I felt so shattered.
And yet after doing all this he didn’t even pet me but all he did was to start giving me sudden attitude.
Firstly he deprived me of s£x, and then he stopped caring about me even when I was grieving my
late daughter.
He didn’t even care to comfort me or give me a shoulder to cry on.
It was my lovely sons that comforted me in my hard time.
And all of a sudden he packed out of our matrimonial bedroom to a different room.
Thinking about all this will only make me more depressed.
At least I need to pickup the pieces of my life and start all over.
I have two husbands that loves and cares for me so much.
So what else do I want, Yusuf can go to hell and burn for all I care.
heard the knock again at the door and a smile formed on my face.
‘Come in the door is open…’ I murmured softly and the door opened and Elena walked in
wearing a sports pants and a pink crop top.
When all this is over I really need to teach this girl how to dress like a woman. I thought.
‘Good morning aunty…’ she greeted with a smile.
I guess she woke up at the good side of the bed today.
‘Morning baby hope you slept well?…’ I asked with a smile too and she chuckled.
‘Come on aunty I always sleep well instead I should be the one asking you that how was your night?…’ she replied making me smile.
‘Of course I slept well baby, where are you coming back from this early…’ I asked with a smile frown.
‘Oh about that, Damon and I went to the gym house for a little work out…’ she replied.
‘Wow lovely…’
‘Now I remember early this morning Damon and I came to wake you up so we all can go to the gym together.
But we knocked and knocked and knocked yet no response…’ she said.
‘What am I going to the gym to do?…’ I asked with a surprise look on my face and she chuckled.
‘Come on aunty haven’t you been looking at the mirror lately? you look so fat or don’t you want to look s£xy so you will find a new husband?…’
she asked with an amusing look on her face on her face.
‘Wtffffff!…’ I shouted and she giggled like a new born baby making me smile.
‘And one more thing aunty please freshen up and go to the kitchen and prepare something we are fricking starving…’
she said and i couldn’t help but
‘Okay sweetheart I will be down in a minute…’ I replied and she smiled kissed my cheek before exiting my bedroom.
I better freshen up quickly before my kids starve to death.
Few minutes late……💗💗
Elena helped me in the cooking, I didn’t even know she was so good at cooking.
I thought with the way she grew up she won’t know how to cook but to my surprise she is so good in that.
I asked her how is was able to learn how to cook and she told me she finished her training as an assassin at age 14.
But she didn’t want to stay, so with the money she had already made she was able to start her own assassin.
And along the line she came across this poor old woman and her grandson Ben and she made them her new family.
So it was the old woman she calls granny that thought her how to cook.
I can’t still believe my husband made a little girl pass through all this awful experience.
To the extent of her loosing her virginity at a small age all in the name of training an assassin.
Few hours later……💗💗
After eating we breakfast we all decided to go swimming.
Although Elena refused saying she can’t wear those awful dresses we call bikini funny right.
After a while she accepted and right now we are at the pool I didn’t feel like swimming since the doctor said I shouldn’t be exposed to cold.
I just sat down with a class of strawberry juice since that’s my favorite.
And watching Elena, Damon and Stefan play with the water.
No matter how tough she claims to be she is still a little girl who need love and care .
And am ready to give it to her.
Even if that’s the last time I have to do I will do it.
For Juliet.…
♣Selena’s Pov♣
Later in the evening……💗💗
After my daily job which includes a photo shoot, I got a big contract with one of the best modeling companies
in California and also a contract with a skin care products of with they want me as there brand ambassador.
In addition with with a fashion brand contact, Candy my best friend gave me since she pregnant and can’t model for the main time.
One more thing you guys don’t know above me is am also a wedding planner and am the one organizing
Candy and Dan’s wedding, Dan and I has sorted out our differences.
That was after Candy apologize to me for having an affair with Dan while we were still dating.
Everything happens for a reason so I didn’t get angry.
Dan and I are better off being best friends.
Am all dressed up waiting for Charles to come pick me up.
To show how happy my mum is she even help me with my makeup.
She also advised me to stop applying heavy makeup on my face.
According to her am very beautiful so applying heavy makeup will only ruined my face.
So she just applied light makeup on my face.
After a while of waiting a text came into my phone, at first I thought it was from Charles but I was rough.
It was actually from my big brother my joy had no bounds.
I immediately opened the text and read.
✉️’Hey my love so for ignoring you all this while, am coming home with my wife and daughter today…’✉️
I nearly jumped up out of joy.
✉️’Okay big brother is more aware?…’✉️I sent and in less than a minute he replied.
✉️’No love it’s a surprise between dad and I so don’t spoil the fun.…’✉️
✉️’Okay big brother bye…’✉️ I sent and immediately i heard the door bell ring.
I guess his here already.
I quickly adjusted my dress I walked to door and opened it.
And saw him standing at the door looking as handsome as ever.
‘Hey you’re here…’ I said with a smile.
‘Yes so shall we?…’ he asked with a killer smile and I nodded and locked my hand with his and he lead me to his sport car.
When we got to were the car was parked he opened the car door for me and I got in.
Such a gentleman…
He also got in and we drove off, after a few minutes of fun drive.
The car finally came to an hint in front of an experience Chinese restaurant.
He came down and opened the door for me and I got down.
He still locked his hand with mine and started walking in.
I guess today is gonna be fun…😊
T. b. c…
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The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter💕📚
Episode 19
Semi final
♣Sting’s Pov♣
I and Apple or will I say Elena my cousin has officially meant.
And I most say she’s one hell of a tough girl now.
A little girl I was already a man when she was born gave me one hell of a beaten.
Although I pretended as if I was holding back but I wasn’t.
And even as we speak my hands are still on bandage and my face on plaster.
Charles my best friend was there when the incident took place and he also knows i was telling lies.
And I most say if Elena was to be a mafia Lord we all would have been under her.
With the help of Damon Stefan and Charles I have been able to gather enough
evidence to put Mr Yusuf behind bars where he belongs.
At first when I came back to California my aim was to kill his whole family.
But getting here and finding out he murdered his own daughter.
I changed my mind and to top it all his wife and children are ready to help me take there father down.
With the help of Charles I was able to get his phone email login.
I with it I had every assess to his phone unknown to him.
I saw the email sent to him this morning and I smiled.
‘I think it time I take him down for good…’
Few hours later……💗💗
I and my men where waiting for him a little miles away from the presidential villa.
After what felt like forever we saw his car coming.
‘Come on boy get ready…’ I said.
Immediately the cars came close to where we were we double crossed it.
And like a flash all his foolish bodyguards were lying on the ground lifeless.
I looked at the he-goat as he was shivering in fear.
‘Please gentleman let’s talk like matured individuals, how much do you want?…’ he said nonchalantly.
what a fool.
‘Mr Yusuf Gatewood or will I say president Yusuf Gatewood you think everything can be bought with money huh?…’ I asked him with a smile.
‘Of course what can’t money buy?…’ he replied making me chuckle.
‘Can money buy life ? no I don’t think so…’ I said and immediately i heat him with my gun and he passed out.
Two of my men carried him into the car and we drove off.
In no time we got to one of my warehouse and bought when i came to California.
My men took him inside and I made sure he was chained properly because the man is so cony.
I took my phone immediately and dialed Damon’s contact and after few rings he picked up.
📱’Hello Sting…’
📱’Damon your dad is in my costudy so I advice you guys start coming immediately …’
📱’Okay we will be on our way not to worry…’
📱’Yeah but don’t forget to tell Stefan to come with the evidence, I have spoken with Elena so she can come along…’
📱’Okay we will be on our way…’
📱’One more thing immediately you guys get here call the police…’
I said and immediately hang up.
very soon I will bring justice to my late brother and his family.
♣Damon’s Pov♣
Immediately the call ended I came out of the pool and tried highlighting Elena and Stefan.
But they weren’t looking my way, I don’t want my mom to know about it.
After so many felled calls I had to say it out, like I had a choice.
‘Apple and Stefan we should start heading to stings warehouse dad has been caught…’ I said and they immediately left the pool.
Mom turned towards our direction and started following us inside.
Few minutes late……💗💗
We were already done dressing up and ready to go.
but all of a sudden mom came out all dressed.
‘Mom were are you going to?…’ i asked confused.
‘Where does it look like am going? am coming with you guys of course…’
‘No aunty it not safe for you, you will have to stay at home it not a request but an order…’ Elena say and mom nodded.
Elena Stefan and I took the car keys can’t set to the journey.
in less than few minutes we stopped in front of the big warehouse.
‘Stefan stay behind and call the police…’ Elena said to Stefan with her eye blood shot.
Stefan nodded and the two of us journeyed into the warehouse.
passing different mean looking guys.
When we got there my dad was already awake blabbing on how his going to deal with Sting.
Sting just sat down on one of the chairs in the torture room smoking.
Immediately my dad saw me he smiled and said.
‘Oh son thank God you are here…’ he was saying but when he noticed the person behind me.
I saw fear all over his face.
and then I started wondering what we saw that made him so scared.
I looked at Elena and saw the cloth she was wearing was boldly written APPLE.
And immediately Stefan walked in looking at at dad angrily.
‘Hello Mr Yusuf Gatewood, at last you finally meant me…’ apple said with a voice filled with hatred.
‘Before I start my torture on you I will like to tell you a little story…’ she said with an evil smile.
‘Once upon a time……
T. b. c…
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