At the End of the Tunnel


At The End Of The Tunnel – Episode 3
© Jennipher Duru

Brian came back from work as soon as he could. He found his wife seating in the living room, looking so restless.

Brian: What is going on honey? Can you please explain to me?

Mama Stella: Honey I am sorry for making you leave the office before time, but I couldn’t control my anger. I came back home because I forgot my purse and to my greatest surprise, I found Nadia and Godwin quarrelling. They didn’t know I was listening in to their conversation. Godwin was asking Nadia to abort the child saying he has a pharmacist friend that can do it without any complications. That is where I intervened. Godwin has run away, and this foolish girl is in the children’s room.

Brian went to the children’s room and knocked gently on the door. “Nadia, come out please. Don’t be afraid. Nobody is beating you. We just need to talk” he said

After a few minutes, Nadia opened the door. She failed to look into the eyes of Brian. She just looked down because of how ashamed she was. Brian took her by the hand and took her to the living room.

“You are not even ashamed of yourself. After every warning I gave you, you still went ahead and opened your legs for a man old enough to be your father.” Mama Stella shouted.

“Honey, please calm down. This is not how issues get solved. Nadia take a seat. We need to talk” Brian said.

Nadia sat down. Mama Stella sneered at her she sat down.

Brian: Nadia. Is it true that you are pregnant?

Nadia: Ye…ye..yes daddy

Brian: How did you know that you are pregnant?

Nadia: I had missed my period for more than 3 weeks. I started feeling strange so I decided to go to the hospital when Mummy had gone out. It was there that the Doctor told me that I am 5 weeks pregnant.

Brian: Since when have you been seeing Godwin and how did you begin your relationsh¡p?

Nadia: he started asking me out since the time he came to stay with us. I had always been refusi……

Mama Stella shouted “Where were you refusing? Didn’t I find you talking to him in the kitchen one day like a w-t chicken? I warned you but you didn’t…….. “

“Honey, I think I will soon ask you to leave if you can’t be calm for a while. I have asked you to allow me handle this matter please!” Brian said

Nadia went down on her knees and cried “Daddy and mummy I am really sorry. I am ashamed of myself, please forgive me”

Brian: Get up. I hope you understand the consequences of your actions. Your biological mother is going to be very disappointed in you. Stella and I have tried our best to teach you the right way, but I guess you thought we were being foolish. Godwin is my brother, but I cannot guarantee you that he will take proper responsibility for you or even your child. Before my wife and I can inform your parents, I will need to speak to Godwin and hear what he has to say. Now you go and continue your work and we shall talk later.

Mama Stella: No, no no, don’t even think of touching my food with your dirty hands. Let me cook myself.

Brian: Ok Nadia go to your room now. I will call you later

Nadia hurried off to her room for the fear of being beaten by Mama Stella. Brian asked his wife to calm down and allow him handle the matter in a correct manner. He picked up his phone and called Godwin.

Godwin arrived a few hours later and went to the living room where Brian was waiting for him.

Brian: Godwin, I have heard everything that happened today. I first of all want to find out from you. Are you the father of this child?

Godwin: Yes I think so, though I can’t be 100% sure because these small girls can trap someone

Brian: Ah so you actually know that Nadia is a small girl and yet you went ahead and did with her things that small girls don’t do hun?

Godwin was quiet.

Brian: I cannot say I am disappointed in you because this is not the first time you are causing trouble. The only thing I can swear to you this time around is that you will take responsibility of your actions. And I want you to tell me what you plan to do.

Godwin: Well I don’t know. I asked her to abort this child but she has refused. I have so many things to sort out in my life and a baby will just add to the burden

Brian: Did you say abortion? Godwin, are you out of your mind? Do you know the number of girls and women that have died while trying to abort? If anything happens to this girl, we shall all be held accountable. You need to accept responsibility of this child.

The discussion went on for at least two hours before Godwin finally accepted to go and see Nadia’s mother.

Nadia’s parents were both so ashamed of what their daughter had done. They requested that she starts living with them from that time onwards, but Mama Stella refused.

Mama Stella: Mama Nadia, I understand how you feel, but you don’t have to worry about anything. I know that my husband and I are upset with what she has done, but that will not stop us from taking care of her. Since Godwin has accepted to take responsibility of his child, she can still stay with us. You have too many problems to handle and if we can help reduce the stress, we are willing. We have decided that Godwin finds his own flat so that he can be independent enough. According to him, he plans to marry her once the baby is born.

Nadia’s mother: My husband and I can never be able to pay you for what you have done. Only God will reward you for your kindness.

Things seemed to have returned to normal. Godwin was now living in another area, but visited the family during the weekends. Nadia was already 5 months pregnant. Mama Stella had decided to hire another maid to help her out because of her state. She bought her a lot of items for the baby in advance. Despite the shameful thing that Nadia had done, Mama Stella had put everything behind her and was excited to hear the cry of a baby in the house.

It was Sunday evening and the wh0le family was in the living room watching TV. Nadia, who had gone to visit Godwin, arrived, looking quite tired. “Hello Big belly, you look tired. How is your husband to be? Why did he allow you to come alone in your state? He could have esc-rted you” Mama Stella asked.

“He is fine. He sends his regards. He said he had some business to do with his client so he just paid for the taxi and asked him to drop me home. I am indeed very tired. I am just going to have some rest. No need to call me for dinner. I am already full” Nadia said, holding her wa-ist.

They all ate supper and went to sleep. At around midnight, they heard someone scre-ming. Mama Stella, Brian, the kids and the new maid all ran to see what was going on. It was Nadia. She was scre-ming in pain as she lay on her bed. “My stomach, my stomach! I am dying!” she scre-med.

Mama Stella went to hold her to see what was wrong. Nadia continued scre-ming in agony. Mama Stella asked Brian to help her lift her up so that they could take her to the nearest hospital. Immediately she rose up, blood from Nadia’ s beneath flowed like water from the tap. Brian shouted in amazement. Mama Stella didn’t know what to do. “Nadia, Nadia, what have you done? Did you try to abort your child?” she shouted.

Nadia was gasping for breath when she finally answered “No, no mummy. I didn’t do anything”

They put her in,side the car. Mama Stella had used two wrappers to cover her in order to absorb the blood. Nadia struggled in the car. Suddenly, it dawned on Mama Stella that Nadia had gone to visit Godwin that day. “Nadia, did Godwin give you anything strange to drink?” she asked

“No mummy, just a glass of orange juice” Nadia answered. Brian looked at Mama Stella as he drove.

The Doctor confirmed that Nadia had lost her baby through abortion. He further said a harmful substance was given to her to terminate the pregnancy and asked that they inform the police as soon as possible because Nadia’s reproductive org-ns were terribly affected. “She risks the chance of not being able to bare children again” the Doctor said.

Mama Stella and Brian were convinced that Godwin had put the harmful substance in her drink. Nadia was in intensive care unit the wh0le night. Brian had tried to get hold of Godwin, but he was not responding to the calls. The following morning, he decided to go and see him in his house, but he found that the door was locked.

“Excuse me sir, are you looking for someone” a young man who was seating near the house said.

“Yes please, I am looking for the man that stays in this house. His name is Godwin” Brian answered

“Oh sorry sir, the man packed out of this house last night. He no longer lives here” the young man said

Brian put his two hands on his head. “My God! What has this man done to us”. He said

Brian entered his car and stayed stagnant for a while. “I should have listened to my wife when she asked me not to allow him stay with us. Now Nadia hangs between life and death and this foolish man is nowhere to be seen”. He thought to himself. He picked up his phone and dialed his father’s number in the village. He explained everything that had happened and his father promised to inform him if at all he saw Godwin. He also called Godwin’s friend but he said he had no information of his whereabouts.

Nadia was now awake although she was very weak. Mama Stella was resting on her bedside as she had stayed awake throughout the night to keep an eye on her.

“Mummy, what happened to my baby? Am I still pregnant?” Nadia said as she touched her stomach.

Mama Stella woke up and looked at her feeling so sorry “Nadia you need to rest now. Let me call the nurse now that you are awake” she said

“No mummy, I want to know. Did anything happen to my baby?” She cried

“Yes. You lost the baby. The Doctor said you took a harmful substance that harmed the baby” she answered.

Nadia cried with the little strength she had. “I know it’s Godwin that did this. Now I understand why he was in such a hurry for me to leave. He gave excuses that he had some urgent business to carry out. He will never have peace in his life” she said.

Mama Stella comforted her and called for the nurse to attend to her. She stayed in the hospital for 5 days before she was later released.

5 years had passed since the incident. Nadia was back on her feet and had continued living with Mama Stella’s family although she was now engaged to a certain young man. Their wedding was coming up in six months time. She was excited and so was Mama Stella. Mama Stella was making all the preparations although deep in,side her she was also sad to see her go. Nobody knew about Godwin’s whereabouts since then. At times his father would call Brian to inform him of his arrival in the village but before someone could get hold of him, he would disappear in thin air.

“h¡p h¡p Hurray! h¡p h¡p hurray!” The crowd sang as Florence blew off the candles on the cake. It was her 17th birthday and the family and friends had gathered to celebrate. She was in her last grade at secondary school and she had grown into a beautiful and hærdworking young lady. Austin was in his first year at University studying Agriculture science. As usual, he was a quiet and humble guy. Their parents were so proud of them.

Nadia brought some plates and shared the cakes among the guests. Florence’s father presented her a gift. “This is from your mom and I” he said. Florence excitedly opened it and saw that it was a laptop. She jumped up and down and hugged them both. “Thank you mom and dad” she said.

During bedtime, Brian spoke to his wife

Brian: Honey. My boss just called me today and informed me that I will have to travel to Somalia for a mission

Mama Stella: Somalia of all places?

Brian: Yes honey. We have a big factory there but they have been having some technical issues with specific machinery and since I am part of the few people that have knowledge in the kind of equipment in the Company, I need to be there. I am going with two other colleagues. But it won’t be for so long. Just 7 days

Mama Stella: Oh honey. I’ll miss you so much.

Brian: Me too but I’ll be back soon.

Mama Stella hugged Brian at the airport “Take care honey. May God be with you. I love you” she said to him. Her kids and Nadia were also there. They all waved to him as he entered the boarding area.

To be continued

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