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By Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Previously on Audio Boyfriend]
It was after seven, and th£ shop was ab©vt clos!ng for th£ day wh£n I h£ard a familiar voice
call my name.
I turned know!ng who it is already.
“Tee, I’m sorry.” h£ said.
“Sorry ab©vt what?” I asked.
“Ab©vt leav!ng you at th£ restaurant.” h£ said.
“You don’t need to. You should leave now.” I said.
“I will give you sometime to get over th¡s. Take ¢ar£.” h£ said and with that, h£ walked away.
I exhaled.
🌼Writer’s pov🌼
At 5:30pm Sara h£aded to Jasm!n’s residence. Wh£n $h£ got th£re, Jasm!n was already
wait!ng for h£r.
“You are ten m!nutes late.” Jasm!n said and Sara rolled h£r eyes.
“Let’s go.” h£ said and walked pa$$. h£ wasn’t limp!ng much anym©r£.
Sara felt happy to see that.
h£ entered th£ driver’s seat and $h£ entered th£ pa$$enger’s seat.
“Isn’t Mr Williams go!ng?” $h£ asked.
“No,” h£ said and drove off.
Th£ journey to th£ movie was !n silence as both had th£ir different th!nk!ng to do.
Sara is curious on why th£y are go!ng to a movie.
Jasm!n is th!nk!ng of what next to do after th£ movie.
At th£ movie, th£y ate th£ir popcorns quietly as th£y watch£d th£ movie..
Th£re was no talk. Th£ movie ended and th£y h£aded [email protected]¢k home, so did Sara thought until
Jasm!n stopped at a quiet place.
“We will have a meal. You must be hungry.” h£ said.
“Yes I am.” Sara agreed.
Th£y ate silently at th£ restaurant and wh£n th£y were done, th£y h£aded home !n an
awkward silence.
“You should take me home. It’s past ten.” Sara said.
“Ofcourse.” Jasm!n said and turned to Sara’s home.
h£ ₱v||ed !nto h£r apartment and Sara unf*stened h£r seatbelt, grabb£d h£r bag and was
ab©vt walk!ng ©vt wh£n Jasm!n grabb£d h£r [email protected]
“What?’ $h£ asked.
Jasm!n sigh£d. “Won’t you say goodnight huh?” h£ asked.
“Oh I forgot, goodnight..” Sara said.
Jasm!n sigh£d, anxious of what h£ is ab©vt to do next.
“You are still hold!ng me.” Sara said.
Jasm!n leaned closer and Sara’s eyes went wide open as h£ klzzed h£r for th£ second time!
Sara’s ch£ek went h°t.
h£ withdrew and felt k!nda shy. “I’m sorry, I had to klzz you with©vt your permission aga!n.”
h£ said.
Sara looked at h¡m for awhile before putt!ng h£r [email protected] at th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s h£ad, leaned closer
and klzzed h¡m.
Th¡s time, both klzzed each oth£r and wh£n th£y withdrew… Th£y were spark of love !n th£ir
“Goodnight.” Sara said and with that, $h£ walked ©vt, closed th£ door and went !nto h£r
Jasm!n touch£d h¡s l¡ps.
That night, Jasm!n stared at th£ ceil!ng for hours, wonder!ng if h£ had fell for th¡s Sara
with©vt even realiz!ng it.
Sara tossed and turned on h£r b£d, wonder!ng why $h£ had to klzz h¡m [email protected]¢k.
$h£ was so stupid to! Or wasn’t $h£?
Th£ next day, h£r phone r!ng!ng, woke h£r up.
$h£ picked it up and Jasm!n’s voice came on.
come to Banville.” h£ said.
Sara didn’t h£sitate to say. “okay. I will be th£re soon.”
$h£ flung h£r phone away, sprang up from th£ b£d and ru$h£d to th£ bathroom to bath£.
An later, $h£ walked !nto Jasm!n’s house and straight up to h¡s practice room.
Wh£n $h£ opened th£ door, $h£ met h¡m practic!ng.
$h£ looked at th£ oth£r end and saw th£ treatment box.
$h£ smiled and walked !n. “Good morn!ng. I’m h£re.” $h£ said.
Jasm!n didn’t stop danc!ng but th£n wh£n h£ tried turn!ng aga!n, h£ fell.
Sara got th£ box and started th£ treatment on h¡m.
$h£ stayed with h¡m..
Ate breakf*st with h¡m and strolled ab©vt th£ house with h¡m and ₱|@yed so many games
togeth£r and th£y ended up dr!nk!ng alcohols !n h¡s room as th£ both of th£m shared th£ir
sad stories.
Jasm!n ab©vt h¡s parents divorce to h¡s one sided love and Sara, from h£r moth£r’s death to
h£r fath£r’s been hospitalized and h£r crazy idea of us!ng Jasm!n’s pictures to ga!n
Th£y both became pretty drunk.
Wh£n it was @r0vnd 7pm and $h£ wanted to go, Jasm!n couldn’t let h£r go.
h£ hugged h£r from beh!nd. “Stay with me tonight.” h£ said
“No, I can’t. I have to go to my b£d.” $h£ said.
“But my b£d is m©r£ wide and soft.” Jasm!n said.
“No I can’t stay. I will j√$t go and come [email protected]¢k tomorrow.” Sara said and tried gett!ng up but
Jasm!n dragged h£r with h¡m and $h£ fell on h¡s b©dy.
“It’s better th¡s way.” Jasm!n said as h£ began ¢ar£ss!ng h£r hair.
Sara smiled as $h£ immediately slept off on Jasm!n’s b©dy.
Th£ next day, Jasm!n was th£ first to wake up. h£ saw Sara ly!ng awkwardly with h£r h£ad
on h¡s armpit and one of h£r leg on top h¡s and one of h£r [email protected] on h¡s stomach.
h£ yawned and sat up. h£ shifted th£ hair str!ngs cover!ng h£r sleep!ng face as h£ stared
amaz!ngly at h£r.
”you are beautiful.” h£ muttered. h£ took th£ duvet and covered it well on h£r th£n got ©vt of
th£ b£d and h£aded to th£ bathroom to clean up.
h£ bru$h£d and wa$h£d h¡s face. h£ th£n changed !nto a tracksuit, walked ©vt of th£
bathroom, grabb£d h¡s phone and h£aded ©vt of th£ room to h¡s practice room.
h£ has only th¡s morn!ng to practice. h£ put !n all h¡s best.
h£ hasn’t even gotten to th£ middle of th£ dance wh£n th£ door opened and Sara’s smil!ng
self walked !n.
$h£ had woken up immediately h£ left..
$h£ was super happy and danced to th£ bathroom wh£re $h£ cleaned up and walked ©vt
still danc!ng too.
$h£ fell on th£ b£d, excited th£n stood up and ru$h£d ©vt.
Why’s $h£ so excited?
$h£ got to th£ practice room, opened th£ door and walked !n with a smil!ng face.
Jasm!n thought that $h£ has th£ prettiest smile.
“I will leave so you can practice.” $h£ said and was ab©vt walk!ng ©vt wh£n Jasm!n stopped
“Stay h£re and learn some m©v£s.” h£ said.
Sara smiled and walked fvlly !n.
$h£ sat d©wΠ on th£ floor and watch£d h¡m dance and $h£ prayed h£ doesn’t [email protected]||.
Wh£n it got to th£ side wh£re h£’s to turn, $h£ placed h£r [email protected] !n h£r b**t!ng ch£st. Jasm!n
saw that.
h£ breath£d !n and exhaled th£n turned and Wow!! h£ didnt [email protected]||.
Sara sprang up and clapped. “Yes! You did it. You did it!” $h£ said, smil!ng widely.
Jasm!n smiled.
Th£y had breakf*st togeth£r and it was time for Sara to go.
“I have to see my shop.” $h£ said.
“Okay but you have to come [email protected]¢k h£re by 5pm. Someone would come pick you up. You are
go!ng to th£ show with me,” J said.
“Okay.” Sara smiled and hurried to th£ shop. $h£ doesn’t need to go home for anyth!ng.
New cloth£s, underwears and every oth£r th!ng $h£ needed was brought to h£r !n th£
morn!ng by M!n ah.
Soon $h£ got to th£ shop and Ha nah couldn’t wait to h£ar every s!ngle th!ng that happened.
“Noth!ng happened.” Sara said as $h£ drank water from th£ water dispenser.
“Jeez are you kidd!ng me?” $h£ asked.
“What we did last was dr!nk!ng and [email protected]||!ng asleep.” Sara said.
“Th£n tell me all h£ said while be!ng drunk. h£ must have said alot.” Ha nah said.
“h£ did. I th!nk I did too.” Sara sigh£d.
“Th£n tell me everyth!ng and don’t leave anyth!ng.” Ha nah said.
Sara positioned h£rself to start.
Time pa$$ed so f*st and it was 5pm already with a car parked !n front of Sara’s shop.
$h£ said goodbye to Ha nah who was look!ng ©vt th£ w!ndow, with hope that it was Mr
Williams but it wasn’t.
$h£ sigh£d.
Sara left and th£y h£aded to Banville.
Th£y soon got th£re and wh£n Sara saw Jasm!n, h£r ch£ek went red.
h£ was smok!ng h°t !n h¡s dress!ng but h£ haven’t worn h¡s shoes.
“Don’t look at me like that. I will wear th£m wh£n we get th£re. M!n ah, take h£r to dress up.
Im giv!ng an hour only” Jasm!n said with an embarra$$ed smile.
Sara smiled.
“Please come with me ma’am.” M!n ah said. Sara followed m!n ah and th£y h£aded to a
room. Th£ same room $h£ had been dressed up three days ago for that !nterview.
Th£y entered and Sara [email protected] at th£ people |ns!de. Are all th¡s people go!ng to dress h£r
An hour later…
Jasm!n was ch£ck!ng h¡s wristwatch, it was 7:05 and h¡s perform!ng is by 8:30.
h£ was ab©vt ch£ck!ng th£ time aga!n wh£n h£ h£ard footsteps com!ng d©wΠ th£
h£ looked up and marveled at how beautiful $h£ became. Not that $h£ isn’t naturally
beautiful but $h£ was look!ng sooo beautiful !n that dress.
Jasm!n felt like walk!ng to h£r and klzz!ng h£r right th£re.
$h£ f!nally walked d©wΠ and smiled at h¡m.
“I’m done.” $h£ said.
Jasm!n smiled. “Let’s go th£n.”
“Yes. Let’s go.” $h£ said.
Jasm!n wasn’t limp!ng anym©r£ but h£ was tak!ng ¢ar£fvlly steps.
Mr Williams stood up from th£ couch and th£y h£aded ©vt.
Sara tried hold!ng Jasm!n’s h£lp to h£lp h¡m but h£ ₱v||ed away. “I’m f!ne walk!ng on my
own.” h£ said.
$h£ ignored that and h£ld h¡s [email protected] aga!n.
Jasm!n smiled. ‘Such a stubborn.’
Th£y got to th£ car and Jasm!n got !n, before Sara. Williams got !n th£ pa$$enger’s seat and
th£ driver drove off.
Th£y were h¡s securities wait!ng at th£ place for h¡m to arrive and wh£n th£ir car ₱v||ed !n,
th£ securities all surrounded h¡m and Sara.
Sara was like wow.
Th£y were a lot of paparazzi and so much fans, wait!ng for h¡m ©vtside.
Cameras began flash!ng h£re and th£re.
Oh my God! Jasm!n Taylor
Jasm!n Taylor!
I love you Oppa!
Oh my.. h£’s so h°t.
Jasm!n waved at th£m.
Wow.. $h£’s so beautiful
$h£’s h°t.
Th£y look perfect togeth£r
I love h£r hair.
I love you Park Sara.
I love you Park Sara.
“Seems you have fans already.” Jasm!n said to Sara who smiled.
Th£y f!nally got to th£ wait!ng room and Jasm!n was offered a couch to seat with h¡s
“We have thirty m!nutes to go.” Mr William said.
h¡s shoes were brought to h¡m and h£ was ab©vt putt!ng th£m on but Sara stood up, knelt
d©wΠ and took th£ shoes.
“I will h£lp you with it.” $h£ said and started with th£ left leg which wasn’t !njured.
Jasm!n thought at that moment that $h£ was amaz!ng.
$h£ laced th£ shoe so perfectly and tied it right th£n started with th£ oth£r leg.
“I will be very ¢ar£ful l.” $h£ a$$ured h¡m and of course, $h£ was. $h£ laced it and smiled at
“It’s all done.” $h£ said. Wh£n $h£ sat [email protected]¢k d©wΠ, Jasm!n smiled at h£r and said, “Thank
you Sara.”
At Elizabeth’s home, th£y were watch!ng th£ Live show.
Th£y showed wh£n Jasm!n and Sara arrived at th£ show.
“Wow.. It’s really h£r. $h£ really is h¡s girlfriend. I feel like dy!ng.” Eli’s sister lamented.
Elizabeth swallowed.
“Please don’t. j√$t bear it.” $h£ said.
h£r sister shook h£r h£ad. “No no I can’t. Ahhhh!” $h£ cried.
Eli still haven’t told h£r sister th£ truth. $h£ will certa!nly kill h£r th£ day $h£ will.
[email protected]¢k to th£ Show, It was five m!nutes left for Jasm!n to match !nto th£ stage.
Five guys !n almost same dress!ng with Jasm!n walked !nto th£ wait!ng room and Sara
wondered who th£y are.
“Can we do th¡s tonight?” One asked Jasm!n.
Jasm!n exhaled. “We will.”
Th£y hit [email protected] togeth£r.
‘Oh.. Th£y are h¡s dancers. h£’s so friendly with th£m.’ Sara amazed with!n.
“We are set to rock th£ stage.” Anoth£r said.
Sara turned to Jasm!n.
“You can do it.” $h£ said to h¡m. Jasm!n looked at h£r try!ng to f!nd hope !n h£r words.
“Believe that.” $h£ added.
“Should I?” h£ asked.
“Yes.. Fight!ng. Say it with me. Fight!ng!” $h£ said.
“Fight!ng!” Mr Williams said.
“Fight!ng!” Th£ dancers said.
It was rema!n!ng Jasm!n.
“Say it.” $h£ said to h¡m.
“F fight!ng..” h£ said.
$h£ smiled. “Fight!ng. Fight!ng.’
Th£y stood up, prepared and waited to be called on !n th£ next m!nute.
And wh£n Jasm!n Taylor was called, Th£ crowd went !nto an uproar as h£ match£d !nto th£
stage with h¡s dancers.
Th£ dance began and Sara placed h£r [email protected] on h£r ch£st as $h£ watch£d h¡m from th£ TV
h£ danced so perfect and wh£n it was time for th£ turn!ng, $h£ grabb£d h£r ch£st, pray!ng.
h£ turned and didn’t [email protected]||.
h£ did it!
Th£ dance ended.
Sara jumped up from th£ coup, clapp!ng.
“h£ did it. h£ did it!” $h£ smiled excitedly.
Mr Williams was happy.
“Wow, that was a h°t dance. Even with your !njured leg. You danced so perfectly.” Th£
stage manager said to Jasm!n as h£ gave h¡m a microphone.
Jasm!n smiled, gett!ng th£ mic close to h¡s l¡ps.
“Thank you fans. Sarangh£ (I love you)..” h£ said and did th£ shape of h£art with h¡s f!ng£rs.
Th£ crowd s¢r**med.
“Actually, I was surprised that I did it even with my !njury.
Th£re’s someone I wanna specially give ‘A thank you’ to.” h£ said.
Sara wondered who it is.
A little voice !n h£r h£ad told h£r it’s h£r but $h£ slapped that voice off.
“$h£ is amaz!ng. $h£ is courageous and beautifvlly fun to be with. $h£ stayed with me,
act!ng like my doctor and $h£ gave me every hope that I can do it tonight. $h£ is th£ most
amaz!ng woman i’ve ever met. My girlfriend Park Sara. Thank you Sara.”
Th£ crowd roared.
Sara [email protected]
“What? Me? Oh my God I can’t believe it.. I feel so h°t.” Sara said and stood up, fann!ng
h£rself with h£r [email protected]
“I’m so h°t. I’m so suddenly h°t. It was really mean. Park Sara. It was me h£ said all that
Sara smiled.
“Ahh I’m really suffocat!ng with h°tness.” $h£ said.
$h£ had no idea wh£n Jasm!n walked !n, sp!n h£r @r0vnd and klzzed h£r.
!n front of Mr Williams and h¡s dancers.
Sara eyes went wide open.
“Wowwwwww” th£y clapped.
Wh£n h£ ₱v||ed away, h£ stared deep !nto h£r eyes. “You are my girlfriend from today.” h£
said th£n came to h£r ear. “Not fake anym©r£ but my real girlfriend. I love you.” h£
wh¡spered !n h£r ear and Sara’s jaw dropped.
h£ hugged h£r.
At Thailand, Tetee smatch£d th£ gla$$ cup !n h£r [email protected] as $h£ listened to th£ thanks speech
Jasm!n gave to Park Sara.
$h£ fell d©wΠ !n tears.

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