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Baby And Me – Episode 24

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BABY AND ME Episode 24

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I drove to work us!ng one of Jude’s cars, I had a bittersweet feel!ng brew!ng !n my b©dy. I felt good ab©vt what happened b£tweeΠ us last night, we f!nally got somewh£re and I wanted us to take it even furth£r but th£n h¡s American friends were !n th£ country even th£ moth£r of h¡s child, what if th£y took h¡m away? What if I had to lose h¡m and baby Reign? I f!nally felt like I had purpose !n my life and that was lov!ng Jude and Reign so what would become of me if th£y were no longer th£re for me to love, ¢ar£ for and give me purpose?

I arrived at work still !n th£se thoughts, as soon as I entered th£ hospital, I was met at th£ door by one of th£ !nterns I worked with, I had a new patient on top of all th£ oth£r patients I already had to ch£ck on. We went straight to th£ patient’s room and it was a little boy

Me “what happened?”

!n ho “uh…h£ j√$t rega!ned consciousness, h£ was hit by a base ball while ₱|@y!ng !n th£ park”

Me “bleed!ng?”

!n Ho “I th!nk its !nternal”

Me “th£n why are we still h£re? Take h¡m for an MRI scan!”

!n Ho “yes Dr Seo!” Th£y wh£eled ©vt th£ boy who was sl¡pp!ng !n and ©vt of consciousness

Me “page me wh£n you get th£ results. I have to ch£ck on miss Kae !n”

!n Ho “yes Dr Seo!” I chuckled, h£ was such a cute and eager young guy and I loved work!ng with h¡m. I quickly went to ch£ck on my oth£r patients and that kept me so pre occupied, I didnt even have to time to th!nk ab©vt Blair Taylor, Reign’s birth moth£r and h¡s friends. Th£ hospital kept me busy and I liked that, I liked work!ng and putt!ng my knowledge !nto practise, neurology was excit!ng….you can learn everyth!ng you can ab©vt th£ bra!n but s!nce we can never fvlly learn everyth!ng ab©vt it, it surprises you everyday, th£ way it functions and h£als itself sometimes. Truly excit!ng times

Dur!ng my lunch break, I couldnt even sit d©wΠ for a sandwich because I had to prep for surgery, th£ little 9 year old boy I had seen earlier, h£ was bleed!ng !nto h¡s bra!n and rapidly so we had to prepare for emergency surgery to dra!n th£ blood and repair th£ damage. It was a simple surgery but you can never be too confident ab©vt th£se th!ngs, a lot can go wrong on th£ operat!ng table

Me “Kang !n ho?”

!n Ho “yes Dr Seo?”

Me “get ready to scrub !n” h¡s face broke !nto a bright smile

!n Ho “yes Dr Seo” I smiled [email protected]¢k, h£ was such a lovely person and some of th£ oth£r nurses. Th£ fellows though….th£y didnt really like me every time I entered th£ room, th£ laughter and chatter would die! Lucky for me I shared an office with someone who m!nded h£r own bus!ness, Mi Ho did not socialize at all, $h£ came to work and worked! Well I was no different eith£r # sigh

Th£ surgery went successfvlly and th£ young boy was go!ng to make a fvll recovery. I went straight to my office, I j√$t wanted to sit d©wΠ for a couple of m!nutes before gett!ng called ©vt aga!n. I slumped on th£ [email protected] and closed my eyes

Jude “tired?” I opened my eyes and saw h¡m hover!ng over me, I sat up

Me “h£y what are you do!ng h£re?”

Jude “I brought you lunch” h£ [email protected] me th£ paper bag that smelled like ddubokki

Me “oohh you’re th£ best!” h£ bent d©wΠ and klzzed me, I opened th£ food and took ©vt th£ chopsticks, I looked @r0vnd but I couldnt see Reign “Brec?”

Jude “aahh we couldnt get past th£ reception desk, everyone wanted a piece of h£r”

Me “aahhh $h£ gets attention wh£re ever $h£ goes that one”

Jude “our little star”

Me “mm” I started eat!ng and th£ flavours j√$t melted !n my m©vth, damn I was hungry

Jude “everyth!ng okay?”

Me “your friends”

Jude “aahh! I left th£m at th£ house, th£y were still rest!ng”

Me “what happens now? We j√$t…you know….and I want to see wh£re th¡s th!ng takes us but now with your friends h£re and Reign’s birth mom….” h£ took my food and put it aside th£n took my [email protected] !nto h¡s

Jude “baby, we have been wait!ng months for a chance like th¡s and I wont let anyone mess up what we have j√$t started, I also want to see wh£re it takes us and Yoona, you dont have to worry ab©vt Leila, you are Reign’s moth£r, $h£ loves you…that will never change”

Me “but it doesnt change th£ fact that $h£ is h£r mom and I’m not”

Jude “Leila left!” h£ snapped “$h£ left h£r wh£n $h£ was only a few days old, at my doorstep with noth!ng! $h£ th£n had th£ audacity to tell me that I should get rid of h£r should I f!nd that $h£ wasnt m!ne! Leila is not even a factor right now okay? Dont worry ab©vt h£r” I smiled fa!ntly “I’ll fix everyth!ng”

Me “okay” h£ klzzed me

Jude “I’ll go f!nd our daughter, $h£ will be happy to see you”

Me “me too” h£ stood up and left th£ room, while I f!ni$h£d eat!ng.




♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

After visit!ng Yoona at th£ hospital, I drove [email protected]¢k to th£ house and found Yoo Hye Jung at th£ gate

Me “Hye Jung” $h£ smiled

Hye Jung “Blair”

Me “everyth!ng okay?”

Hye Jung “mm, I was j√$t ch£ck!ng up on you, also I may have left a file h£re”

Me “aahhh that, I saw it…come !n” I opened th£ gate and we went to th£ house. I found my guests !n th£ kitch£n mak!ng th£mselves at home

Chase “Blair! You’re home…Hye Jung!”

Hye Jung “annyeo Chase” $h£ bowed

Chase “still look!ng as beautiful as every!”

Hye Jung “thank you”

Me “I’ll get your file” I gave h£r Reign th£n went to f!nd h£r file !n one of th£ drawers !n th£ kitch£n “found it!” I h£ld it up

Hye Jung “thank you” I didnt even want to !ntroduce th£ two strangers !n th£ kitch£n with Chase, I j√$t needed h£r to leave

Me “th£n, I’ll see you later?”

Hye Jung “yeah okay” $h£ klzzed Reign th£n gave h£r [email protected]¢k to me and $h£ left

Chase “still keep!ng th£ old squad I see” I only j√$t looked at h¡m, I didnt have th£ energy

Me “you guys well rested?”

Jay “yep! Your b£ds are th£ sh*t man! Your house is amaz!ng!”

Me “thanks Jay, have you eaten?”

Jay “no, we didnt even know what to make, all th¡s food is so unfamiliar” I grabb£d th£ phone and threw it at h¡m

Me “order !n, Chase will tell you wh£re”

Chase “arent you go!ng to cook for us? We’re your guests!”

Me “s!nce I wasnt prepared for any guests, I dont have anyth!ng to fvlly cater to you guys with…so order !n or dont eat at all”

Chase “whaaa! Wh£n did you become so cold h£arted?”

Me “I’m go!ng to put Reign d©wΠ, $h£’s tired”

Leila “can I do it?” I looked at h£r

Me “no”

Jay “uh come on man! $h£ needs to bond with h£r” I sh°t h¡m a deadly look

Me “you stay ©vt of th¡s”

Jay “damn! h£ really has become cold h£arted” I shook my h£ad and walked to Riri’s room. I put h£r on h£r cot th£n sang to h£r, $h£ liked that very much, my voice put h£r straight to sleep.

I h£ard th£m speak!ng as I walked over to my room

Leila “th¡s [email protected] than I thought it would be, h£ wants noth!ng to do with me, not to mention that Reign wont even let me touch h£r”

Jay “dont get discouraged, you knew it wasnt go!ng to be easy, babies are easy, j√$t keep try!ng with h£r and $h£ will get used to you too”

Chase “ya…you can try all you want with Reign but forget any chance with Jude, h£ is way over you”

Jay “is it because of that girl h£ was with earlier today?”

Leila “why didnt you tell us ab©vt h£r?”

Chase “I didnt know eith£r but $h£ is an h£iress, $h£ was even on th£ list of Korea’s youngest Billionares, $h£ is a real Chaebol and I know Jude, h£’s probably with h£r to get someth!ng. You see guys, h£ is no longer th£ guy you all used to know, Jude only looks ©vt for h¡mself and h¡s daughter, every th!ng h£ does is to provide a better life for Reign”

Leila “so you’re say!ng I wont get h¡m [email protected]¢k?”

Jay “thats nons£nse, Leila is Jude’s first love and th£ moth£r of h¡s child, $h£ j√$t needs to show h¡m that $h£ has changed and isnt th£ h£!nous cow who dumped h¡m and left h¡m with a new born”

Leila “h£y!”

Jay “which part is th£ lie?” Th£re was silence so I decided to walk ©vt

Me “have you guys ordered?”

Jay “we’re gett!ng pizza”

Me “okay” I walked to th£ kitch£n and took ©vt th£ left over spicy noodle stew from th£ previous night and warmed it up

Chase “Jude, you could at least try to act excited that we’re h£re”

Jay “I’m gett!ng th£ feel!ng that you dont want us h£re” I looked at th£m

Me “if I say I dont, will that make me a cold h£art jerk?”

Chase “yes!”

Me “look guys I’m sorry if thats how I come across but you must understand, you cant j√$t spr!ng a visit like th¡s on me…Chase knows that!”

Chase “okay okay! Jeez I am sorry…get over it now and j√$t enjoy th¡s time you have with your friends” how could I even beg!n to enjoy hav!ng th£m @r0vnd wh£n th£re was so much at stake now? Yoona and I j√$t got togeth£r last night th£n to top it all off, h£r fath£r knew my real identity and I couldnt h£lp but worry what h£ would do with that !nformation and worse part, th£y brought that Leila to my house! So how could I possibly even beg!n to enterta!n th£m?

Th£ microwave made th£ d!ng sound and I took ©vt my food, ₱v||ed ©vt a chair and started eat!ng

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

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