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Baby And Me – Episode 25

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BABY AND ME Episode 25

Jay “you have really adapted to th¡s life h£y? You speak th£ir language, you eat th£ir food and you even use th£se choptsicks, whatever happened to a fork and a knife or a spoon?”

Me “can I please j√$t eat with©vt you mak!ng a comment ab©vt every s!ngle th!ng?”

Jay “f!ne”

Chase “Jude, I’m sorry okay…I can see you’re not happy ab©vt th¡s”

Me “its not that Chase, you guys have j√$t come at a really bad time right now thats all”

Jay “what is it? Is someth!ng wrong?”

Me ” no…its j√$t an !nconvenient time thats all”

Chase “lets talk” I looked at h¡m and h£ signaled ©vt to th£ pool area, I sigh£d but stood up anyway and followed h¡m ©vt

Chase “so tell me, why are you !n such a bad mood?”

Me “Yoona’s fath£r knows….”

Chase “knows what?”

Me “that I am Jude Howard!”

Chase “what?!”

Me “h£ must also know why I faked my death man…h£ is estranged from h¡s daughter and h£ found ©vt that $h£ lives h£re so h£ did some !ntensive digg!ng up om me and found ©vt I’m Jude th£n told Yoona” h£ put h¡s [email protected] on h¡s h£ad and paced @r0vnd

Chase “oh no…th¡s is bad! What do you th!nk h£’ll do?”

Me “how should I know? I j√$t found ©vt th¡s morn!ng that h£ knows! Its been 2 months already and h£’s been really quiet, h£ isnt even pester!ng h¡s daughter anym©r£”

Chase “th£n maybe, maybe h£’s forgotten ab©vt th£ wh0l£ th!ng”

Me “you th!nk so? You th!nk that Chairman Seo II Joong will let some American boy cont!nue to live with h¡s daughter and do noth!ng ab©vt it?” h£ sat d©wΠ

Chase “no”

Me “now you brought Jason and Leila h£re so th£y could get mixed up !n all th¡s mess! Th¡s why you shouldnt have meddled!”

Chase “I’m sorry man, I didnt know….”

Me “thats is why you should have called!” I said, gritt!ng my teeth “now I have to deal with th¡s crap, gett!ng my relationship of th£ ground with Yoona, Jason and Leila? You have really ©vtdone yourself th¡s time Chase”

Chase “I said I’m sorry”

Me “I dont even want to h£ar it…sorry is not go!ng to h£lp me now”

Chase “we can take ¢©Πtr0| of th¡s situation” I looked at h¡m “you can j√$t s£nd th£ chaebol [email protected]¢k home to h£r daddy th£n go [email protected]¢k to th£ States with us, you’ll avoid all th¡s drama”

Me “shut up…if you’re not go!ng to be h£lpful th£n shut th£ f**k up!” I turned and walked [email protected]¢k to th£ kitch£n

Chase “j√$t th!nk ab©vt it man” I waved h¡m off, Jay was alone !n th£ kitch£n, eat!ng my food

Me “Ya!”

Jay “oh God, th¡s is really good, I found a fork” h£ h£ld it up with a smile, I chuckled

Me “aaahhh okay okay…you can f!nish it up” I noticed Leila wasnt !n th£ room “wh£re’s Leila?”

Jay “th£ kid’s room”

Me “what?” I turned and walked towards Reign’s room

I found Leila !n Reign’s room, $h£ was hover!ng over h£r? Watch!ng h£r sleep

Me “what are you do!ng?” $h£ looked at me with sad eyes and I felt noth!ng

Leila “$h£ is so beautiful, $h£ looks exactly like you”

Me “what are you do!ng Leila? Why are you even h£re?”

Leila “It took me a really long time to realise that I had made a terrible mistake, leav!ng you and leav!ng h£r….I j√$t, I guess Im hop!ng for a second chance”

Me “really? After what everyth!ng you did? You made me realise that you’re not th£ girl I thought you were, you proved everyone who warned me aga!nst you right…do you really th!nk you deserve a second chance?”

Leila “doesnt everyone?” h£r eyes were now smil!ng seductively, $h£ walked towards me and put h£r arms on me “come on Jude, remember all th£ good times we shared? Th£ struggles we went through togeth£r, how good I used to make you feel” $h£ ran h£r long f!ng£r on my face th£n placed it on my l¡ps “I can still make you feel that way, we can have th£ future you always talked ab©vt, me, you and our baby girl…we can be a family….come on, give it a chance, give us a chance aga!n…we can make th¡s work, I promise” $h£ stood on h£r toes and put h£r l¡ps on m!ne, I h£ld h£r shoulders and ₱u$h£d h£r [email protected]¢k. h£r eyes m©v£d from m!ne and looked at th£ door th£n $h£ smiled, I turned to face th£ door and Yoona was stand!ng th£re…….




♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I knew that with h¡s friends th£re, Blair Taylor and I wouldnt be able to have th£ privacy we needed to establish what we j√$t started, I knew I’d be com!ng home to a fvll house. Th£ m!nute I walked through th£ door, thats Chase belittled me from th£ word go, talk!ng to me like I was some uneducated freak. I ignored h¡m and let h¡m carry on th!nk!ng I couldnt speak English or understand it, !nstead I went to ch£ck !n Jude’s room but wh£n h£ wasnt th£re, I went straight to Reign’s room and thats wh£re I found that Leila chick klzz!ng h¡m

$h£ smiled as soon as $h£ saw me, I dont know if $h£ thought that would rattle me or someth!ng. Jude was shocked and I saw a little guilt dis₱|@yed on h¡s face, I smiled walked over to h¡m, I ₱v||ed h¡m away from Leila and gave h¡m a real deep klzz!ng, t0Πge and all th£n broke it, I looked at Leila

Me “and thats how its done” I said to h£r, $h£ sneered and walked ©vt

Jude “wow! What was that?”

Me “I saw what happened, you dont have to worry” h£ ₱v||ed me by my [email protected]¡$t and klzzed me

Jude *korean* “whaaa…my girlfriend is truly amaz!ng”

Me “girlfriend? I like it ”

Jude “really?”

Me “mm…uh, $h£ sleep!ng?”

Jude “yeah”

Me “I’m hungry, shall I make d!nner?”

Jude “arent you tired?”

Me “I had two hours of sleep at th£ hospital, I’m okay”

Jude “alright! My friends would love a traditional Korean meal”

Me “I’m sure th£y would” I lifted my ch!n up and h£ klzzed me.

I changed ©vt my cloth£s and wore h¡s sweater and my sweat [email protected] I went [email protected]¢k ©vt to th£ guys and started on supper while th£y watch£d tv, Blair seemed to be enjoy!ng h¡mself @r0vnd h¡s friends even though th£ wh0l£ situation was a little tense but it was good for h¡m to be @r0vnd h¡s people. Th£ pots were already boil!ng on th£ stove wh£n Brec woke up s¢r**m!ng h£r lungs ©vt

Jude “aaahhh th£re $h£ goes”

Me “I’ll get h£r” h¡s friends turned to look at me

Chase “uh! You cant speak English?! Th£n why have you been pretend!ng you couldnt?!”

Me “I never did that, I wont be h£ld accountable for your dumb stereotypical chauv!nist racist op!nions” I walked to Reigns room and $h£ was already up on h£r feet

Me “must you always wake up like that?” I went to take h£r and wiped h£r tears “its okay, you’re not alone…mommy is h£re” I klzzed h£r and $h£ laid on my ch£st, we walked ©vt and I went to put h£r !n h£r chair

Me “hungry?”

Chase “ya…you dont have be to be so rude okay? I will be th£ best and yours and Jude’s wedd!ng so you better be nice to me if you want th£ best best man toast” I laugh£d

Me “th£n maybe you can stop be!ng a racist pig” h£ jumped from th£ [email protected] and walked to th£ kitch£n

Chase “I’m sorry, its j√$t that th¡s morn!ng, you didnt respond wh£n I spoke to you, so I thought….”

Me “I cant speak nor understand English”

Chase “yet you speak it so well, you dont even have th£ funny weird accent” I laugh£d

Me “well I had a very expensive education”

Chase ” I wouldnt expect anyth!ng less from a chaebol”

Me “and so you shouldnt”

Chase “I apologise…I may have an over bear!ng personality but I am not a racist nor am I a pig”

Me “good th£n, we will get along great!”

Chase “you’ll be nice to me?”

Me “I really want that best best man toast at my wedd!ng” h£ laugh£d

Chase “I like you ” I smiled at h¡m and said noth!ng

Jude “ya…whats go!ng on h£re?” h£ was stand!ng next to Chase

Me “j√$t gett!ng know your best man”

Jude “best man?”

Chase “yes! Wh£n you get married, I’ll be your best man so I’m j√$t gett!ng to know th£ bride to be” h£ chuckled and I could j√$t see that Jude and Chase were really close but that over bear!ng th!ng of h¡s was sometimes a problem b£tweeΠ th£m. Th£ oth£r was cold towards me and even a fool could see that h£ was team Leila

I f!ni$h£d cook!ng and di$h£d up for everyone, while th£ men spoke, Leila was not even at th£ table, $h£ refused to eat my food someth!ng ab©vt allergies

…whatever, $h£ could starve to death for all I ¢ar£d. After eat!ng, Jude and I cleaned up !n th£ Kitch£n while Brec ₱|@yed with uncle Chase. We stayed up watch!ng tv, Leila got up and went to b£d and I was j√$t left with th£ boys, even Jason started to warm up to me, we were watch!ng English football and we favored th£ same team so that made us get to know each oth£r a little m©r£…all human be!ngs have th£ flaw of judg!ng a book by its cover, no one is immune to that, it j√$t makes us even m©r£ imperfect and human

I went to put Brec d©wΠ and we all decided to go and sleep after th£ game, as I walked up th£ stairs follow!ng th£ guys to my room, Jude ₱v||ed me [email protected]¢k d©wΠ

Jude “You’re sleep!ng d©wΠstairs tonight” I smiled and followed h¡m to h¡s room, I changed ©vt of th£ cloth£s I was wear!ng and got !nto b£d, snuggl!ng up next to h¡m.

Th£ follow!ng morn!ng I woke up early and went to ch£ck on Brec, $h£ was already awake so I picked h£r up changed h£r nappy th£n walked to th£ kitch£n with h£r, putt!ng h£r d©wΠ !n h£r chair th£n gave h£r, h£r bottle while I worked on breakf*st. After a while Leila came d©wΠ th£ stairs and h£aded straight for th£ fridge with©vt even greet!ng. $h£ took ©vt bottled water th£n walked over to Reignie

Leila “h£y mommy’s little girl” $h£ tried to touch h£r but Reign resisted by mov!ng away from h£r and s¢r**m!ng

Me “j√$t leave h£r” $h£ gave me th£ devil’s eye

Leila “what?”

Me “you can see $h£ doesnt want you so j√$t leave h£r, $h£ will get used to you !n due time” $h£ let ©vt a sarcastic laugh

Leila “so you’re giv!ng me advice now? Dont forget th¡s Yoona or whatever…th¡s is my daughter!” I laugh£d

Me “you’re h£r birth moth£r yes but unlike you, who knows noth!ng ab©vt be!ng a mom, it doesnt feel good to h£ar cry…if you were h£r moth£r, th£n you’d know that you shouldnt do stuff that will upset h£r” $h£ twisted h£r m©vth angrily and I m©v£d Brec’s chair away from h£r “its okay baby” I klzzed h£r chick and gave h£r h£r bottle aga!n

Leila “enjoy it while it lasts Korean girl” I looked up at h£r

Me “what?”

Leila “It must be nice huh? Act!ng my daughter’s moth£r and tak!ng my place !n Jude’s life…but I’m [email protected]¢k now and that will all end”

Me “you’re very confident Leila, I like that !n a woman but lets get one th!ng straight, I am not act!ng like h£r moth£r, I am h£r moth£r…maybe you dont know th£ def!nition of th£ word ‘moth£r’ so I suggest you look it up because be!ng a mom doesnt mean j√$t giv!ng birth….and I am not tak!ng your place !n Jude’s life, your place was long gone before I even got h£re…I j√$t simply created my own and now I have permanent residency !n h¡s h£art”

Leila “we’ll see how long th¡s little happy family of yours lasts, I am [email protected]¢k to take [email protected]¢k whats m!ne so you better be ready for a fight”

Me “I dont fight Leila…whats m!ne will always be m!ne and I wont have to even lift a f!ng£r to keep it and what isnt m!ne, isnt m!ne…I dont stress myself over such trivial th!ngs. You can try until you’re blue !n th£ face but if Jude is meant for me th£n you can do what ever you want but you wont be able to have h¡m or take h¡m but if h£ isnt, th£n so be it…I wont die with©vt h¡m eith£r way” I fla$h£d h£r a fake smile and I could see $h£ was gett!ng angry so $h£ j√$t turned and darted [email protected]¢k up th£ stairs. I laugh£d

Me “what a drama queen!” Reign laugh£d too….

I dont know what k!nd of girls Leila was used to but $h£ was deal!ng with a different k!nd th¡s time and I was go!ng to give h£r th£ fight of h£r life…Korean Style.

To be cont!nued…

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