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Baby And Me – Episode 26

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Th£re have been reports of repetitions !n th¡s story which I’ve not been able to rectify, however I’m post!ng two episodes today and I hope th£ repetitions would have stopped !n episode 27.
BABY AND ME Episode 26

♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

Wh£n I woke up th£ next day, Yoona wasnt !n b£d and I knew $h£ would have already taken Reign. I got ©vt of b£d and dragged my feet to th£ kitch£n but stopped at a halt wh£n I h£ard h£r speak!ng to Leila….I smiled to myself as I listened to th£m talk, Leila was obviously gett!ng pissed because Yoona is like th£ most calm and cold person !n th£ world wh£n $h£ wants to be. My baby never gets h£rself worked up over anyth!ng, I mean th£ girl was able to keep a straight face with h£r fath£r wh£n $h£ was obviously still hurt!ng and angry with h¡m but $h£ showed no emotion so what was Leila? $h£ was basically child’s ₱|@y

Leila turned angrily and walked up th£ stairs, that was my cue to enter th£ kitch£n

Me “morn!ng” $h£ looked up and smiled

Yoona “oppa!” $h£ had th¡s bright smile on h£r face and it made h£r look so adorable

Me “oppa?”

Yoona “mm, I th!nk its time I started call!ng you that dont you that?”

Me “hahaha okay baby, thats f!ne by me” I walked over to h£r and laid a deep long klzz on h£r, Reign was clapp!ng happily

Me “$h£ really loves th¡s”

Yoona “yep, oh chum! Breakf*st is almost ready and Unfortunately I cant eat with you”I frowned

Me “why? Is it Leila?” $h£ chuckled

Yoona “oh please, that little hussy doesnt !ntimidate me” I laugh£d at th£ ‘hussy’ part

Me “okay baby” I h£lped h£r set th£ table

Yoona “arent you go!ng !nto work today?”

Me “ah no, with all th£se people, I cant leave my house and Mrs Park….”

Yoona “aahh makes s£nse, take th£m ©vt…your boys”

Me “really?”

Yoona “mm…show th£m @r0vnd and j√$t have fun”

Me “what ab©vt Reignie?”

Yoona”go drop h£r off at ahjumma Park’s place” I smiled

Me “you’re so smart” $h£ beamed up at me and I couldnt resist th£ urge to klzz h£r

After $h£ was done sett!ng th£ table, $h£ decked th£ table with all th£ breakf*st goodies and my stomach roared

Yoona “breakf*st is served! Im go!ng to take a shower” $h£ klzzed me on th£ ch£ek, Reign cried after h£r as $h£ walked away so $h£ had to come [email protected]¢k and take h£r th£n walk [email protected]¢k upstairs to h£r room

I sat d©wΠ and started eat!ng, Jason was th£ first to come d©wΠ and jo!n !n

Jay “morn!ng!”

Me “h£y man, sleep okay?”

Jay “!n that comfy b£d? Always”

Me “good”

Jay “wh£re is Yoona?”

Me “tak!ng a shower, $h£ has to go to work”

Jay “oh, what does $h£ do aga!n?”

Me “$h£’s a neuro surgeon”

Jay “nice! Pretty and educated, I like”

Me “s!nce wh£n?”

Jay “last night I may have seen that $h£’s actually a cool chick”

Me “oh? Does that mean you’ll [email protected]¢k off with th£ Leila bull?”

Jay “of course! If your girl keeps feed!ng me like th¡s, how can I be aga!nst h£r” I chuckled

Me “$h£’s a really good cook huh?”

Jay “of course plus $h£ is so cool, you wouldnt th!nk h£r dad is like th£ Rich£st man !n h¡s country…your girl is a billionare”

Me “was a billionare, $h£ wants noth!ng to do with h£r dad, even h¡s money”

Jay “why?”

Me “its a long story”

Jay “cool but you know….ab©vt Leila man” I put my chopsticks d©wΠ and let ©vt an irritated sigh

Me “jeez man, can we j√$t get through one day, j√$t one day with ©vt th£ Leila conversation”

Jay “okay but Jude listen, you know better than anyone how badly it s√¢ks to grow up not know!ng your parents, do you really want th£ same th!ng for your kid?”

Me “$h£ has me”

Jay “what ab©vt h£r mom? What will you say wh£n $h£’s all grown up and f!nds ©vt you kept h£r from h£r moth£r, $h£ will res£nt you…is that what you want?”

Me “of course not”

Jay “I dont condone Leila’s actions, I know $h£ hurt you and $h£ abandoned Reign but th£ baby doesnt ¢ar£ ab©vt that, wh£n $h£’s all grown up all $h£ will ¢ar£ ab©vt is you keep!ng h£r mom away because of your own selfish reasons. You dont want Leila and thats f!ne but Reign needs h£r moth£r” Jason was right and I hated that h£ was right, it s√¢ked like h£ll not know!ng my parents and I didnt want that for h£r, Leila is h£r mom and I could never change no matter how badly I wanted to and every kid deserves to have both th£ir parents !n th£ir lives

Jay “you know I’m right”

Me “yeah yeah” we both laugh£d

After a while Chase came d©wΠstairs too and h£ was loud as always

Chase “mm th¡s looks good! Th£ chaebol sure knows how to feed h£r guests”

Me “$h£ has a name!”

Chase “oohh how touchy! Wh£re is $h£ anyway?”

Me “!n h£r room”

Chase “aaahh still has h£r own roon huh? How long have you guys been dat!ng?”

Me “j√$t eat your breakf*st and shut up”

Chase “how did you even meet h£r? $h£ seems m©r£ my type than yours”

Jay “hahaha thats true, Jude is m©r£ of a softie and Yoona seems [email protected] core” I chuckled, th£y were right ab©vt that but I knew Yoona and $h£ was as big a softie as me underneath all that [email protected] core

Me “I guess opposites attract dont th£y?”

Chase “is it?”

Me “ya…j√$t eat your food”

Chase “what are we do!ng today?”

Me “anyth!ng you want! I’m tak!ng you boys ©vt….lets go spend some money!”

Chase “yes! Th¡s is why I like you!”

Jay “you should have been a rich moth£rf**ker a long time ago! th¡s life is good!” I laugh£d at th£se two idiots I called friends, even though th£y sprung a surprise visit on me, I was happy th£y came because I had missed th£m a lot

After breakf*st, Yoona was already done prepar!ng for work, Jay and I cleaned up th£ kitch£n while $h£ had a bowl of fruit salad th£n $h£ klzzed me goodbye and left. I went to bath Reign, dressed h£r up th£n put h£r !n my room while I went to shower. I was done with my shower and dressed up !n a pair of wa$h£d ©vt faded ripped jeans and before I could put on my shirt, I got a text and looked it up. While read!ng th£ text, I felt someone walk up beh!nd me and put th£ir [email protected] on my bare [email protected]£d [email protected]¢k. S!nce Yoona had already left for work, I knew it was Leila

Me “you should really learn how to knock before yoy enter people’s rooms” $h£ m©v£d h£r [email protected] to my ch£st and planted a klzz on my [email protected]¢k

Leila “why? You’re not people….and I def!nitely wont be see!ng you [email protected]£d for th£ first time” I turned to face h£r, remov!ng h£r [email protected] from my b©dy, $h£ had on th¡s seductive look “you’ve been work!ng ©vt ”

Me “yes, Yoona keeps !n shape so I started because I want to look good for h£r” h£r smile faded

Leila “did you have to mention that Korean b***h’s name” I grabb£d h£r throat with©vt even notic!ng what I was do!ng

Leila “Jude….” fear crept up !n h£r blue eyes

Me “dont you ever talk ab©vt h£r like that aga!n, you h£ar me? Or I will snap your little neck !n half” $h£ quickly nodded and I let h£r go, $h£ cough£d violently “get ©vt” $h£ didnt say a word and j√$t ran ©vt. I looked at my [email protected], unable to compreh£nd with what th£y had j√$t done, I had vowed I would never [email protected] my [email protected] on a woman but th£ m!nute Leila said someth!ng bad ab©vt Yoona, my first reflex was to hurt h£r and I couldnt understand why

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

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