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Baby And Me – Episode 27

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BABY AND ME Episode 27

♡♡♡Se Yoona♡♡♡

I was hav!ng a pretty normal day at th£ hospital, busy as always but luckily no visit to th£ OR, I was work!ng under dr Choi Young Do, a very brilliant surgeon who I believe I had a lot to learn from. I wont shy away from th£ fact that th£ guy was th£ fvll package for most girls, extremely goodlook!ng, rich, tall and very !ntelligent but my h£art belonged to j√$t one man, like a mermaid….I only had a h£art that b**t for Jude Howard, my Americam pr!nce

Anyway Dr Choi and I were j√$t com!ng from see!ng our patient, we were walk!ng and talk!ng wh£n I saw my fath£r !n th£ reception area, my mood immediately changed and a dark cloud loomed over me

Fath£r “oh th£re $h£ is” h£ was talk!ng to th£ nurse at th£ reception desk, h£ smiled and walked towards me, that man was seriously a piece of work I tell you “Seo Yoona, may we speak?”

Me “sunbae, I’ll see you later” h£ nodded and walked away, I looked at my fath£r with th£ “what th£ h£ll do you want look” shov!ng my [email protected] !nto my coat pockets

Fath£r “now thats th£ k!nd of young man you should be a$$ociat!ng yourself with”

Me “I’m sure you didnt come h£re to give me dat!ng advice Chairman Seo II Joong. What do you want”

Fath£r “Yoona, must you always be so cold? I’m your fath£r…we’re th£ only family we have”

Me “are you forgett!ng th£ wife and son you traded me for?”

Fath£r “how long will you hold on to th£ past? Why did you come work h£re anyway? You could have j√$t applied for a job at Dr Kang’s hospital. You would be th£ chief of neurology th£re, I would have ₱v||ed some str!ngs”

Me “putt!ng aside th£ fact that I do not deserve th£ title of be!ng chief of anyth!ng and I wouldnt have earned that position on my own merit, I wouldnt have taken th£ job know!ng that you had someth!ng to do with”

Fath£r “Yoona, its time to give up th¡s foolishness and come home, th£re are th!ngs we need to settle as a family and I must ensure that you marry !nto a good family” I let ©vt a sarcastic laugh

Me “so what? Your step son rap!ng me for 5 years is foolishness?”

Fath£r “stop say!ng that!”

Me “why? Because once aga!n you want to protect your stupid family? Look h£re old man, I am no longer under your thumb and I dont dance to your tune anym©r£. I dont need you !n my life because I am m©r£ than capable of mak!ng it on my own. I went to university on my own, I graduated on my own, I got th¡s job on my own and you are certa!nly not entitled !nto mak!ng sure I MARRY !nto a good home! You failed at your chance to do your fath£rly duties, th£re are no second chances !n my book Chairman Seo so please get that !nto your thick old skull and dont come look!ng for me ever aga!n”

Fath£r “Yoona…..” h¡s voice was pa!ned and I felt my h£art pound!ng [email protected] !n my ch£st “how long will you punish me? I am old and I need my daughter by my side, please” I looked at h¡m, h£ really was gett!ng old and h£ seemed frail too like h¡s h£alth wasnt too great. Though I may seem like a total ice cold b***h to my fath£r and though h£ hurt me to a po!nt wh£re I felt like I was dy!ng, !n that moment, with those sad tearful eyes look!ng at me, I saw my fath£r, th£ man who was married to my mom, th£ man who loved us…no matter how angry and res£ntful I was towards h¡m, h£ was still my fath£r and I ¢ar£d ab©vt h¡m I suppose, th£ stra!n !n my h£art, tears pok!ng my eyes. I got a call from th£ !ntern !n Ha

Me “yes !n Ha”

!n Ha “I need you at th£ ICU…Mrs Jang is hav!ng a relapse”

Me “I’ll be right th£re”

!n Ha ” yes Dr Seo” I looked at my fath£r

Me “I have to go”

Fath£r “Yoona….”

Me “no fath£r, I told you before, j√$t focus on what you chose and leave what you let go of” I turned and left h¡m stand!ng th£re and made my way to th£ ICU

After a long day at work, I went straight to Yoo Ran’s hospital because I wanted us to go ©vt for dr!nks, see!ng my dad and realis!ng I still ¢ar£d ab©vt h¡m made me feel th!ngs I did not want to deal with.

I arrived at th£ hospital, at th£ reception area Yoo Hye Jung was stand!ng th£re and talk!ng to some guy, I wanted to avoid h£r so I walked past th£m really f*st

Hye Jung “Seo Yoona” $h£ called ©vt my name, I w!nced th£n turned not because I was s¢ar£d of th£ b***h but I was j√$t not !n th£ mood to deal with h£r hussy tendencies

Me “Yoo Hye Jung”

Hye Jung “you’ve been very scarce, I [email protected] see you th£se days”

Me “and doesnt that make you happy? I thought see!ng my face upset you somehow”

Hye Jung “well I wont say it hasnt been pleasant” $h£ smiled

Me “well cont!nue with your pleasantries and pretend you didnt see me” I turned but $h£ spoke aga!n

Hye Jung “I went to Blair’s place yesterday and th¡s morn!ng I was th£re too”

Me “and?”

Hye Jung “I thought I’d see you”

Me “I work now”

Hye Jung “I h£ard”

Me “bye Yoo Hye Jung”

Hye Jung “so wh£re do you live?” I turned aga!n

Me “excuse me?

Hye Jung “wh£n I went th£re I saw that h£ has visitors, I spoke to one of th£m…th£ lady told me that you m©v£d ©vt after see!ng that you and Blair are j√$t not th£ right fit, good job….it would have been pa!nful if you had to see that th£ [email protected] way”

Me “ha! Th£ [email protected] way be!ng that h£ ends up with you? Oh poor Hye Jung, dont kid yourself like that. You’ve been !n Blair Taylor’s life for like what? Th£ past 6 or 7 months but you’ve never even had one klzz not to mention eaten d!nner togeth£r, it will never happen my dear, no matter how patient you are and how long you wait for h¡m….if h£ wanted you, you’d be togeth£r by now” $h£ twisted h£r m©vth angrily “I havent m©v£d ©vt of Blair’s house, I am much closer to h¡m now that we share a b£d togeth£r” I gave h£r a sweet mischievious smile “so you and that ‘lady’ you spoke to at th£ house better give up while you’re at it…Blair Taylor wont give eith£r of th£ time of day. Now why dont you stay !n your little lane and m!nd your f****ng bus!ness” I w!nked at h£r th£n catwalked my way d©wΠ th£ hall to Yoo Ran’s office




♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

I had a great day with th£ boys, Chase and I took Jason to all th£ spots J!n Ho Hyung showed me wh£n I first got h£re. J!n Ho Hyung jo!ned us much later on, we spoke a little ab©vt bus!ness but not too much s!nce Jay is not !n our l!ne of mak!ng money. We had a good time as boys, ₱|@y!ng @r0vnd and dr!nk!ng soju

. Because it was quite late, I called Mrs Park and told h£r I wouldnt be able to fetch Reign so $h£ didnt m!nd hav!ng h£r sleep over for th£ night. I was j√$t hav!ng a good time with my boys.

We arrived at th£ house after 10pm after be!ng ©vt all day

Leila “wh£re th£ h£ll have you guys been?! You left me alone th£ wh0l£ day!!”

Jay “Leila! Korea is a beautiful country! Seoul is a beautiful city! We had so much fun, you should have come!” We were all so wasted and I was already at th£ fridge tak!ng ©vt some beers for us to dr!nk some m©r£

Me “ya…Seo Yoona…is $h£ [email protected]¢k yet?”

Leila “no” $h£ answered ch£ekily

Jay “Seo Yoona!” h£ called h£r ©vt

Me “$h£ said $h£ isnt home yet dude”

Chase “Leila…did you cook?”

Leila “cook? Do I look like th£ type”

Chase “whaa, you’re truly someth!ng else Leila, so dark h£arted! If Seo Yoona was home, we would come [email protected]¢k to a nice home cooked meal”

Me “my girlfriend is not your personal ch£f you a$$”

Jay “$h£ is a really good cook!”

Me “$h£’s good at everyth!ng”

Chase “aaaahhhhh! Brag much” I laugh£d and took a sip of my beer

Leila “wh£re is Reign?”

Me “now you ¢ar£ ab©vt h£r wh£re ab©vts?”

Jay “Jude! Come on man”

Me “$h£’s with h£r sitter, $h£’ll be spend!ng th£ night”

Leila “oh” th£ guys were hungry so we ordered !n some grilled short ribs with sweet and sour pork. Th£ food was delivered and we devoured it !n seconds over a loud game of !nternational basketball. I called Yoona but $h£ didnt pick up so I guess $h£ was h£ld up at work and didnt stress too much over th£ fact that it was 11pm and $h£ still wasnt home. Leila had gotten annoyed and left us while we drank, ate and made noise, I was glad I made Reign sleep over at Mrs Park’s house…$h£ wouldnt have survived that night or we wouldnt have taken th£ party home

@r0vnd 12, I tried call!ng my girl aga!n j√$t as we retreated to our rooms, $h£ still didnt answer but I was too drunk to worry too much ab©vt that. I undressed my self and was left with my underwear, too lazy to go !nto th£ closet for my pyjamas, I decided to sleep like that. I was ab©vt to get !n b£d wh£n Leila walked !n, $h£ wore a short silk gown that was tied @r0vnd h£r t!ny [email protected]¡$t

Me “you…aga!n!” $h£ walked towards me, thoygh my vision was blurry, I could $h£ came !n with th£ agenda to seduce me “Leila…I am too drunk and tired for your bullsh*t right now, turn right [email protected]¢k and leave” $h£ didnt listen to me, $h£ j√$t kept walk!ng. $h£ stood !n front of me and ₱u$h£d me d©wΠ to th£ b£d th£n opened h£r gown to reveal h£r [email protected]£d b©dy, h£r br£@sts perky and upright, h£r n!₱₱!es [email protected] and call!ng ©vt to me. Th£ last time I had s€× was th£ night before th£y showed up at my doorstep th£ follow!ng morn!ng

Anyway $h£ dipped h£r h£ad d©wΠ and klzzed me but I ₱u$h£d h£r

Me “Leila…stop it” $h£ ₱u$h£d me aga!n and I fell on my [email protected]¢k, $h£ climb£d on top of me and straddled me, my member pok!ng @r0vnd h£r entrance as it stood up right and I could feel th£ h£at radiat!ng from h£r through my underwear, $h£ klzzed me aga!n and I responded th¡s time, my [email protected] reach!ng up to take of th£ gown $h£ still wore. I tossed it to th£ side and my [email protected] went to town all over h£r b©dy, with my eyes closed shut…I could only see Yoona, $h£ was klzz!ng so pa$$ionately, h£r [email protected] m©v£d d©wΠ and sl¡pped |ns!de th£ underwear, grabb!ng my manhood th£n h£r warm [email protected] mov!ng up and d©wΠ my shaft, I [email protected] |ns!de h£r m©vth. Mov!ng my [email protected] up to h£r neck, I deepened th£ klzz, $h£ ₱v||ed d©wΠ th£ underwear, expos!ng my very £r£¢t p***s. I wanted it, I wanted to be |ns!de h£r so badly so I fl¡pped h£r over, $h£ let ©vt a [email protected] and opened for me. My l¡ps did not leave h£rs, I penetrated…damn $h£ was so warm and it felt amaz!ng, I m©v£d from h£r l¡ps and opened my eyes to look at h£r.

My h£art leaped to my throat with shock, it wasnt Yoona under me but Leila

Me “Leila?!” $h£ opened h£r eyes and smiled, I quickly ₱v||ed ©vt, my h£ard turned to th£ door and th£re was Yoona….

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

All Rights Reserved.

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