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Baby And Me – Episode 28

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BABY AND ME Episode 28

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

After a long day that had gone completely to sh*t, I came home to f!nd my boyfriend [email protected]£d !n b£d with h¡s ex girlfriend. I had gone ©vt for dr!nks with Yoo Ran like I planned but didnt even get to have m©r£ than one dr!nk because I got called !nto th£ hospital for an emergency after th£re was a h*g£ bus accident and th£ people came !n like flies at th£ hospital. A lot of th£m were critical, some of th£m died at th£ hospital and I was !n th£ OR for hours…only to have th£ 8 year old little girl die right on th£ operat!ng table, it was no fault of ours because th£re was too much bleed!ng on h£r bra!n than I had anticipated, it all got away from me and I ended up los!ng h£r but it was my first time los!ng a patient so I was devastated. I had no time to dwell on that because I had m©r£ patients to attend to and I tried as [email protected] as I could to prevent people from dy!ng but life doesnt always go th£ way you want it to right?

Anyway, I was exhausted both emotionally and physically, my entire b©dy was ach!ng like h£ll and I felt like such a failure with all those people who came !n and th£ little girl who died on my operat!ng table, my dad and all th£ oth£r crap, I j√$t wanted to get !nto b£d with Jude and have h¡m hold me but surprise of my life wh£n I saw h¡m on top of Leila. I knew that $h£ would try everyth!ng to get to h¡m, even use h£r path£tic little b©dy but what I didnt understand was why Jude was actually on h£r like that. I froze wh£n I saw th£m, unable to m©v£ like a freak!n statue, I j√$t stood th£re and watch£d. Jude saw me and jumped off h£r

Jude “Yoona….” I turned to leave but h£ ran after me, h£ grabb£d my arm and made me face h¡m, h£ was still [email protected]£d and fvlly £r£¢t, it made me sick that h£ was aroused because of h£r

Me “Jude please, I dont have th£ energy to deal with th¡s right now”

Jude “Yoona, its not what you th!nk baby I promise” I ₱v||ed my arm from h¡s grip

Me “I j√$t want to go to b£d okay?” I turned to leave and I h£ard h¡m say my name but I was hurt!ng too much to even face h¡m. What a long night, at f****ng 12 am…I had to come home to such a crappy sight. Whaaaa…..I was be!ng caught well and good huh?

I s1©wly walked to th£ kitch£n and took ©vt a bottle of vodka and a small gla$$ th£n walked up to my room. I got !n and locked th£ door, I sat on th£ floor next to my b£d and opened up th£ vodka, ₱0ur!ng th£ contents !n th£ gla$$ th£n brought it up to my l¡ps and gulped it d©wΠ !n one sh°t, th£ dr!nk burned th£ [email protected]¢k of my throat and seemed to sooth my ch£st. I ₱0ured anoth£r one and did th£ same as before, my h£art was ach!ng so badly, everyth!ng that happened was com!ng [email protected]¢k to me, see!ng my fath£r always put me !n a bad h£adspace but see!ng Jude like that made me feel even m©r£ f**ked up than usual. I was confused and angry, a series of emotions fight!ng aga!nst each oth£r !n my h£ad, why would h£ do that? How could h£ do that?

I h£ard squabbl!ng d©wΠstairs th£n footsteps com!ng up th£ stairs, I a$$umed it was Jude and Leila. Th£ sounds became louder as th£y approach£d th£ top of th£ stairs, I was already on my fourth gla$$, mak!ng up for earlier wh£n I wanted to dr!nk but couldnt because th¡s crappy life got !n th£ way. A knock came on my door th£n Jude’s voice

Jude “Yoona…please open, lets talk ..let me expla!n”

Leila “Jude…j√$t leave h£r! $h£ saw everyth!ng that $h£ needed to see, you’re [email protected]¢k wh£re you belong now”

Jude “dont touch me! Shut th£ f**k up!” h£ s¢r**med at h£r “Yoona….” h£ knocked aga!n “j√$t open th£ door baby so we can talk…I can expla!n please” I drank my 5th gla$$ and paid no attention to th£ commotion at th£ door. I was !n too much pa!n, I felt weak and vulnerable, too raw to face anyone especially Jude Howard. I wanted to calm myself and steady my self so that I could steer myself [email protected]¢k to that cold dark place I often found myself !n everytime I was hurt!ng and disappo!nted, I needed to f!nd my !nner strength, my will to get through anyth!ng because I had been through it all…I needed to get myself to that numb!ng place wh£re I didnt feel anyth!ng

Jude “Seo Yoona….please….”

Leila “Jude…”

Jude “what are you still do!ng h£re? Leave me alone!”

Leila “you will see all !n due time that I j√$t did th£ both of you a favor, it was never go!ng to work anyway” th£n I h£ard foot steps walk!ng away from th£ door

Jude “babe…please my love, lets talk…j√$t open th£ door” a door opened

Chase “ya, whats go!ng on? Why th£ noise at th¡s time of th£ night?!”

Jude “its noth!ng man, j√$t go [email protected]¢k to b£d”

Chase “what did you do?”

Jude “GO TO f****ng b£d CHASE!! Jeez man”

Chase “okay okay f!ne….” th£ door closed aga!n and Jude started with th£ knock!ng and begg!ng me to open th£ door

I stopped dr!nk!ng and collected myself, channel!ng my wander!ng emotions to one place, I was gett!ng dizzy perhaps because I was tipsy and th£ alcohol was work!ng, th£ images of th£ horrible day were fad!ng, I could literally feel my h£art [email protected]!ng up, you know wh£n water starts to freeze and turn !nto ice, thats how I started to feel. Lock!ng away my emotions and not deal!ng with th£ pa!n was a cop!ng mechanism I taught myself wh£n I still lived with my fath£r. After realis!ng that I was alone and that h£ wasnt go!ng to stop and my fath£r was not go!ng to do anyth!ng ab©vt it, my m!nd would always go to th¡s dark cold place wh£re I would j√$t faze ©vt and th£ pa!n would dissipitate and I’d feel almost noth!ng but I wont lie and say th£re werent triggers. Th£re were th!ngs that would happen and th£y would s£nd me off th£ radar like at that time, it was see!ng my fath£r that triggered all th£ bad feel!ngs and th£ pa!n, every time I saw h¡m even if it was on th£ news, everyth!ng would come flood!ng [email protected]¢k

So I got up from th£ floor and walked to th£ bathroom, Jude was still knock!ng and begg!ng. I staggered to th£ bathroom and spla$h£d cold water on my face, I looked !n th£ mirror and saw Seo Yoona th£ strongest and most brave girl I knew, noth!ng could ever break me but with Jude, I knew that only h£ had th£ power to break me and thats why I put up such high walls with h¡m but I thought h£ was so perfect that I had started to br!ng th£m d©wΠ but not anym©r£, as I looked !n th£ mirror, I saw th£ face I had spent so many years practis!ng, that cold and unfeel!ng emotionless expression I dis₱|@yed for th£ world to see. I was always so good at pretend!ng I didnt ¢ar£ ab©vt anyth!ng or anyone, that I was f!ne and didnt need anyone, keep!ng people at a cold distance and never lett!ng anyone get to know me.

I dried my face and tied my hair up !nto a bun, I changed !nto my pyjamas, turned off th£ lights and got !nto b£d. Seo Yoona th£ cold h£arted b***h was [email protected]¢k and th¡s time, th£ walls were up high…©vt of all th£ people I had ever met !n my life, I ¢ar£d for Jude Howard a lot and I knew that h£ was th£ only man who had th£ power to break me d©wΠ so th£ walls were 10 feet tall and 10 times stronger than th£y were before.




♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

I woke up th£ next day !n my b£d, I couldnt even recall what time I slept because I kept toss!ng and turn!ng, th!nk!ng ab©vt Yoona and th£ th!ng with Leila. I am such a f****ng idiot I know, I never should have let Leila be so close to me !n th£ first place, I almost slept with h£r, almost….well I was already |ns!de h£r but sh*t man! Yoona looked so broken and I hated to see h£r like that because of me, no words !n th£ world could excuse what I did, I was sh*t s¢ar£d…so f****ng s¢ar£d of what th¡s wh0l£ th!ng would do to us

I got ©vt of b£d and decided to make h£r favorite breakf*st, it would never make up for what happened but I hoped it would be a start and s!nce it was h£r day off, I was h£ll bent on spend!ng th£ entire day try!ng to fix th£ damage done b£tweeΠ us. While I was busy with breakf*st, Leila was th£ first to come d©wΠstairs

Leila “morn!ng [email protected]” $h£ smiled and I felt sick to my stomach

Me “I hope you’re packed and ready to leave my house”

Leila “you were serious ab©vt that?” $h£ said, tak!ng water ©vt of th£ fridge

Me “yes, I want you gone Leila”

Leila “wh£re will I go? I dont know th¡s place”

Me “I dont ¢ar£, you should take that up with th£ people who brought you h£re”

Leila “if you’re so upset ab©vt last night th£n I’m sorry, if you want me to apologise”

Me “oh my God Leila! j√$t leave okay! I dont want to see you aga!n! For once !n my life I have someth!ng good okay? I am mak!ng someth!ng of myself h£re and you’re f****ng it up! I only let you stay h£re ©vt of courtesy and now I’ve had it with you…go to a h°tel, get on th£ next flight [email protected]¢k to th£ States, I dont ¢ar£! What you did was unacceptable!” $h£ put d©wΠ th£ water and walked over to me, $h£ put h£r [email protected] on my shoulders

Leila “you wanted it as bad as I did, I didnt hold a gun to your h£ad baby…you wanted to” I rem©v£d h£r [email protected]

Me “get ©vt”

Leila “Jude….”

Me “I’m serious Leila… you’re still th£ same selfish person you were [email protected]¢k th£n, it was always Leila’s way and f**k everyone else. Well no m©r£…you are not go!ng to ru!n th!ngs for me th¡s time. I have a good th!ng go!ng for me h£re and you can even forget ab©vt ever gett!ng anywh£re near Reign because I dont want h£r hav!ng an !nfluence like you !n h£r life”

Leila “!nfluence? I am h£r moth£r!”

Me “Reign already has a moth£r”

Leila “h£r real mom!”

Me “mom? Do you even….you know what? Im not go!ng to argue ab©vt th¡s with you, j√$t leave my house” I turned to attend to th£ breakf*st I was mak!ng and $h£ stood th£re watch!ng me.

Wh£n I was done with breakf*st, I laid th£ table and th£ boys came d©wΠ for breakf*st but Yoona didnt

Jay “mm th¡s smells great! A delicious Korean breakf*st…I like it!”

Chase “wh£re’s Yoona?”

Leila “probably sulk!ng !n h£r room” I scowled at h£r

Chase “what happened last night anyway, what did you guys fight ab©vt?”

Me “we didnt fight, $h£ was tired from a shift at th£ hospital”

Chase “didnt seem that way to me” I glared at h¡m

Me “well thats th£ way it was”

Chase “if you say so”

Me “Jason….” h£ looked up “wh£n are you plann!ng on go!ng [email protected]¢k?”

Jay “what? You want us to leave already?”

Me “no…I’m ask!ng because I want Leila to leave my house” h¡s eyes widened

Jay “what? Why?”

Me “I never wanted h£r to be h£re !n th£ first place, honestly I dont even know why I let h£r stay….I th!nk that s!nce you brought h£r h£re, you need to take ¢ar£ of th¡s situation”

Chase “whats go!ng on? I thought we were all liv!ng well togeth£r, what happened last night?”

Jay “yeah, what happened?”

Me “I wont spent anoth£r day !n my house with someone who does not respect me or th£ way I choose to live my life or my relationship”

Leila “why are you mak!ng yourself th£ victim h£re Jude? I didnt hold a gun to your h£ad okay! All I did was show up !n your room [email protected]£d…everyth!ng else happened because you went along with it”

Chase “what? Dude you slept with Leila?”

Me “of course not!”

Leila “but you were go!ng to had your girlfriend not walked !n”

Jay “Yoona saw you?!”

Chase “whaaa!! So thats th£ drama that went d©wΠ?” I was gett!ng agitated by th£ wh0l£ th!ng

Me “it doesnt matter what happened, Leila j√$t leave before I get really pissed off, you dont want to see that side of me trust me” I sigh£d and drank th£ water !n front of me

Yoona’s b£droom door opened and we all looked up. $h£ looked beautiful as always, !n a large denim shirt and th¡gh high boots, h£r long red hair flow!ng !n soft curls past h£r shoulders. $h£ carried a small [email protected] and h£r phone !n th£ oth£r [email protected] It was evident even to a fool that $h£ wasnt stay!ng for breakf*st. $h£ came d©wΠ th£ stairs and my h£art was already b**t!ng !n my throat, I stood up and looked at h£r

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

All Rights Reserved

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