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Baby And Me – Episode 29

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BABY AND ME Episode 29

Yoona “morn!ng everyone” $h£ smiled briefly but it didnt reach h£r eyes, $h£ was def!nitely [email protected]¢k to h£r cold unfeel!ng state of m!nd

Chase “Yoona, you look amaz!ng!”

Yoona “thank you Chase” $h£ walked past me and grabb£d th£ car keys

Me “are you not stay!ng for breakf*st?”

Yoona “no”

Me “I made your favorite”

Yoona “th£n you and your friends enjoy it” th£n $h£ h£aded for th£ door, I couldnt let h£r leave like that so I followed h£r ©vt and grabb£d h£r arm, $h£ turned and rem©v£d my [email protected]

Yoona “I’m hav!ng breakf*st with Kang Yoo Ran”

Me “I dont ¢ar£ ab©vt breakf*st Yoona, I want us to talk”

Yoona “not now, Yoo Ran hates to be kept wait!ng”

Me “baby…..” $h£ looked right !nto my eyes but I saw noth!ng, not even a f|¡¢ker of emotion

Yoona “what? Jude…I dont want to be late”

Me “yeah but th¡s is much m©r£ important, its ab©vt us…I want to talk”

Yoona “ab©vt what? You be!ng !n b£d with your ex? Th£ ex you swore you hate?” Damn th£ girl was good, $h£ kept h£r cool and if I didnt know better, I’d swear $h£ didnt give a f**k

Me “ab©vt that…I was drunk last night and $h£ came !n at a very !nconvenient time, I was miss!ng you and th£ wh0l£ time I was th!nk!ng ab©vt you, th!nk!ng it was you” $h£ raised h£r eyebrow

Yoona “okay”

Me “what?”

Yoona “I said okay…can I go now?” $h£ turned to leave but I h£ld h£r [email protected]

Me “Yoona..!”

Yoona “what now? I really need to go”

Me “your friend can wait, isnt th¡s much m©r£ important?”

Yoona “mm lets see….my best friend and th£ boyfriend I caught f****ng h¡s ex…..yeah I th!nk Yoo Ran is much m©r£ important right now”

Me “really? So thats it? You’re j√$t go!ng to pretend th¡s wh0l£ th!ng doesnt affect you and avoid it? For how long huh? Hasnt your experience with your fath£r taught you anyth!ng? You cant j√$t bottle th!ngs up Yoona”

Yoona “you leave my fath£r ©vt of th¡s you h£ar me? So what do you want Jude? You want me to tell you how hurt I am, how disappo!nted I am…you want me to break d©wΠ !n tears, get angry and throw th!ngs? You want me to tell you that your dumb explanation is bullsh*t? So what? You’re tell!ng me that every time you dr!nk, any girl that comes on to you, you will sleep with because you imag!ne its me? You know thats f**ked up right?” Even though $h£ was tell!ng me how $h£ felt, h£r face and b©dy language expressed that $h£ wasnt affected at all

Me “I know that I f**ked up but please dont leave, lets talk ab©vt th¡s”

Yoona “Yoo Ran is wait!ng for me, go deal with your issues Jude” I [email protected]

Me “issues? So now I have issues? I made one mistake Yoona”

Yoona “I’m leav!ng” $h£ turned once aga!n and I watch£d h£r walk to th£ car, get !n and drive off




♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I needed a time ©vt, I couldnt be !n th£ same room as all those people, what happened th£ previous night made me so angry and I didnt trust myself @r0vnd th£m, I was so mad I wanted to kill someone. I wasnt meet!ng Yoo Ran, I j√$t needed to be ©vt of that house. I drove all th£ way to Samsung Deong and parked !n front of th£ first restaurant I saw. A young man came to me and showed me to a table, I followed h¡m and ordered a bottle of w!ne “someth!ng to eat?” I shook my h£ad and waited for my w!ne

I had to clear my m!nd so I could th!nk rationally ab©vt everyth!ng but I j√$t couldnt, I found myself gett!ng mad and unable to calm myself d©wΠ like I normally did, th£ f**ked up part was that it sounded like Jude was mad at me, like what did h£ expect me to do, what k!nd of reaction did h£ want me to have? Did h£ want me to follow my !nst!nct and b**t Leila !nto a pulp? Th£ first th!ng I wanted to do was ₱v|| h£r hair ©vt but I decided to be a lady and keep my cool yet even that did not [email protected]!$fy h¡m….Mwo! I shouldnt bottle th!ngs up hahaha what a funny guy! Did h£ really th!nk I’d explode on h¡m? Whaaa…h£ wouldnt be able to [email protected] me even if h£ tried…ch!

Sunbae “Seo Yoona?” I looked up and it was Choi Young Do, my superior at th£ hospital, th£ super h°t doctor that had all th£ women [email protected]||!ng over th£ir feet for h¡m

Me “sunbae?” I stood up and h£ fla$h£d me h¡s adorable s£×y smile

Sunbae “may I jo!n you?”

Me “of course” I sat [email protected]¢k d©wΠ and so did h£

Sunbae “what are you do!ng all th£ way h£re !n Samsung Deong, dont you live !n Gangnam?”

Me “aahhh” I sigh£d “uhm, I j√$t uh…I needed a little time ©vt, so I found myself h£re”

Sunbae “whats wrong?”

Me “mm?”

Sunbae “you say you needed a time ©vt, wanna talk ab©vt it?” I smiled fa!ntly

Me “mm not really, its j√$t you know…stuff at home”

Sunbae “aaahhh stuff at home? Those are th£ worst” I chuckled, th£ waiter came [email protected]¢k with my bottle and a gla$$, I asked h¡m to br!ng me anoth£r gla$$ for Choi Young Do sunbae

Me “jo!n me for a dr!nk?”

Sunbae “sure”

Me “but th£n, what are you do!ng h£re? I thought you live !n Gangnam too”

Sunbae “actually !n Myeong Deong but I came h£re because I had to see a patient”

Me “aahh so have you already seen th£ patient?”

Sunbae “yes, I always come h£re for th£ir choc chip pancakes for breakf*st, th£y are th£ best”

Me “really? Th£n shall we get some? Do th£y go d©wΠ well with a gla$$ of sauvignoc blanc?” h£ chuckled

Sunbae “th£y go d©wΠ well with anyth!ng”

Me “good ”

I spent th£ rest of th£ morn!ng with Young Do sunbae and I had fun, even managed to calm my anger towards Jude d©wΠ, at least h£ kicked that parasitic leech Leila ©vt so I wouldnt have to deal with h£r. I could understand h¡s mistake and even forgive h¡m for screw!ng me over like that j√$t as long as $h£ wasnt go!ng to be !n th£ house, @r0vnd me and most importantly @r0vnd Jude.

@r0vnd lunch time, I went to have lunch with Yoo Ran j√$t as we planned, Jude kept call!ng but I didnt take any of h¡s calls, I j√$t wanted to enjoy my day off with©vt deal!ng with any drama. After my lunch with Yoo Ran I was called !nto th£ hospital because one of my patients had a relapse. I ended up spend!ng th£ rest of my day at th£ hospital

Later on I had no wh£re else to go but home, I was less angry and I had th£ peace of m!nd know!ng that Leila was no longer at th£ house. I parked th£ car and went |ns!de, you can imag!ne my disda!n and annoyance wh£n th£ first face I saw was Leila’s. Th£ time was @r0vnd 8pm so it was obvious that $h£ wasnt go!ng anywh£re

Me “what are you do!ng h£re?” I asked h£r !n th£ pres£nce of Chase and Jason

Leila “what do you mean what am I do!ng h£re? I live h£re” I raised my eyebrow, $h£ smiled “you didnt honestly th!nk Jude would kick ©vt th£ moth£r of h¡s child now did you?” Chase stood up

Chase “Yoona…uh you have to understand, Jude really wanted to kick h£r ©vt but th£n we conv!nced h¡m not to because $h£ has no wh£re else to go” I wasnt understand!ng at all, I refused to understand why Leila was still at th£ house after everyth!ng that happened, th£re are plenty of h°tels !n Seoul $h£ honestly couldnt go to one of th£m? I didnt even respond, I j√$t walked up th£ stairs to my room

I kicked off my shoes and took off th£ shirt I was wear!ng, my bra followed th£n I threw myself onto th£ b£d

Jude “may I come !n” I sat up and h£ was stand!ng at th£ door, I ₱v||ed th£ shirt and threw it on my b©dy “wh£re were you today? I was worried”

Me “I’m a big girl Jude, you dont have to worry ab©vt me”

Jude “of course but I cant h£lp it”

Me “what exactly were you worried ab©vt?”

Jude “that you might not come [email protected]¢k”

Me “I only came [email protected]¢k because I thought Leila would not be h£re, if I had known th£n I wouldnt have both£red” h£ quickly walked !n and sat on th£ b£d next to me

Jude “I was ready to kick h£r ©vt, even had h£r bags packed but th£n th£ boys conv!nced me to let h£r stay and $h£ promised to follow th£ rules, $h£ has no wh£re to go and I j√$t….”

Me “I honestly dont ¢ar£” I !nterrupted h¡m

Jude “how can you say that?”

Me “are th£re no h°tels !n Seoul? Why does $h£ have to be h£re? Do I have to understand everytime $h£ makes a m©v£ on you? I dont want to be understand!ng anym©r£ Jude, Im not do!ng th¡s”

Jude “$h£ wont do it aga!n, now $h£ knows whats at stake if $h£ tries that sh*t aga!n” I looked at h¡m and shook my h£ad

Me “you’re too nice you know that? And you know what s√¢ks ab©vt nice guys? Its because th£y let girls like Leila walk all over th£m, tak!ng advantage of th£m and to me, that looks weak and path£tic” h£ [email protected]

Jude “you’re say!ng that I’m weak and path£tic?”

Me ” you know what? I’m not go!ng to argue or even pretend that I’m okay with th¡s…I’m leav!ng”

Jude “what? You cant do that…what ab©vt Reign th£n?”

Me “I wont waste my time pretend!ng to be a moth£r to a child that isnt m!ne because its only a matter of time before Leila warms h£r way [email protected]¢k !nto your life, $h£ takes away Reign and you’re [email protected]¢k !n th£ States”

Jude “baby, I promise you that wont happen”

Me “you also promised h£r be!ng h£re would not affect us but th£n you slept with h£r, th¡s morn!ng you were up !n arms kick!ng h£r ©vt of your house but now you’re s!ng!ng a different tune…how can I trust !n that fickle promise wh£n your m©vth says one th!ng but you act !n anoth£r way?”

Jude “Yoona….” h£ took my [email protected] !nto h¡s and I could see hurt !n h¡s eyes but I was hurt!ng too, walk!ng away was [email protected] but I had to do it because by th£ way I was see!ng th!ngs, Leila was never go!ng to be ©vt of our lives and $h£ would f!nally get what $h£ wanted

Me “I’m leav!ng…..” I ₱v||ed my [email protected] ©vt of h¡s hold and stood up, walk!ng to my bathroom

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

All rights Reserved.

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