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Baby And Me – Episode 30

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BABY AND ME Episode 30

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I didn’t come ©vt of th£ bathroom until I h£ard h¡m leave th£ room. I took ©vt all my cloth£s and as I was pack!ng th£m, I realised that every s!ngle one of th£m had been bought by Jude. I sat d©wΠ, a lump rose to my throat and tears formed !n my eyes as I thought ab©vt everyth!ng that happened b£tweeΠ us. Wh£n Jude met me, I was liv!ng on th£ streets and to be honest, it wasnt th£ best life but be!ng away from my fath£r was better than anyth!ng, Jude Howard let a stranger !nto h¡s home, !nto h¡s life and h£ took ¢ar£ of me even wh£n I thought I didnt need h¡m too, h£ loved me even wh£n I was conv!nced I didnt need anyone to love me, h£ saved me even wh£n I had told myself that I didnt need sav!ng. h£ and Reign fought th£ir way !nto my h£art and I found myself tak!ng d©wΠ th£ walls I had built @r0vnd myself. I really loved h¡m but th£ wh0l£ th!ng with Leila was too much for me to take and th£ fact that Jude seemed unable to say no or stand up to h£r and h¡s friends made me anxious so I didnt want to stay and wait @r0vnd for th£ day h¡s friend f!nally conv!nced h¡m to go [email protected]¢k to th£ States and leave me

I wiped th£ tears from my face and started pack!ng aga!n, j√$t like th£ last time I was go!ng to leave early !n th£ morn!ng before anyone woke up. I called Kang Yoo Ran and $h£ picked up !n seconds

YooRan *Korean* “Whaaat?” I chuckled

Me “before your morn!ng shift you have to come fetch me”

YooRan “my shift is at 6am, why would I come get you at that time?”

Me “I’ll tell you tomorrow”

YooRan “oohhh you’re do!ng that th!ng aga!n arent you?”

Me “hahaha what th!ng?”

YooRan “wh£re you hold ©vt on me because you want me to do someth!ng for you”

Me *laugh!ng* “its noth!ng like that, please j√$t come tomorrow before work and I’ll tell you everyth!ng th£n”

YooRan “okay okay”

Me “you’re th£ best”

YooRan “see you tomorrow!”

Me “bye” I cut th£ call and carried on pack!ng through th£ pa!n. Honestly I didnt even know wh£re I was go!ng to live but I j√$t knew I had to get ©vt of that house ASAP as th£ English people say




♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

Yoona was angry and hurt, of course $h£ would threaten to leave me because of that and honestly, I wasnt makimg th£ best of th£ situation eith£r. Chase and Jason talked me ©vt of kick!ng Leila ©vt, I really wanted h£r a$$ on th£ street but th£n aga!n, $h£ is th£ moth£r of my child and I didnt want Reign grow!ng up th£n res£nt!ng me for keep!ng h£r away from h£r mom but I also didnt want to lose Yoona. I know $h£ loved me so I j√$t let h£r calm d©wΠ and we were go!ng to talk rationally, like civilized adults th£ next morn!ng

Next Morn!ng!!

I woke up @r0vnd 8, it was still h£r day off and Yoona loved to sleep !n so I went to th£ kitch£n to make yet anoth£r delicious breakf*st for h£r. Reign was still at Mrs Park’s place, I didnt want h£r be!ng @r0vnd all th¡s negativity, see!ng h£r parents fight and all that stuff. I started work!ng on breakf*st, mak!ng a fvll English breakf*st with th£ coconut pancakes that Yoona loved so much, damn that girl can eat and thats anoth£r th!ng I loved ab©vt h£r

After a while, wh£n I was done with breakf*st th£ boys came d©wΠ to eat

Jase “you’re spoil!ng us th£se days man”

Chase “its not us h£’s spoil!ng you fool! Its h¡s beautiful Korean h£iress”

Me “exactly!” h£ touch£d th£ pancakes and I hit h¡s [email protected] “those are reserved for th£ Korean chaebol” th£y both laugh£d

Chase “so, did you work through your issues?”

Me “$h£’s still upset but we will get through th¡s” I said with a smile

Jay “mm really? $h£ didnt seem upset though, !n fact $h£ looked like $h£ didnt even ¢ar£”

Me “thats how $h£ is”

Chase “those big eyes really carried no emotion man”

Jay “yeah, maybe $h£ doesnt feel ab©vt you th£ way you th!nk $h£ does”

Leila “I second that” $h£ said as $h£ was com!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs

Me “you shut up Leila, no one asked for your op!nion” $h£ reach£d th£ bottom of th£ stairs and walked to th£ kitch£n

Leila “I’m j√$t say!ng, if $h£ really loves you so much th£n why is $h£ act!ng so cold? $h£ should be h£re work!ng it ©vt”

Me “none of you have to understand h£r but I know h£r and I know $h£ loves me”

Chase “exactly! $h£’s probably those types who like to act tough and pretend th£y arent both£red”

Jay “what ever man, I j√$t dont th!nk th¡s girl is even worth you putt!ng up such a fight, if $h£ really ¢ar£d ab©vt you I feel like $h£’d be do!ng m©r£ than j√$t com!ng !n and ©vt of th¡s house with that cold face act!ng like sh*t didnt go d©wΠ”

Leila “if it were me, if I found you !n b£d with anoth£r woman, that b***h would be !n th£ hospital I’m tell!ng you! I’d b**t h£r a$$ so [email protected]….th£n work through th£ pa!n with you baby”

Jay “exactly! A woman who truly loves you, would be up !n arms right now throw!ng th!ngs, sh©vt!ng, cry!ng and def!nitely wouldnt stand for th£ ex you f**ked be!ng under same roof as h£r” I was gett!ng angry and so annoyed by Jason and Leila, maybe th£y should both j√$t leave my house!

Me “you guys shut up! You dont know anyth!ng right now…and you Leila, you should be thankful that Yoona has left you alone because if $h£ did react and b**t your a$$, you wouldnt be !n th£ hospital, you’d be dead so count yourself as lucky”

Leila “why? What would $h£ do? Call h£r rich dad to take me ©vt?”

Me “no” I let ©vt a loud sigh “right now, you’re all liv!ng !n my house, eat!ng my food, sleep!ng !n my b£ds, us!ng up my water, watch!ng my tv and f****ng up my relationship! Th¡s good th!ng I had before you all got h£re is go!ng to sh*t because of you! I cant properly be with my woman and daughter because you’re always up !n all of it to mess th!ngs up! I am so sick and tired of your attitude now I’m start!ng to wish you’d all leave! ”

Chase “Jude….”

Me “no Chase…you brought th£m h£re and th£y’re mess!ng everyth!ng up! You!” I looked at Jason “my own best friend, you keep support!ng th£ woman who turned my life upside d©wΠ, th£ same woman who ch£ated and lied, who hurt me and left me with a baby because $h£ was chas!ng money and material th!ngs…now I f!nally have someth!ng, I have someone who loves me for me not what I have or do not have and $h£, once aga!n comes !nto my life to ru!n it and you support h£r! Do you understand how sh*tty that is? For your own friend to keep overlook!ng what makes you happy and for h¡m to support th£ person you loath£ m©r£ than anyth!ng !n th¡s world? Do you get that? Jason come on….your pres£nce !n th¡s house is mak!ng me angry okay! I am start!ng not to want you @r0vnd…does it make you happy that now I want you to leave? I want all of you to j√$t leave and not j√$t my house but Korea as well!”

Jay “Jude…I’m sorry man I j√$t…”

Me “you j√$t noth!ng Jason…and you” I looked at Leila “I only let you stay !n my house because you’re Reign’s moth£r and though I would have loved for my child to grow up with both h£r parents, I’m not sure I was h£r exposed to someone as toxic as you”

Leila *[email protected]!ng* “Toxic? Jude I….”

Me “yes Leila….because you’re selfish Leila, you’re a person who cannot do anyth!ng for anyone unless it benefits you! Lets say I let you [email protected]¢k !nto m!ne and Reign’s life but what happens wh£n a rich£r guy comes !nto th£ picture? You’ll leave us, j√$t like you did before and I will be left to clean up your mess because Reign is not a little baby anym©r£”

Leila “I wont make that mistake aga!n, I love you” I let ©vt a sarcastic laugh

Me “love me? Huh! You dont even know what love is Leila, th£ only love you have ever known is th£ one you feel wh£n you look !n th£ mirror. You dont love anyone but yourself and th£ material th!ngs”

I left th£ kitch£n and went to th£ stairs

Chase “wh£re are you go!ng?”

Me “to see someone whose face I actually want to see right now” I walked up th£ stairs to Yoona’s room, I knocked but th£re was no answer so I j√$t opened because I knew $h£ wasnt go!ng to tell me to come !n anyway. I opened th£ door and I was met by an empty b£d. I panicked and ran to th£ closet wh£re only a few items rema!ned, th£ bathroom was clean too and I j√$t knew $h£ had left, like that time wh£n $h£ left early !n morn!ng before I woke up, $h£ was gone. I bitter feel!ng rose up !n my gut, I ran d©wΠstairs to my room and grabb£d my phone, I called h£r but it went straight to voice mail

Me “dammnit!” I was already !n th£ kitch£n, car keys !n my [email protected] pac!ng up and d©wΠ th£ house because I didnt know wh£re’d $h£ would go

Chase “whats wrong man?” I called Yoo Ran but h£r phone was on voicemail too, Yoona wasnt on call at th£ hospital, Yoo Ran was still liv!ng with h£r parents as far as I knew and Yoona would never go th£re because of th£ relations with h£r family, Seoul is a big city, how was I go!ng to even f!nd h£r? I cried ©vt !n frustration

Chase “man, calm d©wΠ”

Me “Dont. Tell. Me. To calm d©wΠ!” I h£aved at h¡m “you brought th£se people h£re and now my relationship could be over before it even started!” I bit my lower l¡p and tried call!ng h£r aga!n but still no luck. I made th£ decision to go see Kang Yoo Ran, hopefvlly $h£ would be at work and I’d get some answers




♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

S!nce Kang Yoo Ran had m©v£d ©vt of h£r parents place, it was decided that we’d be liv!ng togeth£r. So $h£ dropped me off at h£r place, fvlly support!ng my decision to leave Jude th£n left for work. To avoid th!nk!ng and hurt!ng over Jude Howard, I made myself some popcorn, turned off my phone and sat !n front of th£ tv. I ate th£n fell asleep. I was woken up by Kang Yoo Ran’s call

Me “what?”

YooRan “ya, your boyfriend came look!ng for you th¡s morn!ng” I sat up

Me “Blair Taylor was at th£ hospital?”

YooRan “of course, h£ was up !n arms demand!ng your wh£reab©vts”

Me “you didnt tell h¡m did you?”

YooRan “what do you take me for! Of course I didnt…I j√$t told h¡m you didnt contact me th£n pretended to be worried ab©vt you and your wh£reab©vts too” I smiled

Me “thats my girl”

YooRan “aaahh of course…yaaa, my act!ng is really top notch you know. I would have been a great actress if fath£r hadnt decided I should be doctor ” I laugh£d

Me “thank you my friend”

YooRan “ya…dont j√$t sleep all day uh? clean up a little and I expect to come home to a home cooked Hangul meal okay?” I chuckled

Me “as you wish lady of th£ house ”

YooRan “okay, I have to go…see you at home”

Me “annyeo” $h£ hung up and I got up from th£ couch to take a long bath th£n dressed up comfortably. I was mak!ng myself a sandwich wh£n th£ hospital called ask!ng me to go yet aga!n…jeez do th£se people not know th£ mean!ng of day off

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

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