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Baby And Me – Episode 32

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BABY AND ME Episode 32

♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
Me “my fath£r?”
Jay “yeah man! Isnt th¡s great?! You have been look!ng for your parents for years and now h£ found you!” I had no !nterest !n my parents at all, f!nd!ng my parents stopped be!ng a priority a long time ago and it def!nitely was not a priority !n that moment.

Me “h£ hasnt found me, Jude Howard is dead”
Jay “what? Dude are you be!ng f****ng serious right now?! What do you mean Jude Howard is dead!”
Me “if Brooks Gh£ller came look!ng for me th£n Maria Santos would have told h¡m that I died”
Jay “yes but….”
Me “th£n its done” I started walk!ng up th£ stairs aga!n but h£ grabb£d my arm
Jay “are you serious right now Jude! Your fath£r is a rich multi millionare and you’re act!ng like th¡s! You can go [email protected]¢k, you can go tell h¡m you’re alive…you can go [email protected]¢k home and live your life and be th£ person you always wanted to be! Your fath£r is freak!n Brooks Gh£ller!! Are you really go!ng to give up your dreams for th¡s?! Th£ th!ngs you always wanted, are th£y go!ng to go to sh*t for th¡s!!!” I turned to face h¡m, anger ris!ng up deep !n my gut.

Me “dont act like you know me okay? Th£ Jude Howard you knew [email protected]¢k th£n is not th£ one stand!ng !n front of you right now! What do you th!nk th¡s is Jason? Some k!nd of joke? You th!nk my life h£re is some kid’s ₱|@y? Well newsflash man, th¡s is it! Th¡s is who I am now, th¡s is th£ life I had built for myself h£re and I have realised that its not a temporary life that I’m j√$t liv!ng because one Day I’ll go [email protected]¢k to th£ States to resume my old life, th¡s right h£re, is permanent…its what I have right now and its all I want! So dont come h£re and act like you know me or what I want or what my dreams are….”
Jay “15 years man, we have known each oth£r for 15 years, so you’re say!ng my best friend…th£ guy I have known half my life is no longer th£re?”
Me “th!ngs have changed Jason, I changed, I grew up and sh*t happened that changed me! Those th!ngs that I wanted [email protected]¢k th£n j√$t dont fit !nto th£ th!ngs I want now and th£ th!ngs I have now. I have changed and it really s√¢ks that my own best friend, th£ guy I have known for 15 years wont accept that. Th£ fact that you want me to go [email protected]¢k and live a life that I dont even want anym©r£ is j√$t bullsh*t basically. What did you th!nk I was do!ng h£re Jason? That I was j√$t sitt!ng, twiddl!ng my thumbs and wait!ng for an opportunity to avail itself so I can pack my stuff and my daughter th£n run [email protected]¢k to th£ States? No man…I lived and I love it h£re, everyth!ng I want is h£re”
Jay “so what you’re say!ng is that you’re never go!ng [email protected]¢k? That your life th£re is over?”

Me “my life !n th£ States was over th£ day I died and was reborn as Blair Taylor h£re !n Korea man”
Jay “I understand, th£n if thats how it is…th£n that means we Americans dont fit !nto your life eith£r” I wasnt !n th£ mood to beg or make h¡m understand, I was exhausted and I j√$t needed my life [email protected]¢k, th£ life Yoona and I had started, I wanted it [email protected]¢k so I had no energy to waste on try!ng to make Jason see how th!ngs were so h£ could get h¡s h£ad ©vt of h¡s a$$
Me “if thats how you want to see it th£n f!ne” I turned and walked up th£ stairs to Leila’s room, it was time $h£ really got th£ f**k ©vt of my house, no one was go!ng to talk me ©vt of it th¡s time
I flung th£ door open and $h£ was ly!ng !n b£d listen!ng to music, $h£ opened h£r eyes as soon as I opened th£ door th£n sat up, $h£ took ©vt th£ h£adsets and smiled
Leila “Jude ”
Me “start pack!ng Leila, I want you gone” $h£ sigh£d
Leila “not th¡s aga!n Jude, come on now” $h£ stood up.

Me “I’m serious Leila, leave my house right now”
Leila “you know you’re not really go!ng to kick me ©vt. Th£ fact that I’m still h£re means you still ¢ar£ ab©vt me, if you really hated me th£n you wouldnt have even let me stay one night h£re and you def!nitely wouldnt have listened to Jay after our special night ”
Me “you know what Leila, I’m done with leech£s like you !n my life who know noth!ng else but to take take take…well no m©r£ you h£ar me? You all th!nk I’m th£ ultimate nice guy right? Well thats because I really really didnt want to show people th£ real unpleasant side of me but you keep forc!ng me, ₱ush!ng me beyond my limits and now its time I ₱u$h£d [email protected]¢k, dont you th!nk?” I grabb£d h£r wrist and ₱v||ed h£r to me th£n grabb£d h£r throat “is th¡s what you want to see Leila? Is that why you keep tak!ng advantage of th£ courtesy I try to show to you? Is th¡s why you take me and my words for granted? Is th¡s why you th!nk you can keep f****ng with my life? Is it because you want to see me turn !nto someth!ng I’m not? You want to see j√$t how I can be wh£n I’m ₱u$h£d beyond my limits and Im at risk of los!ng th£ th!ngs I love?” Fear crept up !n h£r eyes and $h£ kept hitt!ng my arm !n desperate attempts for me to set h£r free, $h£ was fight!ng for h£r life but I needed to teach h£r and everyone else a lesson, show th£m I was only nice because thats j√$t how I was raised but I had a bad side too, th£ dark side that I kept hidden from everyone because once it came ©vt, it s¢ar£d me too
I let go of h£r and threw h£r to th£ floor, $h£ cough£d vigorously hold!ng h£r throat

Me “get th£ f**k ©vt of my house Leila, dont make me say it aga!n!” I kicked h£r to th£ side as I walked ©vt of h£r room, Jason was stand!ng at th£ door, I looked at h¡m and h£ took a step [email protected]¢k
Jay “you really have changed man and I’m not sure I like th¡s change !n you, liv!ng h£re and be!ng with that Korean girl has changed you for th£ worst!”
Me “you too…get ©vt of my house today! I dont want to be @r0vnd people who dont respect me and th£ choices I have made. If you th!nk its for th£ worst Jason th£n leave and dont look [email protected]¢k, because I would rath£r lose a friend than become someth!ng I no longer am j√$t to please you. Go [email protected]¢k to your life !n th£ States and let me live m!ne !n peace”
Jay “if thats how you want it to be man th£n f!ne by me”
Me “th£n you better start pack!ng, Chase will show you to a h°tel preferably close to th£ airport” I walked to Yoona’s room wh£re I j√$t locked th£ door and threw myself on th£ b£d. Th£ b£d covers still smelled of h£r, I felt an ach£ !n my h£art. I had really let h£r d©wΠ and I hurt h£r too, I never should have let that snake Leila !nto my home and I dont know what I was th!nk!ng eith£r

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I couldnt even function properly after see!ng Madame Han that day, I was so angry I wanted to break th!ngs! So after work, I went to th£ gym j√$t to b!0w off some steam. I went straight to th£ box!ng area wh£re I threw a few [email protected] punch£s, damn that woman! Damn h£r entire family!! I was so f****ng upset that I had th£ Seo blood runn!ng threw my ve!ns! I hated my fath£r with everyth!ng !n me! Tears fell d©wΠ my ch£eks dur!ng my work©vt, I was angry, sh©vt!ng, s¢r**m!ng and kick!ng, punch!ng th£ punch!ng bag so [email protected] I felt pa!n !n my shoulders. I missed my moth£r so much, if $h£ were still alive th£n my fath£r probably wouldnt have remarried and brought !n that devil !nto our home who th£n made my b£droom h¡s own! My fath£r wouldnt have failed at h¡s fath£rly duties and I wouldnt be as f**ked up as I was! I wouldnt have ₱u$h£d Jude Howard away because I was s¢ar£d h£’d hurt me, I would have let h¡m love me and loved h¡m [email protected]¢k but because I didnt know how to love a man, I ran at th£ first sign of trouble
I felt someone hold!ng me d©wΠ and I s1©wly fell to th£ floor, I th!nk perhaps I was fa!nt!ng because everyth!ng became blurry and I couldnt even see th£ face of th£ person hold!ng me th£n everyth!ng became dark after I said Jude’s name….

I woke up later on !n unfamiliar surround!ngs, th£ room I was !n and everyth!ng else, th£ last th!ng I remember was me at th£ gym go!ng [email protected] at th£ punch!ng bag th£n someone hold!ng me d©wΠ and thats it. As I was try!ng to figure ©vt wh£re I was, Choi Young Do walked through th£ door
Me *shocked* “sunbae?” h£ smiled
Sunbae “oh good! You’re awake, you had me worried”
Me “wh£re am I?”
Sunbae “at my house”
Me “you’re h-house?”
Sunbae “yes, I brought you h£re after you fa!nted at th£ gym, you were really go!ng [email protected] at th£ punch!ng bag, you almost hurt yourself” I looked d©wΠ
Me “I had some issues I wanted to deal with” I fiddled with my [email protected]
Sunbae “is it because of th£ visit from madame Han?” I looked up
Me “uh?”
Sunbae “its seems like you guys had a h*g£ fight, everyone saw that slap you gave h£r”
Me “I know, everyone kept star!ng at me like some Alien”
Sunbae “whats wrong Yoona?”
Me “Its noth!ng sunbae, I’m okay”
Sunbae “it didnt seem like noth!ng [email protected]¢k th£re”
Me “it really is, well its noth!ng I cant [email protected]” h£ put h¡s [email protected] on my shoulder and looked right !nto my eyes
Sunbae “you know you can talk to me ab©vt anyth!ng right?” I nodded quickly, feel!ng a tad uncomfortable. My stomach roared loudly as though I couldnt have been m©r£ embarra$$ed, h£ chuckled “lets go eat, I made some fried mandoo” (mandoo- fried dumpl!ngs). I got ©vt of b£d and asked to be excused to th£ bathroom, h£ showed it to me. I went !n and did my bus!ness th£n spla$h£d some cold water on my face
I went to f!nd sunbae !n th£ kitch£n, th£ food was already on th£ table and th£ smell was j√$t div!ne, my stomach started grumbl!ng all over aga!n. I sat d©wΠ and h£ [email protected] me chopsticks
Sunbae “dig !n” I smiled as I rubb£d th£ sticks togeth£r and started eat!ng
Me “mmmhhh th¡s is so delicious!”
Sunbae “really? I made it myself”
Me “you’re a great cook th£n, or are you j√$t good at mak!ng fried dumpl!ngs?” h£ laugh£d.

Sunbae “guess you’ll have to wait and see for yourself, maybe I’ll cook an entire Korean meal for you one day” I choked on th£ food and cough£d, startled by h¡s comment, why would Choi Young Do cook for me?
Sunbae “h£re…dr!nk th¡s” h£ ₱u$h£d a gla$$ of water my way and I gulped it d©wΠ “oh chum…h£re’s your phone” h£ [email protected] it to me “someone saved as Blair Taylor called”
Me “h£ did?”
Sunbae “mm, h£ seemed very worried ab©vt you so I told h¡m wh£re you are and h£ said h£’d come get you”
Me “oh” I took th£ phone and shoved it !n my pocket
Sunbae “is everyth!ng okay? Should I have not answered th£ call? I’m sorry, h£ j√$t sounded so worried”
Me “its okay sunbae, its j√$t that I would have preferred you not tell h¡m wh£re I am”
Sunbae “aahh I’m sorry, I shouldnt have answered !n th£ first place”
Me “k!nchana, you didnt know” h£ only nodded and I suddenly couldnt eat anym©r£, my stomach was !n knots and I felt nauseas so much that I ran to th£ bathroom aga!n and threw up th£ little food I had eaten
Sunbae “are you okay?” h£ asked as I walked ©vt of th£ bathroom
Me “yes, I j√$t felt a little nauseas but I’m okay now”
Sunbae “is h£ your boyfriend?” I nodded s1©wly “h£ sounds American”
Me “thats because h£ is”
Sunbae “oh yeah…uh so did you guys fight?”
Me “mm” I sat d©wΠ aga!n and drank th£ water
Sunbae “do you love h¡m?” I nodded “aahh I see…” h¡s tone was disappo!nted, as though h£ didnt want me to have a boyfriend
Me “is th£re a problem?”
Sunbae “no! None at all…well what should we do th£n? I gave h¡m th£ address already”
Me “noth!ng I guess, let h¡m come…I have to go home anyway”
Sunbae “ofcourse, you live togeth£r?”
Me “used to, I recently m©v£d ©vt”
Sunbae “thats a relief”
Me “what is?”
Sunbae “aahh noth!ng, j√$t th¡s and that” I nodded, I wasnt feel!ng good at all, I kept hav!ng h°tfla$h£s “Yoona, maybe you should lie d©wΠ, you’re start!ng to look pale
Me “maybe I should” I stood up and lost my balance, almost [email protected]||!ng but sunbae was th£re to catch me. h£ lifted me up !n h¡s arms and carried me to h¡s room wh£re h£ placed me ¢ar£fvlly on th£ b£d
Sunbae “rest h£re until your boyfriend comes okay?”
Me “yes” h£ ₱v||ed th£ blanket over me and I turned to sleep on my side, Sunbae hovered over me for a few seconds th£n left th£ room.

To be cont!nued…
©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael
All Rights Reserved

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