Baby JJ my Sunshine episode 25 – 28




🎈 CHAPTER 25&26🎈


Stop there Alex said to the driver

ok sir ”

“big bro ” do you want to get something from the mall because I myself what you bought is already enough for me baby ask turning over to look at her brother ”

I know baby j I just want you to pick something nice for your friends here so they won’t drag the things I bought for you with you okay he said rubbing his cheeks and she smiled ”

okay big brother thank you so much I don’t know you still remember that am happy to have you as a big brother best brother in the whole world ,baby said while using her hand to demonstrate the word

“whole world ”

let’s go Alex said almost coming out of the car but baby drag him back and he turned

big brother ! your mask because am not ready to share you with fans not today baby pouted and alighted from the car ,while Alex use the mask before coming down

He hold her hand and they walk in ,

let’s go over there bro I want to get them done jewelries baby suggested and start walking at the front while Alex follows .

Alex who was busy pressing phone didn’t look well and end up bumping into a lady ,

what the hell are you blind ? the lady yell

meanwhile when Alex bump into her his mask fell off and baby heard the noise and turn rushing back to her brother”

Am sorry please Alex said raising up his head forgetting the fact that he is a celebrity

wow role model 👥

people who were looking start commenting and trying to get close to Alex

Alex j I love you 👥

you are so handsome 👥

my favorite 👥

The face of American 👥

I love you Alex 👥

You are more handsome than I imagined 👥

please sign for me ,I love you 👥

you are my crush 👥

Alex just a one night stand 👥

You are too hot 👥

so what the blogger said is true that you are back 👥

some even fainted

people keep coming in , and the guards try their best to push them back

Alex look up and stare at the lady he bumped into one more time but the lady was just speechless but he ignores that and hold baby’s hand ,

and start talking

hi everyone please I just came back am tired you all know I love you ,he said blowing a k×ss , and drag baby trying to leave with her but some bloggers block him

who is she ? they ask

hmmmm she is my baby ,he answered ,

your baby ? you mean your girlfriend ? they ask

yes my girlfriend ,my mum ,my sweetheart ,my darling , and my baby j

he answered ”

and rush out with baby while baby laugh inwardly

because some girls fainted , some were like ooh he has a girlfriend ,am jealous

I hate her ,

these were the comments that follows , and bloggers that were around didn’t waste Time in doing their job ,even one popular blogger gistlover once said he is back but we didn’t believe someone said

the girl whom Alex bump into was speechless she turn and walk out of the mall quietly ,



” Fiona why are you so quiet ,did something happen at the mall ” since you came back you have been so quiet and calm as if as if something bad happened” ,the little girl

no daisy nothing happened okay ,am just tired she lied ”

lie I know you well sister please tell me the truth you know since momma and Pappa died you are the only one I have if someone look for your trouble just tell me and I will hit the person daisy said showing her fist off

making fiona to laugh

okay fine let me tell you ,you know I was sacked today because bella caused a problem and put it on me ,the madam believe is me and sacked me ,I begged and begged but no .

she paused and continue

I decided to know whether that big mall at the down street need any workers I went in to check ,

but they said know and I was so angry when I was leaving I bumped into someone and yell at him ,his mask fell and it turns out to Be Alex j my crush ,the one I always loved ,but I yelled at him fiona explained bitterly ”

daisy patted her back I know that already I watched the news and the vedio and he even has a girlfriend ,but sister that girl he claimed is his girlfriend look like him daisy said ”

ooh please I was there when he said it so stop trying to make me feel better okay ” fiona smiled ”

I will be in my room as for you school fees please give sister some times okay she said rubbing daisy cheeks while she nodded with a smile

and fiona went in,side .



Many bloggers fullied there ,who are they looking for Alex J ,

but the tight security in Mr julia house manage to chase them out .

Baby hurry up and wear that dress and heels I bought for you we are having a visitor in few minutes Alex said ”

“oooh common brother I know baby said coming out already dressed ”

wow he stare you look beautiful in that he complimented”

thanks bro ,

come let me do your hair he said and they went to the table

she sat down and Alex start combing her hair after some minute her baby face hair become bright ,he put some l-ips gloss and eyebrows colour on her with a little touch of powder Making her look so beautiful .

thanks brother you are the best Baby smiled ”

they went downstairs , settling down in the sitting room ,

where there parents are

you look beautiful sweetheart mr julia said nervously ”

thanks dad

my princess you look so take away ,cute just like me mrs julia said smiling at her

thanks mummy and thanks to brother ,

suddenly the door bell rings

ding ding ding ****

the door opened and the visitors walked in ,

Baby look up and her was surprised to see someone she least expected ,what am I dreaming is impossible ,

and she said car…………..

🎈 CHAPTER 27&28 🎈

she was surprised and she turned and said care to come in and then he nodded surprise as she is ‘

immediately he walked and was wondering what is going on

what exactly is he doing here ,is she the girl or am just dreaming he said mentally ”

come on let’s go to the dining table the food is ready mrs julia said smiling ”

while they follow her .

“after settling down ” emm baby and Alex meet mr and mrs martians

hello she greeted and smile at them ,while Angelo scoff ”

hi dear you look beautiful mrs martian complimented smiling at her”

you are very pretty mr martian as said ”

thank you ‘

And this is their son he concluded ”

Alex who was watching everything kept quiet ,

ooh dad you don’t have to introduce him to me ,baby snapped ”

And everyone turn to look at her trying to know what she means by that ,

in mrs martians mind she was scared does it mean she doesn’t like him ,oooh this is bad she thought ”

what ? I mean I know him , angie is my friend but he is so rude , arrogant and mean ,he was kick at his forehead by a ball he should be thanking me now or his handsome face would have been ruin ,baby blurted and smirk at Angelo who was so ashamed and wish to close her mouth with tape .

mrs martians sign ”

everyone was surprised ”

“so baby does that mean you two know each other ,mrs julia ask ”

yes mom I know him ,baby said laughing inwardly on how Angelo’s face is right now ‘

Angelo you didn’t tell me you know baby mr martians ask looking at angelo who look up and glare at baby before facing his dad

dad what exactly is the reason why we come here because this girl here is a good package of trouble he snapped at his dad and look away ,

baby suddenly feel sad for embrassing him ,

hey Angie don’t be like that am sorry for saying those things about you ,baby said gently looking at angelo but he wasn’t taking that

everywhere was so quiet ,

they keep on watching the two of them,

common angie baby pouted ”

but Angelo kept quiet throwing his face away

don’t be too mean ,okay now am talking too much ,the last time I talked too much you said if I talk that you will k………..

immediately angelo stood up and cover baby mouth preventing her from saying those words because she is so naive that she can spit any naughty secret thinking is Cinderella film

he drag her upstairs

while the rest of the family bursted into laughter

gosh they are so funny ,Alex said

you are right I don’t know they know each other mrs julia said ”

and that’s a good thing atleast we should be worried on how to tell them about the engagement mr martian said

and they all nodded .

in,side BABY ROOM

how dare you , angelo yell ”

while baby kept quiet and look down at her heels afraid to meet his angry eyes

am sorry I was just kidding baby replied ”

you are kidding angelo snapped with a glare which she didn’t see and she nodded ”

he was tired so he sat down at baby bed and put his hand on he put his one hand on his jaw so it could hold it and look at baby was was still standing .

why are you this naive ,he ask

huh ? are you talking to me she look up

is there any other person here that am supposed to talk to he snapped ”

am sorry she muttered and start tearing up due to how loud he said it ”

angelo look at her and sigh ‘

come ! he said

and she went to him still crying

he pulled her closer and and start patting her back in their sitting posture ,

after some minutes of silence

Angelo managed to look at her face and realized she is already sleeping ,

wow that’s atleast a relief ,he said and gently drop her on the bed

he turn to leave but found a very beautiful and decorated drawer ,he look around the room and realized how babish , childish and funny decorations it had ,

who the hell pampered her he thought ,
I guess she loves blue and white , realizing how many times hebsaw blue and white stuffs around ,,

he decided to explore the room , and start checking everything in,side



dad so you sent for because you want to tell me that sharon is coming back ?

bob ask ”

yes son your sister is coming back and you know she is popular Don’t you dare tell anybody his dad said

while he nodded ”

but dad I thought is business that made you call me ,you can just tell me on phone that sharon is coming back bob said already burning in,side ,he hate his sister because she is a bitch and a bully infact she is bad ,

yes I want us to talk About business but I decided not to because I know that sharon coming back already make you mad ,sad and unhappy so I don’t want more complications on your visit ,his dad said

ok dad , since is like that am leaving ,he said and walk out ,

while his dad nod his head in a negative way .


well that’s bob and carter personal hostel ,

carter drove in and park his car ,he went in,side and was surprised to see carter ,

hey man what’s wrong I thought you are supposed to be home ,bob ask ”

yeah ,you too what happened you just left an hour ago you are back early carter said

yes you are right he just wanted to inform me that sharon is coming back home ,bob replied

wow that’s good news carter said happily.

good news my foot bob muttered ,…

yeah is good news I can’t wait to see her , as for me I told them that am not coming back home ,so they ended up saying I shouldn’t come again ,

you know am the boss carter said proudly ,as if he achieved something great .


what !!! Angelo yell when they told them about the engagement and her living with him together and to make it worst they bought a house outside the school just for the two of them .

well Angelo came down after spending some times in baby room and now they are all back together including baby and their parents told them about the engagement

dad you mean I will live with angie ,if I agree ,baby ask , smiling ,

yes dear nobody is forcing you ,If you want you can agree to marry him ,mrs julia said ,

really dad but am just sixteen she said

it doesn’t matter Alex said smiling at baby and she smiled back

I agree she said immediately , making angelo to turn and glare at her Making her to pout her l-ips in a funny way ,

dad should I follow him now ,I want a sleepover in his house ,family house baby said ”

making everyone laugh and they nodded ,

I will be back ,she rushed upstairs and gather slot of bags ,

before coming downstairs while everyone mouth was agape staring at her

baby are you traveling mrs julia ask

no mum ,I want to live with angelo ,she said carrying her bags and drag angelo out while he just stare speechlessly feeling so defeated .

everyone bursted into a fresh chapter of laughter .

Hmmmm come and carry your sister guys

baby is crazy

so is angelo

she wan marry angelo oooh.

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