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Bad Boy Romance Episode 48 – 49


Bad Boy Romance🚫

Episode 48

(Camping–(Scorpion sting II)
Payton’s POV

‘Don’t bother about me just think only of your leg okay?? I’m perfectly fine and besides the scorpion didn’t really sting me’..He said..

‘Okay’..i murmured and rested my head again on the sleeping bag and in a moment I was fast asleep…

Trevor’s POV

‘So you’re saying that Brody and Payton haven’t come back?!! How come no one noticed this?!’..I asked cooper who had an exasperated look on his face..

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‘Yes no one could notice because of the storm and a they all went to sleep’..He replied.I groaned loudly and checked the time which happened to be 7am and before I could say anything I sighted Brody from afar piggybacking Payton who seemed to be injured…

‘There they are thank God’..I said and we both walked towards them..

‘What happened man??’..Cooper asked.

‘Well Payton fell into a ditch and when i tried to get her out i fell in too,well to cut the long story she’s can’t walk very well and needs medical attention’..Brody explained.I just watched on as Cooper took Payton from his back and carried her towards Principal Terian’s cabin.I turned to leave but then i noticed how sweaty and pale Brody was looking..

‘Are you okay??’..i asked..

‘Yeah i am,why would you think I’m not??’..He retorted sharply and when i listened carefully i noticed his raspy voice..

Something is definitely wrong with him and I’m sure it has something to do with Payton..

‘You need to see Principal Terian about this cause you don’t look good one bit’..i suggested..

‘Just leave me alone Trevor it’s none of your business’..He responded and walked away angrily.I noticed how he staggered lightly towards his cabin and then paused for a while,turned back to look at me and the next thing i knew..


Payton’s POV

I groaned loudly as I moved around the bed restlessly thinking about Brody..

Why is he proving so stubborn??.

I’m pretty sure that Scorpion bit him and it’s all because of me..

‘Call an ambulance he’s dying!!’..I heard Serani’s voice from outside and I bolted from the bed immediately which made me fall to the ground…

‘Who..Who is dying??’..i asked Nicole as she ran past me but she didn’t reply..

‘Who is dying?!!’…i cried out to James..

‘It’s Brody Payton he’s been stung by a Scorpion and from the looks of it he’s going to die’..

Episode 49

(Sneaking out)
Payton’s POV

I cried out as I hopped on one leg towards the clinic where Brody was being taken cared of.almost the whole school was present so I couldn’t get to the door…

‘I just pray he doesn’t die,he hasn’t asked me to prom yet’..Nicole said in tears and the next thing I knew all the cheer leading squad began crying..

‘No!! No he can’t die!! He can’t die!!’..I cried out ignoring the pain I felt in my legs and tried pushing my way towards the door…

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‘It’s an emergency move away!! Move away!!’..A red cross officer screamed and everyone parted ways.Brody was unconscious as he was carried out on a stretcher.His face was so pale and his body was so slick with sweat,everyone murmured and some cried as he was placed in the Ambulance…

‘It’s all my fault!! I’m the reason he’s in this condition!! I should have never been so stubborn!! All I wanted was to be someone popular and now see what it has cost me?!’..I cried out and slumped to the ground in tears..

‘It’s okay babe he’s going to be okay’..Serani muttered from behind me and I turned around…

‘Serani I’m sorry,I’m really sorry about how I treated you,I’m sorry about what I said days ago I’m sorry for being a bad friend,I’m sorry for everything’..I said in tears and she crouched over to my position and hugged me..

‘It’s okay Payton,you were just carried away.You messed up real bad and I was disappointed in you but it doesn’t mean I hate you,Brody is going to be okay.He’s a fighter and I know it so you don’t have to worry much cause he’s gonna be okay’..She reassured me and I nodded..

‘I hope so,I pray so’…


I yelled loudly as I was being chased my a cave monster with a bandage wrapped around my leg.Brody was at the other side of the lake with his hands extended out to me to catch me..

‘I’ll save you Payton just jump’..He said and i shook my head..

‘No Brody I can’t do it ,it’s too far’..

‘Payton jump now!!!’..He screamed and the next thing i knew he was taken away by an eagle..

‘Noo!!!!’..I screamed and that’s when my eyes opened..

Oh I think it’s a bad dream..

‘Are you okay??’..Serani asked as i panted heavily and at the same time sweating profusely..

‘No i am not okay!! I had a bad dream like a really bad bad one,i really need to see Brody Serani i have a feeling he’s not gonna make it’..I said still panting heavily…

‘We can’t leave Payton,the trip ends tomorrow and we leave by 6am.We can’t go to visit Brody we just have to wait’..she replied..

‘Please Serani just do this for me I beg of you,i really need to see him even if it’s for a minute’..i begged clasping my hands together..

‘We can’t sneak out,not with the camp security guards watching??’..She whispered…

‘We can Serani please please come with me’..i begged..

‘Ohh okay but it doesn’t mean I’m onboard with this plan’..

Trevor’s POV

‘Psst Trevor,psst Trevor come out’..I heard Serani whisper and i opened my eyes…

‘What..what are you doing here for heavens sake?!’..I whispered softly dragging her to the side so that no one would suspect the both of us…

‘Well Payton and i are sneaking out,she really wants to see Brody,she said she had a bad dream and has a bad feeling that Brody is in danger’..she replied..

‘What?!! Are you both out of your mind?! Sneaking out of the campsite?! What do you think this is!! The extraction?!!’..i screamed softly..

‘Look Trevor Payton and i are going to see Brody and if you won’t come with us then you’re free not to,He’s our friend and we ought to be there for him’..she said..

‘Yes Serani we’ll go with you’..i heard and when i turned around it was the whole school..

Wait everyone is planning on sneaking out just for Brody?

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