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Bad Boy Romance Episode 55 – 56


Bad Boy Romance🚫

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Episode 55

(Why so nice??)
Brody’s POV

Hearing Payton say that I have a good heart really broke the last barrier I kept between the both of us..

It’s so surprising cause I really treat her so bad and she still thinks I have a good heart??.

‘Mmmmh’.she murmured in her sleep under the duvet and when I caught a glimpse of her innocent face I smiled.My hands hovered over her shoulder deciding whether to rest or not but I quickly withdrew it..

Today I almost killed Chase because of her.I felt the desire to kill and protect because of her and I’m glad she fought to keep my head in order cause I was really planning on doing something that I would regret later…

Now tomorrow she has to face the scadalous shame in school..

After hearing all she had to say the least I could do is be nice to her until I accept the gooey feeling I get whenever she’s near me…

Payton’s POV

The Next Morning in school🏫
As soon as I walked into the hallway all eyes turned towards me and then the murmurs began..

‘She’s so shameless’..

‘I can’t believe she was almost raped’..

‘What if she seduced Chase??’..

‘Poor girl she’s so innocent’..

‘The party last night was certainly one to remember’..

On and on and on and on I tried to hard to shut the gossip behind me but I couldn’t..

They knew I was listening and they made sure of it…

‘I told you going to that party was a bad idea—I heard what happened—Sorry’..Serani said as she walked over.I kept silent for a while and when I saw the sincere look of comfort in her eyes I bursted into tears in her arms ..

‘It was horrible Serani,I never want to go to another party ever again!!’ .I cried out and she patted my back .

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‘Sorry honey but look on the bright side,At least Brody was there to save you??’..She said trying to calm me down and I nodded in approval of her notion..

She’s right..

Brody was there at the right time and speak of the devil..

‘Hey Payton!! You look nice today’..He said as he walked past me with Cooper..



Did he just do what I think he just did??..

‘Whoa I did not see that coming’…Serani exclaimed in agreement with my thoughts and my mouth opened widely..

‘Was he just nice to me?? Did Brody Anderson just say something nice to me??’..I asked no one in particular??..

Fine I poured my heart out to him last nice but why so nice??..

Why is he so nice to me??..


‘So you have to give me a full report on your English homework tomorrow’.. The new English teacher said as the bell signaled the end of her class.I grabbed my books and just before I could go outside Brody stopped me..

‘Hey Payton you uhhh wanna help me with my report?? I really don’t understand the basics’..he said and the ball of spit almost left my mouth…

‘Y..yeah sure..yeah when we get home I would help you’..my voice trailed off as he placed a soft kiss on my cheek and walked away .

‘Thanks PT you’re the best’..

Okay I’ve seen a lot of weird things going on but nothing prepared me for this one…

Did he just ask for my help and did he just call me PT??..

A new polite nickname..

‘Hey it looks like Brody hit his head on a brick or something’..Trevor in his usual gossiping self muttered into my ears and in as much as I wanted to laugh I couldn’t..

‘I’m as confused as you are Trevor,can you imagine he called me PT’..I explained and his eyes widened …

‘He called you PT?? You mean like he gave you a new nickname?? A nice one??’..

‘Yes he did’..

‘No way!!’..

‘Yes way Trevor and he even asked me for help with his English report!! It’s like there’s a whole new Brody Anderson or something!’..I said confused as f**k but smiling at the new development…

‘The Brody I know isn’t nice—Why so nice all of a sudden??’..He asked me and I shrugged as we both walked out of the class..

Episode 56

(I like you)
Brody’s POV

Minutes later
‘You ready?!’..I called out to Payton from the other side of the court and she smiled..

‘I should be asking you that question new Brody Anderson but…’..her voice trailed off as soon as the bell rung.Everyone groaned and grunted cause they were pretty interested in the showdown the both of us were about to deliver.I went straight for the boys locker room and there I saw something very funny.There Chase stood with his undie on his head and his shirt on his butt making him look like the cape kid from Sam and Cat TV show.Everyone began laughing including I myself cause it was somewhat like a dose of revenge..

‘He really looks stupid’..Cooper chuckled from behind and when I noticed the mischievous gleam in his eyes I frowned..

‘You had something to do with this didn’t you??’..

‘No I didn’t but it was the guys from the Lacrosse team,they have a personal beef of some sort with him’..he replied and I shrugged..

‘Brody Anderson I know you’re behind this!! All because of that Damned Payton girl!!’..Chase yelled and lunged at me but cleverly I backed off and he landed flat on his face..

‘Ooohhh!!!’..The rest of the guys exclaimed and I crouched down to his level..

‘Next time you’d think before messing with me or anyone I care about’..


I yawned loudly as Mr Rudolf talked on endlessly about the importance of communication and just my luck the bell rang.Everyone packed their bags not caring if he was through or not and we all left the classroom.Payton was talking with Serani and as she walked past me I followed..

‘Uhhh what are you doing??’..she asked with her brows furrowed..

‘Following you,we live together remember??’..I replied with a smile on my face…

‘Yeah we live together but shouldn’t you be with the other girls??’..She asked..

‘Hmmm I’m tired of them can we go home now?? I could take you home on my bike??’..I offered and her mouth went agape in horror..

‘Okay now I’m convinced that you’ve hit your head on a brick’..Serani added..

Why is it so shocking that I can be nice??.

It seems like I’ve carved out something like a bad boy reputation for myself..

Payton’s POV

Even though i still had Trevor to figure out I agreed going home with Brody on his bike.I felt nervous a little and just when it couldn’t get worse he wrapped my arms around his waist and my heart beat faster as I felt his skin against mine..

‘Why are you so nice all of a sudden to me Brody Anderson??’..I asked even though my mind warned me against doing so…

‘Cause I just want to be nice,is it a crime being nice to you??’..He snarled at me and I frowned..

‘There’s no need to be so nice just because you pity me?? ‘..I snarled back and he stopped the bike immediately in front of a convenience store.

‘I certainly am not nice to cause I pity you?! Why on Earth would you think that?!’..he yelled dragging me away from the crowd so as not to cause a scene..

‘Yes cause you pity me!! You’ve always shown me how much you—

‘I like you Payton!!!’..he cut in..


‘I like you!! I’ve always liked you right from the day I met you Andrew since then I’ve been so angry cause i couldn’t have you!! I really like you like you Payton Carlson now are you gonna shut up and let me take you home?!!’..

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