Bad Boys B-Kay High

Bad boys b-kay high episode 50 – 51

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Kingsley’s tears flowed more but it’s definitely tears of joy, Immeasurable joy that she’s awake, she didn’t lose her memory

He hugged her tighter every minute and she did the same, happy that at least he’s here with her

He broke the hug at a point and car-ssed her cheeks gently, not breaking their eye contact

“I thought you were gonna lose your memory and that thought almost killed me I swear” he said

” Fool, who told you I’ll ever allow my memory to leave” Jewel smiled

” Idiot, your memory won’t need permission from you if it decides to leave you” he replied and she laughed

” So you’ve been thinking I’ll wake up and be like..β€˜who are you?’ Jewel said

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking about and tomorrow is my birthday, I won’t be able to stand it if my witch is on the hospital bed on my birthday” he said and she smiled wider

” But here I am….wait!, For how long have I been unconscious?” She asked.

” Today is the fourth day” Kingsley said and Jewel smiled

” I’ve been sleeping for a long time” she said

“Did you just wake up and come here?” Kingsley asked

“Well, the doctor was In the ward when I woke up and I….I requested to see you then he told me you went out to pick a call, I told him I need to really see you as fast as possible and that’s why he allowed me and I traced you here” she replied

” So I’m the first person you remembered when you woke up” he said

“Yes, cos I missed you so much” she said

” Seriously?” He said

” Sure” she replied truthfully

” You were unconscious, how will you know if you miss me?” He said..

” I can just feel it when I woke up and couldn’t find you, the longing to see you came immediately and it was so uncontrollable” she said, staring deeply at him

Kingsley held her face again and moved closer to k-ss her pointed nose and that made her smile again

“Jewel I…” He said and the rest got lost in his throat

“You what?” Jewel said expectantly

“I….” He said again, trailing off, scared to say the rest

“Tell me anything ok?” Jewel said, holding him by the sides and looking deeply at him as if to pour hope in his shinny eyes

“It’s nothing, I’ll tell you tommorow” he said

“Promise?” She said

” I promise” he smiled

” So….are you strong enough to journey back Seoul?” Kingsley asked

” As strong as a rock” Jewel replied, demonstrating

He held her hand and interlocked it with his own then they left the hospital and went to the hotel to pick their things and dress up too after bathing

They left the hotel and started the drive home though Kingsley didn’t tell anyone about it, it’s meant to be a surprise for them

He called everyone to meet him at the lounge tonight and that made everyone surprised, thinking if he’s really serious

They got to Seoul at exactly past seven at night and went straight to the lounge

Love nearly couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Jewel entering the lounge

Veera and Romina scre-med shockingly

Richmond smiled immediately he saw her and Jasmine winked at her

“My baby!” Love scre-med!, Jumping on her and hugging her tightly

“My Love” she replied

“I never this is the surprise Kingsley was talking about, I’m really surprised, Kingsley you won, I’m surprised thanks for staying with her, thanks for bringing her back safely” Love said, still hugging her till Romina took her and hugged her too

“I’m so glad you’re back my bad b*tch” she gushed

” My woman” Veera hugged her tightly

“Tell me the meaning of that name” Jewel said

” No, you’ll find out for yourself soon” Veera replied, releasing her

” Welcome back” Richmond smiled and pulled her into a hug too

Kingsley had to look away to avoid getting angry about it

Jasmine only hit his knuckle on hers and they gave each other the f*ck sign

“So tommorow is this dude’s birthday party!, Let’s just take tonight as his birthday shower, who’s in!” Jasmine said

“Absolutely everyone!, Hurray!, It’s my brother’s birthday party tommorow!” Veera scre-med

” This pretty shinny guy is turning ten and nine” Richmond said, grabbing a bottle of whiskey

” Nineteen for the love of bubble gum!” Romina scre-med too

” Let’s wet him, mixer some music!” Love scre-med and they all went to the stage with bottles of various alcohol which they started pouring on Kingsley, wetting him with it allover and he won’t stop shouting and scre-ming, almost breaking his voice

Jewel got two bottles of margarita and popped it on him, pouring all the contents over him, his clothes is now so wet with alcohol but they’re all still pouring till they exhausted almost all the drinks in the bar on him

“So where are you gonna be using tommorow?” Romina asked

“My house, it’s gonna be a pool party” Kingsley said

“I love pool parties!” Romina gushed

” Yes, a pool party at night, starting by 7pm, it’s gonna be so fun!” Veera said loudly

” Who else hasn’t bought Kingsley’s gift?” Love said and everyone raised their hands except Richmond

“I’ve bought his gift since last week” Richmond said

“Much love bro, so the rest of you, what’s up with my gift?” Kingsley said

” It’s hard to think of a cool birthday gift to buy so just be patient, I’ll get your gift tommorow before the party and it’ll be something surprising, the best gift you’ve ever seen” Jasmine said and winked

” I and my girls will go out to get your gifts tommorow you don’t have to worry” Veera said

” And you might wanna need a makeup artist, I’m available” Love said

” You’re a makeup artist?” Jasmine Kingsley and Richmond chorused

“Of course, a professional” she replied

” Just at the nick of time, become our personal make up artist, I’m tired of dealing with b*tchy Selena” Kingsley said

” You mean….your makeup artist during your shoots?” Love said

“Of course” Richmond replied

“We pay hugely, that’s if you want money” Jasmine said

“I’ve always wanted to make huge money with what I know how to do best so I’mma take money” Love replied

” You’ll do my makeup tommorow” Kingsley said

“You’ll do our makeup tomorrow” the girls chorused

” I talked first” Kingsley replied

” Ok I’ll just deal with the girls makeup earlier before coming to your house” Love said

” Accepted, now we see in school tomorrow right?” Richmond said

” Of course, I can’t wait for tomorrow night!” Romina said loudly as they left the lounge

“Gosh!, I’m smelling like alcohol” Kingsley said and Jewel chuckled beside him

The others has led the way out already and they’re the last two

Kingsley held her hand and interlocked it then they stared at each other, smiling

“Gimme a peck” he said, licking his red lips

“No” she replied

“Please….” He said

“No” she replied

“Come on” he said

“No I won’t* she replied

“should I forcefully take it?,you know I can” he said

“Catch me if you can” she replied and rushed out of the place

He ran after her and caught up with her just outside the lounge, he carried her in his arms and swayed her, making her scre-m out

“Jerk my eyes are turning, stop!” She scre-med loudly

“Peck me first” he said

” Ok ok stop I’ll do that” she replied and he gradually stopped

She breathed heavily as their eyes locked

“Close your eyes” she said and he did that immediately

His face is just so gorgeous with his eyes closed, he looks more attractive

She leaned in and closed her eyes when her lips touched his own, she let it stay on it without moving

Kingsley wasn’t expecting it on the lips so he’s just too shocked, his heart is busy thudding hard

Jewel removed her lips from his own and smiled as he put her down then she hugged him too. “Happy birthday in advance, I promise to be the first one to send you a message” she said and broke the hug before rushing off

Kingsley touched his lips and blushed, turning to a tomato instantly

He smiled till he got to his car, thinking about the lip peck throughout.


The Hales**

“Welcome back daughter, how was your trip?” Joey asked when she arrived home

” It was the best dad” Jewel replied

“I trust my daughter” Rosie said

“Anything for your cute sis?” Beverly asked

“Of course,I got you a pretty bracelet, it’s on my dressing table” Jewel said

” My gosh!” Beverly exclaimed, rushing to Jewel’s room

” I tried talking to Pearl yesterday but she kept saying nothing is wrong with her” Joey said

” You noticed the changes too?” Love asked

“Of course, it’s obvious, this morning too my Rosie tried talking to her but she still said the same thing, that nothing is wrong” Joey said

” We tried talking to her too but she said the same thing, seriously I’m dead worried” Jewel said

” Let’s just hope she comes around soon, she says she’s not coming home tonight, I hope she’s fine” Rosie said

” Sure, dad please continue being serious like this” Love said, standing to go to bed

” God help me” Joey said and Rosie hit him

“Unserious man” she said

“I love you my Rosie!” Joey said, smiling sillily as the girls entered their room

Jewel jumped on her bed and even if Kingsley as not there, she blushed greatly when she remembered the lips peck earlier
His red lips is just as soft as she has been imagining though it was a light peck it still means a lot

She made sure not to sleep till 12 so she’ll keep her promise of being the first one to wish him


The Browns**

Veera and Kingsley are in the living room and the time is exactly 11:58, they’re both eagerly waiting for who the first person will be

Veera promised she’ll be the first to message him too, she has typed her message, she placed her hand around the send icon already and started the countdown

10, 9, 8, 7……..1!”

At 12 on the dot she clicked send, a message popped up on Kingsley’s phone immediately and he jumped up

“That’s my message!, That’s mine!, Yay!!! Happy birthday my baby!!!” She scre-med

Kingsley ran upstairs and she went after him, he locked himself in before opening the messages

He can’t hide his smile when he saw Jewel’s message came a second before Veera’s

*My jerky nuthead, I don’t know what to write cos I’m so excited for you, now you can boldly tell me you’re a year older, I wish you many more years ahead and the vibes to do the right thing…..more fame to your modelling profession and more brains, more cuteness and handsomeness…. happy birthday my one and only jerk….You mean a lot to your witch… Yuppie yuppie*

Nothing got Kingsley’s attention more than the last line, “You mean a lot to your witch”

He smiled widely and hugged his phone before allowing Veera to enter

He locked Jewel’s message so he’ll be the only one who’ll see it

“Who’s the first person?” Veera asked, taking his phone and checking the messages

” It’s me!” She scre-med

“It was Jewel, I locked her message already, it’s only for me” he replied

” That’s unfair” Veera pouted and new messages started coming in

From Richmond Jasmine Love and much messages from his f*ck mates

Then from…. Pearl

“Whoa!, You got a lot of messages, even from Pearl” Veera said and Kingsley snatched his phone from her then ran out of the room to check it secretly in the study

*Happy birthday hot Kingsley…. just wanna tell you that I’ll always love you no matter what, more more years to see*

“Pearl….when will you understand” he thought and read every other messages before going back to his room, Veera is not in anymore so he just took his bath and dressed up then he heard the doorbell ringing and went downstairs to get it

It turned out to be the attendant from the Jewelry store, he actually brought what he ordered

“Thanks for your patronage sir” he said

Kingsley opened it and smiled when he saw it’s exactly what he ordered…


Night, The Hales**

“Makeup done, let’s go guys” Love said and Veera stood from where she’s sitting

Jewel has her makeup on already

“Romina doesn’t fancy makeup so we’ll just meet her there” Jewel said

” Sure” Veera replied

” You withdrew over two million from your account, the gift you bought must be so expensive” Love said to Jewel

” Of course, it’s for her sweetheart, what were you expecting” Veera replied

” You know she’s in love with your brother?” Love said

” Of course, why do you think I call her my woman” Veera replied and Jewel blushed

“Romina said Ronny is planning to apologise to Veera openly so Veera, get ready for a shock tonight, he might decide to do it at Kingsley’s party if he attends” Love said

” I really miss him so much, if not for Romina, I would have talked to him first” Veera said

” Don’t worry baby, he’ll come begging on his knees tonight, trust me” Jewel said and Veera nodded

” And now can we go rock my brother’s party!” Veera scre-med and left the room with Love

Jewel picked her shinny gift box and opened it. “I hope he’ll like it” she smiled then left her room

Pearl hasn’t come home since last night so it’s only the three of them in the car

They got to the house and almost couldn’t recognize it, it’s bubbling already and students are strolling in and out of the house, it’s just so colourful and the pool is full with students already, some are swimming and some are just sitting beside it, drinking or singing along with the electronic music that’s playing

“My b*tches!” Romina scre-med when they entered the house filled with students

“Hey Rommy, you look good” Love waved

“I really need to try out your makeup one day, it’s tempting” Romina said, looking at their faces

” Thanks baby, now I need to get Kingsley’s makeup done” Love said

“He should be in his room with his friends, that way” Veera replied, pointing at the stairs and Love left

“He’ll come downstairs after dressing up, he dyed his hair white, you won’t be able to take your eyes off him I swear, my big brother is an hot cake tonight ” Veera said and that increased Jewel’s anxiousness

“I can’t wait” she smiled

“is Ronny here?” Veera asked and Romina gestured at a corner, Veera looked there and saw him sitting quietly in a corner, sipping wine gently

She quickly looked away and touched her hair slightly, feeling like going to him and just hug him but she’s aware that Romina won’t hear of it

“Come with me” Romina said and started pulling Veera and Jewel out of the house with the aim of taking them to the cubicle where they’ll change for the pool party but they’ve barely stepped out of the house when a b*tchy blonde appeared, holding a big gift box

“Where’s the way to Kingsley’s room” she said, adjusting her short skirt

Her makeup is b*tchy too and she looks too arrogant for a b*tch

“Who are you?’ Veera asked

” His girlfriend, Zoey” she replied and another one entered immediately

“This is getting serious” Romina muttered

“Helen here, I need to see my boyfriend KB” she said, flaunting her hair, Zoey looked at her and smirked

“Who’s KB?” Jewel said

“Obviously Kingsley Brown, your jerk!” Veera replied

As if they’ve not seen enough, two b*tches entered the house, almost bumping into each other

“Joyce here” one of them said

“Alicia here” the second one said

” My geez!” Romina said

“Four and obviously still counting” Veera said

Jewel felt waves on waves of jealousy but kept in in, she’s heating up but she cautioned herself

“Jewel calm down please” she said to herself, keeping the jealousy in check

“Hey I’m Reina, where’s the celebrant?, My boyfriend” another one said, coming in

” Five and still counting” Veera said, smiling

” So this is the drama you were talking about” Romina smiled

” Of course” Veera laughed

Two others came in through the door that led to the pool, looking dangerously b*tchy

“Chloe here, I need to see my boyfriend right now”

” Lopez here, I have to see KB” the second one said

” Making seven” Veera said

Jasmine is coming downstairs when he saw the scene and his eyes widened

“F*ck the shit, assembly of Kingsley’s ex b*tches” he muttered


Read the next chapter wiff ur bfriend or gfriend…I don tell una, serious oppression πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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