Bad boy’s crush episode 12

. 🌹BAD

(A nerd🙎stole his heart❤…. Mr. Grumpy loves me😳!)


(She met him again😨😞😔)

Bella’s POV

Wow! He ain’t that bad, he’s chatting with me and he’s walking down this large hall way with me
I didn’t feel left out like I used to whenever I come to school

“… Well, my favorite fruit is straw berries and orange “he said to me and I smiled before speaking my own mind

“My favorite too is orange and sometimes grape.. “I changed my mind about what I said cuz I almost love every fruit be it bitter or sweet
“I love every fruit actually “I added with a shrug and he smiled broadly

He isn’t bad looking at all, he’s cute in a way especially if he smiles this way but Nicc is way more cuter than him

“Hmmm, so you like every fruit? “He asked me with an admiring look in his eyes and I nodded this time we neared the door of our class when side talks and running about started again

🗣Oh my God!

🗣Another prince charming in our school!

🗣Damn! This one is like Chloe! Are they twins?

🗣Look at how he walks, like an angel

🗣Are you sure he was born like Chloe

🗣Our second prince charming… He’s a fresher

🗣Who knows what his Instagram name is like, I would love to follow him on Instagram

Who could that be? I peeped out of the class but I didn’t get a better view of the guy whom everyone in the class is busy running to

“Who is that? “He asked me and I shook my head getting out of the class so I could see who that prince charming could be

I didn’t walk up to two paces when I saw what made my heart bleed instantly, I tried hiding away from him and I mistakenly landed into Chloe’s body

I didn’t know he was standing behind me, I shifted away swiftly running back to the class and sitting down on my seat

What’s he doing in this school? I’m not prepared to see him yet, oh no! It can’t be this school, maybe its not him, maybe I didn’t look properly, yeah that’s it!

I calmed down my beating heart with the notion that it wasn’t him until he walked into the class and the remaining people in the class started murmuring again

🗣Damn! What a beauty!

🗣Second to Chloe, a beauty in the making

Nicole’s POV

Wow! This class is airy and nice… I thought with my feet inside the class
I haven’t seen Chloe yet but the murmurs I normally get whenever I came to school was still done here

I hissed searching for an empty desk to sit on when my eyes caught a glimpse of a girl who was staring at me just I was staring at her too

I beamed immediately rushing to her side
“Bella! “I called her name and she spread out her cheeks forming a little smile

I was happy to see her, luckily too there was an empty desk next to hers
I sat down on it and smiled again at her

🗣That nerd knows him!

🗣She’s so lucky, even with her awkward nature, this guy still knows her

🗣Look at him staring at her as if they knew each other before

🗣Jeez! I can’t believe that the new prince charming knows this nerd! Sheesh!

“So how have you been? You didn’t tell me you were transferring “I questioned her and she just managed a smile which I knew she was forcing out

She wasn’t smiling with all her heart to me and I knew it,
“I didn’t tell you? Oh it was erm.. I don’t know”she shrugged
She wasn’t happy to see me and I could read that from her unusual expression

“Hmmm, you’re avoiding me right? I know you’re”I said and she looked downward, her eyes stopped meeting mine

“Why are you in this school? “She asked me and I sighed remembering my mom’s stupid marriage and then a jerk for a step brother

Psst! I wonder where he is right now
“Well my dad died “I reported and her eyes lit up with a surprised look on her face

“Your dad died! I’m just knowing of it, I’m sorry”she pitied and I waved that off

“Its nothing okay? My mom is remarrying ”
Her eyes widened
“Remarrying and your dad just died! “She exclaimed with her eyes almost popping out and she was kinda cute in this face she wore

I smirked before replying
“Well, they divorced “I shrugged and she went down
“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to console you “she apologized and I nodded

“Then treat me dinner this evening”I suggested and I saw her face heat up red, she was blushing
She still love me? Is the first thought that came to my mind when her face blushed at what I said

“Okay, but… ”
I cut her short cuz I know what she wanted to say
“Yeah, I enrolled into my step-brother’s school”

“Step brother! “She exclaimed and I nodded watching her face change to that face she made earlier which made her look so cute

“Yeah, a big step brother who is called Chloe”I said and she almost stood up from her seat which got me surprised

Do they know each other? Then why did she jump like that at just the mention of his name?

Chloe’s POV

I was coming back from where I went with Zayn when I saw Nicc and Bella in the class sitting next to each other and chatting too

“Zayn look”I said touching his shoulder and pointing at the two so he could see the both of them

“What about them? “He asked after what seemed like he saw them too
“That’s my fuvking step brother am talking about! “I half yelled, one reason I yelled was because he was sitting next to my crush

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Why would he sit next to her? Do they know each other? Why does he have to know Bella?
“You mean he’s your step brother? “He asked his face tightening up for a laugh

“And what’s funny? “I asked with a mean face and he bursted up holding his mouth, I hissed making my way into the class

🗣Here comes Chloe

🗣Damn! Look at the shoe he wore to school today

🗣He likes taking girl’s breath away wherever he comes to school

My eyes darted to where Bella was and I remembered how she bumped into me when escaping from what I couldn’t tell she was running from

Nicc looked my way and bursted out of his seat advancing towards me
“Hey Chloe, “he cooed

🗣Oh damn! He even knows Chloe

🗣Damn! Who is so handsome like him apart from Chloe

🗣Can’t wait to make him my friend
The bell rang for break and everyone were in the cafeteria to have lunch
I took my own lunch and searched for Bella amidst the rows of desks and girls when I found her sitting at the other end with that bastard called Nicc

I almost choked that instant when I saw her smile at him with an admiring look on her face,
He bent down to scoop soup into his spoon and she started staring at him

She was staring at him for a while until he raised up his head and she looked away to another direction which was my way

My heart missed a bit seeing her looking at me, I cleared my throat and walked over to her table and dropped my lunch sitting next to her

I beamed but then frowned when my eyes met Nicc’s
I hate it so much to know that they might know each other

“Chloe”she called my name softly and I smiled at her
She turned her attention to me and I was highly elated by that behavior

“Uhm… What are you eating? “I asked her and she pointed to her plate, rice buns and soup
I should’ve gotten that too… I thought when I saw that Nicc had the same thing on his plate

Am I jealous? I shouldn’t be at all, she isn’t my girlfriend afterall… I told myself but would I listen? Ofcuz I won’t

“Wow, I haven’t eaten that before”I lied
“Really? “She sounded startled before scooping a spoonful of her stew and brought it to my lips

“Have a taste and it will blow your mind”she said with praise and I didn’t hesitate feeding from her spoon

But it didnt blow my mind… It was definitely her who is holding the spoon to my lips was the person blowing my mind

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I smacked my lips after taking the soup down my throat nodding my head repeatedly
“Whoa! “I exclaimed glaring into her eyes

“How was it? “She asked curiously and I nodded again before speaking
“Its so sweet! “I replied but I didn’t refer to the stew, I was referring to her but she didn’t understand the irony of what I was saying

“I told you”she replied smiling and then she took her glare to Nicc, her face didn’t look so bright when their gaze met, she was rather nervous so she looked away to me again

“What’s this you’re going to eat? “She asked and I giggled before replying
“pasta”I replied and she almost touched my plate of food
“Really, I love pastas, can I have a taste? “She requested and I almost choked cuz of excitement

She wants to have a taste of my food! I packed some of the long strands of pasta into my spoon and offered it to her

She parted her lips a bit and my hand which was holding the spoon grew shaky by just staring at her lips as she took the pasta into her mouth and chewing carefully

She’s so beautiful when eating too! Everything about her is just so beautiful
I watched her carefully as she made a face of *extreme yummy look* on her face

“Its so yummy”she said and I chuckled
“Yeah, so much! “I replied almost exclaiming when Nicc dropped his spoon noisily on the table forcing the both of us to look his way

“Do you guys know each other Bella? ”


Nicc is confused 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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