Bad boy’s crush episode 15 – 16

. 🌹BAD

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(Mysterious friends👯👭👭)

Nicole’s POV

She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out,
“Do you really love me? “I repeated and she loosened up

“I used to but not anymore,”she dropped a bombshell and I can’t lie my whole body shook terribly

“You used to? When and how? “I asked deeply curious as I stared into her eyes, she looked away from my direction

Something tells me that she likes me so much no matter how she tries to hide it
I stepped closer to her again and she took a step backward still avoiding my gaze

I took another stepped closer trying to hold her hand when she ran off for home
I was startled at her behavior

Why would she act so clumsy and nervous like that? Why is she scared of me? I can’t tell….

Bella’s POV

I ran home and shut the door behind me before leaning on it, I was panting heavily
What was he trying to do? To torment me? That is not happening

My back scrolled down till I sat on the floor of the door still ruminating about what would’ve happened between us
What was on his mind? When did he turn flirty?

My heart was threatening to fly off to the extent that even when I held my chest with my hands, I could still feel it beat so hard against my chest

How did I answer him that I don’t love him when I clearly do, so much!
Tears gathered around my eyes immediately and I stood up immediately rushing into my room…..
A tap on my leg thrice made my eyes flutter open, I sat up from the bed to see Brad carrying a cup of tea and bread on a tray standing infront of me

I yawned looking at him with surprise in my eyes
Who owns the cup of tea and bread? I chuckled with the thought that it was mine

“Good morning “he greeted with his face looking downwards
I was surprised to get that kind of attitude from him

“Since when did you start greeting me witty kid? “I replied him and he sat down beside me on the bed on the process, he kept the tray on the bed

“I’m sorry about last night”he apologized with pouted lips and I beamed
He need not apologize, he did the right thing

“Awwwwwwn, Brad”I was really touched by that and my love for him tripled

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what came over me last night “he said in a low voice with his face far away from me
I giggled touching his jaw and bringing his face closer so he would look into my eyes

“Look at me Brad”
He shook his head like a baby
“Look at me Brad, i’m not angry with you”his face lit up at what I said

“Really? “I nodded my head and he went into my arms
I wrapped my arms against his back and patted him

“I’m sorry”he apologized again
“Stop that huh, you did the right thing
You made me feel loved and that’s the most reasonable thing you ever did in your life “I said pointing his nose and he smiled lightly

So crazy for a brother!

He stood up from the bed, took the tray sighing loudly
“Are you leaving? “I asked when it felt like he was leaving already

“Yes, thanks for being my sister”he said and smiled but my eyes was now to the tray he was holding
I thought it was for me or is he gonna leave it behind?

“Thanks bro”I replied and he turned his back on me moving towards the door
“Hey! The tray? “I asked when I found out he was leaving with it

“What happened to it? “He asked after he turned his face to me
“I thought it was for me? ”

He chuckled darting his eyes to the tray and then back to me
“Why would you think that? You’re dumb! So dumb Bella”he insulted

“What! Who did you just call dumb? brat! “I yelled getting out of my bed and running after him

Chloe’s POV

I didn’t know when I slept off last night, all I know was that I woke up on the floor and that jerk was ontop the bed

I got angry, I went over to him and pulled him down that he fell so hard on his butts

“Ouch! Hey! You want to kill me!! “He grumbled after the fall
I rolled my eyes at him biting my lips afterwards

When did he get home? What time was it? I wanted to ask but I rather ignored him walking into my bathroom to take a bath and prepare for school

Five minutes later, I was done with bathing and preparing, I combed my blonde hair and wore a perfume before hanging my back pack on my back

He wasn’t in the room by the time I finished preparing so I went downstairs, I met him in the dinning table with his mom and my dad already having breakfast

I hissed and was about heading for the door when my dad’s words stopped me
“Aren’t you eating with us? ”

“No I’m already late for school”I replied with my back still turned on them
“Hmmm, what’s gotten into my son that always make him be so early to school? “He teased but I wasn’t ready for that

I held the door handle, twisted it open and walked out

Bella’s POV

🗣Oh my God! The nerd is in school now

🗣Jeez! Is she the one which the new comer is following about?

🗣Damn! The new comer’s childhood friend!

🗣I heard Chloe sat at her table yesterday too

🗣She’s a popular nerd!

I heard murmurs as I neared the school gate, something strange happened when my legs came into the school premises

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Girls clustered around me, some were hugging me while some were struggling to touch me

🗣O my bad! I want to be your friend

🗣What’s your name? I’m sorry if I ever insulted you

🗣Hey tell us your name, I want to be your friend

🗣My name is Janet, what’s yours?

🗣My name is Jenny please, can I be your friend

🗣I’m Aurora, you need my phone number? I want to be your friend

Noises were around me but what got me startled is they all wanted to be my friend! When did that one start?

Be my friend? Isn’t that mysterious?
I forced my way out of that little crowd but they still made their way around me making me scared

Are they mocking me?

🗣She’s not even that bad

🗣I wish I can be her friend

I gulped hard staring at one face to another wondering what could be on their mind when a familiar voice called my name

“Bella! “It sounded

It was Chloe who called me
I beamed at him before waving my arm in the air for him and the murmurs started again

🗣She’s Chloe’s friend!

🗣Make us your friend please

They were staring at me pleadingly but to me, it was like another mockery added to my name

“Okay, I will make all you my friend”I said with a clear voice and they yelled

🗣Whoa! I’m her friend!

They clustered around me bringing out stuffs from their bags and handing them over to me

🗣Here this is popcorn, I got it for you as a friend

🗣Here, Some snacks



I was more baffled than ever, they weren’t mocking me, they meant this!!

Well, I think I’ve got friends already, mysterious friends over night!

. 🌹BAD

(A nerd🙎stole his heart❤…. Mr. Grumpy loves me😳!)


(The music class🎶🎹🎷)

Chloe’s POV

Why are they clustering around her like that? What did she do to them?
I saw her move away with those batch of girls which counted up to ten,

Even among that single file of girls which she was into,she still stands out among them

I watched her steps as she walked along with those creatures hanging around her until they disappeared into the class when I sighed

“Hey! “Someone hung his hand around my shoulder
I didn’t look at whom it was cuz I know it was Zayn or no one else

“Hey! “I replied
“What’s up ”
“Am good, you? “I replied and asked at the same time
“There is a party happening downtown and… ”

“Am not going “I cut in
“I didn’t finish what I was saying, there is a gamble on money ”
My eyes lit up at that message

“Money? Gamble? “I asked eager to get the details
We trudged along the hallway to the class
“Yeah buddy! Guess the pay? “He asked

I sighed, am not really good at guessing and this time around, I don’t really think I need anything to bother my head

“Just say it Zayn! “I said really half concerned and he made to explain when Bella came out of the class walking towards my direction

“Its simple… “I closed his mouth with my palm staring at the beauty coming towards me
He struggled and struggled to speak but I held his mouth tighter so he won’t utter a word

She started smiling shaking my whole body terribly, I was captivated by her teeth formation
I wanted to go crazy that instant especially when she was almost close to me

I gulped hard steadying myself on how to talk to her without stuttering when she happens to talk to me when she brushed past me

My head tilted backward immediately to where she was heading to and I saw her grabbing Nicc by his arm and leading him past me again for the second time

I didn’t know when I loosened my grip on Zayn staring at her back as she dissapeared into the class

What just happened? I thought the smile was for me? She was smiling at Nicc and not me!
I pouted my lips feeling my heart begin to rip apart

Zayn pushed me and I fell to the floor weakly
“What did you just do to me! All my lips is in flames!! “He yelled after he had pushed me

I looked up to him and smiled
“Zayn, hit me now “I said to him
“What! ”
“Hit me on my cheeks please, I want to wake up from a deep slumber ”

“What’s gotten into you Chloe! “He nagged squatting down infront of me
I raised his arm to my face hitting it on my face

“Hit me puleeeeeaaassse”I stressed staring pleadingly into his eyes
“You’ve gone nuts! “He yelled deeply surprised at my behavior

“That’s why I need you to reset it now by hitting me, just do it”

Bella’s POV

My new found friends kept asking questions about Nicc and then to Chloe on how I got them on my side

How Nicc became my childhood friend and how Chloe sat at my table yesterday

I had been answering them carefully not wanting to get angry cuz this was the first time I had big friends like this

I loved their company tho, Aurora suggested that I go get Nicc to come here with me
I didn’t want to do it but I had no choice but to do it

So I brought Nicc to them but on my way going I saw Chloe and I smiled so hard to him before I walked past to meet Nicc whom I saw coming into the hallway after being dropped by a car

“Whoa! Really??!! “Min Soo my Korean friend exclaimed staring at him
They all were staring at him like he was a god which made him feel so full of himself

He cleared his throat getting my hands away from his
“Hey pretty girls”

“Awwwwwn, he called us pretty!! “They murmured
“Hey! How you ladies? I’m Nicc”he introduced and they were almost flying off staring at him

I was the only one who didn’t see anything in it, he is full of himself. Is he angry about what I told him yesterday? Then why did he pull of from me like that?

I felt outcluded from the conversation, I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t sexy and I’m a nerd! A freaky scary nerd which every one hates!! Even though I had friends, I still feel alone… I need to be properly loved by someone apart from my parents

To ease off my tension, a young female teacher walked briskly into the class, clapping her hands to alert the noisy students attention

Everyone scurried to their seats including me
I searched for Nicc with my eyes and he wasn’t sitting next to me again, he was sitting with Min Soo and whispering to each other

A dagger came in through my heart that minute,
Don’t look… I said to myself trying to keep a steady gaze when Chloe walked into the class with one of his cheeks swollen

He saw me, beamed and ran to sit on the same desk which Nicc used to sit on (next to me)
My face was filled with worries as I saw his swollen pretty face

“Hey! “I whispered and he turned to look at me
“What happened to your face? “I asked and he shrugged

“Nothing, just making out”he said with a shrug

The young teacher hit the table when the noise in the class became too much for her to bear

“Listen up! I’m your new music teacher! “She introduced but one thing did baffle me, she was staring to Nicc’s direction

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I wondered why, maybe they knew each other
“So… “She continued, “we’re all going into the music class right now! Match!matc! match! up to the music class”she ordered and all of us stood up from our seat heading for the music class

Nicc’s POV

I made my pass out of the door with that pretty asian girl by my side when a hiss from my back stopped me
I turned around to see the young teacher from earlier winking at me

“What’s your name fresher? “She asked getting close to me
I looked around and every students were already gone including Mi soon

“How did you know am a fresher Miss? “I asked her really surprised that she knew me like a person who came into the school newly

“Well… “She got closer to me with her heels clicking to the floor at every step she took

“I’m not a miss, you make me look old, call me Maddie”she introduced and I danced my eyes all over her body

Before scoffing badly at her, is she flirting with me or what?
“See me in my office later and em… Your name? ”

“Nichole”I replied half cold with my eyes still fixed on her body
“Nice name for Mr. Handsome like you”she winked before touching me lightly on my shoulder

“See me in my office after classes, I need something to record about you”she kinda ordered walking past me backing me as her hips swayed at every step she made cat walking into the music class

Thirty minutes later,

Bella’s POV

After waiting for what seemed like eternity, the teacher cat walked into the class standing infront of us

“Well, sorry for keeping you guys waiting”she apologized cleared her throat and then darted her eyes to us

“Well, “she began

I wasn’t concentrating at all, I was looking out for Nicc but each time I searched for him with my eyes, I always met with Chloe’s eyes

He is always staring at me like he knew me from somewhere

I do look away and then back to the teacher
“Who can sing for us? “She asked but no one indicated him or herself

Every where went silent
“You guys heard me right? “She repeated but no one spoke

🗣I can’t sing a song

🗣That’s gross!

🗣She’s just some kinda jerk!

“Silence!! “She barked banging the table and everywhere went silent

“Someone should volunteer now else all of you are going into detention this minute “she threatened and my eyes lit up at the mention of DETENTION

If there is something I hated in school, the first is detention
I raised up my hand and her eyes searched for me till she found me before she asked to stand up

Chloe’s POV

My eyes lit up in surprise when I saw her stand up to sing for the whole class

I smiled at her kinda urging her on and then she opened up immediately and a very melodious which I’ve never heard in my whole life flowed out

🎶Loving and crying,
Accusing denying

🎶I can’t imagine a world with you gone
The joy and the chaos, the demons were made off

🎶I’d be so lost if you left me alone….

I didn’t know when I stood on my feet like she was standing too watching her bare those angelic voice of hers…


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