Bad Boy's Crush

Bad boy’s crush episode 23

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(A nerd🙎stole his heart❤…. Mr. Grumpy loves me😳!)



Nicole’s POV

*Will you leave me alone or not Nicc? *
*What! You never talked to me like that before, when did you become rude *

*Nicc can I speak to you later? *
*You said that same thing yesterday*

*What’s wrong Bella? You don’t care if am there or not anymore? *
*Yeah, I need a span away from you Nicc till I get rid of any stupid feelings which I think I have for you, don’t come close to me*

*I thought you said… *

*Oh I said what Nicc! Am I some fool to you?some kid whose feelings can be toyed with? I know it! am a nerd which you can’t love… *

*Its not that… *

*Oh you told me that to my face Nicc, don’t come close to me anymore until I erase you entirely from my heart*

*You can’t now Bella cuz… *

*No cuz Nicc, there’s no you and I, don’t confuse me and don’t pity me *
*I understand*

*Don’t hold me again, don’t protect me, don’t come running to me and don’t nag when I did something wrong! *

*Why Bella… *

*So you won’t confuse me *

*What came over you Bella? Its me Nicc *
*I know its Nicc and that’s why I’m telling you this so you can know it*
*Stay some distance away from me*

I gulped hard, what did I just hear from her? Was she really speaking to me? Did she say all those to me alone?

I opened my mouth to speak immediately Chloe ran off but no words were formed, I bit hard
“Hey! “Min Soo said from behind me and I turned to look at her

I forced out a smile
“You look extremely beautiful today”I admired and she giggled
“Thanks but you look bad, did you guys fight?… I mean you and Bella? ”

I smiled weakly at her trying not to get really pained by what Bella said to me earlier
“We are gonna be fine, just our usual fight “I shrugged as I said so,

“Oh… “She nodded
“There’s a party downtown like to go with me? ”
“Of course, I won’t refuse an offer coming from an Asian idol like you”I teased and her face turned all red

“You’re going? “She asked maybe to be sure if I meant it and I nodded
“Yeah, I will call at your house if you give me an address”I suggested and her mouth dropped staring at me

“Sure”she brought out her pen from her bag and wrote down her address for me on a piece of paper
“Thanks Angel”I winked at her before smirking when I saw her face become all red looking at her

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“See you then “I said before I brushed past her, my smiling mood disappeared from my face immediately
Bella’s POV

“Hey bro, you’re so early out of school today, what happened? “I asked Brad immediately I came into the house

I dropped my back pack on a sofa watching him as he lay down on the sofa not saying anything
“Brad?? “I called deeply worried that something might have happened to him

I came over to his side and he pushed my hand off
He began to cry
“What’s it? “I asked again deeply concerned about what is making him cry

I sat down on the sofa beside his head making him rest his head on my laps
“What happened? ”

He cried the more
“Bella, “he hicupped cleaning his tears
Oh no! He shouldn’t cry
I rubbed his forehead gently
“Talk to me Brad huh, I can be of help ”

He stopped crying blinking his eyes repeatedly at me, he was laughing the next second as he sprang up from the sofa

“Oh my bad! You were damn worried Bella!! “He said laughing the more
I realized what he just did, a prank!

I sighed glaring daggers at him, everything is some joke to him
“Brad”I called softly
He laughed the more when he looked at my face

I was angry, terribly angry, I wasn’t in the mood for his prank at all!!
“Brad “I repeated
“Yes?? Worrisome sister “he teased laughing again

I stood up from the sofa advancing towards him, he noticed my movement and began tracing his steps backwards
“Hey don’t touch me”he warned with his steps still retracing backwards

“Brad, come here “I ordered and he shook his head in the negative
I smiled when I saw a wall behind him and I knew it was a chance of getting him when his back hit that wall

But he was clever, before he could hit his back, he dodged swiftly running for the stairs
“Hey come back here! You scum!! “I yelled running after him


I finished bathing sitting on my dressing chair so I could get myself dressed up
I applied cream on my skin before getting up again heading for my wardrobe to get some clothes which I will wear for the party

For close to twenty minutes, I sought for clothes but none of them were fanciable enough to wear
I grinned badly, I have no new clothes at all

Its been long I changed my wardrobe, oh my bad! But I really need some fanciable clothes to wear for this party!

I glanced at the heap of clothes which were on the floor
None is good enough to be worn!
“Why! Huh!! Hey some clothes or some…. “My voice trailed off when I spotted a red short flayed gown which my dad bought for me on my sixteenth birthday

I never wore it once cuz I hated it so much due to the shortness
I beamed really happy that I didn’t dash it off like I used to

I brought it out and began forcing it into my body
Whoa! I smiled when I looked at myself in the mirror
It fitted so perfectly, every little curve on my body stood out perfectly

I turned around and around still looking at my reflection in the mirror
The hands of my clothes which were off-shoulders style made my neck bones stand out beautiful and glowing

I smiled again, I loosened my hair band and my hair came loosely on my shoulders
I looked better than I used to look
I shouldn’t have hated this dress… Its cool that I hated it afterall

“Whoa! Where’s my sister? “Brad bursted into my room
I turned around to face him in a grand style and he stared at me with awe
“You look…. “He trailed off still admiring me

“I look how? “I asked really curious to hear what he wanted to say even though his eyes said it all
“You look very ugly, can’t you see that the dress is so short! Your upper laps are… ”

“Brad”I cut in
“Get out! “I added rudely pointing to the exit and he grumbled
“I’m saying the truth, you look… “He stopped talking again his eyes dancing around my body

I know he wanted to say something nice but that scum head of his will never allow him say it out
“You look bad! ”
I pointed to the door again

“Get outta my room please!! “I yelled and he ran out of my room
So annoying!!

Chloe’s POV

I wore a nice perfume on my clothe, I really want to look appealing to her
I wore my rugged jacket over a white T-shirt

I smiled at the new me, I can’t wait to go out with her
I left my room coming into the living room downstairs

“Where are you going to? “That jerk asked me immediately he saw me making my way out with a stolen car key and money coming from my dad’s room

I scoffed,
“Going out, “I replied rudely, my hatred for him tripled when I realized that Bella loved him and not me
“Where? With that key? “He pointed to the key I was holding

“How is that your fuvking business? Did you bring a car when coming? Or does your dad have a car talk less of cars?”
I asked rudely and he grinned

I just hit him on the right spot
“Watch your mouth”he warned pointing his first finger to my face
I smirked, I got him there

I rolled my eyes at him before I left him at where he stood without words
I sighed hopping into my dad’s Lamborghini and driving off on the first start

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Twelve years ago

Writer’s POV

How did Bella and Nicc meet? It was through Bella’s cousin Mark, a Nigerian-American
His mother and Bella’s mother are sisters

But since his father went back to Nigeria, they (his mom and him) went with him
Mark, he was Nicc’s first friend
They always made jokes and laughed at each other until they began visiting each other

Someday, he went over to Mark’s house to see a little girl in the room running about the whole room with him
At first, he thought she was a neighbor cuz he never saw her before but Mark introduced them to each other

That’s how it came to be, when Mark left for Nigeria, Nicc was a comfort to Bella who was so fond of her cousin brother more than anyone

Until they became friends, strong friends which can never be broken….

Chloe’s POV

I killed the engine of my car when I reached her house
I breathed hard dressing myself over and over again

I was nervous, what if she gets the wrong opinion about me?
I held my breath many times wishing she does find me pleasant to her eyes

I was still thinking and redressing inside the car when a figure came out of the gate
An amazing figure! A figure which is really better if you described her with the word AMAZING

She smiled coming close to where my car was parked
I came out of the car to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me
And it wasn’t!

It was Bella!!
“Chloe! “She called softly but I was too dazed to speak
How can someone be so beautiful??!!


To Chloe, Bella is heaven oo😂😂😂

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