Bad boy’s crush episode 24


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Chloe’s POV

Her short red gown which stopped three inches away above her knee exposing her smooth long legs made her appear more angelic than she used to be

God is cruel sometimes, how can He create one person to be so beautiful? That’s so unfair of him
She began to stare at me almost stripping me naked with her eyes, that intimidating, inferior feeling surged back into me by just the glare of her eyes

“You look handsome”she complimented and I swear, my whole body didn’t feel same by just the compliment, I hid my face so she won’t notice that I was blushing at what she said

“Thanks “I mumbled my gaze not meeting hers
“Shall we go now? ”
I nodded at what she said, I guided her to the other side of the car

Minutes later, my car was on the highway heading for the party downtown
I kept stealing glances at her, she was looking out of the window and to the busy streets

My eyes travelled to her clothes again, what captivated me the more was her shoulders, it was bare and sexy with those visible neck bones adorning it the more

She turned to look at me and I looked away from her, I didn’t want her to catch me again staring at her
I increased the speed of my car a bit and she looked away from me again staring out of the window

I had another chance to look at her, this time my eyes went to her exposed laps which were more visible as the gown jumped up a bit from her legs as she was sitting down on the car seat

They were so lovely and inviting, I looked away immediately before I will imagine dirty scenes on my head,
I sighed suddenly getting hot

“Are you okay? “She asked and I barely nodded not even looking at her again
The more I look at her, the more I will find her irresistible

There was silence again, my eyes will never rest until it danced to her side
It kept saying to me… Just one look Chloe, one look won’t hurt, just one please and I will agree with it tilting my head so my eyes could get a better look of her

I kept doing so until our gaze jammed all of a sudden
Her lips was parted staring at me inviting and whispering in a low voice to my lips to kiss hers
I bit my lower lips

“Why are you looking at me like that all the time? “She asked sounding offended and i was short of words on what to say
“Uh…. ”
Stutters and loss of memory again! Not now brainy… You can’t fail me

“Uhm… I… No..erm.. ”
No words were formed after that, not with those eyes of hers all over my face
Think! Think beyond her Chloe!… I told myself but I won’t listen

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“Am I that un presentable? Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you with my looks when I get there”she said when I couldn’t say anything
She wasn’t all that happy

Oh C’mon Chloe! Say something… I pleaded with myself
“Its not that… I mean its not it… You’re very beautiful, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”
I rattled even before I could hold it in

Oh no! This is not what I asked you to say! Damn it!!

Bella’s POV

I blinked my eyes repeatedly gaping at him
*Its not that… I mean its not it… You’re very beautiful, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen*
Got me thinking crazy, I’m beautiful? Really am I beautiful?

He said those with all sincerity which meant that he wasn’t mocking me, why did he say that?
I need an explanation, how am I beautiful when they call me a nerd?

“I mean you don’t look bad at all, you look… I mean not bad”he retracted his words getting me a bit relieved
My mind went calm for a moment until we reached our destination and he killed the car engine as we both hopped out of the car

Whoa! I mouthed seeing very beautiful, colorful paintings and designs decorating the interior building

It was beautiful! Many guys my age and above me trooped in and out, some were couples, while some came alone while some were in a group of friends

“Let’s get in, you will love it”he assured, I nodded holding his hand as we disappeared into the building
Oh my bad! Everywhere were filled to the brim with people, with a dimming blue bulb shining around the whole room

“This is cool”I admired and he smiled
“I told you, you will like it”

Chloe’s POV

I was happy seeing her happy when one of my favorite artist song started blaring out of the speakers

“whoa! Isn’t that Justin Bieber and Ed-Sheeran’s song? “She asked and I nodded my head in confirmation, she was really happy as she jumped into the dancefloor dancing to the tunes of the music

I was just so dumb struck staring at her dance, she’s a good dancer too! How can God be so cruel? Why would she make a girl so perfect?

🎶Cuz I don’t care when I’m with my baby yeah

🎶All the bad things disappear cuz you make me feel like maybe I’m somebody

🎶i can deal with the bad guys but when I’m with my baby ehn

She laughed so hard wriggling her waist as if there was no bones around those waist of hers

But it was short lived when she stopped dancing and her face suddenly turned sour and moody, she was staring at someone behind my back

She was becoming angry, I looked behind me to know what was making her fume so bad like that to behold Nicc standing with Mi Soon by his side

That’s it! This made her angry, he’s such a Kill-joy. I hate him the more
She grabbed my hand and ran out of the room running so far away from the party hall with me running along with her

Why would she run like that? Why is she so angry?
Ahhhh.. She shouted and stopped running
“What’s wrong? “I asked when I saw her bend down pulling out one of her heels

“What’s it? “I asked again and she raised her badly damaged heel to my face
“I’m sorry ”
She flared up

“You’re sorry! Why did you bring me here when you knew he was gonna come here? ”
I felt bad when she yelled at me like that, I had never seen her be so angry like that… She still looked cute tho

“I didn’t know he was coming, he didn’t mention it”I defended myself and she calmed down, she removed her second heel walking barefooted to God-knows-where we were going

“I’m sorry I shouted like that, I’m just frustrated”she apologized but I didn’t mind, what I felt like minding now was those legs which were matching the cold ground with no shoes on them

She noticed me staring at her bare feet and her heels which she held with one of her hands
“Don’t mind my rude awkward behavior Chloe”she said smirking as we trudged on and on

We neared a grassy field, though it was dark it felt like day time for me since I was gonna be around her, my very first night with her

She ran into the field and sat down softly on them before lying flatly on her back with her face pointed up to the sky
I did same thing and soon she started laughing

“What’s amusing? “I asked raising my head up to look at that pretty cute face of hers again
“Don’t you think here is more pleasant than going back to that damn party? “She asked and I nodded

I wanted to say that here is more romantic and noisless than that party, I wanted to say that being with her was never a regret
I wanted to say that she’s too beautiful to love Nicc that jerk! but no words came out of my lips

I was so dumb staring at that cute face of hers and a pretty smile which danced about on her lips
She’s hurting and yet, she’s strong smiling all the time

“Whoa! The sky is so pleasant Chloe”she said putting my gaze to the sky
The sky wasn’t as pleasant like she is
“Yeah so pleasant! ”
I affirmed referring to her but she didn’t notice, she smiled again

“Why do you smile so much? “I was forced to ask her
She looked at me before replying
“I smile cuz it’s not hard to do while being in pain and anger eats some one up”

It made sense,
“Why do you ask? “She asked me taking me off balance
“Uh… ”
Stutters again
“When you smile, it makes you look good”
I said even though that’s not I wanted to say

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I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked when she smiles, how nervous she makes me around her when she smiles like that and how breathtaking her smile brings to my soul but I can’t bring myself to say so

I was just lame beside her
“Let’s go home now, there’s school tomorrow “she reminded and I nodded
I wanted to be more close to her, I wish I hadn’t brought my car, I would’ve walked home with her

That’s my fuvking mistake! She got up holding her heels in her hand and urged me on to do same
I got up from the ground when my eyes caught her bare feet again

She can’t walk to the car like that
I bent down infront of her
“Hop on my back Bella”I said bending down

“Why? ”
“You can’t walk like that to the car, you will definetely ruin your feets”
What if she rejects me? I wanted to feel her soft skin against mine again, I wanted to feel her lay her head on my back, there’s some joy she gives to me whenever she does that

“Hop on my back Bella”


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