Bad boy’s crush episode 30

. 🌹BAD

(A nerd🙎stole his heart❤…. Mr. Grumpy loves me😳!)

Final episode

(Break my heart💔💘😓)

Niccole’s POV

I smiled when I saw her from afar running to me, I knew she would come
She would come meet me, I hid myself behind the door of our class and immediately she stepped into the class

I grabbed her hand pulling her into me
“You’re as I thought you would be, you’re still a fool for me
That fool who said she wants a span away from me but deep inside her, she still loved me
That fool who will date a person while her heart calls out for another… “She struggled out of my hold

“Nicc how dare you fool me like that!
You made me…. “She stopped with her expression reading that of pain
I smirked letting go off her

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“I have something to show you, follow me”I beckoned on her to follow me and she did following me from behind till I stopped infront for my desk
I took up my back pack in my hand and unzipped it

I brought out my drawing book from many years ago
She became curious to know what I was doing with a drawing book
I dropped the drawing book on my desk table flipping through the pages

I stopped flipping when I reached a particular drawing which I drew with her many years ago
“Look”I pointed at the heart shaped drawing of mine

She fixed her gaze on the drawing before she looked up to my face
“The same drawing you said you’re giving to the one you will love in the future”she recalled and I nodded my head before smirking

“Exactly what am saying and trying to do”
“Do?? “She asked really confused on what am upto
“Yeah, I’m giving this heart in the drawing to you Bella, I love you so much now
Forget about what happened in the past between us let’s start afresh… ”

“I can’t, I have a boyfriend “she snapped and I smirked
“You and I know that you don’t love him but me”I reminded holding her two hands
“Stop pestering me Nicc, you rejected me when I wanted you and then… ”

“Let go of my girlfriend now!! “Chloe’s voice was heard in the class
Everyone’s calm attention which was fixed on us before turned to Chloe

🗣what’s this? A love triangle?

🗣Oh damn! Two handsome guys tripping for her?

🗣Awwwwwn, she’s so lucky

🗣She’s a flirt! Two guys at the same time!

🗣I hate girls like her

🗣She’s not even classy yet, they’re tripping for her
Damn! What a world!

I smirked gripping her tightly by her arm
“You’re hurting me Nicc!”she squealed at my hold
I watched Chloe’s face become angrier than it was as he advanced towards us

“Hey Chloe! “I cooed with a lot of sarcasm in my voice
“You’re hurting her can’t you see that! Let her go now! ”
He yelled which shook the whole class terribly

Chloe’s POV

All my whole body was burning and churning with pain and hatred for the damn Nicc!
Bella dating me isn’t the fuvking problem but leaving me at the point I needed her most cuz of Nicc is the goddamn problem!

She will always leave me even when I will come running to her, she will run away whenever Nicc came calling at her again
Is that how much she really cared about him?
My heart was breaking over and over again

I swallowed my pain, I wanted to get angry with Bella but I couldn’t, instead my heart was smoldering with flames of deep pain which buried in my heart, I haven’t even started dating her and she’s treating me this way

She was right! She can’t date me, she loves another person
She won’t date me cuz she loves Nicc
I bit hard ready to get into a fight with Nicc if he won’t let Bella’s hand go

He advanced towards me still keeping a firm grip on Bella which churned my anger the more
I couldn’t hold my fist from hitting him, maybe I had endured enough

One more step closer to me, I released a very hard punch from my fist to his face which got everyone shouting in the class
He immediately let go off Bella who fell to the floor

I grinned wishing if I could punch his face again, who does he think he is? A god! Lording over her life? Maybe he doesn’t know why they call me a bad guy… My hand itched badly to hit him again

He cleaned the blood which gushed out a little from the corner of his lips
“Damn! You hit me step-bro? “He smirked before hitting me twice back on my face which sent me to the floor

Maybe I underestimated him…. Sheesh!! My face hurts like hell! I touched my nose to see that I was bleeding

🗣Oh my God! They’re even step-brothers?
This is bad! Why would she get into their love circle when she clearly knows that they’re step-brothers!

🗣Ahhhhh! This is just bad!

🗣And she’s just looking at them like that? She should fix what she caused!

🗣That’s why I hate nerds

I stood up from the ground and raised my hand to punch him when Mr. Smith came into the class and immediately everyone went calm
“Ahhhaa! Chloe you again! ”
He shouted with my hand raised up ready to punch Nicc

I felt bad that I didn’t return his punch to him
I tried to hit him despite Mr. Smith presence but Bella sprang up and hugged my waist
“Don’t hit him”she pleaded as she held me

My heart broke the more, is she siding with her love or is she with me?
I felt just so bad! She will always be on his side no matter what!
“Don’t do it! “She said again and even though it didn’t seem right, I felt myself melting at her word

“All of you including my fighters to detention!! “Mr. Smith barked

🗣But sir, we didn’t fight!

🗣Why a detention when we didn’t fight

🗣This is not fair!

🗣Mr. Smith, why? Huh! We didn’t fight


“You guys can’t do anything seeing them fight huh! All of you follow me!! ”
He turned his gaze to the three of us
“Chloe, fresher and… Erm… “He tried calling Nicc’s name but couldn’t ” fresher! Follow me! Your punishment is special especially the both of you”he pointed at me and Bella

The whole class stood up following us from behind and murmuring words of complaint to us


🗣She have got to choose one and save them the fights

🗣They can’t fight for only one person and make all of us suffer for the fuvk they did

🗣*When did Chloe start fighting for girls Britney?*… *maybe because this one is concerning his step-brother can’t you see the hatred in their eyes*

🗣What the heck!
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Bella’s POV

The bus pulled up infront of my street and I got out
I feel so bitter, am a fool! So foolish!

*You’re as I thought you would be, you’re still a fool for me*
*That fool who said she wants a span away from me but deep inside her, she still loved me*
*That fool who will date a person while her heart calls out for another person…*

He said all these to me, he fooled me!
I had to make them fight too! I won’t be able to face the class again not even my friends now
I need to make a choice on whom to be with
Nicc or Chloe?

It doesn’t make sense at all, my heart will always betray me not after what I shared with Nicc right up to now that am eighteen
No, that is not what my mom taught me

That’s not what my mom taught me…
A firm grip which came from behind me broke into my thoughts
“Break my heart many times Bella, I won’t let you go
Use me, run to him anytime… I won’t care either
Hurt me, run away each time I need you…. I won’t still care but just one thing I have to tell you
I love you so much Bella and this is might be my price for loving you… “Chloe said from behind me

He back hugged me the more, I couldn’t move
Did I mean this much to him?
“Don’t go away from me”he turned me to face him, my eyes caught his

Damn! It was pure love in his eyes
Why can’t I see this person as someone meant for me so much?
“Don’t speak Bella”he said when he noticed me trying to say something

I won’t have said any hurting word to him, just something nice or nothing at all but he cut me out of it

🎶Do you ever feel like you belong in the sky

🎶 if I told you we can go, would you spread your wings and fly

🎶I can take you there
I can take you there

🎶No more pain, no more sorrow not today not tomorrow

🎶No more stress in the head
No more wishing you were there

🎶We can go away
To another place…

“Don’t say anything to me Bella”he repeated again with his lips searching for mine till he found it

He held my head bringing it closer to his face until our lips touched
Another kiss which he stole away from me after my first kiss!!


Chloe 😓
Mtcheeew, I pity you but sha🙄you deserve it o for all the pain you caused other girls 😕😕

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