Bad boy’s crush episode 31

. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!! 😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡



(I want to sleep beside you🛌💋💖)

Chloe’s POV

I stopped kissing her giving her a very warm smile which sent her head to my chest as she started sobbing
That’s what I wanted, for her to cry on me even if its hurts so much that it can kill

I would bear it, I stroke her hair gently feeling a soft warmth calming my wounded and injured heart
“How dare you guys fight in school? “My dad yelled before giving me a hard slap on my cheek
I churned my teeth to dilute the kind of hotness that came to my face that instant

I glared at Nicc who had his head bowed down just like mine with her mom by his side
“Cuz of a girl! Damn! When will you stop being a bully Chloe? ”
I didn’t dare speak, I will take all the blame, I won’t care! I’ve had enough for today alone

He shouted unend to me, yelled and yelled… Nagged and nagged till he was tired before he sent me away
“Get out! ”
I hissed walking out on him and going into my room to have some rest and cool off

His mom came in later without Nicc
She cleared her throat watching me putting on some casual dressing
I ignored her busy with what I was doing

“What exactly happened? “She asked at last but I gave out a loud scoff
Why would she even speak to me? I hate hearing their voice in this house! I was at peace until they came in from nowhere giving me pain! pain! and pain!

“Nothing “I replied calmly and she gave a short laugh
“Its a girl right? Nicc said… ”
I got more pissed off
“Nicc said what! Are you now playing his mother? Just go! Leave me alone!! ”

She felt hurt
“I’m not playing his mom… ”
“Leave! If my mom was here too, she would’ve done the same thing ”
“Why do you hate me so much Chloe? “She asked in a painful voice

“For being a pain in the neck! You and your son! I hate the both of you so much! I was okay without you guys! “I snapped at her in a high pitched voice and she didn’t help but jerk with every word I uttered

I was too harsh… I reasoned afterwards but that’s how I felt
“I love your father! “She defended and I scoffed even the more
“That’s why you left your dying husband… ”
She slapped me making me shut up
“Stop talking!! “She yelled almost on the verge of tears when she had already hit me

“Did you just hit me? “I yelled getting close to her so I could avenge that slap
My mom never slapped me before so why will someone come out from the blue to do that?

She was scared, it was in her eyes
“How dare you hit me huh! ”
“And she will hit you over and over again Chloe! “Nicc interrupted as he rushed into the room
I scoffed changing my direction towards him

“Really? Then I think you owe me two punches, your mom’s and the one from school… “I didn’t finish up before I buried two punches into his face and it sent him to the ground

She gave a loud shout which made my dad come into my room
“Damn! Chloe! What has gotten into you! “He yelled but I was satisfied
I had revenged, for myself and for Bella

He shouldn’t have toyed with her love and always made her look cheap all in the name of her loving him
I smirked and a slight pain emanating from my earlier wound around my nose came
back and I groaned softly

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I haven’t gotten my self treated properly for it
“You think you won Chloe? Bella is mine to keep! “He yelled cleaning his nose which was badly hurt by my fist

I smirked again
“At least I revenged…. ”

“Chloe! Get out of my house now! Get out! You’ve gone nuts! Out now!! “My dad cried out pointing to the exit

I was surprised at first, this was the first time he was sending me out of his house no matter what I did, I was angry afterwards cuz he wasn’t chasing me out for anything else but for Nicc and his fuvking mom!

It pissed me off the more as I thought about it
“Dad! Its cold outside! “I yelled angrily but he won’t hear that
“Get the hell out now! “He yelled back pointing towards the exit door of my room
“Honey! Let him be!! “That witch chipped in

“No! He must get out! “He barked the more
I glared at everyone with utmost hatred before grabbing my coat, my phone and then a pair of white sneakers

I rolled my eyes at Nicc before transferring the same gaze to his mom and then my father who still gave me that stern look of leaving his house for him….

Bella’s POV

I ate sluggishly or maybe I was nibbling on my food
“What’s wrong? “Brad asked me and that’s when I let my head drop on the table
“I’m so confused Brad”I mumbled out really weak to even do anything

“What happened? You’re lucky mom isn’t at the table… You’re exhibiting bad manners now and disrespecting food too”
I raised up my head looking at him weakly
“What’s wrong? Huh! Nicc again? ”

“Stop calling Nicc’s name whenever I’m around, I hate to hear that name “I mumbled digging my spoon into my food again
He smirked
“Thanks so much sis for hating that guy at last… Buh what’s bothering you? “He asked staring at me and pushing in a spoonful of food into his mouth

He chewed on carefully
I sighed
Mom’s steps were heard as her heels clicked the stairs as she came down coming towards us
“I have a news for you guys “she announced sitting down beside me

“Something like what? “Brad cut in sharply
Mom looked at me before speaking
“Aunt Deanee and Mark is coming to America in two weeks time”
My eyes lit up

“Really? Mark! After so many years!! What happened? Why with his mom alone? What about his dad? “I asked curiously already overtaken by happiness
It had been such a long time I saw him, how tall might he have grown?

How handsome? Jeez!
“Mom answer my question”I urged feeling so happy but her mood changed
“Deanee and her husband divorced ”
My happy mood turned sour

“Divorced!! “I and Brad cried out together
She nodded
“They had to, that Nigerian man is such an a$$hole”she said and I got pissed off

“Why divorce all the time!? I thought they loved each other?! Why is it that each time couples loved each other, if they don’t break up… They end up in marriage and the next bus stop is divorce!! “I yelled at my mom venting my anger on my mom

“Bella, what’s gotten into you? ”
“Nothing mom! I just hate divorce mom! Its creepy
Even love is not even safe from marriage and marriage isn’t safe from divorce either!!! “I yelled again really angry about that

“Are you okay? “She asked me and I realized I was talking to my mom all these while
I calmed down a bit tucking my hair to the back of my ear
“I’m not eating again”I said leaving the dining table really tensed up

I was about climbing the stairs when a strange call pulled into my phone
The number was strange but I was too angered to think on that
I picked up
📲Hello, who is this

📲Its me Chloe

My eyes almost popped out
How did he get my number?

📲Chloe? How did you get my number?
I asked my eyes dancing to where my mom and brother were, they had their eyes on me

📲Yes its me
I want to see you now, can you come out?
I checked the time
08:03pm it wasn’t all that late

📲Sure, where are you?

📲Infront of your gate

Huh! My heart panicked, what’s he doing here by this time of the night?
I ran upstairs to change my silly dressing and my foot wear too
I dressed my hair properly before tying it into a knot

I smiled at myself in the mirror, I looked presentable
I ran downstairs again heading to the gate
I took in a deep breath before I opened the gate… I didn’t see anyone there when I looked around

I frowned, he fooled me! I came outside to be sure he wasn’t really here and a hand caught my waist pushing me to the wall
My heart trembled in shock, I wasn’t aware of who held me that way until he stood infront of me, then I knew it was Chloe

I heaved a sigh of relief
“You startled me”I said giggling and he stroke my cheeks
“Did I? “He smirked giving me a warm kiss on my lips
“Hey! “I smacked him “you look a mess on your face”

“Oh! I missed you”he ignored my earlier words
“That’s… “He kissed me again shutting me out, the kiss was brief and cool

“Hey stop it! “I warned teasingly
“Then stop complaining about my face”he pouted and I smirked
“Why did you come? “I asked him
“Cuz I missed you”he replied me
“You missed me? “He nodded his head before pushing me closer to his body till he hugged me

“Awwwwwn I missed this too”he mouthed airily
I broke off from him after some seconds
“Go home now! You’ve seen me! They will look for you now its late! “I nagged pushing him away but he refused to move

“I don’t want to go, I want to sleep over at your place”he said with his face pointing downwards
“What! ”
“I want to sleep beside you”he repeated with his eyes dilating like that of a baby….


Chloe ☺☺☺

But Nicc 😡😡😡