Bad boy’s crush episode 33 – 34

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💍Make a choice Bella!! Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡



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Next day,

Bella’s POV




I tossed about on the bed to get away from whomever that was whispering directly into my ears
But the name calling continued forcing me to open my eyes

My weary eyes caught a figure which looked like my younger brother
I rubbed my eyes to be sure if it was him and it was really him!
“What’s it? “I asked yawning and sitting up on the bed

“Chloe said that I should tell you… ”
At the mention of Chloe I hopped out of the bed
I totally forgot that my boyfriend slept over at my place
I wore my slip-ons in a hurry using my hand to brush my hair to make it relaxed a bit

“Let me finish! “He said but I was almost at the door
“What happened to him? I hope you didn’t give him trouble? I hope you didnt make him sleep on the floor huh! Cuz am gonna skin you alive if it’s true”

He smirked
“Why is it that you love those guys that I hate a lot? “He asked and I frowned
Why would he hate him for no reason?
“Well… “He began again coming towards me
“He’s gone, he said I should tell you that ”

Gone! Without waiting for me to even wake up?
I was getting angry but I checked myself
“Why? ”
He scoffed
“Cuz you woke up late, I don’t know what you guys did yesterday that got you tired “he hissed before rolling his eyes at me

But… Late? What’s the time?
“What’s the time? “I asked him and he brought out his phone shoving it to my face so I see the time
My eyes almost popped out of its sockets

Oh my bad!! Jeez! I’m so fuvking late today
“And mom? ”
I asked after cuz I feel she’s not around else she would’ve woken me up from sleep
“She went out in the morning, dad called ”

Oh my bad! Dad!!
“What did he say? “I asked nervously already counting my heartbeat which had grown so much in fear
“He’s at the airport “he reported and my legs immediately ceased

First, I will go to school late and I wonder if I would catch buses to school
Second, if my dad gets home and discovers or even see me at home today without being in school, am in another trouble
Third, is….

I ran to wardrobe to get my school uniform out to realize that I didn’t wash them yesterday
They stink! Oh sweet Jesus! What the heck is all these!! Why today of all days!!

“What about you? Aren’t you going to school”I asked him and he scoffed
“I can see you don’t have eyes again else…you would’ve seen that am already dressed for school”

It was then my eyes travelled to his body to see that he was really dressed to go
Oh my bad! What am I gonna do now?
I can’t possibly wear dirty clothes to school, that’s gonna be so embarassing

How did I forget to put them in the washing machine for a nice wash? I was so confused yesterday, I remember now…
I pouted badly thinking of an idea
“See you”he said and left

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The clock ticked away and I was still undecided about what I had to wear
I pulled out every cloth in my wardrobe looking for an alternative uniform to wear

I was so frustrated, there was nothing nice enough to wear
I checked the time again and it was almost Ten!
I gasped biting hard
Chloe texted me

💬Aren’t you coming to school today?
I texted back
💬Just need more time
He saw it and replied almost immediately
💬You gonna stay in detention for late coming
He warned

Arhhh! What’s all this! Should I wash my school uniform now and wear it to school so wet like that?
That’s so inadvisable… No I won’t do it

I ruffled my hair so frustrated until I saw a short skirt which looked exactly or rather similar to my school skirt
I smiled picking it out but then, what top am I gonna wear to school?

I racked my hair, yes! I got it!! I can wear my white sweater afterall its cold
I smirked sheepishly at my foolish idea
I got it now!!

💬I will soon be in school
I texted Chloe
I picked out my white sneakers or rather Brad’s which I stole from his room
I sighed running into the bathroom to take a bath

Few minutes later,

I was done dressing for school but… There was a little problem,
The skirt was too short! I don’t think I can bend else my pant will be visible
Just endure Bella… Only for today

I calmed my nerves down no letting the length of the skirt bother me

Chloe’s POV

I was damn worried when I couldn’t see her in school when it was almost past ten O’clock
Maybe o should’ve waited for her tho… But I had to go home and prepare for school

I paced about the hallway wondering why she wasn’t in school when everyone around started pointing at a direction and making loud noises about who is coming

🗣Hey look!

🗣Oh my God!

🗣Isn’t that the nerd? Why is she so changed?

🗣Her skirt is a killer

🗣Oh my bad! Look at her legs!!

My eyes searched for that figure which was being praised so much to be so dumbfounded at whom I saw
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I didn’t know when I started drooling at her

Niccole’s POV

I laughed loudly with Min Soo when Bella walked past me with her hair dancing side by side as she walked

🗣She’s so hot!

🗣Oh my! She’s so beautiful?!

I stopped anything I was doing, I was still trying to figure out if that was Bella or not cuz she’s too beautiful to be Bella I used to know

I started drooling watching her short flay skirt dancing at every step she took which matched with her steps
How!… When did she start dressing so good?

I can’t say or tell but she looks so beautiful! More beautiful than Sandra when given a bet with her
I made to call her but stopped when I saw her stand infront of Chloe

Another pang of jealousy churned inside of me….

🎶You’re so beautiful

🎶To me

🎶You’re so beautiful

🎶To me

🎶Can’t you seeeee!

🎶You’re everything I hope for

🎶You’re everything I need

🎶You’re so beautiful

🎶To me

Chloe’s POV

I was still trying to get if this was exactly my girlfriend
I touched her cheeks
“Bella”I called her name afterwards
She played with her legs which was wildly exposed to every eyes

“Can I make a little confession Chloe? ”
She asked and I nodded admiring the new her which was extremely a thousand times more beautiful than before

“Go on”
“Its a clumsy mistake Chloe… I didn’t wash my school uniform so I had to… “She felt shy to say the rest
I understood what she meant
“You look like an angel”I completed her sentence and she blushed greatly

“I can’t believe this is my girlfriend, am trying to figure if this is my girlfriend ”
She frowned
“Why?? ”
“Cuz you’re too beautiful Bella… Damn!! “I turned her around

She giggled
“You look wow! Here take my hand let me show you off to the whole school as my girlfriend ”
“Naw! “She rejected my hand but I held her forcefully interlocking my fingers with hers

“Chloe stop that! ”
“But you’re my girlfriend arent you”
She nodded shyly drawing at her skirt
Her long legs captivated me the more, I remembered the first time I saw them when she fell to the ground few weeks ago

“I’m gonna shout now Bella!”
“Stop it!! ‘She held my mouth from shouting
I struggled to get out of her hold which I did quickly
“Here!!! Everyone listen up!!!!Bella is my girlfriend!!! The queen of my heart and the goddess of my soul
I love you so much baby ”

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I yelled to the whole student who started murmuring greatly, I grabbed her waist… Her tiny slim waist which so soft and warm when I held it

“I can’t wait for you to love me Bella”
I said and I saw the twinkle in her eyes

. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡




Writer’s POV

Audrey couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the both of them
She’s still trying to figure out why Chloe will break up with her just because of that thing over there
She saw that coming but she didn’t take precautions earlier enough else she won’t have been in such a hot seat swearing at the both of them

She gulped hard wishing if she could snap out her breath from her if given a chance to do that
She hissed turning to her friend
“How beautiful is she? “She asked her friend who answered absent mindedly her attention was on the school new couple
Chloe and Bella

“Well I think she’s the school princess
Wow? Can’t you see her structure inside that skimpy skirt she’s wearing over that erm… “She stopped talking when she turned to look at her friend who was giving her a very bad gaze

“…. She’s beautiful “she mumbled avoiding her gaze
“What I asked is if she’s more beautiful than me”she corrected and she shrugged
“Well… She might be now… I mean in this her crazy outfit that every one is dying to have… ”

She scoffed at her friend’s stupid explanation
“Let’s get inside, classes will soon begin”she resigned going into the class and expecting her friend to follow her but she didn’t until she dragged her in

She won’t let Bella get away with this, she won’t!

Sandra who was head over heels in love with Zayn broke up with him last week cuz he doesn’t have more time for her
She felt like he was cheating on her but Zayn didn’t care a bit, he never loved her once all he cared about was just to sleep with her and that’s all

He had gotten what he wanted so he cared less about what she thought or not and he was so glad when she mentioned the break-up issue
He was so glad that he had gotten her off his neck

A relief to him but not to Sandra, she still loved him but her foolish pride won’t let her admit it by giving up on a break up
She regretted it afterwards so she decided to transfer into Zayn’s school

She had been planning that since last week and today, her dad got her a transfer paper from her former school and new school uniforms too
She was happy changing to SEAN HIGHSCHOOL her ex school!

Her dad drove her to school gently and she was calm althrough the journey until her dad’s car pulled to a stop in front of the principal’s office
She needed to be registered properly so they were directed to her class homeroom teacher where she was registered properly into the school

She was happy, so happy! The school was airy enough to be into
She bade her dad goodbye sighing heavily cuz the only thing remaining now was to make friends..

Chloe walked hand in hand with his girlfriend into the class,they sat down next to each other but it seemed not to be okay for him cuz he kept turning his head to her direction so he would take a glance at her and then at her exposed legs

He would smile and then turn his attention to the board, he turned to look at her again after three seconds to discover that she was reading this time
He watched her carefully as she mumbled inaudible words to herself

Even though he didn’t understand what she was reading as she seemed so engrossed into what she was doing, he couldn’t help but stare at her
To him, she was very beautiful when she’s reading

Everything she does is just so beautiful and must be admired for that
He smiled taking out a textbook from his backpack, he opened it and kept it on his desk

He flipped through the pages not finding anything fanciable on it to read about
He turned over the cover to check what textbook it was and it was a HISTORY text book
He hissed

He doesn’t like history that much but he gotta try, at least to keep his eyes busy but did it work at all
Not upto three seconds he started up a good reading about American history his eyes travelled again to Bella who noticed that he was looking at her turned her head to stare at him too

She’s so lucky… She thought to herself when he winked at her
She giggled returning the wink to him and he shook as un imaginary goose pimples filled his skin making him shiver

She smiled, she’s so lucky to have someone like him
She will never even think of loosing him no matter how foolish she can be… She won’t dare do that
He beckoned on her to get closer to him and she shifted her seat closer to his side

He held her head and brought his mouth closer to her ear so he would whisper into her ear
“You look very beautiful when you’re reading, my heart almost flew out when I watched you read”

She blushed real hard at him, she pointed to a direction
“Look! “She said frightenly still pointing at a direction which made Chloe’s head tilt to the direction of her hand

She smirked, she had tricked him into positioning his cheeks to her
She leaned closer pecking him briefly on his left cheek before he could turn his head

He was surprised and shocked cuz she pecked him
“B.. Be.. Bella”he stuttered as his cheeks turned reddish
He rubbed the spot tenderly gaping at her
She smiled shifting away from him but he didn’t allow her to move any inch away until she pecked him again but she didn’t

“Hey peck me huh! You just did “he pleaded but she still refused
“No, we’re in school”
“C’mon, just once huh pulease”he pleaded strongly but she shook her head
“I’m not pecking you baby”

He nearly choked too when she heard her call her a sweet name BABY
He coughed glaring at Bella
“You just called me Baby huh! Call me that again ”
She realized her mistake which made her shy for a bit

Why would she foolishly call him BABY? She rechecked herself…
Nicc watched the both of them carefully, he saw everything happening between them
He felt bitter, a strong bitterness which welled up inside of him
He was foolish enough to let Bella go away even an inch away from him

He couldn’t contain his anger, he wouldn’t allow Chloe have her like that
Watching him try all he could to take his childhood friend away from him hurts him a great deal

He bit hard and then he turned his back to where he was facing before ready to go when he saw Sandra
He was surprised to see her in this school but he wasn’t happy to see her at all

“Hey! Nicc!! “She called smiling at him but he didn’t even spare a glance at her
He rolled his eyes at her before brushing past her
She was surprised to receive such a cold treatment from Nicc so she ran after him

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Nicole’s POV

What’s she doing in this school? What the…. I stopped in my tracks as she kept following me from behind
I turned my front to her and she stopped immediately

“What are you doing here? Why are you in this school? “I asked rudely but she smirked coming close to me
“I should be asking you that
too”she replied me and I hissed

She annoys me now and I don’t know why
“Are you still angry with me? “She asked and I scoffed
“Were you expecting me to jump off the cliff after seeing you right? “I asked rudely again and her mood changed a bit

“Why are you rude? ”
She half yelled and I scoffed again
“I have every right to be rude okay? Seeing your face this beautiful morning spoilt my mood! ”

“What! ”
“Exactly what am saying Sandra, as you’re going to be in this school… Whenever you see me don’t talk to me ”
“I didn’t come for you but for my boyfriend! “She cut in thinking that would make me angry but it made me laugh

“Whoa! That’s cool! Which one is your boyfriend in this school”
“How is that your business? “She snapped again and I stepped an inch closer to her

I looked down to that tiny face of hers which was brewing with anger
“Fuck off!! “I yelled to her face before brushing past her and going into the class

Chloe’s POV

A teacher walked into the class after the break time is over
He hit the table infront of the board which was mainly meant for teachers

“Attention please!! “He shouted after hitting the table twice and everywhere was as calm as ever
“There’s a basket ball competition on April 4th which is Easter guys”


🗣We’ve been waiting for this

🗣That’s far though

🗣We can’t wait

The class kept making noise but I was exceptionally happy, I am one of their best player when it comes to basket ball
I can’t wait to show off my skills to Bella

I took my glance to her and she was talking to a guy who came to her seat
I suddenly got interested on whom that guy might be and I frowned when I saw her smile at him
It felt like a knot in my chest got loosen up immediately

“So… “The teacher continued
“Its between our school and Blandie highschool, we’ve got to prepare for that”he turned to my direction but I wasn’t concentrating anymore

My concern was what that guy was still doing over at Bella’s side when its almost past five minutes!!
“Chloe! “The teacher called me repeatedly before
“Sir! “I replied in a loud voice

“Meet me in my office after school please, the rest!… Go out for recreation!!! ”


Everyone shouted getting up and rushing out to go have a change of clothes and prepare for recreation
Bella stood up after the guy left
She came to me, I frowned at her

“What’s wrong? “She asked me and I frowned again
My jealousy was almost eating me up
“Why will you smile to every…. ”
She pecked me for the second time and immediately my anger disappeared and I forgot about what I was saying earlier

She ran out of the class giggling and I ran after her
“Hey! Come here! “I yelled running after her…