Bad boy’s crush episode 36 – 37


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡



Nicole’s POV

Three years ago,

I and Bella walked hand in hand watching the blue lights which littered the street which was getting ready for Easter celebration tomorrow

She turned to me
“Let’s make a wish Nicc”she suggested closing her eyes for a bit
I giggled watching her closed eyes which lasted for three minutes before she opened them again

“What did you wish “I asked her and she laughed shyly
“That we should be together like this forever “she said and I smiled a bit
I closed my eyes repeating what she did and opened them again

“What did you wish? “She asked me immediately I opened my eyes
“I won’t tell you, “I replied and she frowned, she wanted to know what I wished for but I won’t tell her

“I told you mine Nicc”she complained and I chuckled
“Its not necessary… ”
“I still want to know”she insisted and I had to give in
“That we follow our heart in the future Bella”she blushed real hard at me when she heard me say such words

We still trudged down to the loveliest part of the road
Beautiful designs and songs aired softly with everywhere bubbling with activities
“Look! That’s a rose flower Nicc! “She pointed to a workshop which was only meant for flowers

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“You want one? “I asked and she nodded happily
“I won’t get you one, I will buy ten of it for you “I said and she blushed again holding onto my arm and leaning her head on my shoulder

I smiled at the wind which brushed past us…

Chloe’s POV

Since basket ball was announced in school a week ago I had been preparing so hard since then, suffering myself and wishing if I will do my school proud and even Bella

I ran hundred meters race for five times before falling down on the field and taking a rest
I miss Bella so much, I haven’t seen her quite often since I started my practice

I panted for breath thinking about easter which was just tomorrow
What am I gonna get as a surprise gift for her? Something she might value with all her whole self?

I sat up again from the grassy field looking about to the busy guys who were running up and down and practicing their skills with each other
I wanted to leave so I could see Bella before she leave for school today but I couldn’t

I am the captain, so I can’t leave without anyone’s consent especially Teacher Big Tummy, he would yell at me if I leave like that

“Hey! Captain! “I heard his voice call me and I sprang up from the ground dusted my bums before running to meet him
“Sir”I called and he beckoned on me to follow him which I did
Bella’s POV

I left school as soon as the school dismissed, it have been such a boring school for the past week since Chloe started practicing for the basket ball which will soon be held tomorrow on our school field

He doesn’t care anymore about me, he doesn’t see me anymore and we seldomly chatted cuz he’s always tired after every practice

It made me feel unwanted to the extent that even though I was with my friends, I wasn’t comfortable at all
Its hard to admit but I think I miss him so much

I want to see him, I can’t wait till tomorrow when I will finally see him but is that it?
I sighed in frustration going into my bedroom

If only I could see him for a minute
I grumbled dozing off in my school uniform…

“Hey gotta wake up baby! Happy easter!”my dad shoved me out of my bed
He pecked me on my cheeks dancing around me
“Happy easter sweetie! “He chuckled saying so and I got the message

Today is easter already! So I slept off till this morning
I wasn’t happy, no one was getting me a gift today not even Chloe who had been ignoring me for one week

But hold on a minute… I rushed to my phone and turned it on
Chloe’s message hit my phone screen immediately it was unlocked

💬Happy easter Girlie❤❤❤
He texted and I almost yelled out if not that my dad was still in my room
What took him so long to chat me let alone call?

💬I know you read it but won’t reply
I want you to be the first person I will see before I enter the basket ball pitch to play babe
I have got something to show you

“Dad I have to go to school now! “I said really hurrying into the bathroom to take a bath and rush to school
“You didn’t wash your school uniform last night and I had to do that for you lazy thing?! “He nagged but I wouldn’t hear that anymore

Niccole’s POV

I bought ten rose flowers from a shop and smiled at the seller before leaving for school
I can’t wait to see Bella and give these flowers to her, I really won’t miss her today in school

I came to school and saw her rushing her way to meet Chloe I think
“Bella! “I shouted her name and she stopped walking searching for the person who called her name

I waved my arm in the air so she would see me and she did see me
I ran towards her
“Happy easter”I shoved the ten roses to her face before she collected them
“Nicc! You still remember?? “She smiled so hard admiring and smelling the ten roses

“Why won’t I remember when today is easter”I smirked and she smiled
“Thanks so much, I love them ”
I blushed so hard seeing her so happy about the roses but then I looked ahead to see Chloe staring towards our direction

My mood changed immediately, he’s probably looking for Bella
I have to act fast
“If you’re that happy, why don’t you hug me then”I suggested and she shook her head.

“No I can’t”
“We always hugged remember, this is not your first time hugging me”I pressured and she hugged me wrapping her hands around my waist
I smirked staring at Chloe who was struck at the spot he was, he couldn’t move an inch..

I hugged her back, pressing her tighter to my skin still staring at Chloe who couldn’t move at all

Chloe’s POV

I tried so hard not to see anyone until I’ve seen Bella, I texted her even though she didn’t reply yet, I made sure she saw me first thinking she might have missed me so much

But she didn’t! She didn’t even care if I was there or not else why is she hugging him?
My body shivered looking at the both of them, I became weak, I turned and staggered away

“Hey Chloe, the game is starting soon, the Blandie’s just arrived “Mr. Big Tummy announced to me but I was too weak to even stand
I found myself lying down on the floor maybe I will get better and I didn’t

The way she hugged her with those roses in her hands weakened me the more
Why am I getting so worked up about it? I knew she loved him before I went for her.. Didn’t I know that? Or didn’t she tell me?

“Are you okay? “Ben asked me and I nodded trying to get up but I couldn’t
He helped me up
“Are you sure you’re okay? “He asked me again and I nodded my head
Writer’s POV

Late in the afternoon, everywhere filled to the brim waiting for the match to start
Everyone was busy supporting their best player

Nicc didn’t play, he was new in the school and he was happy he didn’t so he would have more time to spend with Bella who was sitting next to him watching the players warm up for the match

Chloe sighted them together again and his body weakened the more
When the match started, he was playing nonsense loosing over and over again
He will get hold of the ball and throw it away or just lose out

He doesn’t even know what he’s playing
He had to leave the pitch to the amazement of everyone
He didn’t want his school to lose out and he wasn’t concentrating in the game he’s playing, so he had to go

Chloe’s POV

“Chloe! “I heard her sharp voice call me, my whole body tore awake again by just hearing her sharp voice
I thought I was angry with her earlier?
Why did I suddenly turn soft by just hearing her call me?

She came towards me, I tried so hard not to look at her
“I missed you”she said and I almost hugged her but I held myself
I’m angry with her and I should act it out

She made to touch me and I pushed her hands away
“What’s wrong? “She asked me and I shook my head, unable to speak in case my mouth fail me in this

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“Because I didn’t see you as you requested? ”
“So you knew?… “I held my tongue feeling a surge of new pain creeping into me
“I’m sorry, When I… ”
“I don’t need those explanations, happy easter”I cut her off heading into the male lounge to change my clothes

She backhugged me resting her head on my back
“I’m sorry, I won’t… ”
“You will Bella cuz you’re always easily get manipulated”I cut her up recalling how she hugged Nicc earlier

She came to my front blinking her eyes, I almost fell for that but I struggled so hard to keep up with my act
“Is this how you greet me after shutting me out for a week? “She picked an offence and I had to defend myself this time

“I didn’t”
“You did Chloe and after all that, you get angry over something irrelevant! “She raised her voice a bit
“Bella…. ”
“Don’t spoil my easter for me!! “She cut out shattering my heart the more…

Its just a misunderstanding 😔😔😔

. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(Being angry😖😡😔)

Writer’s POV

Sandra and Audrey suddenly became the best of friends since Sandra came in to the school because of their similar hatred towards Bella

They have been plotting on how to punish her for taking herself as the school queen when she’s clearly not,she’s just a nerd! And she ought to be reminded of that

An opportunity came through Min Soon her korean friend whom she’s so fond of more than others

They began by molesting her and bullying her to accept to do their bidding but she can’t just betray her friend
They kept on molesting her until she gave into them

She was scared and afraid of what they might do to her next if she refused
“Here take this purse “Sandra handed her purse stacked with a little amount of money

She collected it shivering, she was so afraid of betraying her friend, what would Stacey, Pamela and the rest think of her?
A betrayer??

“I can’t do this please, you guys should leave me alone”she mumbled really scared of those two bully girls
Audrey hit her head or rather knocked her
“C’mon, you’ve got no choice just slip it into her bag and leave the rest for us to sort out”

She still refused
“How about I tell the teacher passing by that you stole my purse instead and am beating you up now? “Sandra threatened seeing a teacher’s car driving slowly past them

She feigned beating her but she screamed already giving into them
“I will do it”she accepted and they patted the back of her hair
“You’re a nice girl “they hugged her smiling

But one thing is still unsure of, why does Sandra hate Bella for no reason??….

Min Soo slipped away to the class heading straight and quickly to Bella’s desk
She wasn’t in yet, she was still sorting out issues with her boyfriend

She pretended to be looking for something in her bag before she slid the purse into her bag
“Hey, what are you doing with Bella’s bag”Stacey who saw her zipping up her bag after she was done asked her

She almost panicked and stuttered but she regained her stand
“Nothing, just checking if there is something I’d get for… Never mind “she brushed off chuckling and Stacey smiled

Bella’s POV

What I hate is fighting with someone, it hurts alot when I do that
What did I do to him? Why is he getting angry over what I knew I did not do?
We glared at each other, none of us uttered a word to each other

I wanted to say something but I didn’t find words to say, soon loud shouts emanated from the direction of the basket ball pitch and I knew the game was over and one of the teams had won

Listening carefully, I almost leaped out for joy cuz our school won


🗣Our new school hero Zayn!!

🗣He played like a king!!

🗣He’s hot!

Chloe immediately left when he heard those shouts, leaving me all to myself
I didn’t breath for a moment before I left too to the class
I wasn’t in a good mood at all to speak so I picked up my back pack, hung it loosely on my back and left the school premises
“Hey sis! Guess what! “Brad bursted in on me probably dressed as someone who wanted to make a trip or something
“Guess?? “He repeated tugging around me to say a word

But I wasn’t in the mood for these right at the moment, Chloe already ruined my easter celebration for me
“Just tell me, I can’t guess”I said rather coldly and he still leaped for joy wanting to tell me what he had in mind to say

“We’re going on a picnic Bella, Dad is giving us a treat! “he announced
“Oh really? “I mouthed not really excited about the idea
I hadn’t finished speaking when mom and dad climbed down the stairs looking like a newly married couple

I keep on wondering how they managed to cope with each other for 23 years of marriage without a divorce or noticeable quarrels between them
Did they have relationship headaches just like the one I had today?

They’re just the perfect couple for each other, walking hand in hand and in the same outfit as if they’re going on a date
I wanted to compliment them but I didn’t have the strength to so I kept mute pondering on what was bothering me

“Hey, back from school? I wanted to call your school so they would release… ”
“I don’t want to go anywhere dad”I interrupted him which got him baffled
“Why? Something happened?”he asked getting concerned but I shook my head

“Nothing ”
I replied and mom didn’t believe me, she knew something happened but won’t butt into me and my dad’s discussion
“Are you sure? “He asked to be sure advancing towards me so he could touch my forehead in case I was sick

“I’m fine dad”I repeated pushing his palm off my face slightly
“What’s wrong? “Mom asked me but I shook my head taking the stairs
“I’m fine mom, just headache that’s all, I need some sleep”I echoed when I was almost at my doorstep

I changed into my casual wears before taking my uniform to the laundry room for washing
I dumped them inside the washing machine and left for my room

I didn’t even feel like eating, what I wanted to get was why Chloe was angry with me… Did I do something wrong apart from not being with him as he requested?
I can’t tell, then why was he angry? He finds me unattractive already!?

I knew this would happen, I knew he would leave when he finds someone much prettier than I am
I fumed in anger feeling like am being used
Nicc called me

I didn’t pick up, I was too angry to pick up or maybe I didn’t want to talk to him
He might get me to do what I might not want to do again just like he asked me to hug him just because of some petty rose he got for me

Thank God I threw them away but hold on!… I know now why Chloe was angry with me?
No maybe I knew not…

Chloe’s POV

Today is such a horrible day for me, playing like a stupid guy in the pitch, got scolded by teachers and even the principal for my bad display today even though we won

Then, Bella getting angry with me just because I was expressing my feelings or don’t I have the right to be angry? I have every right to be angry cuz I love her!

A huge lump came to my throat when I saw that she was gone already
I wanted to talk things out with her but she ended up leaving before I can even know of it

I sighed thinking about how this easter had been so horrible to me
I went home, I forgot about all my plans about a surprise gift and date I wanted to have with her, maybe we need a break from each other for a while… A while!!

No that can’t be! But… Does she still love Nicc? Why am I worrying too much?
Yes I shouldn’t! I shouldn’t at all but am still getting worried

I came into my room dumping my backpack on the floor sighing heavily
Maybe I should call her… No she should call me… She wouldn’t… But I’m angry with her just like she’s angry with me!

This is bad!
I slumped down on my bed still unable to think, every beep and call which came into my phone gaht me rushing thinking she was the one calling but I always get dissappointed cuz she wasn’t the one calling or texting me

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Why won’t she call to say sorry? Huh! She was wrong! Arrhhh this is killing me
I tossed about my bed till night still waiting for her to call but she didn’t

I rolled my eyes at my phone, why is it getting me so pissed off huh!
“Hey! Why don’t you make Bella call me huh? “I yelled to my phone as if it were a human being but nothing happened

I had washed, eaten and came back to my room, I was the only one in the house, I had heard my dad saying to that witch that they will dinner date tonight and as for that jerk he’s still out

Who cared as far as I have this whole house to myself
I stared at my phone non-stop and when I saw that she will never call me, I summoned courage to do that….

Bella’s POV

I almost jumped out of my bed when I saw his caller ID on my phone screen
I thought he won’t call me, all my anger which were already eating me up began to subside but I was still tensed up about the call maybe he wanted a break up with me

I sighed heavily when I picked up
I called softly, I had began to miss him again

I heaved a sigh of relief

📲I miss you Bella
He continued and I forgave him for being angry with me earlier
📲I missed you more Chloe
I replied feeling the urge to say more but I held myself

📲I’m sorry for being angry with you
He apologized

📲I’m sorry for being angry with you Chloe
I repeated

📲Punish me
He added and I smirked
📲Punish me
I repeated feeling relieved again, my headache was gone too…

Awwwwwn 😊😊😊

Nicc is not our problem now oo🙄🙄

Shey you notice