Bad boy’s crush episode 38


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(False accusation💔😖😪)

Chloe’s POV

I felt contended again after hearing her voice, my easter is the best afterall!
📲I will see you in school tomorrow
I said and I felt like she was nodding already at what I said

📲Me too
She replied and my heart almost flew out
All her words especially her voice was doing a magic to my body

📲I will take you out tommorow after school
I told her
📲Really? I’d love to go out with you
Its been long we are together

She’s right and I felt guilty immediately, its really been long I went to her
📲I’m sorry Bella
I apologized

📲What again this time?
She asked me chuckling over the phone
📲For being a bad boyfriend of late
She laughed and it was like a music to my soul

I realized how much I had missed her, I barely smiled tossing about my bed with my pillow clutched between my legs
📲Are you that sorry?
She asked

📲Then kiss me hundred times tomorrow when you see me
It was my turn to laugh so loud at that silly joke

She laughed too
📲Why are you laughing?
She asked after the laughter died down between us

📲Cuz you made me laugh
She chuckled again
I didn’t know what else to answer so I decided to change the topic

I called her name softly
She replied
📲Do you know how beautiful your voice is?
There was silent at the other end so I continued

📲Your voice always make me quiver all over like a little kid, your eyes torture my soul as if you’re stripping me off my right
She chuckled

I mouthed and she giggled the more
📲Chloe stop making me feel too important
I smirked
📲Too important?? Did you just say too important??
You’re more than too important to me

There was silence that I almost thought she might have slept off
I called her name to know if she was still on the phone

She replied and I sighed
📲You are not saying anything

📲Cuz am thinking what am going to do with you, kiss you, hug you…
📲Just be by my side
I interrupted her
📲I will try to be by your side no matter what

I almost questioned the TRY in her words but I brushed it off my mind, I mustn’t spoil this good mood and we just made up too

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She called my name
📲Yes princess
She giggled
📲That’s what you’re
📲Sing me a song, I want to sleep

I felt shy
📲Sing? I can’t do that
I was so shy of it that I felt my cheeks burning red

📲You’re lying, have you forgotten that day in the garage when you sang for me?
I didn’t get a chance to tell you how sweet your voice was

I felt flattered, first time someone said my voice was sweet!
I hopped my legs in the air still tossing from one end of the bed to another
I felt like a king and she was like a queen to me

📲What song? I can’t form a song
📲Sing anyone
I heaved happily clearing my throat and suddenly I felt nervous

📲Now listen
I’m about to sing westlife song LOVE CAN BUILD A BRIDGE
📲Damn! As if you knew I wanted to hear that
📲Hush! And listen..

I was quiet for three seconds humming to myself so I can get the lyrics in the right places before singing for her and then…

🎶I gladly walk across the desert with no shoes upon my feet

🎶To share with you the last pie of bread I had to eat

🎶I will swim out to save you your sea of broken dreams

🎶And now your hopes are sinking lemme show you what I’ve been…

🎶Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine

🎶Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Don’t you think its time

🎶Don’t you think its time….
Bella’s POV

“Hey Bella guess where we went yesterday! “Brad bursted into my room rattling
“Go away?! “I yelled in a sleepy voice but he won’t get away from me

“C’mon wake up, I’ve got something to tell you now! “He pressured shaking my body
“Leave me alone! Go and prepare for school! “I barked tossing on the bed and scratching my hair at a spot which was itching me

He didn’t let me rest until I gave up on sleeping again, I sprang up from the bed in utmost anger
“What!Brad can’t you leave me alone!! “I yelled almost shaking down my room

I regretted speaking like that to him afterwards but I had already done it
He couldn’t speak, he just stared at me for a while and uttered
“You never yelled at me like that”

I calmed down a bit
I roamed my eyes about my room and then to my bed until my gaze caught my phone which was lying on the bed

Oh my God! I took it up
Damn! I slept off like that! I examined the phone screen and there was a little crack on it

Oh my!
“Bella”he called my name
“Brad”I turned my attention to him
“You’ve changed, everyone is complaining about it, you’ve turned hostile towards everyone… ”

“Everyone?? “Caught my fancy
Who and who are the everyone that will complain about my recent attitude?
“Mom and me”he replied and I suppressed the urge not to laugh but I laughed afterall

“You laughed? “He asked with a surprised look on her face which made me frown
“Yes so?? ”
He started laughing too,
“Oh my! You laughed! I thought I made you angry”

🗣Come down for breakfast the both of you!!

We heard our dad’s voice from downstairs and we both sighed
“Brad am sorry I shouted like that
You were being too buggy that’s why” I apologized and he covered his face with his palms

I wonder why he did that
“Why that? “He chuckled moving towards the door
“Cuz this is the first time you ever apologized to me”he said and rushed out almost immediately

I sighed heavily, I wonder when he will finally grow and think like a real guy his age

Two hours later,

I was in school already, I rushed my way to the class and I was greeted with an unclean atmosphere which signaled me that all was not right but I didn’t mind

I just went to my locker and sat down
Chloe’s message popped into my phone
💬I’m sorry I will be a little late to school
Don’t miss me too much else I will kill you
Love you😘

I scoffed, is this his own way of saying good morning
He’s funny sometimes, why did he think I will even miss him?
But I will and I think am already missing him

I texted back
💬I’m giving you five minutes to get here else
You will give me a piggyride today

He didn’t reply and I imagined him being so touched by my romantic message
I giggled at my own message looking it over and over again

It hadn’t lasted for ten seconds when a teacher walked briskly into the class
“Good morning class”she greeted and we responded

“I’m your new homeroom teacher, my name is Miss Hailey Gerald but you can call me Miss Hailey”she introduced sighing and crossing her legs to reveal the red high heels she was putting on over a red skirt and a black top

She’s smart and pretty I must say, soon Nicc came into the class, he eyed me briefly before going over to his seat
“So… ‘The teacher began but stopped to clear her throat

“I will get to know… “Someone interrupted her
“Miss Hailey”I heard Audrey’s voice say and I tilted my neck to her direction to get the message she was passing to her but the glares she gave me weren’t friendly at all like I wasn’t her friend at all

“Yes?? “She answered her
“I’m looking for my purse and I think someone stole it “she complained
“A purse? Are you sure of where you kept it? “She inquired from her to be sure

“I’ve been looking for it since yesterday ma’am
It was stolen in this class”she began to sob, Sandra who was beside her pulled her down so she could sit down while she consoled her

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“Who stole a purse or who might have seen one? “Hailey announced to the whole class and everyone was silent
I didn’t see a purse neither did I take one
“Now all of you, Put your bags on the table!! “She ordered and everyone did as she instructed

I knew I didn’t steal or take a purse so I was so un bothered, she advanced towards the first sit in front
“Pull out everything in your bag “she ordered and he did as instructed

She continued this treatment to everyone until she reached towards me
I didn’t wait for her to even order me before I pulled out everything on my bag and was shocked to the marrow to see a strange purse in my bag

“What’s this? “I asked audibly not remembering putting a purse in my bag
“That’s mine!! The one I’ve been looking for!! “Audrey shouted and the whole class made a loud scowl

🗣She’s a thief

🗣Oh my bad! Why does she steal another person’s purse?

🗣She’s so untrained and greedy

Words after words flew in and out of my ear
My hands shook and trembled, someone did this to me
Else, I don’t remember taking someone’s purse, I went home so angry yesterday and… When did this happen!!

“Why did you steal it? “Hailey accused and I shook my head unable to say a word
“I didn’t take it! ”
I mumbled really afraid, I hate being wrongly accused of anything I knew nothing of

“You did! You thief!! “Audrey cursed coming to my seat and taking away the purse with her
Another scowls came from the class

“I didn’t do it miss Hailey”

“Follow me now to my office “she ordered


Who is hurting my Bella na😡😷😓😤

Audrey! What’s your problem na😒😒🙁