Bad boy’s crush episode 39

. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡



Two hours before,

Niccole’s POV

I came home in the morning, I had hung out yesterday with old school friends from my former school so I didn’t get a chance to come home due to how late it had become

I slept over at Billy’s house and came home in the early hours of morning before my mom notices that I didn’t get home yesterday
But then, she met me in the kitchen struggling with a glass of water which I gulped down my throat

“G’morning mom”I greeted and she eyed me suspiciously
“Did you come home last night? “She asked me and I was tensed a bit
I was so undecided if I should lie to her or just say the truth
“Nicc… I was worried when I came home late last night to notice that you aren’t in the house “she said and I cleared my throat

I must defend myself somehow, maybe some reasons why I had to sleep out of the house will do when an idea hit my head
Chloe takes all the blame…

“I didn’t want to get into a fight with Chloe so I slept out at Billy’s house “I defended shrugging my shoulder and she seemed relaxed by what I said

She didn’t question me further,
“I was thinking you have to go”
“Go?? “I perked up my brow at her speech
She nodded her head
“Yes to Chicago… I mean to Nanny Catharella “she explained and my jaw dropped

I’m getting used to staying here damn Chloe’s attitude and hostility towards each other
Its fun and I love here already! So why the change of home all of a sudden… I wanted to ask her this but kept quiet

“Why? “I mumbled my mood already sour
She sighed coming closer to me
“I and Chloe’s father have agreed to get married by next Sunday and we’re flying abroad for our honeymoon”

I was dumbstruck at the sudden revelation
I swallowed hard
“I mean… What about dad? He isn’t laid to rest yet… What do you think… ”
“I divorced your father already and… and… and… ”

“And what! “I cut into her stammers when she seemed not to be forthcoming with words
“I’m pregnant “she announced taking me off balance
My gaze went to her tummy immediately trying to catch a little bump right there but saw nothing

“The doctor confirmed me two weeks pregnant yesterday “she added quenching the unusual curiosity which had already built inside me about *why the tummy was still flat? *

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“Its not true right? “I asked so unsure of what she was saying
She touched my shoulder trying to drive home her point
“I’m serious ”
I gave a short laugh which lasted barely a second
“What’s amusing? ”

“Mom giving birth at your age?! “I almost half yelled almost letting go off my anger
“I’m 43 years old remember? I’m not even… ”
“That’s alright! Do whatever you want with your life, its yours!! “I let out my anger

“Are you angry with me? ”
She asked me but I was far from being angry
“I’m fine, when are you sending me off to Nanny Catharella? “I diverted the topic
I can’t believe my mom is having a baby, its all crap!

Did she hate my father this much? Did she love him once… I mean some day? Why is she bearing so much grudge against my dad?
For once or twice, I’ve seen them kiss passionately like real couples, go for dinner dates singling me out of it most times

I thought they were the best couple which made me loose track of time when they began having issues
And now, she appears to hate my father with so much passion
“Mom, did you love my dad sometime back then? “I asked her and I saw the guilty in her eyes

“I won’t lie, I never loved him. He’s rich and… ”
I get the point now
“You married my dad back then cuz you thought he was rich and clearly you’re marrying Chloe’s dad cuz he’s rich too! ”
I barked at her unable to contain my anger

“Its not like that, I love Chloe’s father but I never had an affection for your father… ”
I walked out on her,
Why would she tell me all these now?
Her words stopped me from moving farther from the kitchen door

“You will be leaving for Nanny Catharella’s place by next Thursday
I’m sorry Nicc… ”
I stepped out, hearing her will make me more angry

Hearing her will make my heart bleed the more, some parents are just selfish
Caring about their own feelings and not about others…


Chloe’s POV

I burned in utmost rage, so all these crap about getting married and pregnancy is why my dad kept me out of school for almost two hours now?

I dropped my phone really angered by every word my dad uttered
Does he have conscience at all? I bet he does cuz if he does he will know that he’s hurting me with all these he’s blabbing off

“Dad… Why? “I asked calmly betraying the pain in my voice
“Did you love my mom at all in the past? “I added and he smirked
“I loved her but not like that… I won’t lie to you
I never saw through her,the only thing I admired about her was her beauty, her curves and she was such a sexy woman ”
He paused staring at me as if he were in a trance
“You know Chloe, you’re still too young to understand about how man’s feelings goes”

I scoffed
“And that woman”I pointed to the door, gesturing to Nicc’s mom,”… you love her like you never loved my mom? ”
“Look, Chloe get this… People grow older everyday, likewise people grow everyday
That’s how feelings are, it changes everyday, it doesn’t stay same… ”

“Stop me all these crap of a lecture and answer me!! “I half yelled getting bored of his tales
Is he trying to convince me that he’s flying next week leaving me alone with that jerk isn’t it!?

“Chloe, this is my life and I live it the way I want so don’t butt in or try to lecture me about it ”
“Is that how you teach your son? “I snapped at him finding his words hurtful

He sighed
“He’s carrying my baby, your sibling!! “He pointed out
“No, not my sibling but your baby father! “I corrected
Do they care about their own feelings forgetting about how we felt about it?

I bit hard staring at him as he sat down looking at me really restless
“Go ahead, its your life afterall”I heaved out walking out on him but he stopped me in my tracks
“Your mom wants to see you, make out time to go see her before she moves in to her husband’s house “he said and I scoffed

“I don’t care anymore! About you or her for all I care!!!!”
Parents are so annoying!! They’re so fuvking annoying
I ran into my room, I guessed Nicc had already left for school cuz I didn’t meet him in my room

I slumped into the bed sighing in utmost frustration
My family is a huge mess, Bella’s smile popped into my head as I closed my eyes briefly which made me smile a little before her faint image dissapeared

I wonder how she is now, I miss her
I brought out my phone and read her last text over and over again smiling
I texted getting over excited by just thinking of her

She didn’t reply so I rushed to the bathroom to take a bath
After that, I scrubbed my skin with my towel before dumping it and applying my body lotion and wore my school uniform

Soon, I was set to leave for school, I combed my hair vigorously before taking my backpack and then my phone
I took my time wearing my shoes and tying my shoe laces

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I sighed getting out of my room,
Few minutes later, the bus dropped me in front of the school gate
Zayn ran to me panting immediately my feet stepped into the school
“Chloe”he called gasping for breath
I smirked

“I’m not going anywhere with you”I cut out whatever might be in his mind
He loves parties alot and I think he came here to tell me about one
“Cut that out Chloe! Your girlfriend is in trouble”

All the hairs on my body stood at the mention of GIRLFRIEND and my heart pounded harder
I grew nervous and anxious

“What happened? “I asked holding onto the collar of his shirt as if he were my problem now

He sighed
“I don’t know how it happened… But they said she stole”
My eyes almost jumped out, I didn’t hesitate flying my legs to the class…

Bella’s POV

“Miss Hailey I didn’t do it”I repeated to her as I sat down in her office
How did it happen?
She eyed me keenly pacing about her office

“Did you check your backpack last night? “She asked and my mind set to work just right there
I didn’t, I was too angry yesterday to even do anything

“I didn’t ”
I replied and she came over to my side
“You didn’t, every hint points out that you stole it Bella”she told me sincerely and that’s the truth

How can I deny when it was found in my bag? How can I deny it when I didn’t even check my bag or… Whatever!
“But I didn’t do this”I mumbled inaudibly and she gave up asking me questions

“I will investigate this “she resigned sending me out of her office
My legs grew heavy when I neared our classroom
I felt like I should stop living maybe I should die off quickly

“Are you okay? “Stacey ran to me before Pamela and then Min Soo
It was then I broke down into real tears leaving on Stacey’s shoulder
“Stop crying okay? I know you didn’t do it”she consoled me but I cried harder

More of my friends clustered around me
I cried the more until someone started pulling me away from them
I looked up to see that it was Chloe, my heart jumped in excitement

“Chloe! “I called sobering up again and tearing up the more
He dragged me away making me run with him, he cornered, taking another turn around the school building runnibg until he pushed me to the school wall
He closed in at me pinning my two hands to the wall

His gaze peered into my eyes
I made to tell him what happened to me but he cut me out
“Don’t say a word, I believe you”


Who else noticed that some parents care about their own feelings more than that of their kids??