Bad boy’s crush episode 42

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💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


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Next day,

Bella’s POV

The school bus pulled up infront of the school gate and the whole student filed out including me
I sighed trudging my way into the school

My friends who were standing far away from me waved at me and I waved back feigning a smile which I didn’t mean at all
When they went out of my sight, my moody face crept back in as I trudged along the highway

I went to my seat and sat down uneasily resting my head ontop of my desk
Nothing made sense at all, why? I feel like I did something wrong and I can’t pin point what I actually did

Soon, class commenced and Chloe wasn’t yet in school, I wonder why he’s not in school yet
I tried texting him then I recalled that I deleted his number from my phone yesterday

I sighed heavily half concentrating on what the Biology teacher was talking about
“So here…. Is a drawing of a reptile… ”
My mind trailed off again peeping over at his seat wishing he might come in like a wind but there was no sign of him

The biology teacher left the class after giving an assignment still, he was yet not in class
Is he ignoring me or what? I stood up from my chair moving out of the class to go and look for him and my heart almost fell out at what I saw

He was with a girl in the field afar off, they were playing basket ball on their own and laughing at each other’s weak performance
My limbs went dumb and my mind couldn’t think

He has a new girlfriend! Is that why he had to be so mean to me like that?
Damn! Am so foolish!! Really a fool!
I grinned badly
“What did I tell you about play guys Bella? “Nicc’s asked from behind me

He smirked standing beside me
“He had dumped you for another just too soon”he mocked
A lump started growing rapidly in my throat
“Look! How happy he is without you”he added almost bringing tears to my eyes

“Stop that Nicc”I warned coldly
“Why would I? I warned you… ”
“Take me away from here Nicc”
“Where? ”
“Far from school, I don’t want to see him”
I pointed out hating the sight of him with that girl whom he’s playing with

He held my hand and ran off with me
Tears poured out of my eyes as we ran, I don’t know why am crying but I just felt that way
I looked back and my gaze collided with his and we both started staring at each other

I looked away immediately staring to my front and then to Nicc who was staring back at me with smiles written all over his face….

Chloe’s POV

The ball fell off my hands when I saw her with Nicc, they were running going somewhere which I don’t care to know
I couldn’t look away until I was sure they were out of my sight, I sighed turning to Marie Zayn’s new girlfriend who said she was an expert in basket ball just like me

“Let’s go into the basket ball pitch and try out our skill properly “she suggested but I shook my head
“Nope! Its still reading and teaching hours Marie and I don’t want Zayn to catch me with you”

She giggled before I threw the ball to her
She caught it with her right palm tossing the ball to the floor
“Can you do this one correctly? ”
She asked still tossing the ball and making counts with it

I smiled weakly as my eyes wandered out to somewhere afar off as if Bella was there
“I can do it too”I replied struggling to get the ball into my grasp but she ran away with it making me run after her

“No no Chloe, you’re going beyond the boundary with my girlfriend “Zayn came in at us

I smirked
“Really? I’m sorry then, she’s such a character ”
She giggled going over to Zayn’s side as he grabbed her by her waist
“Where’s Bella? “He questioned me and I shrugged

“She’s okay “I replied with a tinge of pain in my voice
“You guys fighting? “He asked before breaking into a hearty laughter
He’s always like that, laughing at little things

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“We are not fighting”I defended myself biting my lower lips but he wouldn’t listen
He sat down on the ground pulling Marie down to sit with him leaving only me standing

“I’m serious Zayn ”
“Okay I understand ”
Few seconds of silence,
“Don’t you have parties to attend today? “I asked
“Yup! Why asking? ”
“I want to go to a party, its been long, I went to one”

He looked at me with a surprised look on his face
“Chloe! You want to go to a party!? “He exchanged glances with his girlfriend before bursting into another pang of laughter

“What’s wrong this time Zayn? Why are you laughing again? ”
“Do you know how much I’ve been pleading with you to go to a party with me? ”
I scoffed at his silly questions

“I wasn’t in the mood back then”
“And all of a sudden, you want to attend one, are you sure you guys didn’t break up? ”
“Does he have a girlfriend? “Marie chipped in
“Yes, a princess to Chloe but a scaredy… “He stopped talking when he saw the glares I was giving him

“Scaredy what? Huh!! Don’t even try to say that Zayn!”I warned and he giggled
“Now it sounds like you guys didn’t fight at all… ”
“Are you taking me to a party or not? “I interrupted him

He sighed before nodding his head
“Sure, i will have to drop Marie off in her school first ”
I heaved, I really need that to cool off my head for a little bit

I stared at a blank space infront of me wondering why they aren’t back yet… Maybe Nicc was right
If I left her for a day, she will come running back to him again

I heard Zayn pat my back slightly
“Don’t let that girl go Chloe, else you won’t be sane again “he advised patting my shoulder before he left with his girlfriend…..

🎶looking back
all the memories of

🎶the dance we shared
beneath the stars above

🎶and for a moment…
all the world has arrived

🎶How could I have known that you will never say good bye!

Nicc’s POV

She kept laughing and laughing at herself when we stopped at the river bank watching the cool breeze of the river
“What’s so amusing? “I asked her and she kept on laughing until I noticed the strain of tears in her eyes

She hugged me sobbing, I patted her back not finding anything else reasonable that I could say to her
“What’s wrong? ”
“I can’t hate him Nicc”she mumbled amidst sobs and hiccups

“Who? “I got apprehensive on whom the guy might be
Of course, I knew they broke up and I had been glad about it cuz it was my ample chance of winning her again to my side

“Chloe is so angry with me, he loves me so much Nicc”
“I love you much more “I snapped
She shook her head after she moved away from me
“No his love for me is different ”
“Its not! “I almost yelled out forgetting that I was here to play the consoler to her

“Don’t tell me you have a hand in his cold hostility towards me? ”
“You saw him with your very eyes in the arms of another girl! ”
“Chloe isn’t like that”
“You’re defending him Bella? How about me? Did you think of how I will feel when you act this way? What about back then when we were young”

She kept mute for a while blowing her nose
“I am not talking about you Nicc, you are my childhood friend while he’s my boyfriend… Why are we even arguing about this? ”

“Cuz I love you so much Bella, give me a chance let’s date ”
“I won’t date you Nicc if that’s why you took Chloe away from me ”
“I didn’t do anything to him! ”
“I never said you did! ”

We fell silent ruminating on each other’s heavy words
I sighed
How did she change so much? Why is acting so different from the Bella I used to know?

“Bella, tell me now
Do you love Chloe or me? Choose? ”
She stared at me dumbstruck for a while
“Why are you guys asking me this stupid question!!! “She half yelled bursting into rage which I’ve never seen her wear for me

“Why? Huh?!! “She yelled
“I want to know! I’m leaving for Chicago this Thursday anyways but I want to know if you love me”
She went calm
“Going to Chicago, why? What for? ”

She began to show concern turning soft towards me again until her phone began to ring…
Who’s number is this?
📲Its me Zayn

📲What for?
📲Chloe is so dead drunk right now and I can’t take him…

In a swift, she dissappeared out of my sight like a wind or rather a ghost with only her scent lingering on infront of me….