Bad boy’s crush episode 43

. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(I won’t let you go 😭💔💘)

Bella’s POV

Why did I feel different when I was arguing with Nicc?
I betrayed no emotions at all around him but I felt pity for him, only pity
What do I feel for Chloe then? Will I choose Chloe at last?

Do I feel love for Chloe? Why is it confusing me so much?
I wanted to say sorry to Nicc when a call pulled into my phone
It was an unknown number, I stared at Nicc for a while before picking up

Who’s number is this?
📲Its me Zayn

📲What for?
📲Chloe is so dead drunk right now and I can’t take him…
My legs stiffened immediately as I began to run with my phone still fixed to my ear

📲What happened? Why did he drink?
📲I went to a party with him… Just come and get him please, he’s embarrassing me
📲Why? Take him home yourself he’s your friend!
I pointed out still running
📲I know but I’m just a friend, you’re his girlfriend Bella

I sighed taking a break from the run so I can catch my breath
📲What’s the address?
📲I’m gonna text you the address right away
He hung up and I sighed heavily

Why would he drink? When did he even leave school? I checked the time and it was little bit quatre past six in the evening and a young guy is drinking by this time of the day!!

I bit my lower lips getting so fuvking worried cuz its almost five minutes now and he hasn’t texted the address for me
Why am I so worried?… Cuz my boyfriend is drunk and can’t go home on his own

Suitable answer for myself, I walked slowly checking my phone at intervals just incase the message crept in without the usual beep my phone sounds whenever a message pops into my phone

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No message at all! What’s wrong with Zayn? What’s so hard about an address?
I hissed cursing him under my breath when he suddenly paged me again
📲The address?
📲I took him home myself but he’s alone and messing up the whole house
📲What of his dad and step mom?
📲Like you heard me say earlier, he’s alone!

Why is he harsh to me? I gulped hard
📲Stay with him then
I suggested since he said Chloe was messing up the whole house but he hissed from the other end

📲I don’t know what’s wrong with the both of you guys but… Suit yourself Bella
You’re so lucky my friend likes you alot, I wonder how and why he should like a person like you

A tinge of pain mixed with guilt crept into me immediately
Yeah! Why does Chloe likes me so much even though that I don’t like him? An answer for another day

Why is he so angry with me? Cuz I didn’t say I love him?
But I clearly don’t love him neither do I feel like I love Nicc anymore… I’m just so confused about how I feel

He called my name
I replied preparing for another insult from him

📲Chloe needs you more than anything else right now
📲He’s ignoring me! He said am buggy and he needs a break from me!!
I yelled out, Ofcuz that’s my own grudge for Chloe

Tears came to my eyes again
📲Take it slow, now tell me the truth do you love him?
📲Why is everyone asking me this?
📲Cuz its a question you must answer and stop causing him heartache! Do you know how emotionally he’s suffering right now?!

I kept mute, maybe I don’t want to argue with anyone about my own relationship secondly, he’s Chloe’s friend and will clearly defend his actions
📲He keeps calling your name,do you know one thing Bella
You took his smile away, he doesn’t smile anymore like he used to

I felt touched by those words but who cared! I tried all I could to fix whatever the problem was but he won’t open up to me
I replied in a tensed voice, I wonder if he’s now my relationship counsellor

📲I know you might be angry with me for being buggy or rather poking into you guys relationship but…
Do you know or has it ever occurred to you that Chloe’s attitude towards social life take another path since he met you?

He scored another point which filled my heart and mind again with guilt
📲Chloe likes you and when I mean that HE LIKES YOU, I mean that he has a really big crush on you! He had a crush on you Bella if you don’t know it!!

I don’t want to hear anymore, I hung up almost immediately rushing away to meet Chloe
Why am I just knowing of it? He had a crush on me??!!
I remembered the day he followed me about :

*Why are you following me? *

*I should be asking you that too… why are you following me? *

*Hmmmm…. *

So he had a crush on me first before coming up to me? I recalled the garage incident,piggy ride, the party and almost everything that happened between us

I was numb, just running and merely focusing till I reached his house
I panted heavily opening the door and then walked in to see him lying carelessly on the couch

Oh my… I went closer to him so I can lie him properly on the couch but he opened his eyes weakly staring at me
“Bella… “He called softly before laughing out loudly that his voice almost flew out of the building

The next three minutes he was still laughing until he suddenly stopped and began to snore
I sighed badly, i made to touch him again but he fluttered his eyes open frowning at me

“Don’t touch me”he warned beating my hands off him as he got up staggering upstairs to his room
I followed him closely behind until he landed on his bed in a thud
I cleared my throat sitting down on a side stool which was beside his bed

I began to watch him, he closed his drunken eyes before opening them again fighting with sleep, he clearly didn’t want to sleep but his state won’t allow that else he will not get better

He took a glance at me before smiling
“Is that really you Bella? “He asked pointing one of his fingers at me and I nodded
“Ohhhhhh”he mouthed before he frowned again yawning loudly

“I don’t want to sleep”he mumbled fighting with his eyes so he will not sleep but that attitude he was displaying made me giggle
He looked at me
“Why are you here? Go to Nicc, you love him”

“I’m with my boyfriend here Chloe”
“You don’t clearly know your boyfriend… Where’s your boyfriend around here? Does he live here? Sleep here? ”
“He’s lying on the bed now asking me stupid questions”

He scoffed ruffling his short blonde hair
His head dangled as he sat up from the bed
“Why arent you nagging at him for drinking? ”
“So you know you’re drunk? ”

“Why won’t I know? I wanted to feel good, I’m so heartbroken “he sobered his face creasing up again in a slight frown
“Why did you drink so much? Huh? I’m angry! So angry at you now huh! Next time you drink like this….. “He pulled me into the bed with his hands wrapping around me and his head lying on my back

I couldn’t speak again
“Don’t go Bella”he mumbled.. Who told him I will leave, he’s just the one pushing me away
“I’m sorry Chloe, if I ever hurt you ”
He turned me over making my head lie on his chest as he wrapped me with his arms as if I was a baby

He combed my hair with his long fingers as if he wanted to lure me to sleep but I was a little bit scared and nervous of being these close to him
He kissed my hair sighing heavily

“You’re so warm Bella”he muttered after some minutes of silence
I smiled closing my eyes for a bit before opening them again trying to be sure if he was really drunk or just faking it cuz he doesn’t behave like a drunk person

“Bella… I don’t care if you love me or not anymore
Love me when you want to okay? ” he asked raising my jaw up so I could look at his face
I nodded my head still nervous about what he was upto

He glared at me as if he wanted to strip me off my clothes at any minute from now and my nervousness grew the more until he stopped glaring hugging me tighter to himself

He patted my back before covering us up with his duvet
“Don’t leave Bella, even if I fall asleep”he pleaded when he couldn’t fight with sleep anymore
It seemed sleep is overpowering him already

I nodded my head
“I won’t leave, I will watch you while you sleep”I promised watching his eyes close slowly and giving in to the power of sleep
His lips parted a bit before he started dozing

My whole being seemed different, I’ve never seen his sleeping face, he looks so damn handsome.. Like he’s a demi-god
I touched his long straight nose drawing invisible line on it with my first finger

I chuckled and just then he opened his eyes again
“What’s amusing? “He asked me touching my hair and caressing it carefully
“You’re handsome”I admired and his face heat up at my compliment

He smiled unend closing and opening his eyes at intervals
“I won’t let you go again even if you love me or not “he said stroking my hair gently before he slept off again

I watched him sleep wishing he would open his beautiful eyes again but he didn’t, he was really asleep now
I got up half way on the bed and dressed the pillow properly beneath his head before lying his head properly on it

It was then I felt his body temperature, it was heating up and so hot
I shook him slowly getting scared, why is his body so hot?
“Chloe”I called his name softly and he hummed painfully before muttering
“Bella… ”

I became extra worried and more scared as I uncovered the duvet covering him so he could get enough air
“Bella… I’m sick… “he muttered….

Who said they won’t make up? 😍😍😍😍

They’re so cute