Bad Boy's Crush

Bad boy’s crush episode 44 – 45


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(Caring girlfriend 😍💋😋)

Bella’s POV

🎶Another day, without your smile
Another day just passes by

🎶But now I know how much it means for you stay right here with me,

🎶The time we spent apart will make our love go stronger but it hurts so bad that I can’t take it any longer

🎶I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms

🎶I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes

🎶I wanna be there for you sharing in everything you do…

“Chloe you’re burning! “I screamed rushing into his bathroom
I grabbed a bowl from his sink and then grabbed a face towel, I placed the bowl in the sink bowl pressing the tap so that water will rush into it

I turned off the tap when the water was almost reaching up to the half of the bowl
I carried the bowl carefully with the face towel rushing back into his room
I placed the bowl on the stool which I sat on earlier feeling his forehead once again

It was hotter than when I left him, I gasped in fear soaking the towel into the cold water and squeezing it a little with my palms before I placed it on his forehead for some seconds before I removed it soaking it again into the water and squeezing placing it on his forehead

I continued the act for more than forty minutes before I checked his temperature again
It was still high… I sighed changing my act of placing the towel on his forehead

I began to rub the cold towel all over his face and neck as he whimpered cux of how cold the water was
I checked his temperature again but it had gone a little bit down

I fetched a new clean water continuing the process… Soak, squeeze, place it on his forehead before rubbing his face, neck, hands and fingers and then I will go round the cycle again feeling his forehead at intervals and then his pulse

He opened his eyes weakly smiling at me
“Go home, they will soon look for you, I will be fine ”
I shooked my head tearing up, it felt like anything especially death might snatch him away from me if I ever turned my back on him to leave

“Until you get better huh? “I dressed his ruffled hair carefully
“I’m sorry”I apologized rubbing his forehead again with the wet cold towel but he held my palm in the air when it was few inches closer to his face

“Why? ”
“Cuz you’re sick, get better Chloe so that we go on a date to the island okay? ”
He nodded his head like a baby while I pecked his forehead
My brother paged me almost immediately Chloe closed his eyes again

📲What’s wrong? Aren’t you coming home today?
📲I’m sorry, put in some lies for me okay?
📲why? Where are you, everyone is worried

📲I’m at Chloe’s house
He shouted
📲By this time? Doing what? Let it not be what am thinking Bella
He nagged

📲Its not, he’s sick and no one is here to stay with him except me
📲Really? So you’re planning on sleeping over?
📲I think so
I replied scratching my neck

📲This is not good at all, Mark and his mother just arrived and they want to see you…
📲Mark!! You mean mark?
I exclaimed getting super excited all of a sudden, finally they’re home!!

📲Yes! dont you think you should come? Don’t you wanna see him?
I heaved stealing a glance to where Chloe lay silent on the bed
📲No Brad, I will see him tomorrow, put in a good lie for me okay?

📲This is bad and you know it, I don’t like it one bit that you’re there with him
I wonder what he’s thinking in his head now
📲Brad puulleeeaaase
I hung up taking my gaze to Chloe again

He was fast asleep, I sighed getting up to go look for drugs somewhere around… Or maybe in his wardrobe locker or somewhere around tho
I got up checking his lockers and wardrobe
I didn’t see anything which meant no drug was in here

I sighed again sitting beside him by the bedside, I played with his hair wondering if I should leave him all by himself to go get some drug from the drug store or just stay back and watch him get better

Maybe I should go get some drugs for him, I kissed his forehead twice before proceeding to leave but he caught my hand sitting me down again by his side
“Where are you going? “He muttered weakly

“To get some drugs for you”
He scoffed
“I hate drugs so much ”
“You won’t get better then, you’re sick ”
“I will be fine ”
I sighed watching his face closely as he struggled to breathe out

“Chloe… ”
“Don’t go anywhere, just stay by my side “he interrupted lying his head on my laps and smiling weakly
“Your laps is so soft ”
I smirked rubbing his forehead with the cold towel repeating the treatment over and over again till he pushed my hands away slightly asking me to stop that

“You won’t get any better tommorow if you continue being stubborn ”
“I’m fine whenever you’re by my side so don’t go”he snapped tossing his head to and fro on my laps

“You’re too stubborn ”
“That’s because I love you Bella”
I smiled allowing him have his way with what he wanted
He closed his eyes again and I watched him carefully

Niccole’s POV

I closed the door behind me carefully so I won’t alert their attention to myself
I gasped for breath, ever since I knew Bella, she had never cared about someone the way she’s caring about Chloe right now

I had been standing here for a long time almost that time that Bella left me running to Chloe, that’s when I came
I even heard her answer that call with someone I think and guessed it would be Brad and to my wildest surprise, she said she won’t leave for home

She loves Chloe even if she doesn’t say it, its in her eyes, her actions and face too
She had never been this way to me and here she’s acting out all these for Chloe alone

I hate myself so much! Why did I push her away? Why did I let her go? Why did I lose her to some one like him? He’s lucky I must say to have a moon by his side

A moon which will shine in his life even in his darkest days, those beautiful and soft rays which will shine on carefully with comfort and love
I always felt that way since when we’re small until puberty crept into our lives

I smiled rushing out of the house with a heavy heart, truly I don’t belong here and I won’t wait till Thursday before I vacate this whole place for the both of them

Twelve years ago,

“Nicc! “She called my name giggling and pointing at her new permed hair with red ribbon fixed to one side of her hair
I smiled at her as she turned around to show me how her back looked like

“Whoa! You look beautiful “I admired and she smiled even the more and not long after that I was affected by her smile as I spread out my lips to do same….


I will miss her smile towards me forever now, she never smiled genuinely to me since last four months ago, when she professed her love to me

Why didn’t I accept her back then?
For the first time since I knew Bella, I began to sob for everything I did to her, all the hatred, stupid thought and shyness I felt around her began to hurt me

She did nothing to me yet, I loathed her a lot calling her the scariest nerd I’ve ever seen!
Damn! I’m the real fool here!!!

🎶I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

🎶She shares my dreams and hopes that someday I will share her ownnn

🎶I found love…to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love
To carry children of our ownnnn…
Bad boy’s crush episode 41

Next day,

Chloe’s POV

I woke up with a slight headache yawning and then sitting up on the bed
I looked around me looking for a precious being which promised me yesterday that she will sleep next to me and I found her like she said lying next to me really so deep in sleep

I watched her face, her lashes which gummed her eyes together giving her eyes a perfect sexy look
Then her nose which stood up straight… I will never stop lamenting on why God could make a girl so perfect

Some strands of her hair which came to her front as if they were guards against her face thrilled me the more
I touched her forehead softly smirking badly

I can’t believe she slept next to me yesterday, that’s why I felt warm all night
I giggled unintentionally waking her up from sleep
She sat up rubbing those beautiful eyes of hers with her hands

“What’s wrong? “She asked me and I smiled at her
She grabbed my head feeling my head all over with the back of her palm
“Are you okay now? ”
“I’m not sick again “I replied but she didn’t seem satisfied with my answer

She felt my pulse and then hers as if she was comparing the two pulses to know if I was okay
She sighed before smiling
“You’re really okay… Ahhh! Chloe!! Do you know how worried I was yesterday? Don’t get sick whenever I’m not there okay? I wonder what would’ve happened if I’m not here… Jeez!
Don’t ever get sick without my permission okay? ”

I nodded at every of her word smirking and really happy, she was worried about me
I grabbed her face squeezing her cheeks in my palms giving her a face new shape which looked so cute on her

“Stop it Chloe”she struggled with words trying to get out of my hold
“I won’t, have anyone ever told you that you’re such a caring girlfriend? ”

She shook her head, I smiled kissing her quickly on her lips
“Whoa! Your morning lips is so sweet! “I exclaimed getting into another round of kiss with her and it lasted for a while before I broke off my lips from hers still holding her face

“I love you Bella….I love you Bella
Bella I love you so so so so so so so so much Bella I love you”

“How many times will you tell me that? ”
“I will tell you that everytime Bella cuz that’s how I feel about you”….


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(Her cousin👨😊🚶)

Writer’s POV

Bella left for home when it was 07:31 by the time
Chloe saw her off but by the time he came back, his parents were back home already

He didn’t mind them, he just proceeded into his room to go and prepare for school… Nicc was no where to be found around the house

Bella on the other hand, she stepped into her house and the frowned face of her dad greeted her

“Where have you been?!! “His angry voice yelled at her which made her shiver
“Good morning dad”she greeted trembling but his dad didn’t want to hear that
“That’s not my question!! Bella? ”

“Let her be honey, she’s no baby and she knows what she wants at her age”her mom came to her rescue
“That doesn’t mean she have to sleep outside when she’s still under my roof! “He snapped

“But Brad said she had stuffs to do at the library and she couldn’t come home yesterday “she reminded him but he wasn’t satisfied by that answer

“You expect me to believe that don’t you? Huh!! Let me keep on hoping that you don’t have a boyfriend else I will skin you alive!! “He barked rolling his eyes at her before he left for his room…

Bella’s POV

I breathed out, I had never seen my dad be this angry with me
Damn! I panted for an unimaginary breath before taking a glance at my mom
“I’m sorry mom”I apologized and she nodded

“I understand but don’t do that again”
“Libraries are… “I tried to add up to the lies Brad put in for me but she interrupted me
“I know you slept at Chloe’s house Bella, don’t do that ever again its dangerous ”

Sheesh! How did she know that?
“I’m sorry”I apologized again
“Your dad was so angry,don’t make Brad lie like that again to us okay? ”
I nodded my head before she spread out her arms so I could hug her

I hugged her and she patted my back
“Its okay huh,”we disengaged from the hug and she gave me a peck on my forehead
“Hope he didn’t touch you? “She asked ironically teasing me with her eyes

“Mom stop that! Why will you of all people think that
He’s just sick and his parents weren’t there to stay with him”I explained and she nodded still looking at me

“Why… ”
“Oh C’mon mom where’s Mark and his mom? I’m dying to see them “I changed the topic getting over excited again when I remembered Mark

She sighed
“Mark is in your room upstairs… ”
“Really! “I yelled looking to the direction of my room just incase I might see him
“Yeah but his mom didn’t sleep over, she’s at a hotel now”

I frowned
“Why won’t she sleep over? Our house is enough for us all”I pouted
“My sister is always like that, she hates being an inconvenience to anyone ”
“But she’s not being an inconvenience mom, a few days won’t hurt”

“I wish she understands it that way… Here don’t spoil your face with sad looks this morning go upstairs and see Mark
He was dying so much to see you yesterday “she hurried me off by pushing me slightly on my back to urge me forward and I did by flying the stairs to my room

I took in a deep breath before opening the door of my room to behold a figure backing me as he was standing by my window and looking out
My nervousness, shy and embarassing attitude crept back into me

I took my steps lightly coming properly into the room as I banged the door softly behind me
That’s when he turned his head to look at who came in and I gasped when I saw his grown up face

My jaw dropped running my eyes over from his head to his toe
He’s super tall! He can be taller than Chloe if they both are measured
He’s hair is African but his skin is paler and lighter like our white skin

He’s cute too with his lips naturally painted black on his upper lips while his lower lip was pinkish
This isn’t Mark I used to know, he’s so changed
“You’re Little Bella? “His husky voice spoke out before he gave a little laugh advancing towards me

He stood infront of me and damn! I felt like I was short infront of him
“You’ve grown to be so beautiful “he admired staring at my face “but not tall enough”he chuckled

Damn!mehn! Girls are gonna trip for this new handsome in town
Nicc isn’t as handsome as he is but Chloe is much more cuter than he can be
“Say something Bella”he said nudging me on the shoulder lightly before he spread his arms so I could hug him

I filled his body with mine as he wrapped his large arms around my back
Few seconds later, we stopped hugging just stares and stares… I couldn’t even speak

How did he grow so big! He’s too big to be his age! If I should guess
“Where were you last night? I came and I didn’t see you… Your little bro said you are at the library ”

“Uhm.. Yeah.. “I spoke for the first time
He smirked displaying the two deep dimples on each side of his cheeks
He never had that before if I can still picture him by that time I was five

“You know that’s a lie right? Brad is such a cheap liar and that’s why your dad caught you easily ”
He’s still the intelligent guy I used to know, he didn’t change around there at all

“Didn’t you get anything for me? “I tried changing the topic which was already making me feel embarrassed
He nodded widening his dark eyes and nodding his head before he got up reaching for my closet

“Of course I got you something so nice and special, remember what you asked me to get for you when we left? “He asked and I shook my head
My memory from my five years isn’t all that current anymore

He sighed winking at me
“Well, ta-da!!! “He waved a big gigantic teddy bear to my face
I was shocked and surprised at the same time
Ofcuz, that’s what I asked him to get for me back then
I smiled heartily at him before jumping into his skin

“Thanks so much Mark! “I said still hugging him
Later, I collected the teddy bear from him, it was almost my height so I kept it beside my bed sighing stealing glances at him
“You know Bella, you’re so grown and beautiful “he admired again and I blushed

“I can hardly recognize you too Mark”
“I can recognize you anywhere Bella cuz you still have that puzzled shy look on your face when you see new people
You haven’t changed around there ”

I perked up my brow, I never knew he knew something like that about me
“Well, that’s good you recognized me
Welcome to America once again, how’s Africa? ”

“You should be preparing for school already”he snapped winking at me
“I’m not going to school today, I want to spend the whole day with you”
He sighed giving me a teasing glare
“Thanks to your dad, he is around”he said with a lot of sarcasm in his voice

I giggled
“My dad won’t do anything ”
”How about your boyfriend? He might be dying to see you already”he teased winking at me
I was taken aback by that words of his, I felt slightly embarrassed and shy… How did he know that I have a boyfriend?

“How… ”
“Brad told me everything yesterday even about Nicc my friend
About everything he did to you ”

I began to boil in anger immediately he told me it was Brad who had been the news broadcaster to him!
I will skin him alive when I meet him

“Don’t touch him, he was so worried about you yesterday thinking maybe Chloe… That’s his name right? ”
He really did tell him everything!!! I will kill him when I set my eyes on him

I clenched my fist listening keenly at him
“Chloe right? He was worried maybe he was touching you”he began to laugh displaying his perfect dentition

This isn’t funny at all, I don’t like this new Mark at all, he’s worst than witty Brad
“I’m going to school already”I said to him
It was a bad idea trying to stay with him

“Why? You miss him already? Tell me, did he touch you? ”
“Are you such a talkative? When did you begin to talk too much? “I snapped trying to sound as friendly as possible

He didn’t get angry, he laughed the more and each time he stared at my face, it seemed to be amusing him the more
To cap it all, Brad came into my room

“Hey sis, I covered up for you”he chipped in munching sausage roll which he was holding in his hand
I turned to him fuming angrily
“What did you tell Mark?”

He shrugged looking at Mark and not long after the exchange of stares
They roared in laughter

“What’s wrong?? “I asked almost crying
“Your hair looks ruffled”
They chorused together before beginning their laughs again..


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