Bad Boy's Crush

Bad boy’s crush episode 46

. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(Are you a virgin🔴🙈😔)

Nicole’s POV

I yawned sitting up from the bed at same time Billy walked into his room
“Hey! I’m already dressed up for school aren’t you going to go home still, your mom called “he said and I hissed

“I don’t want to go home “I grumbled and he scoffed
“Why? What’s wrong? “He asked me
“Are you pushing me away from your home? ”
“You stay here frequently nowadays “he observed

“Can’t I stay in your house anymore? ”
“Something is up, stop lying “he hit me slightly on my shoulder
“Psst! What made you think that? ”
“Cuz you cry almost everytime calling that scary nerd’s name all the time “he said with a chuckle and laying much emphasis on SCARY NERD

I gave him one of my cold stares
“What’s that supposed to mean? “I asked frowning at him
“Isn’t she scary? You said that all the time that she’s scary isn’t she? ”
I climbed out of the bed going over to his side

“Stop that, she’s no nerd okay? ”
He stared at me wide eyed
“Don’t tell me you love that scary….. ”
“I said stop it!! “I half yelled at him getting pissed off
“Are you okay? “He asked me with a mean face, I haven’t given him such a shout since we became friends

“Billy, just… “I began to tidy up my self so I could leave, getting into an arguement this morning isn’t what I wanted
“I’m going home afterall, I have tests today “I lied
He scoffed
“What’s wrong with you? You shouted at me cuz of that girl? “He asked in a belittled voice on the word THAT GIRL

“Billy she’s my childhood friend so please stop! ”
He scoffed the more
“Why do I feel like you love her? Don’t lie to me cuz you cried so hard yesterday ”

I kept mute looking for ways to escape from his looming trap to get words out of my throat
“Don’t tell me you broke up with Sandra cuz of that… ”
“Oh puleeeaaaseee she’s no thing Billy? At least she’s more valuable than you who stopped growing “I insulted

“What did you just call me? ”
“I didn’t say anything Billy and we don’t have to fight okay? “I patted his shoulder
” I will see you later after school bye”I gave him a reassuring smile before getting out of his room and then took the stairs down walking into the living room

His mom was busy dressing the dining room for breakfast,she looked up at me
“Aren’t you eating breakfast with us? “She asked frowning that I wasn’t eating over at her house while I promised her that I will eat today at her house

“Uhm.. My mom wants me now “I lied and she hissed
“That’s what you said yesterday, anyways tomorrow when you come don’t fail to eat over okay? ”
“Yes ma’am”
“Yeah boy, bye! Holla at your mom”I nodded hopping out of the house…

I bumped into Chloe on the way while we both were climbing the stairs, he was coming down while I was going up so we collided with each other

“Can I pass? “He asked nicely but his face irritated me, the way I saw Bella taking care of him yesterday was still hurting me each time I recall it
“Why you step-bro? ”

He grinned taking two more steps of the stairs with an angry look on his face
“Don’t call me your step-bro, I’m not! ”
“Hmmm… Really? Well, we’re both expecting a little kiddie soon”

“That’s not my business! ”
He snapped
“Tch! Well, you got Bella right? I saw her yesterday in your room hope you didn’t touch her? ”
He began to laugh at my question, he stopped all of a sudden with his face turning mean
“What if I touched her? Isn’t she my girlfriend? “A sheepish smirk was dancing at the corner of his lips

I boiled in anger, I began to form scenes in my head on the way he did touch her and my adrenaline boiled to the highest point almost immediately
“Really? ”
I need an idea which might keep him off balance and restless just like he made me just now

“She was sweet right? “I gave a slight chuckle
“Nothing is new in her anyway, I took her virginity when she was fifteen “I added and I saw his expression on his face turn pale

I loved that look on his face, I patted his shoulder
“Eeeeew! Are you angry? Why? She didn’t know you back then “I gave a slight chuckle when he suddenly brushed past me coldly

I giggled behind him until he was out of sight and I breathed out heavily sitting down on one of the stairs thinking about how he touched her yesterday
Perhaps, she was even moaning for him didn’t she?

My heart bled….

Chloe’s POV

*Nothing is new in her anyway, I took her virginity when she was fifteen *
Rang in my head over and over again
He… He… Damn! I don’t want to think about it! I wasn’t there back then but why does it hurt me so much?

I dialed her number almost immediately I came out of our house
She didn’t pick up so I texted her
💬We need to talk
She replied…
💬I don’t think I can make it to school, what’s wrong? You sound urgent

I breathed hard so I won’t burst up any minute cuz what Nicc just said is killing me!
💬Come to school, I want to see you
💬You miss me?
I hesitated before replying

💬Then am coming right away, wait a few minutes and am in school
She saw it but didn’t reply, I tucked my phone into my pant pocket standing by the side of the road so I can catch a bus to school

Few minutes later, the bus pulled infront of our school and I climbed out
I walked into the class and my face greeted Audrey’s first
She came running to me
“Hey, have you seen the news about you and your family? “She asked pulling out her phone to show me something

I was keen to know what’s that all about
She unlocked her phone and went to CHROME app typed in a link and a news pulled infront of her phone screen


I trembled and then my gaze went round the class and they seem to be reading same thing and pointing at me with murmurs circulating round the class
🗣Aw aw aw

🗣Oh my!
🗣He’s such a mess, he’s dad is something

I realized why some students back at the gate where pointing at me
Nicc did this, he did this!!
“That’s not true! “I yelled running out of the class but it was worst

The students from other classes have already gathered around our door to look for the person with a weird home
🗣There he is
🗣If I were him, I’d kill myself

🗣He’s suffering so much
🗣Oh my! I’d rather die than watch my dad remarry talkless of my mom

They spat, murmured, laughed, pitied and sympathized with me, I’ve never been disgraced like this in school
“Enough!!!! “I yelled and everywhere went calm all of a sudden

“That’s not true ”
“But the news said otherwise “Sandra chipped in
“Its not true “I tried to sound convincing
“How? Isn’t it true that your dad… ”

“Have you told the class that you’re the one who set Bella up with your purse? “I silenced her by telling her her atrocity and everyone scowled at her, Ofcuz she shut her mouth up or rather dismissed herself from the little crowd formed infront of me

“Its not true”I repeated walking my way out of the crowd
Only Nicc can do this, what’s he after? Bella! Isn’t it? And he had already slept with her! What does he want with Bella again?

I sighed
I wish I had his number I would’ve called him but I didn’t have it
Soon, I spotted Bella running so hard to come and meet me at where I stood
I heaved a sigh of relief, one problem is half solved with her here with me

“Chloe I saw the news and I read it too”she reported when she stood infront of me, she held my face rubbing my cheeks with her fingers
“Its okay… I’m here with you now ”

She hugged me and I closed my eyes a bit enjoying the soft scent of her hair
She disengaged from the hug few minutes later
“Its fine okay? Every home has its own dirty secrets huh ”

“Bella… Can I ask you a question? ”
“Go on”
“Are you a virgin? ”
She was taken aback by my question
“What’s… Why? Why are you asking me that? “Her face flushed as she stuttered

I shouldn’t have asked her that so cheap… I felt but I have already done that
“I mean, have you ever slept with anyone? “I refrained and she blushed harder staring deeply into my eyes before she looked down to the floor

“Yes, I’m a virgin”she replied in a low voice
I wasn’t convinced about that especially when I remember how Nicc said it with confidence
“Are you sure? ”
“Ofcuz, I know myself ”

“Then let’s have s3x, I want to be sure if you’re saying the truth”
She looked up with her face turning angry immediately
“So you don’t believe me? ”
I realized my mistake, I tried explaining but she didn’t want to hear me out anymore, I only made it worse with my words

” That’s not it Bella”
“What its this all about then? I get it, you’re bad boy and… Damn! I’m cheap!!! ”

“You’re not cheap, I just wanted to… ”
“Wanted to what!! You know what Chloe, I think I’ve got headache just now please excuse me…. ”
She rolled her eyes at me before she walked out on me….


Problem again 😔😔😔

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