Bad boy’s crush episode 47


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(Am I right to be angry? 🙁😞😔)

Bella’s POV

Why does he derive joy in hurting me? Does it make him feel so good?
I rolled my eyes before walking out on him, my heart was heavy like I wanted burst if I don’t cry it off any moment from now

I began to run when I heard him call my name
“Bella!! “I ignored him rushing my way into the female restroom to wash my face
I pressed the tap and it began to rush out water which ran into the sink and then into the drain flushing the water away

I scooped in some water and then washed my face with it
*Then let’s have s3x, I want to be sure if you’re saying the truth*… His words kept repeating in my head disrupting my mind

What does he take me for? Is that how to love someone? Demanding s3x as if it were nothing
I clenched my fist boiling in utmost anger
Maybe I should go back to him and slap him for saying such words to me

What’s wrong with him!! Yesterday and this morning he was sweet and then now in school he began to say words like that
Ahhhhh!!!… Am losing my sanity!!

Now will everyone blame me? Will his friend say its my fault? Will everyone turn into relationship counsellor for me again? Something is wrong with Chloe’s head… He changes like a chameleon all the time!!

I washed my face non-stop as if that would erase all my thoughts about what he said to me
“Bella ” I heard Min Soo call me from behind my back
I turned my head towards her
“Are you okay? ”

I shook my head repeatedly falling into her arms for comfort
“Its okay “she patted my back
“Am hurting Min Soo”I mumbled weakly
“I’m sorry ”
“I’m really hurting “….
“Here”she offered me a cup of coffee while we sat down inside the cafeteria
“Thanks”I said collecting the cup of plastic coffee from her
“Yeah “she smiled at me while I took a sip from the hot coffee

“I have something to say Bella”
“Go on”
“Uhm… ”
“Min Soo, you have a boyfriend? “I interrupted her
“I really have something to say “she repeated really serious but I was damn more serious about what I wanted to say

I need to know if I did something wrong, if its right for being angry about what Chloe said, if its right to sleep with your boyfriend
What will happen if I don’t sleep with him?

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“What is it you want to tell me? ”
“Its about that purse in your bag…. “She knelt down infront of me getting me confused, I wasn’t talking of a purse here so why will I care about the past?

“I put it in your bag, Audrey and Sandra made me do it else they would bully me… “She began to sob with her face buried into my laps
I wanted to be angry but I had more things bothering my head now and I don’t want to add this one to it

“I’m sorry Bella, don’t stop being friends with me, I’m so sorry”she sobbed still
“Its okay, I forgive you”she raised her head from my laps looking at me surprised

“Are we still friends? ”
I nodded my head giving her a reassuring smile which made her hug me so passionately
“Thanks so much Bella, you’re so kind ”
We smiled at each other going back to sipping on our coffee

“Do you know how happy I am now? ”
I shook my head
“I didn’t mean to… ”
“Do you have a boyfriend? “I asked interrupting her, what she’s saying isn’t so important to me

“Yes I have ”
“Really? ”
She nodded her head giggling
“He loves me so much and I love him too”
“Do you guys fight? ”
“Yes but not so much cuz we can’t stay without each other ”

I nodded my head
“Is he demanding… I mean is he… “The words stuck in my throat, I don’t even know how am gonna ask her that
“Never mind”
She smirked
“You mean… S3x? ”

She understood afterall… I nodded my head
“Yes but its once”
My eyes widened and I coughed almost immediately
“How did you do that?… I mean… ”
“We fought some day and then for one whole week we couldn’t talk to each other but then I couldn’t take it anymore
I went to his house one cold night and… and it happened, it was one of my best night ever! ”

I kept staring at her, is Chloe right to have asked me to have s3x with him?
But, why didn’t he touch me yesterday at his house? Was he that sick? Is that why mom said its dangerous, why mark asked if he touched me?

Meaning that no girl can’t sleep in a guy’s house without getting touched unless that guy don’t really find you attractive
“Why did… Why did… I mean did he ask you? “I stuttered

She shook her head but then nodded afterwards
“Well he didn’t ask me directly but the way he stared at me told me he really wanted to have it out with me, you know relationships sometimes isn’t complete without s3x”

“… And that’s what is pissing me off, is he loving me or my body!!? “I blurted out angrily
Why is it so? Why s3x in every relationship? Its weird! So fuvking weird!!!

“You? Chloe asked you? ”
I tried to deny it but I opened up
“He did… I mean I feel cheap and too small for him”I grumbled and she patted my back gently
“Every guy is like that”
“And they will say they love you”I snapped really drawn to my self

“Yes… Its normal and that won’t make him think any less of you”
“And if I don’t have s3x with him? “I asked and she shrugged
“Well, some guys do go for break up, they think you’re finding them too boring in the relationship or don’t love them enough”

So… I’m gonna loose Chloe?! Oh no, but I can’t do this! Its just doesn’t make sense at all!!
“Tell me, won’t you ever sleep with him? ”

“Even if I have to, it must be natural and not him asking me of it ”
“Psst! Sometimes it doesn’t have to happen that way…when you’re in a relationship you must be prepared to sacrifice everything to make it stand up high ”

I felt bitter
“Don’t make your boyfriend leave you cuz of a clumsy mistake Bella “she added
Is she advising me?
“Look Bella, Frank is still with me upto now, we’ve been dating since I was sixteen to now which makes it three years!!
And he slept with me only once”she said further

“What are you saying? ”
“That many guys aren’t same… Look now, some guys are willing to wait while some won’t and my boyfriend and yours won’t wait
Chloe wants you, open up to him”

*Then let’s have s3x, I want to be sure if you’re saying the truth*…
Why do I still feel cheap about what he said? It just doesn’t seem right and Min Soo is viewing her own point on the angle she saw it

Am I right to be angry with him or is he right to have asked me for it?
Ahhhhh!!! My head is just too hot!!

Niccole’s POV

I spotted Chloe running furiously to meet me and I gave a slight smirk, it was because of the news I released to the news board of our school

I know he would come running to me, he came closer and all I saw again was him jumping up slightly with one of his legs stretched out in the air and he came down with a huge force slapping my face to the ground with that same leg

I fell down holding my cheek but I stood up immediately when I knew he was really prepared for a fight with me
His eyes were burning red with anger as he advanced towards me again giving me a punch on my tummy

I groaned before retaliating giving him a slap on his nose
By this time students have begun to gather around us
He hit me and I hit back, he punched me and I punched back

It was one of the fiercest fight I had ever had with someone
“What did you do with my family? “He thundered still hitting while I hit back

He was bleeding and his clothes soiled in blood and sweat like wise me
“Does it hurt so much? Then let Bella go!!! Let her go else I won’t make life easy for you until I leave for Chicago!! “I fired punching him on his tummy

He groaned painfully as we interlocked our hands together, he grabbed my head tucking it in between his armpit and the next minute I was on the ground with him ontop of me

“I rather fight with you everyday Nicc than let her go, you had your chance back then but you were too foolish to take it!! “He hit me with his fist saying so as I blocked some of his fist with my two hands

I overturned him with me ontop of him this time
“There’s no way you will date Bella unless am not there
Does she love you huh! Tell me how many times she said I LOVE YOU to you and I will back off “I hit him harder

“She loves me but she won’t want to give that a thought Nicc!! ”
“What made you think that? Bella… ”
“What are you guys doing!!!!!! “A teacher yelled out to the both of us and my fist got cold

He pushed me off him coughing out blood, mine was worse, I had bruises all over my body
We panted when we both stood on our feet
“You guys again? ”

🗣This is clearly a love triangle
🗣Will they keep fighting for Bella
🗣Isn’t Nicc her childhood friend?
🗣and Chloe his step brother, the same one who’s dad is such a bad man

🗣Bella don’t deserve the both of them
🗣She’s so lucky to have these two handsome guys trip for her

“Follow me the both of you now!!! What’s your grudge against each other? Why do you guys keep getting into a fight? “He asked the both of us fuming angrily

“He should leave these school for me or I will leave these school for him!! “Chloe fired angrily pointing at my face clearly ready for another fight…


All of them are hurting 😡😞💔💔