Bad boy’s crush episode 48 – 49

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💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


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Chloe’s POV

🎶And is killing me… Me to say
I’m fine… I’m fine

Three hours of detention with a hard labour of cleaning the swimming pool, laboratory room and then the music class for two days with a letter of apology for each other was no joke for me

We both parted ways after we were done with the detention, immediately I stepped into the class, it was already empty except for Bella only, who had not gone home, her face greeted me

I stopped walking looking at her while she stared at me too non-stop, it seemed like she wanted to say something likewise me too, I wanted to say something to her

And moreover, I wanted comfort from her
I stepped closer to her holding her into a warm hug with my head resting on her shoulder
“Its okay Chloe, you shouldn’t have fought him ”
She hugged me back with her fingers playing soft strings on my back

“It okay, I’m sorry I got angry “she apologized still caressing my back with her fingers
I broke off from the hug holding her two shoulder and staring deeply into her eyes
What will I say to her? Absolutely nothing apart from apologizing for belittling her like that earlier in the morning

“Let’s do it, is that what you want? let’s give it a try”
My eyes widened in surprise, I felt guilty for making her mind restless all day cuz of what I said earlier
“Nicc…. ”

“Don’t worry about him, I don’t love him anymore… ”
“Then do you love me? ”
I asked filled with hope that she might say yes since she doesn’t love Nicc anymore
“I love you Chloe and I will do anything not to make you run away from me”

My heart began to pound harder than before
I held her neck with my two palms, I was too happy that my words can’t describe it… I saw strain of tears in her eyes

“Stop fighting with him now would you? I love you… I love you Chloe and not him
Look at your face, all messed up!! Look at your clothes, all… “I kissed her closing my eyes almost immediately with my left hand traveling sharply to her waist allowing it to rest there for a while

It felt like a heavy burden was lifted up my chest, I felt light and happy
I never dreamt a day like this would come with her saying that she loved me
I kissed her more rolling my tongue against hers with my breath getting tensed up a bit, I stopped kissing her and then rested my forehead on hers

“I will have s3x… ”
“Shush! “I hushed her with one of my finger pressing against her soft lips
“I’m sorry for ever saying that word to you, I will only do that if you want me to”I gave her a smile grabbing the two sides of her waist with my palms and our head resting on each other

I wanted to stay like this forever, it pushes my pain away for a while, I feel okay and can’t think whenever am around her
“I love you so so so so so so much Bella”
I emptied my heart for a moment and she smiled touching a wound on my face

“And I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so much Chloe ”
I started laughing, I can’t believe this, she said it to me at last
“I will never leave you Bella”
“Try that and I will seduce you till you come back to me again”

She’s the best thing that ever happened to me,never seen someone who smile like her, walks like her, eats like her, beautiful like her, have a beautiful long hair like her and then someone who loves like her!

Will I ever let her go? What if its gets tough? Will I still fight to stay with her? Will I wait for her? Will I come running to her? Will I protect her? Will I be her comforter?

She hugged me again
“Don’t think too much Chloe, let’s go to a medics store and get your wounds treated “she said warmly as she wrapped her arms across my back

I couldn’t stop staring at her face
“What? ”
“You’re pretty”
She blushed real hard, I touched her hair dressing it with my fingers
“Thank you “I said to her full of wide smiles for her

“For? ”
“For loving me, I don’t really deserve you Bella”
She smirked resting her head on my chest….

Ten years ago,

Niccole’s POV

“Nicc! I want to say something to you”she said grabbing hold of my kite so I could listen to her speak
“What is it? ”
“I don’t like seeing you with Elena “she complained frowning her face

I gave a small laugh
“You’re jealous? ”
She nodded her head before she started crying
“That’s because I like you Nicc and no one should like you except me ”

“Okay, I won’t go to her again so stop being angry”
She nodded hugging me with her head resting on my shoulder
I smirked patting her back slightly


“Ahhh! My leg hurts from walking Nicc”she grumbled as she stopped walking grumbling
“What’s wrong? Your mom needs you home now! ”
She didn’t move, she still stood unable to take a step

I sighed bending down infront of her
“Hop on my back then”she didn’t hesitate before climbing into my back as I grabbed her tightly walking the lonely path with her body against mine on my back

“You’re so warm Nicc all the time”
“Really? ”
“Yes, no one is as warm as you’re ”
I giggled tilting my head so I could look at her face
“No, there are many other guys warmer than me”

“Really? ”
“Where are they? ”
“In the future”
We both giggled
“I will piggy back you even in the future Bella”
“Thanks Nicc”

“Stop thanking me just hush! ”
She scoffed….


I bit hard as I walked into the house
“Oh my! What happened to your face!!? “My mom asked when she saw my face as ruined as it was
I didn’t even speak to her, I ignored her but she followed me from behind

“Oh my! Even your clothes? What… ”
“Mom, I want to leave for Chicago tomorrow “I snapped at her
“I want to leave as soon as possible Mom”

“Is it because of Chloe? ”
“I don’t blame him! I blame you for everything happening to me!! “Tears gathered around my eyes
I’m really lonely, no one is by my side not even my mom and that’s what’s hurting me the most

I wiped my face
“Nicc… “She made to touch me but I pulled her hands off
“I’m alone mom and not even you is on my side ”
She felt hurt by my words, every thing came crashing on me since I left Bella

Life was good until that day, I know I fought with Chloe over her but that doesn’t mean she will come to me, I’m just frustrated and that’s why I take it out by fighting with him

“I’m sorry Nicc, I’m really sorry”she began to cry
“I’m hurting mom, no one is by my side “…

🎶Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see
Perfect paradise, they remain as seems

🎶I wish I could escape, I don’t wanna fake
Wish I could erase, make your heart believe that am a bad liar!!

🎶Bad liar, now you know, now you know
Am a bad liar! Bad liar
Now you know, you’re free to go

“I’m really lonely mom, I will go to Nanny Catharella tomorrow, get my flight tickets ready but bear this in mind Mom
I never forgave you for once! For what you did to me!! “I cried out before running upstairs….

Bella’s POV

He escorted me home after we left the medic store, his wounds have already been dressed for him and there are patches of plasters all over his face and his hands

“I’m home now”I said smiling to him but he won’t let my hand go instead he interlocked his fingers with mine
“I’m home”I repeated and he scoffed
“Your house should be a little far away, I don’t want part with you just yet”

I smiled getting closer to him,
“You’re handsome Chloe”I laughed saying so
He released my hand and I held his face with my two palms

“I love you Chloe”
He blushed
“I love you much more”

And then suddenly, someone was clapping for the both of us
We looked to the direction of our gate to behold Mark standing there clapping for the both of us

“Nice one! “He chuckled and I disengaged my hand from Chloe’s face immediately
“Who’s that Bella? “….

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. ❤BAD

💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(You’re warm🙂😏😶)

Chloe’s POV

A tall guy stood infront of us, he’s handsome I must say but then he was clapping and laughing at us

She disengaged from me almost pushing me away which made me to ask questions on whom that guy was that will make her push me away

“Uhmm… “She distanced herself from me going over to the guy’s side which began to irritate me, who’s that guy? Why is she stuttering cuz of him?

“Hey you’re Chloe? “His husky voice asked grabbing Bella’s arm which got me gulping and boiling in jealousy
“Yes I am Chloe, who are you? “I asked rather rudely

He’s getting on my nerves by the way he held Bella as if they’re so close
He smirked waving a good bye to me
“Bye, go home safely cuz now she belongs to me”

What! Belongs to him? Is she double dating? I can’t or don’t want to even think of that
Really? I gave her a glare so she would explain who this guy is but she won’t look at me which got me more curious

As they made to go in, I followed them behind
“I want to sleep over Bella”I said and she stared at me with awe before shaking her head in the negative
“No you can’t sleep over ”

I felt hurt cuz she’s pushing me away cuz of these strange guy from nowhere
Who’s is he?
“Why? I really want to”I replied glaring at the guy as he held Bella by her waist and I almost choked

“Some other time, I will chat you later, Mark let’s go in”she tugged at the so-called Mark leaving me all alone to myself…

We just made up! Why is.. who’s that guy to start with? Why is he in Bella’s house? Why did he hold her waist? Why is she shy and embarrassed on seeing him? I tried to calm my nerves, maybe I’m being over sensitive when I know I shouldn’t be at all…
I went into my room and slumped down into my bed, Nicc was already sleeping
I scoffed knocking his forehead slightly
“Gross”I mouthed getting up again and walking into my bathroom to take a shower and then sleep afterwards

Few minutes later, I was done, I came into my room with my white large towel wrapping loosely around my tiny waist
I went to my wardrobe to go select some casual wear and that’s when I noticed something strange, all his belongings were packed up already!

Is he leaving for that goddamned Chicago? I can’t wait for him to leave this house for me alone
I hissed putting on my pyjamas

I took a glance at him and for the first time I felt a kind of pity for him, I went closer to his side and then sat down peering into his ruined face
It was all treated with medication
I made to touch his face but he opened his eyes jerking up from the bed

“What? What are you trying to do? “He asked rudely and I scoffed getting away from him
“You saw me do anything? ”
He hissed sitting up on the bed
“I’m leaving tomorrow ”

“I never said I care”I snapped and he hissed
“Didn’t you notice that no one is in the house? ”
I scoffed staring at him briefly
“Like I care if anyone is here or not”
“Your dad and my mom left this evening and they won’t be back for several months “he reported

“That’s a relief then”
“Aren’t you concerned? ”
“Concerned? Why should I be concerned? ”
“That everyone is leaving you? ”
“I don’t care, I used to stay in this whole house alone when my dad is away on his trips, it isn’t new”

He regarded me with his eyes
“I posted that on the news board ”
“I know you did and that’s I fought you”I snapped rudely
“But… That’s the only way to get you to fight me”
“Why? Cuz of Bella? ”

He smirked
“No, I wanted to take out all my frustration on you”
“So?? ”
“When I leave tomorrow, I want you to tell Bella that am sorry for not being the good guy to the end
Its all my fault… “He stared into an unimaginary figure so far away from me

“She’s so good and kind yet, I threw her away like a piece of garbage “he smirked but I knew there was pain in that voice of his
“She’s a moon and you threw the moon away not a garbage “I snapped still

He let his legs rest on the floor
“Chloe… I… I don’t want to give her up so watch your back, I might come for her someday in the future”
I hissed
“I’m not letting her go either, calls for another fight and am ready to fight with you”

He stood up from the bed advancing towards me, I clenched my fist ready for a fight if he really wanted one… He stepped closer and closer until he hugged me
“I don’t have anyone on my side anymore, so… ”

I was shocked and at the same time I realized how much I needed a brother
I bit my lower lips not wanting to push him away from my skin
Seems like so many things happened today

A weird quarrel with Bella in the morning and then a heartbreaking news followed by a fight and then Bella admitting that she loved me followed by… Don’t wanna remember that guy who’s in Bella’s house… Lastly, Nicc trying to make up with me

“You’re warm”he said and I smirked
“You’re warm too”
He disengaged from me half smiling
“Brother right? “He asked and I hesitated before nodding
“Yes brother ”

Maybe he wasn’t bad afterall, he just needed someone to be with him and never go away
What about me? I think I have Bella no matter who that Mark of a guy is, he won’t win her over me

But Nicc has nothing just me!
“I’m sorry “he said
“I’m sorry”I repeated after him
“But… It doesn’t mean I don’t love Bella ”
“And it doesn’t mean I will let her go to you”

We smirked together, he threw a pillow at me and I threw back, it was fun! Really fun!
I have had many friends, I have never been so warm with some guy like Nicc tonight

I laughed, giggled and smiled all night till we got tired falling into the bed and sleeping off
Maybe this is how having a sibling is like no matter how far its gonna be like

It was a misunderstanding from the first time and I really hated him cuz my crush liked him and was his childhood friend
Maybe I shouldn’t have hated him from the very first day he set his foot into our house

Not too long, sleep over came me….

“Hey!”he shoved me real hard to the extent that I fell off the bed and landed on the floor
“Ouch! That hurts!! “I grumbled holding my hurting butts which hit the tiles so hard

He smiled hissing
“I’m already set to go “he announced and I frowned
For the first time again, I’m missing someone whom I never liked before
“Uhm… You think you want to go? ”

He nodded
“Yes, I don’t have anything left with me here, not a dad, not a mom… ”
“But you have me”I unintentionally said
“Thanks but… ”
“Its okay, I will escort you to the airport”

Few hours later,

We were at the airport, I drove him here on my dad’s car
We came out of the car and he went to the booth to get his belongings out of there
He turned to me

“It was nice with you even though we’re still not too good to each other ”
I scoffed
“That’s fine, save journey “I waved at him when someone suddenly called his name from afar

We both turned our head to the direction of the voice to see Bella, Billy and that so-called Mark rushing towards us
“Nicc “she yelled out going into his arms

He held her eyeing me to know my expression but I didn’t let that bother me
My only bother is this Mark of a person who’s clinging around her

He went to Nicc after Bella disengaged from him
“Hey, I didn’t get to see you until now that you’re leaving “they hugged each other and I was the only person left out in all of them

My eyes went to Bella and she was staring at me too
“You’re so big now Mark”he remarked and I smirked really surprised that they knew each other
“You guys know each other? ”

He nodded
“He’s Bella’s cousin”
What! With wide eyes I took my gaze to him
Huh! Her cousin??

“Nicc I will miss you”the one called Billy said hugging him but I wasn’t concentrating anymore
I almost had a heart attack yesterday thinking Bella was double dating

He’s clearly her cousin! And that’s why they live in same house but why haven’t I seen him before?
Psst! I took my gaze to Bella and she was smiling at me and then at Nicc

She texted me afterwards
💬I love you more Chloe for making up with Nicc
💬We didn’t make up, he’s just leaving
I texted back
She looked up at me and smiled turning to her cousin…



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