Bad Boy's Crush

Bad boy’s crush episode 50


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(Low grades😌📑🚫)

Bella’s POV

It wasn’t easy for me for the past two days which Nicc left, I miss him and I really want to see him again but he won’t stay anymore
I was so busy hating him that I didn’t realize that he’s slowly loosing everyone

I wasn’t a good best friend to lean on, I was busy hurting and nursing my own feelings that I forgot about him, I was too harsh on him… I felt guilty

Now he’s gone! I won’t see his face again, I smiled weakly tossing about my bed but then got up few minutes later to go dress up for school
I removed my clothes, tying a white towel loosely above my chest area as I walked into the bathroom

Minutes later, I was out again drying myself with the towel and applying some cream before I wore my undies and then wore my school uniform before I combed my hair
I looked at my self which reflected in the dressing mirror and was staring back at me

I smiled at myself packing my hair into a pony tail with a shiny ribbon Chloe bought me yesterday giving it a beautiful design on my hair
I smiled recalling how he wore it on me as if I were a princess
“Hey! Here turn around “he ordered making an invisible O shape with his first finger
I turned with my back facing him, I felt his palms grabbing hold of my hair
“What are you doing? “I asked him

I felt his breath fanning my neck and I closed my eyes a bit enjoying that feeling for the moment it was there
“I’m doing something so keep quiet ”
I smiled when I noticed that he was tying a ribbon around my hair twisting and twisting until it was tighter enough not to slip off

“Here”he turned me around smiling and holding my shoulders
“You look even more prettier, I wonder what other guys will say when they see you”

He brought out his phone from his pocket positioning it to my face meaning that he was trying to take a picture of me
“Stop Chloe”I covered my face with my palms
“C’mon! I need to show my friends how pretty my girlfriend is”he pouted like a baby and then I smiled positioning myself for a snap by him

“Whoa! “He exclaimed after taking just one shot of my picture, I went close to him putting one of his arms around my shoulder
“Let me see”
“Look Bella you’re so pretty, I’m posting it on my IG account and then I will use it on my DP! ”

I chuckled glaring at him, he hugged me closer to himself
“Bella you’re okay now”
“I’m always okay ”
“You haven’t been okay since Nicc left yesterday ”

My mood fell a bit
“That’s partly it, Miss Hailey complained of my grades that is getting lower and lower
I’m almost at the middle in class”
“Oh… I’m sorry ”

‘I’m fine now since you are here and will always be here for me”
He frowned
“Why is your grades too low? I hate lazy girlfriends who don’t work hard to improve on their grades”

I scoffed
“Pot calling kettle black “I phrased
He perked his brow
”Meaning? ”
“How about your own grades? “He smirked rubbing my cheeks with his two palms

“Psst! That’s why I love hard working girls so I can boast about their intelligence with my friends ”
“Girls? “I frowned
“I mean you… ”
“You’re such a kill-joy Chloe”
“More than your cousin Mark? ”

“Leave him out of this Chloe at least he’s more handsome than you, I wish he wasn’t my brother Chloe and I will date him”I wished hugging myself and he scoffed

“You must be kidding me,go to him then!! “He pushed me away from him a little bit forcefully walking out on me and I giggled running behind him

“Are you jealous Chloe? Why? He’s just my brother, he’s cool and hot ”
“… But more handsome than me isn’t he? ”
I began to laugh watching his angry face
“Its not funny! Its not at all!! ”
“You look so handsome when you smile than when you’re angry ”

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His cheeks heat up and he began to blush holding his cheeks with his two palms
“Stop it Bella”
I stood on my toes so my face could reach up to his own face and I pecked him afterward on his cheek

He stared at me with awe
“Bella… “I ran off while he ran after me
“Hey!! Bella!! ”

I smiled again at myself until someone shouted loudly into my ears and I began to scream thinking its a ghost
“Bella! I’ve been talking for the past few minutes “Mark said rolling his eyes at me

I was still dumb, I can’t get what he’s saying until he repeated what he said again and I smiled touching my hair to ward off shyness
“Psst! These Chloe of a guy is getting into your head, I wonder when last you read”he nagged

“Hey Mark! Don’t start with your tutors, its still early in the morning “I replied and he scoffed going to my door, opened it and then went out with his head still popping into the room

“My mom wants to drop you off to school, so come down stairs Mrs…. “I cleared my throat so he won’t finish up what he wanted to say
He left and I heaved

Psst! Brad and Mark, such a pain in my neck all the time, if not that they’re my blood I would’ve been fighting with them all the time

Thirty minutes later,

Aunt dropped me infront of the school gate and I hopped out waving a good bye to her as she drove off
I sighed walking into the school building and then straight into our class

Miss Hailey was in the class calling out the result of the test we had yesterday in class,I hurried into my seat and sat down
“…. So I’m almost done before you came in Bella, see me in my office now”she said holding her handbag and walking out of our class

My eyes searched for Chloe and I saw him sitting at the other end by the glass window tossing a pen with Zayn by his side
I stood up following Miss Hailey to know why she was calling me

Her heels clicked on the floor as she cat walked until she opened her office door walking in while I followed behind
She settled down on her chair and then gave me a sign to occupy the other empty seat opposite her table

I bowed lowly and then sat down
“You know why I called you? ”
I nodded, my guess won’t be wrong, she called me here cuz of my grades and that’s all
“So you know right? Here let me give you the class records for this term ”

She said as she pulled out a file from the dozen of files on her table
She flipped through the page until she stopped passing it to me to read a spot which she pointed at with her first finger

I read silently
“Bella, you’re dropping too low”she said interrupting into my reading

And the list went on…
I almost laughed but kept quiet searching for my name till I found it
My eyes widened staring at it clearly maybe I didn’t look at it very well but the mark didn’t change

What! So low!! Even Chloe’s mark is higher than mine with 2 marks
I bit my lower lips, how did I my mark go down like this? I caressed the mark as if that would change it but it didn’t

“See what am saying Bella, I don’t think your parents will be happy when they come to school to see this”she said taking away the file from me and keeping back from where she took it

My face fell and I was too ashamed to even look at her face
“Bella, you’re one of the brilliant students in my class and if you don’t improve on the next test happening tomorrow, I don’t think you will be among those going for a school trip ”

I nodded my head without looking at her
“Heard me? Now you can get out”she said settling down on some other things she had to do
I sighed getting up from her seat and walking out of her office

43%! Really!! How did my mark become so down like that? Ayish! What have I been thinking for these days?
I hit my head continuosly grumbling at my latest attitude towards books

I walked into the class and then grabbed my back pack hanging it on my back, Chloe came towards me following me out of the class
“Aren’t you going to talk to me today? “He asked smiling and trying to kiss me

I shifted backward
“Chloe this is school and perhaps am busy ”
He scoffed
“Busy?? ”
I nodded my head
“Yes am busy ”

He sized me up with his eyes
“Busy doing what? You don’t look busy to me”
“I’m going to the school library to get some books, I want to read ”
He smiled
“Oh… So you took my advice, I really don’t like lazy…. ”

“Chloe”I cut him up
“I can tag along, I want to watch you read”
I shook my head, its as good as nothing going to the library with him by my side, how will I read?

“You won’t go with me, I mean I don’t want you to go with me”
He frowned
“Why? ”
“Cuz I want to read and not to date”I pointed out

“What? ”
“Chloe I will call you later when I’m done”
“Bella… ”
“I’m busy now… love you”I ran off….

Mrs Busy😂😂😂

Ten more episodes to go

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